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Sonner or Jones Cemetery
is located 0n 700 S & State Road 3 in Jackson Twp. and was incorrectly labeled as Jones in Union Twp.
NSF = No stone found; information from various sources.
Obit + indicates that the Word document contains both a tombstone photo and obituary.

Thanks to Barbara Baker Anderson for sharing her tombstone photographs!

Updated 5/7/2020
Sonner or Jones Cemetery
Last Name First Name (Maiden) Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Marriage Date
Parents Military Obit Stone
Anson Mary 1/17/1862 from burial records
Anson Samantha 7/11/1861 stone
Cass Amanda J 10/18/1860 from burial records
Cass Margaret J 8/8/1859 from burial records
Cass Mary 5/2/1853 from burial records
Cass Serpella 8/8/1862 from burial records
Coolman Daniel D 12/31/1796 12/28/1856 stone
Coolman Martha Daniel stone
DeWitt Elihu D 12/10/1833 4/0/1907 obit +
DeWitt Elmer F 2/0/1865 2/19/1953 Eva L Elihu D & Sarah A Vance DeWitt obit +
DeWitt Eva Lelia (Sheets) 9/30/1880 5/4/1948 Elmer - 1895 David & Ellen Sheets obit +
DeWitt Jesse E 9/2/1896 1/14/1908 Elmer E & Eva L Sheets DeWitt stone
DeWitt Linn Cecil 3y 29d Elmer E & Eva L Sheets DeWitt stone
DeWitt Lorenzo 2/1/1865 from burial records
DeWitt Mildred Magdalene 1917 1926 Elmer E & Eva L Sheets DeWitt stone
DeWitt Rozel Lewis 1/5/1915 4/11/1942 Elmer E & Eva L Sheets DeWitt obit +
DeWitt Sarah Ann (Vance) 10/18/1833 7/7/1900 Elihu D stone
Eddingfield Lewis Knight 9/12/1829 2/7/1910 Jonas & Mary Douglass Eddingfield stone
Eddingfield Louisa J 1843 1913 Lewis K Jonas & Mary Douglass Eddingfield article +
Eddingfield Mary (Douglass) 1802 1869 Jonas
Eddingfield Mary M (Kohr) 1/15/1829 11/0/1914 William - 9/6/1849 obit NSF
Eddingfield Phebe 5/7/1834 3/26/1853 Jonas & Mary Douglass Eddingfield obit +
Eddingfield Robert Douglass 7/4/1839 12/16/1920 Jonas & Mary Douglass Eddingfield Civil War Co G 34th IN Vol Inf obit +
Eddingfield Thomas Henry 6/26/1846 3/6/1910 Laura Jane Besser Jonas & Mary Douglass Eddingfield stone
Eddingfield William 1825 1860 Mary M Kohr Jonas & Mary Douglass Eddingfield
Griffith Alvia 1821 1840 Sarah A Eddingfield stone
Griffith Chillion B "Bucky" 1867 1912 Joseph & Ruhama stone
Griffith Henry 1/19/1864 from burial records
Griffith Ida 3/7/1865 from burial records
Griffith Infant 6/10/1851 from burial records
Griffith Joseph 1787 1862 Ruhama s/s William stone
Griffith Ruhama 1799 1858 Joseph s/s Alvia stone
Griffith Sarah A (Eddingfield) 6/15/1827 12/20/1890 Chillion B Jonas & Mary Douglass Eddingfield stone
Griffith William 1842 1860 s/s Joseph stone
Grist Ernest 1870 1/16/1897 funeral record
Lane Martha 1863 from burial records
Mahan Lydia (Thomas) 5/6/1845 6/27/1895 Rev S T David F & Anna Weible Thomas stone
Norris Elmer Eugene 8/4/1930 from burial records
Norris Patricia Ann 6/12/1931 from burial records
Sink Mary S 9/28/1827 3/8/1882 Isaac stone
Slane Martha 4/20/1862 from burial records
Smith Austin T 11/2/1810 6/13/1864 stone
Smith Francis E no dates stone
Smith Thomas R from burial records
Sonner Charles H 2/20/1860 William & Anne Caley Sonner stone
Sonner Martha 1/20/1857 from burial records
Sonner Sarah J 10/28/1836 2/15/1852 William
Sonner William 12/31/1808 5/11/1852 Anne Caley; Sarah J Anthony T & Elizabeth Geeting Sonner stone
Stump Henry C 12/11/1858 from burial records
Stump Margaret Jane 3/19/1852 from burial records
Tharp Milton Wright 4/21/1877 12/14/1917 Isaac M & Mary Ann Runkle Tharp
Thomas Anna (Weible) 1815 1873 David stone
Thomas David F 7/7/1816 5/8/1903 Anna Weible; Mahala Roebuck - 1884 Isaac & Anna Marie Flack Thomas obit +
Thomas infant daughter 12/26/1866 12/26/1866 Sampson M & Susanna E Caley Thomas stone
Thomas James Allen Rinehart 10/22/1872 2/2/1888 Sampson M & Susanna E Caley Thomas stone
Thomas John 1854 1872 David F & Anna Weible Thomas stone
Thomas John Lucas Flack 4/7/1876 10/20/1877 Sampson M & Susanna E Caley Thomas stone
Thomas Robert Henry 1/24/1936 from burial records
Thomas Mary 1848 1866 David F & Anna Weible Thomas stone
Thomas Sarah 1850 1851 David F & Anna Weible Thomas stone
Thomas Shalter 1846 1926 David F & Anna Weible Thomas stone
unknown Allie no dates
unknown Francis E no dates
unknown Lucas no dates
unknown Samantha illegible
unknown Thomas R no dates
Wiley Dora 1869 6/0/1887 obit NSF

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