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Ossian or Old Ossian Cemetery
is located on Young & Norwalt Streets in Ossian, Jefferson Township (Latitude: 40.87793, Longitude: -85.16915).
NSF = No stone found; information from burial records and other sources.
Obit + indicates that the Word document contains both a tombstone photo and obituary.

Thanks to Barbara Baker Anderson (BBA), Bruce Sonner (BS), JC, Steve & Andrea Brangan (SAB)
and Tombstoner & Family (TSF) for sharing their photographs of the tombstones in Ossian Cemetery.

Updated 5/9/2018
Ossian or Old Ossian Cemetery
Last Name First Name (Maiden) Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Marriage Date
Parents Military Obit Stone
Allen Mary Ann (Jennings) 12/5/1822 1/14/1884 Hezekiah Allen; John H Reed Seth & Eunice Jennings
Bailey Earl Laverne Sr 5/24/1914 6/5/1975 Madeline M
Bailey Madeline Mary (Geise) 5/13/1917 1/2/1992 Earl L
Baker Cornelia (Baker) 8/8/1850 3/0/1881 Deloss A Baker William H & Rachel Brooks Rankin
Ball Charles 3/11/1873 burial records
Ball Rachel 8/23/1872 burial records
Bark Byron G no dates burial records
Bartlett Amanda Fitzlan (McConnel) 5/7/1826 3/5/1857 Isaac - 5/1/1845 Robert & Mary Ann Stout McConnel
Bennett Arthur Clayton 8/24/1800 M W & A J BS
Black Maggie Lillian 9/19/1881 6/11/1883 JC
Brickley Ida (Johnson) no dates
Brindle Ethel Cloyd 1883 10/21/1895 Henry Brindle obit
Brindle Henry Rev 9/6/1854 8/22/1909 obit
Brown Margaret 4/2/1877 burial records
Buner Ida 12/26/1862 burial records
Buner William 5/1/1861 burial records
Bunn Gertrude no dates
Cartwright James S 8/14/1894
Cartwright John 2/3/1797 12/20/1870 Margaret McCorkle; Nancy E Collins John & Margaret Lukens Cartwright TSF
Cartwright Margaret (McCorkle) 10/14/1801 12/12/1867 John John & Isabella Montgomery McCorkle
Cartwright Sarah 5/11/1853 10/5/1875 JC
Christlieb Catharine (Meiz) 9/16/1824 2/27/1900 John C TSF
Clark G W 5/5/1824 12/21/1905
Clark Rozannah 11/9/1828 6/28/1881 JC
Confer Ruth Ellen (Smith) 5/19/1853 10/21/1923 burial records
Craig Jennet (Robinson) 1802 4/22/1875 William BBA
Craig William 1798 11/21/1863 Jennet Robinson BBA
Crouse Jehu Woodward Dr 8/17/1817 8/16/1883 Mary Ann Ohl JC
Crouse Mary Ann (Ohl) 8/6/1827 9/21/1857 Jehu W JC
Crowl Barbara 1860
Crowl Jane no dates
Crowl John 1898 JC
Crowl Sue no dates
Crummit John W 12/14/1838 5/19/1880 BBA
Currie James no dates
Currie Martha no dates JC
Davis Benjamin 3/3/1885 6/9/1885 J & S A JC
Davis Elizabeth no dates TSF
Davis Floyd no dates
Davis Jennie no dates
Davis John 10/24/1790 10/4/1871 Sarah Vincent; Elizabeth Vincent Gibbs
Davis John A 11/10/1927
Davis Joseph 8/20/1851
Davis Lewis no dates burial records
Davis Nellie 8/26/1886
Davis Philena no dates burial records
Davis Sarah (Vincent) 9/18/1796 8/2/1864 John
Davis Sarah Ann (Sours) 2/19/1827 4/12/1912 Lewis
Dean Warner J 3/4/1942 Sp-Am War Sgt Co F 160th IN Vol Inf
Donaghy Cora E no dates burial records
Donaghy George no dates burial records
Donaghy Henry G 12/22/1865 JC
