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1914 - 1918

World War I was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. Contemporaneously known as the Great War or "the war to end all wars", it led to the mobilisation of more than 70 million military personnel, including 60 million Europeans, making it one of the largest wars in history. It is also one of the deadliest conflicts in history, with an estimated 9 million combatant deaths and 13 million civilian deaths as a direct result of the war, while resulting genocides and the related 1918 Spanish flu pandemic caused another 17–100 million deaths worldwide, including an estimated 2.64 million Spanish flu deaths in Europe and as many as 675,000 Spanish flu deaths in the United States.
The Allied Powers included France, British Empire, Russioan Empire Serbia, Belgium, Italy, USA, Romania, Greece, China and many others. The Central Powers included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria and others.
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Information from an unpublished document entitled Veterans of Wells County Database (includes names from neighboring counties) and recently updated.
T - Tyndall, John W. and O. E. Lesh, ed. Standard History of Adams and Wells Counties, Indiana. Lewis Pub., 1918, pp. 453-985
Bluffton News Banner articles (BNB), tombstone photos, obituaries from various newpapers, funeral home records and researchers' notes.

Posted 3/14/2021
World War I
Last Name First Name Branch of Service Notes Date of Birth Date of Death Cemetery Source
Aborn Clair C. Veteran 1/24/1901 07-27-1982 Parkview - Madison Co, IN BNB, notes
Abrams Vincent US Army Veteran 07-15-1931 Oak Lawn BNB, notes
Abshire Vaughn Augustus US Army Sgt. 7/21/1890 08-02-1964 Friends/Keystone BNB, stone
Adams Quincy Von US Army Pvt. 9/2/1894 01-14-1989 Oak Lawn BNB, stone
Adams Walter Charles Cpl Btry B 150 Field Arty 12/19/1897 03-08-1970 Lindenwood - Allen Co, IN stone
Allen Ralph Ewing US Army PFC Med Det 319 Engineers 8/24/1893 12-12-1963 Markle, Huntington Co, IN stone
Allred Stanley veteran 5/30/1889 09-02-1971 Mt. Etna- Huntington Co, IN obit
Alshouse Floyd L. US Army Pvt BrtyC 51 Coast Arty 8/24/1895 08-06-1971 Mt. Calvary, Huntington Co, IN stone
Anderson Thomas Loree US Army Pvt 6/25/1891 01-30-1964 Swamp College - Mercer Co, OH stone
Archbold Forrest Ray US Army Veteran 3/25/1892 05-05-1925 Oak Lawn stone
Arthur Tony W. Veteran 10/20/1897 02-05-1962 Christian Chapel - Noble Co, IN obit
Baker Hallard US Navy S2 6/6/1896 05-02-1969 Uniontown stone
Baker Ira Glen US Army 3/19/1894 12-30-1981 Elm Grove mil marker
Barton Lester Kenneth US Army MI Pvt 29 Co 159 Depot Brig 9/8/1895 07-25-1961 Maple Grove, Monroe Co, MI stone
Bauermeister Otto D 3/17/1897 04-09-1990 Bethlehem Lutheran BNB
Baumgartner Albert Monroe US Army Cpl 12/26/1892 03-18-1981 Highland - Bullitt Co, KY stone
Baumgartner Milo M. US Army 2/10/1917 08-15-1998 Apostolic BNB
Beatty Harry R. US Army IL Sgt 34 Serv Co SIGC 6/23/1892 11-07-1969 Manatee Co, FL stone
Beck John Elmer Veteran 2/18/1897 07-15-1991 Oak Lawn BNB
Bennett Charles A. REGTL Sgt Maj FACOTS 5/19/1896 02-04-1953 Catholic - Mercer Co, OH stone
Bergdoll Claude Kennedy US Army Pvt 4 Ordnance Supply Co 5/2/1897 11-08-1949 Elm Grove McBride FH; stone
Berrier Everett Alexander US Army Pvt 3/7/1895 11-06-1958 Asbury stone
Betts Earl Elsworth PFC Provost Guard Co 1/11/1894 03-31-1961 Elm Grove McBride FH; stone
Biberstine Roy US Army 1/6/1899 08-27-1966 Fairview Thoma FH
Binegar Arthur J PFC Machine Gunner 1/8/1887 02-03-1951 IOOF - Jay Co, IN stone
Blair Homer E US Army 1900 12-26-1989 Calumet Park - Lake Co, IN Myers FH
Bonham Elijah R. veteran 11/20/1898 10-24-1991 Thompson Home - Huntington Co, IN BNB, obit
Booher Herbert US Army 6th Balloon Co AEF 6/18/1900 11-28-1989 Six Mile stone
Botts Vernon Fate US Army Pvt 64th Inf 41 Div 11/24/1890 10-09-1929 Hoverstock stone
Bowman Robert Wilson US Army Pvt 10/23/1895 02-21-1988 Elm Grove notes
Brickley Raymond US Army Batt C 15th Field Artillery 5/3/1897 02-12-1918 Camp La Valdahon, France Gold Star
Brineman John H US Army Wagoner 23 Engrs 11/7/1889 11-16-1944 Greenwood - Lagrange Co stone
Broom Isaac Joshua US Army Pvt HQ Co, 47 Inf 1/22/1893 03-09-1965 Waterloo, DeKalb Co stone
Brown Crasten H. US Army 6/13/1897 10-25-1993 Lancaster - Huntington Co. BNB
Brubaker Harmon Fisher US Army Batt F 139 Fld Arty 12/18/1895 03-31-1961 Elm Grove stone
Bucher Grover Pvt 326 Field Arty 84 Div 5/11/1887 01-02-1947 Woodland - Jackson Co, MI stone
Buckner Joy F. US Army veteran 1/0/1898 02-06-1975 Six Mile obit
Buel Howard L. US Army Cpl G5 9/13/1896 05-21-1979 Emanuel stone
Burgan Raymond W US Army veteran 4/9/1894 06-03-1986 Forest Lawn - Los Angeles Co, CA stone
Bushee Harley A. US Army Chief Mech 3/26/1893 02-02-1976 Oak Lawn stone
Bushee Robert W. US Army Cpl 9/28/1981 07-21-1981 Oak Lawn stone
Byall Homer US Army 380 Aero Sq B 3/4/1894 12-16-1918 Woodlawn - Huntington Co, IN stone; Gold Star
