Monroe County Indiana
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Monroe County


Cemetery   Township
Able   Bean Blossom
Adams-Breeden   Indian Creek
Alexander No known listing Bloomington
Aley No known listing Benton
Allen No known listing Bloomington
Allens Creek New   Polk
Allens Creek Old   Polk
Anderson   Washington
Anderson /Deckard   Clear Creek
Armstrong   Bloomington
Ashbaugh   Bean Blossom
Axsom   Polk
Bales-Bayless   Bloomington
Barrett   Clear Creek
Beaumont No known listing Richland
Beck Chapel   Bloomington
Bennett-Humphrey   Clear Creek
Bennett   Indian Creek
Berry   Bean Blossom
Bethel Lane   Bloomington
Bethel-Coffey   Richland
Blackwell   Clear Creek
Blain   Bean Blossom
Blair   VanBuren
Bold-Boles   Clear Creek
Branam   Bloomington




Brock   Benton
Brown No known listing Richland
Brown   VanBuren
Brown No known listing Washington
Brown No known listing Washington
Brown-Polley No known listing Washington
Bunger-Ward   VanBuren


  Indian Creek
Burge   Indian Creek
Burgoon   Polk
Burks No known listing Washington
Burton No known listing Unknown
Buskirk No known listing Bean Blossom
Buskirk-Huff   Bloomington
Butcher   Perry
Cain, Henry No known listing Polk
Campbell-Smith   Perry
Carlton-Huff   Washington
Carter   Indian Creek
Cedar-Colman   Indian Creek
Chafin Chapel   Bean Blossom
Chambers, David    Clear Creek
Chambers, William    Clear Creek
Chandler No known listing Salt Creek
Chandler No known listing Salt Creek
Chandler-Frye   Salt Creek
Chapel Hill   Polk
Cherry No known listing Bean Blossom
Chitwood   Benton
Chrisenberry   Polk
Clear Creek   Perry
Clover   Clear Creek
Cole- County Farm   VanBuren
Collier No known listing Bean Blossom
Combs   Indian Creek
Coon (Coan)   VanBuren
Cooter-Jones No known listing Washington
Cosner No known listing Bean Blossom
Covenanter-Refo    Perry
Cowden No known listing Bean Blossom
Cowden No known listing Richland
Cutright Moved to Polk Township Polk
Davenport No known listing Bean Blossom
Dearmin-Piercy     Bloomington
Deckard   Polk
Deckard 2   Clear Creek
Deckard 3   Clear Creek
Denney   Washington
Devore No known listing Bean Blossom
Dodds Moved to Rose Hill Perry
Dowell   Richland
Duncan No known listing VanBuren


Dunn   Richland
Eads-Perry No known listing Polk
East No known listing Indian Creek
Eastside moved to Valhalla Benton
Elgar No known listing Perry
Eller   VanBuren
Ellett   Bean Blossom
Evans-Bennett   Indian Creek
Everman-Coffey     Richland
Farley   Indian Creek
Farmer No known listing Richland
Farr   Washington
Finley No known listing Perry
Flory-Stipp   Clear Creek
Foddrill   Indian Creek
Fox No known listing Washington
Franklin   Richland
Friends   Perry
Friendship   Salt Creek
Frill No known listing Bean Blossom
Fry-Collier No known listing Washington
Frye-Taylor   Benton
Fulford No known listing Washington
Fulkerson-Abern    Bean Blossom
Fullerton   VanBuren
Fyffe   Bean Blossom
Garrison Chapel    VanBuren
Getty   Benton
Gillispie No known listing Bean Blossom
Goodman   Clear Creek
Goss   VanBuren
Graham-Hoge   Bloomington
Graves No known listing Indian Creek
Gray   Bloomington
Green   VanBuren


Gross   Bloomington
Hacker-Bethany   Washington
Hall   Polk
Hall   Richland
Hanson-Meadows     Clear Creek
Harmony   VanBuren
Hartsock No known listing Benton
Hays   Polk
Hays, Sol   Polk
Hazel-Wright   Indian Creek
Headley No known listing Bloomington
Hight No known listing Bean Blossom
Hill No known listing Indian Creek
Hill   Salt Creek
Hillenberg Section 24 Polk
Hillenberg Section 34 Polk


