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Cowgill Postcard

thanks so very much to John W - sending lots to me lately, all greatly appreciated -- here is what he says about this PC -- When my grandparents (Joel Cowgill and Nina Hershberger) married in June, 1919 in Kingman, they moved for a short time to Akron, Ohio, where they both found work at the Firestone tire plant. Here is a postcard that Nina (Hershberger) wrote to her friend, Mrs. Frank (Faye Richardson.) Holland in Attica. It is postmarked August 23, 1919. “Dear Friend--How are you? I am fine. I am working. Made $33 last week. How is that for such as I ? I heard Isa* was married. Where are they living. I think maybe I will come home next week. I want to before the girls** start to school. I didn’t have enough to say to write a letter. Suppose M.B.*** thinks he is awful old now. I would like to see him. --Nina (side) I came home ??? ??? have to come down. “ * Isa may refers to Frank’s sister, Isy ** girls refers to Nina’s sisters back in Kingman, Geneva and Leona Hershberger. *** M.B. probably refers to Mr. & Mrs. Holland’s son, Maurice B., born in 1918 I used the Find a Grave site for Frank Holland, buried in Kingman Fraternal Cemetery and the Ind Gen Web Fountain County site; obituary for Frank G. Holland
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