Byrd Russell S US Army Batter B 150 Field Arty 1/28/1898 11-28-1917 Hoverstock obit
Carpenter Harley C. US Army Pvt1C 139 Field Arty 38 Div 05-26-1931 Woodlawn - Huntington Co, IN stone
Caylor Harold Delos, MD Reservist 8/19/1894 06-16-1996 Fairview BNB
Caylor Truman E. US Army Student Army Training Corps 1/10/1900 07-31-1988 Fairview BNB
Cass Zura E Eng 2/1/1891 07-07-1938 Hoverstock stone
Chalfant Howard R. US Army Cpl 1893 1979 Six Mile stone
Channell Leon. 01-02-1926 BNB
Chenoweth Charles T. US Army Pvt HQ Co 59 Arty CAC 3/2/1893 03-14-1924 San Francisco National - CA stone
Christiansen Adolph US Army Veteran 06-06-1991 Springhill - Warren, Huntington Co, IN BNB
Click Ray Burnette Sgt 1c HQ Det 309 Eng 84 Div 10/11/1894 01-17-1953 Lindenwood - Fort Wayne stone
Cloud Dexter Ernest Pvt Btry F 326 Field Arty 2/21/1892 05-15-1961 New Burlington, Clinto Co, OH stone; obit
Colen Wilber Leslie US Army 10/8/1896 04-29-1992 Fairview
Connett Clarence Leroy US Army Pvt 12/24/1887 04-22-1972 Glendale - Polk Co, IA stone
Crone Charles Norris, Rev. veteran 4/22/1894 01-08-1963 Warrington Friends, York Co, PA notes
Crosbie John Henry US Army Pvt 7/15/1896 11/0/1986 Pennville IOOF, Jay Co stone
Crosbie Neil US Army Bat C 325 Field Arty AEF 1890 04-04-1905 Rockford stone
Crowl Howard Dwight veteran 4/15/1893 09-04-1974 Catholic - Allen Co, IN notes
Dailey Grover Cleveland US Army PFC 11/17/1892 05-23-1967 Glendale, Polk Co, IA stone
Davenport Claude Matthew US Army Sgt IN 428 RR Telegraph BN 3/10/1895 03-02-1951 Los Angeles National, CA stone
Davenport Herman H. US Army 6/10/1898 10-09-1969 Lindenwood - Allen Co, IN IN death cert
Davis Arch S. US Army 6/24/1892 03-08-1933 Elm Grove BNB, stone
Davis Gail, Rev. US Army 1900 11-09-1991 Spring Hill - Huntington Co. BNB
Denning Oliver Bryan US Army 117 Eng, Med Div 128/1897 12-20-1918 Mossburg Gold Star
Derr Dale Ashton US Navy IN S1 9/19/1893 02-02-1969 Oak Lawn stone
Earhart Lawrence Pvt Btry B 148 Field Arty 1/16/1895 3/27/1954 Miller in Poneto obit, stone
Edris Henry Eichhorn US Army 7/9/1898 01-06-1983 Fairview T501
Ehret William Thompson US Army veteran 1/18/1896 1954 Oak Lawn stone
Falk Roger US Army 13 Recruiting Co 4/24/1900 01-25-1918 St. Paul Cemetery Gold Star
Farling Virgil Glenn US Army Pvt 8/11/1899 05-17-1978 Elm Grove stone
Fisher Boyd Ira US Army Co A314 th Field Signal Batt, 89 Div 1/31/1896 04-28-1956 Greenlawn - Allen Co, IN notes
Fisher Lawrence L. Pvt Btry B 106 Fld Arty 1/30/1898 05-26-1965 Southern - Antrim Co, MI stone
Freeze Dewey Ernest US Army 9/9/1898 06-30-1956 Friends/Keystone notes
Fryback Earl M. US Army veteran 9/29/1893 03-03-1967 Elm Grove obit
Funk Lozier Ray US Army veteran 8/30/1897 12-23-1974 San Jacinto Valley - Riverside Co, CA obit
Gallivan James E. US Army Served in Germany & France 10/31/1887 03-10-1947 Fairview BNB
Gaunt Mack PFC 250 Co MPC 9/18/1896 10-06-1964 Grand View - Tippecanoe Co, IN stone
Gephart Ray US Army Pvt 1896 10-03-1965 Oak Lawn - St. Joseph Co, MI stone
Girod Alfred US Army Wagr - France 9/4/1892 05-22-1964 Fairview stone; obit
Girod Robert veteran 3/15/1890 09-26-1972 Oak Lawn obit
Glancy Fred F., Sr. US Army Cpl 3/5/1895 07-14-1991 Hartford City, Blackford Co. BNB
Glass Kenneth Austin US Navy BM2 11/15/1899 02-15-1963 Fairview stone
Goshorn Harry D Pvt 112 MBL Ord Rep Shop 3/18/1897 11-07-1961 Mount Olivet - Galveston Co, TX stone; death cert
Graham Vernon Wayne US Army PFC 7/10/1897 11-18-1963 Pennville IOOF - Jay Co, IN stone
Grimes Charles Julian US Navy GC Navy Seabees 4/18/1898 02-21-1987 Fairview BNB, stone
Groh Fred US Army Pvt HQ Co 47 Inf 4th Div 3/3/1890 1970 Elm Grove notes; stone
Grove Forrest C. US Army Sgt Btry B 314 Field Arty 2/23/1898 02-21-1965 Fairview stone
Haifley Lloyd G US Army Pvt Btry C 15 FA 2 Div 1/19/1900 04-09-1970 Twentynine Palms - San Bernardino Co, CA stone
Hamilton Samuel Earl Co K 326 inf 82 Div 3/15/1890 08-04-1918 Menil-la-Tem, France Gold Star
Harden Richard M. US Army PFC 34 Balloon Co AS 3/10/1899 03-25-1955 Woodland - Jackson Co, MI stone
Harnish Clyde C. US Army 10/1/1889 08-31-1963 Resthaven Pk W- Maricopa Co, AZ notes
Gilbert Harold Harker "Hal" US Army 1st Lt 9/27/1894 02-23-1963 St Paul stone
Harrell Edgar Francis veteran 11/24/1892 09-14-1959 Forest Pk - Harris Co, TX notes
Harris Charles E. US Army Pvt 1/C MP 7/4/1894 12-22-1936 St John notes
Harris James Forrest US Army Pvt Co B Dev BA 4/6/1896 12-14-1947 St John notes
Harris Byrum Wright US Army Capt Medical Corps 10/19/1880 03-03-1969 Elm Grove stone; obit
Harsh Ethell May Nurse 10/19/1892 04-03-1924 Fairview notes
Hartman Edgar Dailey US Navy 1896 1981 Elm Grove stone
Hartman Hoyt H. US Army 2nd Lt. 01-21-1946 Elm Grove BNB
Hatfield Halden Lewis US Army 11/11/1895 10-06-1986 Oak Lawn mil marker
Haynie Russell Deskin US Navy CM 3 5/7/1895 05-28-1970 Grant Mem Pk - Grant Co, IN stone
Heche Harry Edward US Army PFC 9/20/1894 04-09-1968 Six Mile stone
Hedges LeRoy US Army 1st Lt 5/6/1896 10-25-1982 Elm Grove BNB, stone
