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What's New on the Wells INGenWeb site?

January 2024
Cemeteries: Hoverstock - updated or added 222 obits, records, and/or tombstone photos in the W - Z listing
December 2023
Cemeteries: Elm Grove - updated or added 80 obits, records, and/or tombstone photos in the A - J listing
Hoverstock - updated or added 345 obits, records, and/or tombstone photos in the S - V listing
November 2023
Cemeteries: Hoverstock - replaced 29 docs in the R listing with 86 obits, records, and/or tombstone photos
October 2023
Cemeteries: Elm Grove - added 8 obits; Hoverstock - replaced 33 docs in the N-Q listing with 146 obits, records, and/or tombstone photos;
Stahl - added 18 obits, some with tombstone photos
September 2023
Cemeteries: Hoverstock - replaced 37 docs in the M listing with 178 obits, records, and/or tombstone photos
August 2023
Biographies: added Edgar Cassell & Benedict Liniger & updated links on all the bio pages
Cemeteries: Nottingham - added the 2001 reading by Cami Mount
July 2023
Cemeteries: Hoverstock added 221 documents J - L; Miller in Chester added S - Y listing with 76 documents
June 2023
Cemeteries: Elm Grove added 21 documents through I; Miller in Chester added N - S listing with 145 documents
May 2023
Cemeteries: Miller in Chester Twp - added listing for A - M with 286 documents
April 2023
Cemeteries: Elm Grove completed H listing with 376 documents, most with tombstone pics; Hoverstock added 58 more docs to G and listing for H-I with 203 records; Poor Farm - made 2 corrections & added 8 new records; Redding - added 20 records
March 2023
Cemeteries: added listing for Wells County Poor House Cemetery with 40 burials and 18 documents
February 2023
Cemeteries: Albright - added 2 obits; Apostolic Christian - added 7 new and 18 replacements documents; Elm Grove - added 7 obits with photos & 4 new obits
   Hoverstock - added 240 documents to D - F
January 2023
Cemeteries: Six Mile A-C - added 14 documents; also added 267 documents (tombstone photos, obits, records) for D-Z
December 2022
Cemeteries: Hoverstock A-C - added 439 documents (tombstone photos, obits, records)
November 2022
Cemeteries: Prairie View - added 7 obits; Sonner-Jones - reworked listing with 44 items added (tombstone photos, obits, records)
October 2022
Cemeteries: Prairie View - added 17 obits; Sonner-Jones - re-worked listing to include 44 documents which includes obits, death certificates and tombstone photos.
September 2022
Cemeteries: Uniontown - added M - Z listing with 274 documents, many with tombstone photos; completed listing
August 2022
Cemetery updates: Bethlehem Lutheran - 6 updates, 5 w/ tombstone photos; Mossburg - 8 updates, 7 w/ photos;
Uniontown - added A - L listing w/ 272 documents, many with tombstone photos
July 2022
Cemeteries: Asbury - added 11 obits, some with tombstone pics; Gearnand - added 11 obits, some with tombstone pics
Linn - added 12 tombstone photos; Stahl - added 25 documents & 2 photos
June 2022
Cemeteries: Albright - added 10 obits, 1 with tombstone pic; Elm Grove - added or updated A-F with 258 obits, records and/or tombstone photos;
New Apostolic Christian - added 7 new obits and reformatted 38 replacements
May 2022
Cemeteries: Prospect - added 228 obits, records and/or tombstone photos for letters P - Z DONE!
April 2022
Cemeteries: Prospect - added 261 obits, records and/or tombstone photos for letters H - O
March 2022
Cemeteries: Prospect - added 250 obits, records and/or tombstone photos for letters A - G
February 2022
Cemeteries: Elm Grove - added 1046 obits, records and/or tombstone photos for letters A - D
January 2022
Cemeteries: Elhanen - reformatted and added 241 obits, records and/or tombstone photos for 278 burials; Six Mile - added 249 names to the C listing with 69 documents
December 2021
Cemeteries: Six Mile - added 260 obits, records and/or tombstone photos for the letter B.
November 2021
Cemeteries: Added 177 burial names for letter B in Six Mile Cemetery
October 2021
Cemeteries: The listing for Asbury is complete! Added V-Y names, most with records and tombstone photos.
September 2021
Cemeteries: Apostolic Christian - added 8 obits; Asbury - T listing completed with 21 individual burials and 24 documents added or changed, most with tombstone photos
August 2021
Cemeteries: Asbury Cemetery, R-S listing completed with 132 individual burials and 140 documents added or changed throughout the cemetery, most with tombstone photos
July 2021
Cemeteries: began a listing for Six Mile Cemetery, A listing completed with 79 individual burials and 75 documents added, most with tombstone photos
June 2021
Cemeteries: Apostolic Christian - added 6 obits; Mossburg - added 6 obits
Asbury - added L-P listing with 199 individual obits, tombstone photos and/or records
May 2021
Cemeteries: Asbury - added A-K listing with 500+ names, 490 individuals with obituaries, tombstone photos, records or some combination of all three
April 2021
