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KINGMAN Items of Interest

Kingman - 1962 School Bus Drivers - thanks JP :) Note; named in photo but here goes anyway - Leon Allen, Claude Lusk, Fred Nickols, Glen Graves, Hiram Lindley, Ed Ratcliff

Building Highway 41 - 1924 - awesome - thanks JP :)

Cory Hardware -- thanks muches to Jim M & the Sanders Funeral Care

C A & S Railroad -- thanks to Sanders Funeral Home (via JM)

The Kingman Airport, see above, was in existence for at least 1943-1948 -- LOVE the old cars and the Coca-Cola sign = thanks, JP

Kingman Power House - thanks so very much to Sanders Funeral Care & Jim M (my 'ol TR buddy :) kz

Kingman street - downtown - mid 1940s - thanks JP -- here's another one at the same time

Kingman - Holstine & Jordan Plumbing/Heating - girl on right may be Dorothy Wright

"The Old Jew Store," owned by Ted DeVerter in the 50-s -- thanks Jamie. The gal is Marge Shoaf Keeling

Hershal Pennick -- behind the bar (:) -- Leon Perry & ? Newnum ? - Hershal was a "Kingman fixture" and is said to have made the best burgers ever -- note the sign says Hamburgers 10 cents and Cheeseburgers 15 :)

Irl Tunin & his Model T (homebuilt) Truck :) - thanks JP - this is so cool - little blurry but sure nifty :)

Kingman Orchestra 6-26-1898 (thanks JM & Sanders Funeral Care)

Kingman Opera House being built, about 1900 ? -- thanks JP :)

Hotel-Tavern -- now owned by the Gilliland family but has been in existence for quite a number of years - thanks JP.  Also includes a second view: Hotel - Tavern - short article - thanks JP

Sackmire Ford -- article - thanks JP

Kingman Hardware Opening - Carl Duncan and Rod Overpeck were owners - thanks EDR

Downtown Fire - thanks EDR

Montelle Puckett - Kingman Grab-it-here - retires after 41 years in grocery business - 1961

Junior Rennick - about 1961 yearbook -- Barber Shop

Kingman Bandstand -- thanks jp -- Edith says, "The KHS band entertained the town Saturday nights on the bandstand. During those days, 50's and 60's, the streets would be lined with cars, and the stores were filled with customers. Cliff Elllis made the best lemon cokes!"

Kingman 1961 Marching Band performing on street

Kingman concert band - 1961? - thanks JP

Kingman band - state fair finalists 1962 -- thanks JP (Left Photo) -- Sharon Summers Fritzen is the baton twirler and Larry Martin the sax player in shades (front row)  - - thanks JP - thanks for identification of a few to Richard York - picture 2 -- Right picture twirlers l-r Pam Switzer Maskel, Jane Beckelhymer York and Andrea Pithoud state fair finalists - awesome

Kingman bank - 1894 -- thanks to Sanders Funeral Care, Kingman and Jim M :)

Kingman Student Drivers -- Dave Curtis; Harry Walters; Jack Duncan; Jim Millikan

Nolan (? on last name Noland ? Knowling? ), Bill - front steps of the Kingman Library - about 1950 - Marathon station in background

Nolan, Bill & Dick Galvin -- walking downtown Kingman

Kingman parade - Oasis/Big Dipper - thanks JP

Kiger, John -- and Barbara Newnum-- Proprietors of what is now Patton's Gas Station -- following information thanks to Betty D - love that lady :) John was born in 1929 (20 Feb) in Parke County, Indiana. He was the son of Harold Reid and Katie Grimes Kiger and married Barbara Ellen Newnum (daughter of James Edward and Hester Russell Newnum) 1 October 1950. He passed away 13 Feb 2007. They owned this gas station for a number of years.

Interurban Train in Kingman - can you believe it? -- Along this line, here is the first group of railroad ties for the new street car track - thanks JP -- here's the track laid going right downtown - train tracks, black/white - thanks Sanders Funeral Care
***Pat Kolaiser added this picture to the Kingman FaceBook page -- it was originally in the 1983 History of Fountain County, a book I do not have and sure wish I did :) kbz -- Kingman track - laying it in 1909

Kingman Train Station - thanks JP _- sad to see it in such a wreck :( -- another shot of the old train depot

Kingman U.B. Church - thanks JP :) At least during the end of 1900 - about 1950s- 1909 - UB Sunday School - men are named :)

Kingman Methodist Church - 1912 (looks like the UB to me, but not what the article says :) kbz

Kingman Opera House Show -- local ladies in the show are pictured -- Leona Barker Hicks; Hettie Strader; Allie Black; Bessie DeVerter Walsh; Ella Williamson Rudd; Maude Lewis Cory; Nell Drake Grismore. Back: Nettie Strader; Pearl McHargue; Elsie Briggs Ratcliff; Jessie Millikan McFerran; Jessie Nel Kent; Iva Lewis; Amelia Grimes. All dressed up & awesome - thanks JP

Maris & Grubbs Grocery, Kingman - thanks to Sanders Funeral Care & Jim M

Victor Sowers - gas appliance store - he was in business for about 40 years in Kingman, was on the town board for over 25 years and raised his son and daughter in Kingman. Thanks JP

Woodrow Funeral Home - thanks JP - operated in Kingman in at least the 1960's and 70's - perhaps before/after

Spencer, C.M. - Funeral Home owner and Car Dealer -- 5-7-1915 Kingman Star - thanks to Sanders Funeral Care (jm:)

Kingman - - Dick Galvin & Tuitty Redinbaugh (? last name) -- grocery store & Post Office about 1945 ? -- This is where the Hardware & Lumber Yard is in 2015 - thanks, JP

Erecting the Post Office - about 1912 -- in 2015 this is where Gus Cronkite's building is - City Bakery and Keller's Cafe

Patton Shell - 2002 when James Patton purchased it - most of these photos are from him - thanks soooo much JP :)

Patton, Denny (what a great man :) -- in his "Out of the Water" float - funny :) = thanks JP

About 1959-60 - Donna Allen and Cheryl Lyons at gas station

SUBURBAN VIEW, Kingman Indiana   thank you to Indiana Album Facebook page

WWI - soldiers return home to picnic at Uncle Tom Ratcliffs - pictured are Tom; Jack Moore; Cliston Sowers; Claud Lindley; Herschel Bennett; Gordon Sowers; Sam Weaver; Reid Duncan; Orville Ratcliff and Oral Pearson. - 1919

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