Heiniger Fred US Army PFC 1895 1984 Six Mile stone
Heiniger George US Army Cpl 139 Field Arty 38 Div 1/20/1894 01-15-1942 Greenlawn Mem Pk - Allen Co, IN stone
Heller Samuel R. US Army PFC Med Dept 10/16/1891 06-25-1935 Sherman - Paulding Co, OH stone; notes
Helms John D. US Army Co 139th F A 1892 05-02-1905 Bethel obit, stone
Herbine Herbert Spencer US Army Capt 13 Field Arty 7/27/1895 08-30-1937 Arlington National - VA stone
Heyerly William US Army veteran 1891 09-11-1946 Apostolic notes
High Orlo C 10/18/1904 05-24-1950 St Paul notes
Hoopengardner David N. US Navy 7/27/1891 05-15-1967 Greenlawn Mem Pk - Allen Co, IN BNB
Hoover Joseph Dailey US Army PFC 67 Co Trans Corps 11/23/1890 12-01-1957 Oak Lawn stone
Horner Donald Edward US Army Pvt 12/5/1900 01-14-1972 Calvary - Montgomery Co, OH stone
Hower Alfred US Army veteran 10/2/1894 12-30-1967 Greenlawn Mem Pk - Allen Co, IN obit
Huber Charles E. US Army Served in Europe 07-01-1967 Fairview BNB
Huffman James H. US Army 139 AML Wagoner 139 Field Arty 8/31/1888 08-07-1937 Stahl stone
Huffman Fred G. US Army veteran 2/17/1899 12-02-1978 Elm Grove obit
Huffman Raymond Earl US Army Officer 2/10/1896 11-21-1973 Woodlawn - Huntington Co, IN obit
Hughes Grant Summer US Army Cook Co F 307 Inf 8/22/1895 08-17-1958 Fairview stone
Hunnicutt Earl US Army Cpl 9/20/1896 10-28-1985 Oak Lawn BNB, stone
Hunnicutt Hugh US Army veteran 8/15/1899 02-02-1956 Brookside Mem Pk - Harris Co, TX stone
Hunter Earl Elston US Guards Sgt. Co C 35 BN 1/31/1890 11-30-1969 Grant Memorial, Grant Co. BNB, stone
Hurling Harm John US Army Co F 116 Inf Ammo Train 2/11/1895 02-12-1918 Woodlawn - Champaign Co, IL Gold Star; stone
Inskeep Isaac N. US Army 10/26/1858 01-03-1945 Forest Lawn, Los Angeles, CA BNB
Jahn Ralph M. Served in France 6/30/1894 05-16-1983 Six Mile BNB
Jarrett Willard Clinton US Army Pvt 11/10/1893 02-12-1962 Mossburg stone
Johnston Fred Gordon US Army S/Sgt HQ Det 7 San IN 12/21/1893 04-17-1971 Springfield National - Greene Co, MO stone
Julian Dorris US Army Pvt Co B 154 Inf 12/17/1890 10-25-1958 Maple Grove, Seminole Co, OK stone
Jones George Good US Navy 9/27/1897 09-23-1994 Masonic - Huntington Co. BNB
Kapp Lewis Homer US Army veteran 4/17/1883 09-29-1937 Fairview stone
Kasler Rex Edward Army-Air Corps Chauffeur 2/10/1899 04-01-1983 Woodlawn - Huntington Co, IN obit
Kilander Guy Alfred US Army Cpl 2/3/1894 07-09-1967 Asbury stone
Kime Raymond E . US Army 1894 1951 Elm Grove mil marker
Kindle Claude C US Army Pvt 2/18/1897 01-30-1970 Proctor-Sanders - Adair Co, OK stone
Kindlesparger Hugh US Army 4/4/1895 10-20-1956 Elm Grove notes
King Chancy US Army 10/22/1889 11-20-1972 Woodlawn - Blackford Co, IN obit
Kay Riley D. US Army PFC 2nd Mec Reg Air Svc 12/24/1895 02-13-1967 Oak Lawn stone
Kean Palmer Edgar US Navy GM2 1898 1978 Friends/Keystone stone
King Harry US Army 6/28/1895 10-03-1975 Markle, Huntington Co. BNB
King Lester US Army Wagoner Sup Co 139 F A 11/30/1887 04-26-1965 Gernand stone
Kipfer Aaron US Army Pvt QM Corps 4/16/1897 05-20-1936 Apostolic obit, stone
Kleinknight Chalmer Edward US Army Veteran 12/21/1896 08-04-1996 Oak Lawn BNB, obit
Kleinknight Robert M. US Army Pvt 8/22/1897 06-23-1984 Twentynine Palms, San Bernardino Co, CA stone
Kline James Hansel US Army 1/13/1891 06-08-1971 Oak Lawn obit, stone
Klopfenstine Melvin G US Army 1/1/1891 10-20-1969 Elm Grove Am Legion
Knight Herbert Von US Army Pvt 12/16/1895 2/0/1979 East Hill - Rush Co, IN stone
Krill Paul A. US Army Wagoner Sup Co 147 Inf 11/17/1896 01-25-1955 Fairview stone
Kucher Kenneth Veteran 1899 08-27-1957 Elm Grove BNB
Kunkel Kenneth Morgan US Navy veteran 1/31/1897 11-21-1962 Fairview obit
Laturner William Harrison US Army 4/7/1897 02-27-1960 Fairview BNB
Leist Homer F. US Army 2/17/1897 09-15-1945 Hillcrest - Jay Co, IN stone
Lehman Emery W., Dr. US Army Reg surgeon, 7th Army Div, France 10/25/1888 05-23-1967 Woodlawn - Huntington Co, IN BNB
Louden George Reinhard Attended the U.S. Naval Academy 11/25/1898 08-17-1965 Fairview BNB, mil marker
Lounsbury Earl Wade US Army 2nd Lt. 2/5/1893 04-21-1958 Elm Grove BNB, stone
Lowry Edgar Lewis US Army 12/21/1893 02-07-1967 Friends/Keystone Am Legion
Ludlum Weber Dean US Army 1893 1975 Woodlawn - Blackford Co, IN stone
Lydy Charles Wesley US Army Pvt 34 Amb Co 7 Div 5/31/1893 12-26-1968 Oak Lawn stone
Lyons Clarence E. US Army Mil grave rites 04-02-1950 Elm Grove BNB
Mahnensmith Marshall R. US Army Pvt 9/9/1895 05-05-1972 Oak Lawn stone
Markley Max McClelland US Army 6/12/1896 10-13-1985 Somerford - Madison Co, OH stone
Martin Fred M. Veteran 8/25/1897 01-27-1962 Breman, Marshall Co. BNB
Marshall Willard Everett US Navy CGM 6/22/1889 02-08-1956 Sunrise Mem - Solano Co, CA stone
Mason James H US Army 11/27/1888 01-29-1965 Mount Hope - Cass Co, IN stone
Masterson Oris US Army 1895 1970 Elm Grove Am Legion
McAllister Charles V. US Army 01-05-1999 Bunnell, Frankford BNB
McBride James L., MD US Army Capt 1865 11/29/1941 Hoverstock notes
