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War of 1812

A conflict between the US and the UK (1812–14), prompted by restrictions on US trade resulting from the British blockade of French and allied ports during the Napoleonic Wars, and by British and Canadian support for North American Indians trying to resist westward expansion. It was ended by a treaty which restored all conquered territories to their owners before outbreak of war.

Information from an unpublished document entitled Veterans of Wells County Database (includes names from neighboring counties) and recently updated.
Sources: B = Biographical and Historical Record of Adams and Wells Counties, Indiana. Lewis Publishing, 1887, pp. 556-1025
FH = Wells County, Indiana Family History 1837-1992. Wells County Historical Society. Paducah, KY: Turner Publishing Co, 1991
LD = "Record of Soldier Dead: Lying in the Different Cemeteries of Wells County, Ind. as Reported to . . . L. L. Martz, Adjt."
M = Biographical Memoirs of Wells County, Indiana. Logansport, Indiana: B. F. Bowen, 1903.

Posted 5/6/2020
War of 1812
Last Name First Name Notes Birth Date Death Date Cemetery Source
Cotton Joshua Thomas 1/3/1785 12/3/1861 Prospect LD74; stone
Dawson John Maryland regiment M225
Deem/Deam Adam PA Volunteers in the War of 1812, private 8/9/1871 Old Bluffton LD4; pension ap
DeHaven Nathaniel Ohio Battery, War of 1812 11/14/1789 12/23/1871 Old Bluffton LD4; stone
Dewitt Moses Pvt; Co H 9/20/1792 10/20/1876 Old Bluffton LD4; A203; stone
Fairfield Asa Capt. US Navy 1/28/1797 10/4/1868 Lindenwood - Allen Co
Ferby E E may also have served in Revolutionary War New Pittsburg- Randolph Co stone
Ford Edward F. Fairview
Garton Jonathan Pvt, Capt James Burch's Co, NJ Mil 8/7/1796 12/5/1879 Murray pension app
Harvey Robert 2/29/1783 08/14/1853 Murray LD38; B806; stone
Hatfield Adam 3/3/1793 4/15/1848 Murray LD38
Jackson James Hiram Gen. Wm. Hull's troops 3/1/1785 12/8/1853 McFarren FH
Jones A. J. Capt; VA; aka Rev. A. G. Jones 5/17/1856 Bethel LD144
Knight Daniel US Army Pvt 12/24/1791 10/26/1879 Old Bluffton LD6
Krewson Joshua V. Thompson's PA Reg't 1/8/1784 1870 Prospect LD78; stone
Lasselle Hyacinth General, Indiana MTD Riflemen 12/25/1777 1/23/1843 Ninth Street - Cass Co stone
Marshall Robert 1769 4/23/1853 Old Bluffton LD8
Mossburg Henry Wm Reverand (Christian Church) 1777 11/2/1838 Mossburg M374; LD58; B863
Romine Jesse Militia 61y 4m 6d 2/16/1855 Union Chapel- Grant Co DAR records
Smith Daniel Old Bluffton LD10
Wright/Right Ruel/Rural 10/23/1790 1/16/1864 Mossburg LD58

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