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Land Patent Surnames ~ I

submitted by Marsha Bryant
(by Patentee Last Name)
from The Bureau of Land Management

To the left you will find the index to the Land Patents in Vanderburgh County. I do not have additional information. If you want additional information, please click on the link above for the Bureau of Land Management.

These record have: Patentee Name, State, Issue, Date, Doc. Number, Accession or Serial Number.

IKELEY, JOHN M IN Vanderburgh 10/15/1835 Vincennes 5275 IN0110__.233
IKELY, JACOB IN Vanderburgh 8/1/1839 Vincennes 18373 IN2190__.251
IKELY, JOHN M IN Vanderburgh 2/1/1839 Vincennes 16442 IN2150__.337
INGLE, JAMES IN Vanderburgh 3/30/1837 Vincennes 9313 IN0190__.246
INGLE, JOHN IN Vanderburgh 3/18/1837 Vincennes 7127 IN0150__.070
INGLE, JOHN IN Vanderburgh 3/30/1837 Vincennes 9098 IN0190__.030
INWOOD, WILLIAM IN Vanderburgh 3/18/1837 Vincennes 7330 IN0150__.273