McBride William Warren US Army Embalmer on Am. transports 10/20/1895 06-28-1947 Elm Grove BNB, IN death cert
McMillion Oscar US Army PFC Co D Ammunition TN 8/10/1886 12-12-1959 Murray stone
Meeks Otto C. 1st Sgt MG Co 70 Inf 10/7/1884 06-27-1972 San Gorgonio Mem Pk - CA stone
Mendenhall Hugh Marion 3/19/1892 11-05-1947 Elm Grove BNB
Merkey Jonathan Levi US Army Pvt 2/24/1897 01-07-1989 Fairview stone
Merriman Ward Hicks US Army Sgt Btry D 74 Arty CAC 11/3/1894 01-05-1966 Lancaster - Huntington Co, IN stone
Mettler Frank J US Army 8/16/1891 06-21-1961 Fairview BNB
Meyer Levi Co I 142 Inf 36 Div 12/19/1893 10-09-1918 Cemetery 825, France Gold Star
Meyer Orel Hallewell US Army 2nd Lt. 6/4/1893 05-22-1976 Elm Grove notes
Michael Daniel E. US Army Wells Co. last WW I veteran. 9/30/1896 02-17-1998 Horeb BNB, stone
Miller Bryan Glenn US Army Pvt 10/19/1897 12-11-1972 Six Mile stone
Minniear Herbert Clellan US Army 1898 09-13-1957 Anderson Mem Pk - Madison Co, IN Vet Hosp
Moomaw Earl Edward US Army 5/16/1896 06-19-1949 Fairview mil marker
Moser Edwin US Army Veteran 12/26/1892 10-30-1991 Apostolic BNB, obit
Moser Obed US Army Pvt 34 Ambulance Co 1/9/1895 12-13-1967 Apostolic stone
Mosure Forest C. Sr US Army Pvt 5/19/1898 03-05-1987 Six Mile stone
Motz Virgil 5/6/1895 11-14-1988 Greenlawn Mem Pk - Allen Co, IN photo
Mowery Gilbert A. US Army Pvt 6/1/1896 12-14-1982 Stahl stone
Mowery Howard Amos US Army PFC 11/29/1895 07-20-1977 Bethel stone, obit
Murray Ralph Vorhees US Army Captain 3/6/1881 05-06-1939 Glenwood - Huntington Co, IN stone
Myers Christopher Theodore US Army 7/12/1888 10-17-1955 Prairie View obit
Myers Lloyd Shreve US Army veteran 6/4/1891 07-08-1959 Elm Grove stone
Neff Samuel US Army Pvt 146th SP 7/23/1887 04-02-1956 Stahl notes
Netterfield Hillard B. US Army 150 Field Arty, Rainbow Div 1898 01-14-1971 Covington Mem Gardens, Allen Co, IN obit
Neuenschwander Charles M . US Army 9/12/1895 02-20-1973 Elm Grove mil marker
Neuenschwander Homer US Army Pvt 5/29/1897 10/27/1993 Oak Lawn stone
Nusbaumer Ferdinand Effinger US Army 2nd Lt 7/13/1893 03-28-1966 Glen Haven - Orange Co, FL stone
Obermiller George Edward US Army Sgt Co B 325 Inf 82 Div 3/28/1895 08-09-1946 Hoverstock stone
Oliver Walter C. US Army Pvt 2/13/1897 04-07-0991 Fairview BNB, obit, stone
Ogle Thurman Irving US Army Indiana Pvt 6/28/1888 04-22-1966 Resthaven Mem Pk - Pottawatomie Co, OK stone
Oswalt William Mervin US Army Coast Arty Corps 1889 1934 Six Mile stone
Pace Grover Cleveland US Army TN Pvt 6/9/1888 02-23-1983 Hillside - Jay Co, IN stone, obit
Pace Ora William US Navy MM2 6/19/1889 05-11-1962 Sheboss - Maury Co, TN stone
Pence Urban Myers US Army IN PFC Ord Det 139 Fld Arty 10/24/1889 05-15-1965 Bethel stone
Percell Thomas Jefferson Pvt Co I 10 Inf 4/12/1895 03-13-1964 Sparks stone
Perry Chancie H. US Army Pvt O M Corp 08-11-1938 Elm Grove stone
Platt Forest D Co D 5th Lted Svc Reg 161 Depot Brig 7/6/1894 10-05-1918 Hoverstock Gold Star
Plummer Francis Arnold US Army 2nd Lt 5/13/1896 07-16-1990 Lewis Mem Pk - Buncombe Co, NC stone
Poffenberger Charles Lepaul US Army IN Sgt 1C 165 Dept Brig 6/7/1892 02-25-1945 Elmwood - Lake Co, IN stone
Poling Ervin W. US Army Pvt 11/4/1893 12-08-1983 Gravel Hill - Jay Co, IN stone, obit
Pontius Oral Truman US Navy CA F1 USNRF 7/9/1890 01-13-1964 Olivewood - Riverside Co, CA stone
Porter Clyde Dickerson US Army Pvt Stu Army Tng Corp 5/3/1899 08-09-1961 Elm Grove stone
Potter Emery Forrest US Army Wagr 2/11/1897 01-12-1976 Mount Evergreen - Jackson Co, MI stone
Prough Fred Keller US Army 6/19/1899 02-15-1945 Fairview mil marker
Prough Lewis US Army PFC 1896 1979 Oak Lawn stone
Pursley Carroll P US Army 1887 1962 Oak Lawn stone
Pursley Charles U. US Army CA Sgt I Co Coast Arty 7/18/1884 06-19-1957 Saint Helena - Napa Co, CA stone
Pursley Walter Andres US Army OH Cook Med Det 1/14/1892 11-01-1960 Golden Gate National - CA stone
Ramsey Seal US Army 2nd Lt 151 Inf 12/25/1895 04-28-1967 Prairie View stone
Raver Ralph E. US Army veteran 1891 1924 Elm Grove obit
Redding Clark Stanley 24 Aero Squadron 5/2/1898 12-24-1972 obit
Reiff Marion Oliver US Army Maj Inf-Res 3/9/1890 06-22-1958 Six Mile stone, obit
Rinear Ralph W US Army Ordnance Dept 1890 04-07-1951 Elm Grove BNB
Risser Fred H Pvt 54 coast arty 2/19/1892 02-01-1945 Markle - Huntington Co, IN stone
Robenold Floyd E. US Army Co. D, 318th Engineers 1918-1919 4/29/1890 02-21-1939 Oakland BNB, obit
Roe Harold S. US Army Veteran 1891 12-25-1961 Oak Lawn BNB
Runkle Oscar Charles US Army Cpl 9/22/1898 02-16-1980 US Soldies' & Airmen's National - Washington, DC stone
Sawyer Earl Randolph US Army 11/12/1889 02-26-1957 Fairview mil marker
Scherrer Earl Mangold HQ Co 17 Inf 4 Div 6/17/1894 09-28-1918 Bois-de-Brieulles, France Gold Star
Schorey Jesse E. US Army Military graveside services 01-11-1949 St John
Schugg Carl V. 1896 1978 Greenlawn Mem Pk - Allen Co, IN mil marker
Schwartz David E. US Army Sgt Co D 7 Inf 5/20/1890 12-31-1971 Elm Grove stone
Schwartz Jeff J. US Army Pvt 2/27/1893 02-22-1919 Apostolic stone, obit
