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The Vietnam War was a long, costly and divisive conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States. The conflict was intensified by the ongoing Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. More than 3 million people (including over 58,000 Americans) were killed in the Vietnam War, and more than half of the dead were Vietnamese civilians. Opposition to the war in the United States bitterly divided Americans, even after President Richard Nixon ordered the withdrawal of U.S. forces in 1973. Communist forces ended the war by seizing control of South Vietnam in 1975, and the country was unified as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam the following year.
Source: https://www.history.com/
Information from an unpublished document entitled Veterans of Wells County Database (includes names from neighboring counties) and recently updated.
BNB: Bluffton News Banner newspaper, 1942-current (microfilm)
FWNS: Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, Allen County, Indiana

Posted 2/7/2021
Vietnam Veterans
Last Name First Name Branch of Service Notes Date of Death Cemetery Newspaper Source
Anderson Terry Joe US Army Pvt. 11-19-1991 Oak Lawn BNB 11-20-1991 p3c1 stone
Anglemeyer Lydia D. 12-17-1974 Prairie Grove, Fort Wayne
Bailey Farmer US Army 22 yrs in Army 07-16-1988 Elm Grove
Barnes Robert A. US Marine Corps 03-11-2000 Elm Grove BNB 03-13-2000 p3c3 stone
Barnett Carl T. US Army S/Sgt from Bluffton 04-25-1970 Arlington National died in S Vietnam stone
Beyer Philip A. US Navy Submarine Service 07-10-1999 Oak Lawn 07-12-1999 p3c1 stone
Bishop Thomas Wayne KIA, Saigon 05-15-1968 Fairview
Burns Merlin J. US Army SP5; 12-01-1991 Elm Grove BNB 12-02-1991 p3c1 stone
Campbell Richard L. US Army Served 20 yrs; ret. as major; BS & DisFlyCross; born Berne 07-21-1994 Ft. Sam Houston National, San Antonio, TX BNB 07-30-199 p3 c1 stone
Carney Glenn M. US Army PH & I OLC 09-12-1998 Oak Lawn BNB 09-14-1998 p3c1 stone
Chrisman Allen Phillip US Army SP4; 2 PH; born Geneva 06-13-2014 Marion National, Grant Co. BNB 06-18-2014 p3c1 stone
Davis Kenneth R., Sr. US Army Vietnam; Army Reserves for several years 03-17-2000 Decatur, Adams Co. BNB 03-20-2000 p3c1; FWNS 3-20-2000
Eichhorn Jerald L. US Army SP4 01-30-1993 St. Paul, Adams Co BNB 02-01-1993 p3c1 stone
Ellenberger Roger D. US Marine Corps Pvt 01-24-2001 Mt. Hope, Adams Co. BNB 01-26-2001 p3c1 stone
Faus Donnie K US Army SP4 07-15-1990 St. Paul, Adams Co BNB 07-17-1990 p3c1 stone
Faus Keith Wayne US Navy 05-20-1976 Fairview BNB 05-21-1976 p3c1
Ferguson William G. US. Army - Green Beret Sgt; KIA in Vietnam; SS BS Air Medal for heroism 08-13-1967 Fairview BNB 08-15 & 16, 21 & 22 p1 stone
Frantz Michael Lee US Navy CM3 US Navy, Sea Bees 24 years 09-18-1994 Grant Memorial Park, Grant Co. BNB 09-20-1994 p3c1 stone
Frauhiger Chauncey A. US Army Served 1966-1968 08-16-1993 Apostolic BNB 08-17-1993 p3c1
Garcia Richard S., Sr. US Navy Chief Petty Officer in Navy Reserves 01-04-1997 Calumet Park, Lake Co. BNB 01-06-1997 p3c2 stone
Gilmer Michael E. US Air Force 07-30-1997 Woodlawn, Huntington Co. BNB 07-31-1997 p3c1
Harris Michael D., Rev. US Navy 02-21-1992 Miller in Poneto, Wells Co BNB 01-22-1992 p3c1
Hartman Robert Eugene US Air Force & Indiana Air National Guard T/Sgt US Army, IN Air National Guard 122nd Combat Support Squadron 04-20-1986 Lakeview, Kosciusko Co. BNB 04-22-1986 p3c1 stone
Heck Thomas E. US Army SP4 05-03-1999 Covingtron Memorial Gardens, Allen Co. BNB 05-05-1999 p3c1 stone
Hetrick Darrell G. US Army 08-23-1999 Elm Grove BNB 08-24-1999 p3c1 stone
Holdman Larry George US Army SP4 06-24-2000 Marvin Chapel,St. Francois Co, MO BNB 06-29-2000 p3c1
