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Beulah Church

Beulah Church & School - 1910 or 1911

William Knowles in the Water. Then in the tree Harry Knowles, Floyd Rogers, Bert Knowles, Russell Applegate, and John Florey.
Must be recess time or after school.  Church and school buildings must be behind the boys past the tree line.

SOURCE: From a collection of photographs from "Attica of Yesteryear" consisting of pictures that were collected by the Attica Sesquicentennial History Committee and Jeff Bossaer.   Thanks Jeff!

 (25 December 2021)  Beulah Church information updated from: Sally Remaklaus
Just an update on a pic in the genweb. There is a pic of Beulah Church and school. The buildings are labeled backwards. The church is on the picture's left, nearer the cemetery, and the school is to the right. The steeple of the church is on the front left, but hard to see behind the trees without a magnifying glass. Both of these set on what is now our woods and field. As a child, I played around the church foundation and hole of the basement, where the stairway was located. It has closed in a lot over the years, but foundation stones, front step, and some Poston bricks are still there. (Quite a few grace my garden.)There is no sign of the out buildings behind the church. I would assume one was an outhouse. Looking to the left of the picture are two, somewhat identical trees, at the start of what was once the meandering lane to the church. These trees are still there, grown closer together through the years. Indentation of the lane is fairly easy to follow. The school set in what is now our field. (I think the first school was log, but I would have to look into my notes to be sure, especially since this is an early 1800's settlement.) From this picture and what I have been told by my dad, the school set on what is somewhat of a knoll in our field, still apparent. I have also been told a general store was once in the small settlement and maybe more than one mill. One mill was just west and below the cemetery area, on Shawnee Creek. I believe the old well on the hill above the water run is where the owner's house existed. The indentation of the ground of the water run is easy to follow, in the woods, along the southern edge of our pasture, running between the Iron bridge and behind the cemetery, etc. Dad showed me years ago the point where the water run broke from the creek. There are large, what seems to be foundation stones, on the west side of the bridge. These are most likely a second and larger mill, but I have not researched this enough. (When reading about mills on Shawnee, there are quite a few.) This is the settlement that I thought might have housed the Beulah, not Buell, post office, but have no results with that. There was a Dr. Buell in Warren County and some marriage with a Buell in Fountain County, but I find nothing more.
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