Scott Jewell Joseph US Army Pvt, Served in France 9/27/1894 04-03-1991 Gardens of Memory - Delaware Co. BNB, stone
Shady Roscoe Edward US Army veteran 10/11/1895 09-12-1954 Elm Grove notes
Shafer Dale E. US Army Indiana Pvt 11/29/1895 03-08-1974 Fort Bliss National - El Paso Co, TX stone
Shannon Chester Worthen US Army 4/26/1895 05-17-1987 Saint Mary Catholic - Cook Co, IL obit
Sheets Grover Cleveland Co M 47 inf 4 Div 5/23/1890 09-27-1918 Meuse-Argonne Am. Cem, France Gold Star
Shively Carl W. US Army Military graveside rites 3/29/1897 03-28-1991 Horeb BNB
Shoe Lester 70th Field Arty 11/9/1896 07-10-1933 Prairie View stone; obit
Shoemaker Warren Kellly US Army Co E 153 IN Inf 1842 1917 Fairview stone
Shoemaker Harry Earl US Navy Rear Admiral 12/21/1882 12-09-1976 Arlington National, Arlington, VA BNB, stone
Shumm Clark Mech Field Art 6/4/1886 05-06-1956 Elm Grove stone
Smith Earl Anderson IN State Militia Veteran 5/1/1898 03-25-1993 Friends BNB
Soloman John E. -Jack US Army Sgt 1896 07-26-1987 Oak Lawn BNB, stone
Slentz Francis Hanibal veteran 10/1/1897 09-11-1979 Elm Grove stone
Sleppy Carl Franklin US Army veteran 3/1/1891 05-15-1973 Fairview IN death cert
Stine David US Army Wagoneer 150 Field Arty Rainbow Div 1/24/1894 10-24-1956 Oak Lawn stone
Stogdill James W. US Army 2nd Lt 2/13/1897 03-13-1994 Fairview BNB, stone
Stout Emmett Carl US Army 1st Lieut 333 Inf 84 Div AEF 12/19/1892 1972 Oak Hill - Montgomery Co, IN stone
Stroup Franklin S. US Army Served 1917-1919 10/6/1891 01-24-1966 Fairview BNB
Stroop Harry US Army IN Pvt Batty F 4th Reg Field Arty 06-08-1927 Marion National - Grant Co, IN stone
Studabaker Alden Koch US Army veteran 7/31/1892 11-07-1955 Fairview obit
Studebaker Jesse Gilbert Jr. US Army veteran 1891 01-29-1974 Gardens of Memory - Delaware Co, IN obit
Sturgis Elmore D US Army Pvt 6/9/1898 03-02-1976 Crestlawn - Indian River Co, FL stone
Sweeny Robert John US Army Veteran 11/27/1893 04-18-1980 Six Mile BNB, obit
Tappy Roy W. US Army PVT 2 Co Discharge Det 1/3/1891 10-23-1961 Stahl stone
Tedford Clare US Army Veteran 7/26/1897 01-04-1989 Markle, Huntington Co. BNB
Tharp Alvan Amos veteran 2/27/1900 05-24-1969 Leo Mem Pk - Allen Co, IN obit
Thomas Howard Emerson US Army Veteran 7/8/1900 07-19-1969 Elm Grove BNB
Trimmer Carl Leroy 1st Cas Co, Aviation Sec, Signal Corps 7/19/1889 03-16-1918 Woodlawn - Huntington Co, IN Gold Star
Troutner Mahlon Franklin US Army IN MG Co 35 Inf 1/22/1898 02-26-1962 Fairview - St. Joseph Co, IN obit
Truesdale Harry Clark Co c 5GH Field Batt 7/7/1887 05-21-1966 Elm Grove stone
Twigg Enos Nathan US Army Pvt 114 Ammo Tn 39 Div 7/9/1888 11-13-1951 Arlington Mem Pk - Winnebago Co, IL stone
Vachon Alfonso F. US Army 1892 02-28-1956 Fairview notes
Van Dine Pearl Osten US Navy BMI 8/19/1894 08-26-1981 Riverside National - CA stone
Vernon Virgil A US Army Pvt 145 Spruce Sq 7/12/1891 05-28-1939 Elm Grove stone
Walker Felix US Marine Corps PFC 1897 06-02-1927 Fairview stone
Walmer Hillard Wentz US Navy Naval Academy; Col 8/30/1897 07-01-1971 Fairview stone
Walmer John H. US Army PFC 3/17/1885 1/27/198 Sitka National, AK obit
Wasson LaVerne Weible US Army Pvt 8/23/1898 12-22-1969 Elm Grove stone
Watkins Forest Freeman US Army Cook1 Motor Truck Co QMC 6/4/1893 12-09-1963 Macon Co Mem Pk - IL stone, obit
Webber Justus M US Army Pvt 12/14/1894 01-29-1988 Elm Grove stone
Weist Loyall W. US Army Veteran 9/24/1895 02-18-1994 Prairie Grove - Allen Co. BNB
Werling Martin J. C. US Army Veteran 3/24/1894 07-13-1982 Concordia Gardens - Allen Co BNB
Werling Frederick Karl US Army veteran 12/6/1896 04-03-1970 Bethlehem Luth obit
White Frank Emerson US Marine Corp Pvt AEF in France 2/27/1894 09-16-1956 Oak Lawn BNB, stone
Whitsle William Henry US Army Pvt Btry A 61 Arty CAC 6/4/1886 07-13-1966 Gernand stone
Wiecking Frederick August US Army 2nd Lieut 8/15/1892 07-28-1936 Elm Grove obit
Williamson Jesse H. US Army Pvt 11/1/1884 10-09-1964 Elm Grove stone
Winebrenner Fred Emerson US Army Veteran 5/28/1898 02-19-1996 Mount Hope - Huntington Co, IN BNB
Witzeman Howard Albert US Army Veteran 3/31/1895 02-18-1993 Fairview BNB, stone
Wolf Tony Albert Veteran 2/4/1895 08-10-1985 Markle - Huntington Co. BNB
Wolf Hugh Evermond 1st Lieut 151 inf 4/16/1895 06-09-1964 Hartford City - Blackford Co, IN stone
Wolfe Clark Talmadge US Army Air Corps Veteran 1/26/1892 01-21-1991 Estates of Serenity - Grant Co. BNB
Woodward Forrest Maine US Army Veteran 2/15/1898 07-01-1991 Oak Lawn BNB
Yarger Chauncey US Army Sgt. Co. K., 7th Infantry 6/5/1895 01-02-1972 Woodlawn - Osceola Co, MI BNB, stone
Yarger Oman R. US Army Sgt 13 inf 8 Div 3/8/1890 07-22-1950 Elm Grove stone
Zent Webster Marcellus US Army PFC 12/21/1889 02-14-1985 Scottsburg - Scott Co, IN stone
Zoll Frank E dward US Army Pvt 7 Co Coast Artillery 4/26/1887 10-15-1957 Fairview stone

The above list of veterans is partial. The following entries have some connection to or are buried in Wells County, but no source was included to prove their service during World War I.