Donaghy Isabella (Cartwright) 1826 10/13/1853 Henry G JC
Donaghy James B 11/4/1845 6/4/1852 Henry G & Isabella Cartwright Donaghy JC
Donaghy Margaret Ann 3/23/1848 5/23/1852 Henry G & Isabella Cartwright Donaghy JC
Donaghy Mary Caroline 6/5/1857
Elzey Charles Edward 3/0/1899 3/0/1962 Donna Wanada Barrett - 1916 Joe E & Sarah Smith Elzey
Foughty John Wesley 6/8/1817 1/23/1893 Lettice Gorrell - 1835; Hannah Nearing - 1865
Gardiner Emma 2/9/1891
Gardner Samuel no dates burial records
Gibson 3/1/1874
Gorrell Elisabeth E 9/1/1834 4/9/1888 John G JC
Gorrell John G 9/29/1828 3/8/1903 Elisabeth E
Goshorn Mary no dates burial records
Hanna infant no dates burial records
Hanna Kitty no dates burial records
Hart Della May 1874 12/16/1957 William obit
Heckber Theodore 4/6/1864 6/13/1832
Heckber Lanah no dates burial records
Hendry Elmira no dates burial records
Higgs John 4/10/1862 Levi & Rachel info
Holly George A 10/29/1873 8/13/1874 BBA
Holly Robert O 7/12/1863 2/15/1867 JC
Hoover Alonzo no dates burial records
Hoover Casper no dates burial records
Hoover Catherine no dates burial records
Hoover infant no dates burial records
Hoover infant no dates burial records
Hoover Levi 8/24/1826 1896 Jane Nash
Hoover Valandingham 6/11/1881
Houser Aleyann 7/14/1820 3/25/1895 Martin BBA
Houser Martin 7/27/1814 10/14/1865 Aleyann
Houser Mary no dates burial records
Johnson John no dates burial records
Justus Mary Jane (Morton) 1848 1975 Marcellus Maslander Justus John & Lucy Craig Morton JC
King Helen (Robeson) 1818 3/15/1856 Mark
King Mark 1805 2/22/1877 Helen Roseson; Sarah Newman JC
King Sarah (Newman) 10/14/1811 8/5/1879 Isaace Patterson - 1828; Mark King - 1856 obit
Leisure Drusilla Jane (Keller) 4/16/1856 12/21/1918 Marselles - 6/2/1880 Emanuel & Nancy McDaniel Keller
Lepper Elizabeth M (Foughty) 1842 1912 Thomas P Lepper; John C Milliken BBA
Mannes Emily (Wilson) 12/6/1842 8/6/1878 JC
Mannes W S J 4/5/1835 9/14/1879 JC
McConnel James Pvt 1833 3/22/1862 Robert & Mary Ann Stout McConnel Civil War Co A 34 IN Inf - KIA info
McConnel Mary Ann (Stout) 1/17/1807 1883 Robert - 10/21/1825
McConnel Robert 10/20/1798 1875 Mary Ann Stout - 10/21/1825 James & Elizabeth Howey McConel
McCullum Hattie no dates
McDowel John no dates William & Mary
McDowel William H 1/18/1860 1/18/1860 William & Mary
McMullen Mary no dates burial records
Milliken Edwin G 4/21/1871
Milliken infant no dates burial records
Milliken James Abraham Sr 12/13/1835 1/8/1878 Susan Dafforn Samuel & Sarah Robison Milliken Capt Co F 130 IN Inf
Milliken John Calvin 9/20/1841 3/15/1875 Elizabeth M Foughty Lepper Samuel & Sarah Robison Milliken Civil War Pvt Co K 75 IN Inf
Milliken John R 3/14/1875
Milliken Samuel 2/28/1804 10/11/1877 Sarah Robison Samuel & Mary Gray Milliken TSF
Milliken Sarah (Robison) 2/17/1804 9/7/1875 Samuel Sr
Milliken Susan (Dafforn) 1/10/1845 2/9/1906 James A
Milliken Viola no dates burial records
Mills Eliza no dates burial records
Mills Georgia no dates burial records