Cemeteries: Stahl - added or updated 27 individual documents; Horeb - added or updated 19 individual records and added two tombstone pics
March 2021
Cemeteries: Apostolic Christian - added 16 obit pages with photos; Horeb - added 36 items including 11 obits & 5 new photos
Military: added Wells County WW I Gold Stars; a listing of documented WW I veterans and 506 possible vets who need proof of service
February 2021
Cemeteries: Hoverstock - added 19 obits & one tombstone photo
Corrected header on the Cemetery Listing page
January 2021
Cemeteries: Hoverstock - added 19 opits and 1 tombstone photo
Military: Military: Listed 66 Wells County Vietnam War veterans
December 2020
Cemeteries: Tomlinson-Wright - created listing with 124 burials, 24 obits & 62 tombstone photos; corrected Cemetery Listing header
November 2020
Cemeteries: Mossburg - added or changed 222 documents, most with tombstone photos
October 2020
Cemeteries: Bethlehem Lutheran - created A-F listing with 65 burials, 64 with obits/records; most with tombstone photos; Prairie View - added 19 obits, 15 with tombstone photos
September 2020
Cemeteries: Mossburg - 5 corrections; New Apostolic Christian - 13 obits with 9 tombstone photos; Old Salem - 12 obits with 4 pics; Prairie View - 19 obits with 15 pics
August 2020
Cemeteries: Mossburg - A-K added 558 obits, most with tombstone photos
July 2020
Cemeteries: Hoverstock - added 10 obits & 10 other tombstone photos; Old Salem - added 9 obits with 4 tombstone photos and cemetery sign
June 2020
Cemeteries: Stahl - added 34 obits, some with tombstone photos
Military: added listing of veterans of the Mexican-American War
May 2020
Cemeteries: Jones in Union Twp - added 2 obits & 31 tombstone photos; Spider Hill - added listing with 286 obits and/or photos
Military: Added listing of Veterans of the War of 1812
April 2020
Created Military section and added listing of Revolutionary War soldiers and patriots buried in surrounding counties. Coming soon: War of 1812 veterans
March 2020
Biographies: added 4
Cemeteries: Emmanuel Cemetery - added listing with 1 bio and 260 items (obits & tombstone photos)
McFarren Cemetery - added 23 obits and 199 tombstone photos
February 2020
Batson Cemetery - added 38 obits and 213 tombstone photos
Bethleham Cemetery - added 5 obits
Biographies - added 51 bios, most from the 20th Century Souvenir Edition of the Ossian News. January 1st, 1900.
January 2020
Apostolic Christian Cemetery - added 10 obits and 7 photos
Gearnand Cemetery - added 285 records (obits, death certificates and/or stone photos) updating the listing
Horeb Cemetery - added 18 obits and 16 photos
December 2019
Received INGenWeb Dun Good Award for 2019
Stahl Cemetery - added 864 records (obits, death certificates and/or stone photos) completing the listing
Added Links page
November 2019
Added 12 obits & 7 stone photos to Bethel Cemetery and 36 records/pics to Hoverstock Cemetery
October 2019
Added 92 obits, records and/or photos to Apostolic Christian Cemetery
Added the L-Z listing for Stahl cemetery (obits/pics) coming soon
September 2019
Added A-K listing for Stahl Cemetery in Nottingham Township with 811 links to obits, records and stone pictures.
August 2019
Added Births section including 1882 Births from the News Banner, WPA Birth Index Abb - Aum, Chu - Cob & Ell - Elz
Added Deaths section including 1850 Wells County Mortality Schedule, 1882 Wells County Deaths, Ira Brown's Journal & Coffin Records (1884-1890)
and Excerpts from Jahn Funeral Home Records, Wells County, IN
Added Maps section including state townships map, a map of Wells County, an 1816 map of Indiana, Wells township map, & links to Wells County historical maps, plus state symbols
Deleted Obits section as obituaries will be posted in the correct cemetery.
July 2019
Bios: added 70 obits from Standard History of Adams and Wells Counties, Indiana. John W. Tyndall, ed. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1918.
and 8 others from various sources
February - June 2019
In December my husband fell and lost control from the waist down. After emergency back surgery (his 4th), he was in the hospital for five months, the last 4 in another city. During that time, we decided that we had to give up our home of 42 years and move closer to our daughter. God has a plan and we were blessed to sell our home in less than two weeks and found a new place. We closed on both houses at the end of May and our now in our new home. During that same period the INGenWeb host began deleting files when new information was posted. Our leadership committee finally found a new home for INGenWeb and we are once again able to update our sites without fear of losing other information. Our web address remains the same and we are excited to work with our new host.
January 2019
Bios: added 107 bios from the 1903 Biographical Memoirs of Wells County, Indiana
December 2018
Bios: added 71 bios from the 1903 Biographical Memoirs of Wells County, Indiana
November 2018
Completed listing for Mossburg Cemetery, adding 90 obits and 75 tombstone photos for letters N - Z