Please help us identify the burials of those who deserve to be recognized as veterans of the "war to end all wars."

Last Name First Name Branch of Service Notes Date of Birth Date of Death Cemetery
Adams Melvin Bluffton 12-21-1970
Adsit Earnest W. 04-15-1927 Woodlawn - Huntington Co, IN
Allen Lawrence A.
Allen Whitey Bluffton
Allen William Bluffton
Allen William
Alt Erma Sarah (Lee) 6/22/1898 01-20-1973 Prairie Grove - Allen Co
Anderson Elmer E. US Army 01-27-1971 Lindenwood - Fort Wayne
Ashbaucher Herman US Army 02-03-1955 Arcadia - CA
Ashcroft Paris Reed 9/29/1892 05-16-1972 Greenlawn - Fort Wayne
Banter Walter W US Army born in Wells Co 7/19/1890 02-05-1979 Gardens of Memory - Huntington Co
Barries Charles F. Portland
Barton Roy
Barton William F. Berne
Baumgardner Ward M. US Army
Beatty Howard.
Beavans Lawrence L. Warren 2/26/1889 07-01-1945 Woodlawn - Huntington Co, IN
Bebes Virgil Uniondale
Beck Lawrence E
Beerbower Ora Adams US Army Liberty Center 7/30/1895 03-13-1987 Fairview - Tipton Co, IN
Belles Paul
Betz M. D. Bluffton
Blair Jesse Earl US Army Keystone 07-??-1957
Bodient J.
Boerre Raymond US Army
Booher Grover Keystone
Books Ray A. US Army Petroleum
Boone Paul H. Bluffton
Borne Rudolph W. US Army
Bowman Hobert C. US Army
Bowman Hugh A. US Army Bluffton
Braden Russell B US Army Bluffton 1900 05-28-1905 Greenlawn - Allen Co
Braum Jesse Bluffton
Brickley Leroy Bluffton
Brineman Ora J US Army Liberty Center
Brittenham Hugh L US Army Keystone 1900 1968 Woodlawn - Huntington Co, IN
Brown Arthur M. US Army Bluffton
Brown Claude
Brown H. E. 05-02-1950
Brown John US Army Killed; Bluffton ??-??-1959/ 04-09-1921
Brown John US Army Killed
Brown Morris E US Army Keystone
Brown Robert Oscar Warren
Brown Roy Bluffton
Brown Victor Bluffton 11-27-1968/ 04-02-1977
Burdge Harry Russell US Navy
Burgan Kenneth
Burgan Louis Linn US Navy
Burgan Robert Franklin US Army
Busher Grover
Carr Delmar Bunn
Carter Truman E.
Carter W. H.
Caston Russell US Army
Cermine Joe
Chapman Burr/ Byrd
Clark Chancie N. US Army
Clark Howard C. US Army
Clark James A. US Army
Clark Jerry US Army
Clark Jewel R. US Army
Clark Rulo E. US Army
Click C. D.
Cobbum Kenneth Estell US Navy
Cochran Edson N US Army
Cochran Hubert US Army
Connett Lewis D.
Conrad George A. US Army
Cook Grant Hughes
Cook Jesse J US Army
Cook Paul H. US Army
Cook Wayne M. US Army
Cordon Paul W
Cossairt Otto C US Army
Cottingham Henry
Cotton Emery
Covey Gerald Grant US Navy
Craven Oliver Raymond US Navy 1887 1981 Sunset Hills - Genesee Co, MI
Crosbie Walter US Navy
Cummins Robert F. US Army
Custard Arizona
Custard Clifford B. 10/15/1894 03-25-1979 Roseland Park - Oakland Co, MI
Dailey Roger Lewis US Army
Daniels C.R.
Davis Harold R. US Army
Davis Herschel US Army
Davis Ralph G. US Army
Day Fred US Army
Day Marius
DeHaven George Leslie US Army
Deihl Frank E. US Army
Deihl Roy H. US Army
Derr Russell Everett US Navy
Diffendorfer Thomas P. US Navy 1863 11-06-1922 Chico - Butte Co, CA
Dishong Rollie Raymond US Army
Dowty Paul A. US Army
Drayer Charles F. US Army
Dunn Addison O. US Army
Dunn Charlie R. US Army (Officer)
Eaton Clarence
Eaton Lawrence
Ebert Virgil
Eckhart James E.
Eddington David E. US Army
Edris John H. US Army
Ehret John G.
Ely A. B.
Emery Ben US Army
Engeler Frederick Robinson US Army 5/11/1893 11/1/1972 Ferncliff - Clark Co, OH
England Charles C. US Army
England George M. US Army
Ertel Ira Christopher US Army 9/28/1858 08-24-1930 Greenwood - Orange Co, FL
Eubanks Raymond C.
Evans Harry
Evans Homer I.
Evans Walter US Army
Eversole John A US Army
Farlow Clinton A
Fate Dewitt F.
Felton Earl
Felty Beryl F US Army
Ferguson Charles W US Army
Ferguson Dale J. US Army Officer
Fields Curtis P.
Fikel Albert Pearson US Navy 01-10-1982 Rose Hills Pk - L. A. Co, CA
Fink Roy D US Army
Fisher Arthur H. US Army
Flowers Fred US Army
Fold Lloyd US Army
Folk Jesse Francis US Army 4/17/1892 09-16-1987 Benton Twp - Eaton Co, MI
Foreman William US Army
Fosnaugh Homer US Army Officer 2/19/1895 03-15-1972 Covington Mem Gardens - Allen Co, IN
Foster David W.
Foster George W.
Fox John W. US Army
Frazier Chester N. US Army Officer
Frazier Harold L. US Army
Fremier Carl Leroy Pvt
French Douglas Fleming US Army 3/27/1896 1959 Riverside - Branch Co, MI
French John
Fry Walter Edward US Army
Fryback Charles Franklin Sr US Army 5/16/1896 1/0/1972 Gardens of Memory - Huntington Co, IN
Fryback Raymond F. US Army 12/12/1888 08-18-1956 Salem - Boone Co, IN
Gadvilas Peter US Army
Gahman Floyd US Army Officer
Gardiner Lucien B. US Army 8/30/1881 6/12/1034 Deepdale Mem Pk - Eaton Co, MI
Gardiner W. Karl US Army 4/4/1896 03-13-1980 IOOF - Allen Co, IN
Garton Harry
Gasier O. C.
