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Mexican-American War
1846 - 1848

The Mexican–American War was an armed conflict between the United States and Mexico from 1846 to 1848. It followed in the wake of the 1845 U.S. annexation of Texas, which Mexico still considered Mexican territory since the government did not recognize the treaty signed by Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna when he was a prisoner of the Texian Army during the 1836 Texas Revolution. The Republic of Texas was defacto an independent country. In the 1844 United States presidential election, Democrat James K. Polk was elected on a platform of expanding U.S. territory in Oregon and Texas. Polk sent U.S. Army troops to the area; he also sent a diplomatic mission to Mexico to try to negotiate sale of territory. Mexican forces attacked U.S. forces, and the United States Congress declared war. When the war ended, Mexico acknowledged the loss of what became the State of Texas and accepted the Rio Grande as its northern border with the United States.

Information from an unpublished document entitled Veterans of Wells County Database (includes names from neighboring counties) and recently updated.
Sources: LD = "Record of Soldier Dead: Lying in the Different Cemeteries of Wells County, Ind. as Reported to . . . L. L. Martz, Adjt."
Military stones in Wells County cemeteries

Posted 6/1/2020
Mexican War
Last Name First Name Notes Birth Date Death Date Cemetery Source
Clark John A US Army 1/12/1825 11/19/1898 Murray stone
Eckert Henry Pvt Co K 5th IN Vol 1/12/1871 Old Bluffton stone
Keller Samuel J Pvt Co K, 2nd Reg US Army 12/18/1825 7/22/1911 Fairview LD, stone

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