October 2018
Bios: added 78 bios from the 1881 Historical Hand Atlas & 8 from 1896 Memorial Record of Northeastern Indiana
Started listing for Mossburg Cemetery: A - M is complete with 183 obits and 145 tombstone pics

September 2018
Bios: M added 27 bios, N - 10, O - 7, P - 9, Q - 3, R- 13, S - 39, T - 10, U, V, Y, Z - 5, W - 21 for a total of 144 bios added
Completed Bethel Cemetery with 53 obits and 46 pics

August 2018
Bios: added bios for letters M - 24
Completed Horeb Cemetery with 84 more obits, most with tombstone photos.
Spent a week in Indiana gathering enough genealogical information on Wells County to keep us busy for a couple of years.

July 2018
Bios: added bios for letters F-18, G-24, H-30, J-7, K-12, L-13
Updated the Hoverstock Cemetery listing with 11 more obits, 9 pics and data from 91 IN death certificates (thanks to Karin King)
Added the listing for the first helf of Horeb Cemetery (A-H) with 137 obits, most with tombstone photos.

June 2018
The biography pages have been set up and some bios for A - E have been posted. Most are from the 1887 edition of Biographical and historical record of Adams and Wells counties. A-15, B-32, C-21, D-20, E-6
The listing for Hoverstock Cemetery has been completed adding 97 more obits and 81 pics for letters S - Z.
We also added listings for Batson Cemetery (40 obits, 32 pics), Sparks (71 obits, 57 pics) and Old Uniontown (50 pics).

May 2018
Since Rootsweb@Ancestry.com has been down for a long period of time and the previous county coordinator has decided to retire, Jim Cox and Margie Pearce took over the site in May. Transferring the Wells County cemetery listings that had been posted on the Adams INGenWeb site was the first order of business once the new site had been created. Then came the "About" page. Adding the Bible records that were recovered from various sources came next. And we continue to add to the cemetery listings. We have added a listing for Hosier Cemetery with 1 obit and 5 headstone photos and are trying to finish up Hoverstock Cemetery. A - R listing is complete with 101 obits and 153 photographs. Each month the this page will tell what has been added that may help a family researcher.

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