Gephart Charles Morgan US Army 6/29/1899 03-19-1980 Woodlawn - Huntington Co, IN
Gephart William F. US Army 1/17/1887 03-04-1956 Woodlawn - Huntington Co, IN
Gerber Joseph US Army
Gibson Clarence K. US Army
Gibson Oliver R. US Army
Gilbert Charles D.
Gilbert John B. US Army
Gitlin Max Maxwell US Army
Godfrey Lawrence
Gordon Clarence Oliver US Navy
Graham Gordon US Army
Graham Harmon
Grant Gerald US Navy
Gray Albert
Griffith Ammon
Griffith Chauncey
Griler Ralph
Groh John US Army
Grove Fred
Guiler Ralph A. US Army
Hall Marjorie Nurse
Harris Ben
Harrold Elmer Austin US Army
Hartman Ray
Hatfield Mark Audly US Army
Hatfield Paul US Army
Haughton Clyde Lester US Navy 9/18/1894 03-02-1955 Forest Lawn Mem Pk - LA, CA
Haughton David
Haughton Lloyd US Army
Hawley Marion US Army
Hay Cyrus A. US Army (Officer)
Heckman Charles
Heckman Fred A. US Army
Heller Merland G. US Army 1893 1973 Etna Green E - Kosciusko Co, IN
Herring Fred
Hewing Charles F.
Hewing Fred L.
Hickman John S, Dr.
High Mearl US Army
Hindsley George
Hinshaw Ray
Hoopengardner Zeno
Hoover Miles
Horletts Edmund
Hortman Roy L. US Army
Hostetter Edmund H. US Navy
Houck Charles Henry US Army Officer
Howard Fred Everett US Army
Huffman Bert
Humerickhouse William Casper US Army 10/10/1894 08-08-1955 Calumet Pk - Lake Co, IN
Hurt John H. US Army
Irvin William E. US Army
Jackson Charles S. US Army
Jackson Clarence A. US Army
Jackson Lewis E. US Army
Jackson Paul Clayton US Army Officer
James Perry
Jarrett Ernest E. US Army
Jenkins Delbert E. US Army
Johns Freddie Freeman US Army
Johns Raymond R. US Army
Johnson Dwight US Army
Johnson Elwin B. US Army
Johnson Forrest Clay US Army
Johnson Ray W. US Army
Johnson William Robert US Army
Julian James W. US Army
Kapp George
Kapp Robin US Army
Karns Harry D. US Army
Karns Lewis
Karns Rex Edward
Kellogg William M. US Army
King Benjamin F. H. US Army
King Ernest E. US Army
King Hessie
Kiplinger Glen
Kreigh Edgar D. US Army
Kreigh Virgil H US Army 7/13/1893 09-29-1965 Floral Lawn - Calhoun Co, MI
Kump Homer L. US Army
Kunkel Theodore H. US Army
Lahrman Nelson William US Army 1/8/1897 04-13-1945 Martinia Luth - Allen Co, IN
Lambert Amos US Army
Landis - Lantis Truman
Lantis Willard Elzie Pvt Co D 161 Depot Brig 12/1/1886 01-02-1966 Golden Gate National - CA
Lane Arthur US Army
Lane Henry US Army
Lee Lloyd E
Lewis Albert L. US Army
Lewis Clarence
Lewis Raymond
Lindsey N. B.
Linn John W. US Army
Lipp Edward M. US Army 5/28/1897 10-24-1975 Saint Marks Luth - Allen Co, IN
Lobsiger Ora Tester
Lockwood Delma US Army
Lockwood G. S.
Lockwood Hiram US Army
Long Grover Cleveland US Army
Lumber Amos
Lutz Charles
Lutz Claude US Army
Lyons Richard E. US Army
Malkin Marvin
Marquart Walter L. US Army 1896 11/0/1966 Estates of Serenity - Grant Co, IN
Marsh Harry US Army
Marsh Vergil L. US Navy
Marshall Carl/ Earl US Army
Martin Clarence S. US Army
Mason George G. US Army
Mason Howard L
Masterson Mary Ruth Nurse 1882 04-20-1973 Calvary - Lorain Co, OH
McAfee Lloyd Clarence
McBride Don US Army
McBride Jesse R.
McBride Orlo
McClain Forrester L. US Army
McClain Russell
McCleod Worley L. D. US Army
McClish Bertie Ray 9/16/1893 12-24-1981 Pleasant View - Monroe Co, MI
McCloud Lloyd Leroy US Navy 1899 1950 Northwood - Guernsey Co, OH
McClure Lawrence F. US Army Killed
McCollum Frank US Army
McCullough James A. US Army
McKay Ralph L. US Army
McKean Herve W. US Army
McKinney W. S.
Mead Clarence Harvard, Dr. US Army Officer
Meeks Clarence
Meeks Lloyd
Mendenhall Edward
Meredith Charles Earl US Army Officer
Metts Fred Arlington US Army Officer
Metts Garth
Metts Harold Henry US Navy
Meyer John W. US Army
Meyer Melvin US Army
Meyer William F. US Army
Meyers Cliff
Meyers Raymond
Meyers Terry US Army
Miller Charles Roger
Miller Ernest E. US Army
Miller Francis I.
Miller Frank Ray US Navy
Miller Herbert J. US Army
Miller Homer B. US Army
Miller Ira US Army
Miller Irwin US Navy
Miller Marion Roscoe US Army
Miller Noah US Army
Miller Robert
Milner Harry F.
Minehart Denman L. US Army
Minnach Paul F.
Monroe Charles
Monroe Frank US Navy
Monroe Fred G. US Army
Moomaw Paul Cephas US Navy 1/6/1900 01-16-1982 Green Hill - Frank Co, PA
Moore Lloyd US Army
Moore Robert B. US Army
Morris George Burr, Dr US Army Officer
Morris John M. US Army
Morrison Justin A. US Army
Mosure Albert L. US Army
Mounsey Cary Everett US Army 7/29/1890 11-22-1967 Skyline Mem Gar - Multnomah Co, OR
Myer John
Myers Dillman
Myers Perry
Myers Raymond S. US Army
Nash Lester
Nash Raughlia?
Nash Robert E US Army
Nash Sarah Margaret Nurse
Neff Er Sabinus US Army 12/31/1895 01-12-1982 Hartford City - Blackford Co, IN
Newhard Ray Cletus US Army 5/30/1897 06-11-1972 Pilgrims Rest - Huntington Co, IN
Newhard Roswell US Army
Newman Robert P. US Army
Nicholson Jasper Martin 2/8/1899 07-19-1964 Markle - Huntington Co, IN
O'Dell Charles
Oden Russell Glen US Army
O'dier Paul Rolli
Pace Noel US Army
Painter Paul US Navy
Palmer Fred
Parish Vincent C. US Army
Park Frank Torence US Army
Parkison Edward Charles US Army 8/29/1895 02-21-1978 Lindenwood - Allen Co, IN
Payne F. J.