Holloway Stanley Jack US Army Green Beret, 101st Airborne Division, BS 12-03-2000 Stahl BNB 12-05-2000 p3c3 stone
Kaehr Wilson Jack US Navy 10-07-1996 Pine Rest Memorial Park, Foley, AL BNB 10-12-1996 p3c1 stone
Kammerer Sheldon L. US Army 01-31-1999 Covington Memorial Gardens, Allen Co. BNB 02-02-1999 p3c1 stone
Lake Donald D., Sr. Veteran 04-19-1998 IOOF, New Haven, Allen Co. BNB 04-21-1998 p3c1
Leimgruber Rick A. US Marine Corps PFC 07-07-1973 Six Mile BNB 07-07-1973 p1c2 stone
Lightle Lyle S. US Army 03-21-1995 Six Mile BNB 03-22-1995 p3c1
Lockwood James Henry US Air Force Served from 1963-1967 04-26-2000 Cremated BNB 04-27-2000 p3c1
Lopez Roberto 02-14-1998 Restland Mem Pk, Dallas, TX BNB 02-21-1998 p3c1
Lyttle Dennis R. US Army Fort Wayne native 09-22-1996 Catholic, Ft. Wayne, Allen Co. BNB 09-26-1996 p3c1
Mahon Donald D. Sr. US Army 11-04-2000 Elm Grove BNB 11-06-2000 p3c1
McClurg Bruce C. US Army 08-19-1996 Sparks BNB 08-20-1996 p3c1
McGrew Keith A. US Navy 11-03-1992 Six Mile BNB 11-05-1992 p3c1
Mercer Robert D. US Army Military gravesite rites 09-15-1996 Greenlawn Mem Pk, Allen Co. BNB 09-18-1996 p3c1; FWNS obit
Miller Michael Craig US Navy 12-07-1998 NA BNB 12-10-1998 p3c1
Moriarity Harlen K. US Army Veteran 09-03-1990 Masonic, Huntington Co. BNB 09-04-1990 p3c2
Murphy Michael L. US Army Veteran 09-04-1998 Marional National, Grant Co. BNB 09-08-1998 p3c1 stone
Nevil Robert J. US Army SP6 08-27-1993 Woodlawn, Warren, Huntington Co. BNB 08-28-1993 p3c1 stone
Nevil Vernon E., Rev US Army 1Sgt 12-09-1998 Marion National, Marion, Grant Co. BNB 12-11-1998 p3c1 stone
Penrod Harry W. Veteran 05-17-1974 Oak Lawn BNB 05-17-1974 p1c2
Quackenbush Roger J. US Army Veteran 01-29-1993 died in Warwick, RI BNB 02-01-1993 p3c2
Raber Lester D. US Air Force M/Sgt 04-28-2000 Greenlawn Mem Pk, Allen Co. BNB 04-29-2000 p3c1
Robinette Robert E. US Marine Corps M/Sgt 05-30-1981 Twin Hills, IOOF, Pennville, Jay Co. BNB 06-01-1981 p3c5 stone
Ross Clifton E. US Air Force Sgt 10-14-2000 Riverside, Geneva, Adams Co. BNB 10-16-2000 p3c3 stone
Scott James Gale US Army SP5 Served 1966-1968 08-11-1990 Twin Hills, IOOF, Pennville, Jay Co. BNB 08-13-1990 p3c1 stone
Settle Larry J. US Marine Corps Sgt 08-20-1987 Pleasant Dale, Adams Co. stone
Shadle Charles Hillard US Army Served 1969-1971 03-08-1992 Fairview BNB 03-09-1992 p3c1 stone
Shappell Paul F. US Air Force A2C Served 1960-1964 07-16-1999 Covington Memorial Gardens, Allen Co. BNB 07-19-1999 p3c1 stone
Shuey Jacques Merle US Navy served 1962-1966 07-10-1998 Cremated BNB 07-13-1998 p3c1 Ancestry
Sowards James Riley US Army Sergeant, Served 1968-1970 10-23-1998 Cremated BNB 10-26-1998 p3c1 Ancestry
Stanley Charles E. US Navy Served 19 years 04-01-2000 Six Mile BNB 04-03-2000 p3c1
Stebing Larry Roy US Army Served 1966-1969 01-01-1990 Greenlawn Memorial Park, Allen Co. BNB 01-02-1990 p3c2 stone
Surfus David D. US Navy Military graveside rites; died in Bluffton 12-31-1996 Gardens of Memory,Huntington Co BNB 01-02-1997 p3c1
Thomas Larry D. US Navy OT2 12-19-2000 MRE, Berne, Adams Co. BNB 12-21-2000 p3c3 stone
Thompson William G. US Army Served 1965-1967 08-01-1995 Fairview BNB 08-02-1995 p3c1 stone
Thurston Jerry P. US Navy 03-10-1995 Woodlawn, Warren, Huntington Co BNB 03-11-1995 p3c
Travis Vaughn William US Air Force Retired after 23 years service. 09-25-1993 Elm Grove BNB 09-27-1993 p3c1 stone
Watson Arthur William US Marine Corps Retired in 1972 from the Marines 04-22-1992 Cremated BNB 04-23-1992 p3c1 Ancestry
Wheeler James Isaac III US Army Sgt served 1966-1968 1st Cavalry 11-23-1998 Stahl BNB 11-25-1998 p3c1 stone
Whetzel Jerry Wayne US Army & Indiana National Guard Veteran 01-13-1999 Roll, Blackford Co. BNB 01-15-1999 p3c1 stone
Williams Paul Anthony Veteran 01-02-1993 Stahl BNB 01-04-1993 p3c1

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