Monasmith George no dates burial records
Monasmith John George 4/23/1807 11/16/1872 Ester Hewitt - 8/26/1828 Johann Peter & Christina M Messinger Mahnenschmidt
Morton John 11/25/1825 10/25/1860 Lucy Craig
Morton Lucy (Craig) 12/4/1828 7/29/1883 John
Musser Henry no dates burial records
Naus Eva Marie no dates burial records
Netterfield Albert M no dates burial records
Netterfield Benjamin no dates burial records
Netterfield Ida M 1/15/1865 12/6/1871
Netterfield infant no dates
Netterfield Rebecca Trenary (Kiser) 2/21/1841 2/21/1875
Norwalt Ola Orinda (Caston) 11/13/1874 3/3/1902 Frederick C Abraham & Chloe Freeland Caston
Palm Jacob W no dates Co G 101 IN Inf
Palm William 3/2/1881
Pearce Harvey B Rev 2/19/1804 10/9/1874 Vilator Houston TSF
Pearce Harvy A 8/31/1862
Pugh Aaron 1/14/1824 8/2/1905 Hester Marie Gibbs
Pugh Hester Marie (Gibbs) 2/9/1834 9/3/1897 Aaron
Rankin Rachel (Brooks) 1825 1916 William H
Rankin William H 1824 1888 Rachel Brooks Co E 152 IN Inf
Reed infant daughter 2/24/1884 James & Sarah J BBA
Reed John H 4/18/1823 8/13/1856 Mary Ann Jennings
Reed Orson Wells 9/21/1856 7/11/1915
Reed Rebecca (Hoopengardner) 12/12/1862 12/7/1936
Rumrill Ann 1824 1900 William M
Rumrill William M 1813 1885 Ann Co C 59 Reg IN Vol
Savuer Elizabeth 9/17/1859
Slauson Mary A (Vincent) 2/27/1812 10/13/1878 Rufus TSF
Slauson Rufus no dates
Smith James 1819 10/7/1858 Mary Boston SAB
Smith Mary (Boston) 5/23/1822 9/18/1897 George L & Mary Lytle Boston SAB
Snyder Elizabeth (McDonnel) 4/29/1790 2/17/1859 John SAB
Snyder John 1782 5/15/1865 Elizabeth McDonnel
Snyder Maria (Fertig) 9/4/1816 1856 Henry Samuel & Susanna Fertig
soldier unknown 1833 3/13/1862 Civil War - KIA
Stephens Sarah 5/12/1897
Stine Alex 2/20/1923
Stine Sarah Jane 8/8/1935
Stonebrook Frederick no dates burial records
Stover Catherine no dates burial records
Taylor Andrew J 10/21/1824 1/3/1893 Susan W Brooks BBA
Taylor Clara M 3/2/1881 Andrew J & Susan W Brooks Taylor
Taylor Emma L 1/4/1864 TSF
Taylor infant daughter 12/20/1866 TSF
Taylor Orland H no dates buial records
Taylor Susan W (Brooks) 1822 1/21/1893 Andrew J
Trenary Matilda L (Settle) 8/15/1812 9/26/1873 Richard BBA
Trenary Rebecca (Kiser) 2/21/1841 2/21/1875 George BBA
Trenary Richard Jr 2/4/1876 1/14/1880 Richard & Mahala Shuey Trenary SAB
Trenary Richard Sr 8/8/1811 9/11/1880 Matilda L Settle; Mahala Shuey SAB
Trenary unknown illegible
Trenary William James 12/20/1879 Richard & Mahala Shuey Trenary
Van Anda James N 7/31/1839 3/13/1864 Peter W Vananda Civil War Co G IN 13 Cal - DIS
Wasser unknown daughter 8/22/1893
Wilson Ann 4/16/1899
Wilson George 4/26/1863 Civil War 1st Sgt Co A 34 IN
Wise Clarence 1882 1904 J A BBA
Wise John A 1904 Co G 49 OH Inf BBA
Worley Serepta L (Metts) 12/27/1832 3/27/1896 George N
Wybourn Maria Catherine (McKeeman) 7/20/1853 6/21/1916 William T David C & Margaret A McConaghy McKeeman obit
Wybourn William 9/18/1828
Zegenfus Lizzie A 6/20/1876 6/2/1878 TSF

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