Payne Rufus D. US Army 7/10/1899 02-03-1977 Maple Grove - Hancock Co, OH
Pease Lester A.
Pease Luzerne Edward 7/4/1903 06-17-1964 Catholic - Allen Co, IN
Pence Otto G. F. US Army
Penrod John H. US Army
Pitcher Fred
Plank C. E.
Plank Otis V. US Army
Plummer Gus
Plummer James Alfred US Army
Poffenberger Hugh B. US Army
Pond Joseph Philip US Army
Porter Horace Graydon US Navy 6/11/1900 05-03-1968 Los Angeles National - CA
Postal Paul US Army
Potter Guy Orris US Army
Powell Buren Otto US Army
Powell Wilbur S. US Army
Pursley Donald H. US Army 6/28/1896 01-28-1937 Liberty - Maricopa Co, AZ
Pyle William Russell US Army
Quackenbush Curtis E US Army
Rahrer William R US Army
Ramsey Bryan B. US Army
Randall Erwin - Ervin US Army
Raver George
Raver Gerald Dee US Army 8/4/1899 03-18-1979 Ever Rest Mem Pk - Cass Co, IN
Redding James T. US Army
Reynolds Vernie Evert US Army
Rice Milo W. US Army 8/8/1889 08-12-1969 Greenlawn Mem Pk - Allen Co, IN
Richards Homer US Army
Rider Compton - C.D. US Army
Rider Sumner
Riggs William Earl
Roberson Ernest M.
Roe Lloyal
Roof Frank US Army
Rothermal Kenneth Albert
Rowe Leander US Army
Russell Harry - Harvey US Army
Sale Frederick Kenagy US Army Officer
Salisbury Roy
Sark Dana
Sark Donald B. US Army 12/1/1898 12-11-1974 Crestwood Mem - Genesee Co, MI
Sark Forrest
Sark Ward
Sawyer Clyde F. US Army 9/5/1891 07-28-1982 Catholic - Allen Co, IN
Sawyer Louis US Army
Scharlack Arthur
Scherrer Olka/ Okla J. US Army
Schwartz Louis Joseph US Marine Corps
Scott Donald Leroy US Army
Scott Paul US Army
Seabold LaVergne H - Laverne US Army
Selby George
Shaffer Samuel US Army
Shaft Wilber Harold US Army
Shane Vernie P.
Sheldon C. G.
Sheldon Elroy F. US Army
Shelley George
Shelly Paul Victor US Army
Shields Lawson
Shoemaker Ervin C. US Army 12/19/1885 04-21-1962 Elm Ridge - Delaware Co, IN
Shoemaker John US Army
Shoemaker Raymond B. US Navy
Simmerman Vance V. US Army
Simmons Joseph L. US Army
Slane Vernie D.- Vernon P. US Army
Smith Charles Henry US Army
Smith Fred C. US Army
Smith George B.
Smith Guy Everest US Navy
Smith Halbert Floyd US Navy 10/10/1896 12-28-1964 Saint Joseph Valley Mem Pk - St. Joseph Co, IN
Smith Harry B. US Army
Smith Otto C. US Army
Smuts Rutherford E. US Army
Snider Philip S. US Army
Snyder Raymond Oscar US Navy
Somers Law Erskine US Army
Sowards Harry C. US Army 1900 1984 Calumet Pk - Lake Co, IN
Spaulding Ralph S US Army
Speece Glenn Oren US Army
Springer Gabriel M. US Army 1891 1965 Saint Marks Luth - Allen Co, IN
Stanton Edgar
Stanton Judson Ray US Army 8/8/1895 03-22-1961 Cocordia Luth - Allen Co, IN
Steffen Theophile E. US Army 5/29/1895 02-20-1963 Bluff City - Cook Co, IL
Stegkemper Fred L US Army
Steiner Valentine J. US Army 05-01-1949 Calvary - Cuyahoga Co, OH
Stinson Manley E. US Army
Stout Charles W. US Army
Stout Roscoe US Army
Stover Harry
Strain Earl E. US Army
Strassbaugh Ross F. US Army
Straw Earl E.
Straw Hugh W.
Stroh John W. US Army
Strow/ Strohm Harry H. US Army 1871 1934 Forest Home - Cook Co, IL
Studebaker George Silas US Army 1893 1955 Washington Pk - Marion Co, IN
Sturgeon Charles Raymond US Army
Summers Alfred US Army
Summers Wayne US Army
Swaim B. E.
Swaim John Emory US Army
Swalla Donald P. US Army 1900 1983 Evergreen - Genesee Co, MI
Swigert Harold Eugene
Tate John US Army
Taylor Ben
Taylor Elmer Ray US Army
Teagle James E.
Thomas Nelle Burgan Nurse
Thompson Elsie US Army
Tineman Raymond J. US Army
Toppin Ora C. US Army 1893 1954 Elm Ridge Mem Pk - Delaware Co, IN
Tower Harry S. US Army
Towns Fred O. US Army
Trautman Alvin J. US Army
Travis Harold US Army
Troutman Alvin
Troutman Ralph B 2nd Lt 71st F A 3/4/1890 03-22-1932 McComb Union - Hancock Co, OH
True/ Trew Brice L. US Army 9/24/1888 11-17-1966 Bear Creek-Hillgrove - Montgomery Co, ON
Tudor Earnest US Army
Tureff David L.
Twibell Frank M. US Army 1895 Pennville IOOF - Jay Co, IN
Uptegraft Willis US Army
Valentine Ralph
VanZant Herman S. US Army
VanZant Roscoe US Army
VanZant Walter
Verna Patrick Slone
Vickery Noah W. US Army
Volmer Norman
Wagner Paul E.
Wahman Lee H.
Walbert Aaron J. US Army
Walborn Ralph D. US Army
Wall Eddie
Wall Henry T. US Army
Walser Irvin T. US Army
Walter Clyde Samuel US Army
Ware Noel C. US Navy 7/12/1898 05-01-1986 Oak Hill - Boone Co, IN
Weaver Clyde E.
Weaver Floyd L. US Army
Weaver Jewel D.
Wedral Joe US Army
Weidner Carl US Army
Weidner William J.
Westendorf Harry
Whistle William H.
Whitaker John A. US Army
White Brooks US Army
White Rex A. US Army
Whitman Ernest J. US Army
Widener Carl
Wilkerson Eldo I. US Army 8/1/1895 01-17-1973 Gardens of Memory - Huntington Co, IN
Williams Ora
Williamson Harold
Wilson Daniel
Wilson Elbridge M. US Army
Wilson Vance
Wolf Irvin Jerome
Wolf Robert W
Wolf William Winfield US Navy
Wolfe Robert Nyle US Army
Wolverton Archie
Wood Nelson S. US Army
Wynn Medford US Army
Yumit William
Zarifes Joe D. US Army
Zeigler Clifford 4/9/1888 05-12-1905 Markle - Huntington Co, IN

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