Hoadley No known listing Richland
Houshour   Polk
Houston Section 26 Bean Blossom
Houston Section 13 Bean Blossom
Houston-Housten   Richland
Hovious   Washington
Hughes   Salt Creek
Irish No known listing Richland
Iseminger   VanBuren
Johnson   Polk
Johnson No known listing Washington
Johnson-Clark No known listing Washington
Johnson-Naylor     Bloomington
Jones-Patterson    VanBuren
Juda   Clear Creek
Keller-Meredith   VanBuren
Kelly No known listing Bean Blossom
Kelly   Clear Creek
Kelly-Ellis   Perry
Kelsey-Hughes   Perry
Kern   VanBuren
Kerr   VanBuren
Ketcham   Clear Creek
King   Bean Blossom
Kinser No known listing Clear Creek
Knight No known listing Clear Creek
Knight Ridge   Salt Creek
Knights Of Pythias   Clear Creek
Koontz-May   VanBuren
Kutch   Clear Creek
Lampkins   Salt Creek
Leonard   Clear Creek
Liberty   Bean Blossom
Lilly Library   Bloomington
Linthicum   Indian Creek
Lipp-Rawlins   Washington
Livingston   Clear Creek
Lowe   Indian Creek
Lucas   Clear Creek
Lundy No known listing Bean Blossom
Malott Macy W   Salt Creek
Maple Grove   Bloomington
Marshall No known listing Indian Creek
Martin   Washington
Mathers-Empire     Perry
Mayfield-Vernal    Richland
McCormick   Bean Blossom
McCown   Bean Blossom
McCoy No known listing Benton
McHenry-Brown   Bean Blossom
Methodist   Richland
Miller   Bean Blossom
Mitchell No known listing Perry
Mitchell   Polk
Moree-Fulkerson    Washington
Morgan   Indian Creek
Morton   Bean Blossom
Moser-Moiser No known listing Benton
Mt Carmel   Bean Blossom
Mt Ebal   Clear Creek
Mt Gilead   Bloomington
Mt Olive   Bean Blossom
Mt Pleasant   Washington
Mt Salem-New   Perry
Mt Zion   Indian Creek
Mulky   Washington
Musser-Mercer   Clear Creek
Neal   Washington
Nichols   Perry
Old   Benton
Old Dutch   Bean Blossom
Owens-Rankin   Bloomington
Parks-Bell   Bloomington
Parsons   VanBuren
Pate   Salt Creek
Payne/New Prospect   Bloomington
Payne   Washington
Paynetown   Salt Creek
Pennington   Clear Creek
Phillips   Clear Creek
Pickle   Clear Creek
Pleasant View   Benton
Polk Township   Polk
Polley-Kendrick    Washington
Poor Farm   VanBuren
Presbyterian   Richland
Puett-Fife   Bean Blossom
Reeves   Richland
Reeves   VanBuren
Richardson   Benton
Richardson-   Benton
Richland-Church    Richland
Rogers   Bloomington
Rogers No known listing Perry
Rogers-Fee Lane    Bloomington
Rose Hill   Bloomington
Rumple   Richland
Salt Creek   Salt Creek
Sample No known listing Washington
Sare-Shepart   Indian Creek
Scarbaugh-Dan   Clear Creek
Sheets   Bloomington
Shields   Perry
Shields   Salt Creek
Shiloh   Benton
Shirley   Bean Blossom
Simpson Chapel  New   Washington
Simpson Chapel  Old   Washington
Sipes No known listing Polk
Smith   Clear Creek
Smith Mary   Washington
Smith-Jones   Washington
Smithville   Clear Creek
Smock-Clay   Richland
Snoddy   Unknown
Snooks-Putman No known listing Bean Blossom
South Union   VanBuren
Starnes-Moore-Dowell   Bean Blossom
Starr   Bloomington
Stepp   Benton
Stevens   Richland
Stevens, Jordon   Benton
Stevens, Lewis    Benton
Stimpson No known listing Richland
Stine No known listing Richland
Stines   Bean Blossom
Stogsdill-Malicoat    Richland
Stout-Houston   Bloomington
Summitt   Bean Blossom
Sundial   Bloomington
Swafford   Bean Blossom
Switzer-Grubb   Bean Blossom
Tarkington   Indian Creek
Teague   Indian Creek
Terry   Bean Blossom
Todd   Polk
Tourner-Ridge   Washington
Unnamed No known listing Washington
Unnamed No known listing Washington
Valhalla   Bloomington
Van   Bean Blossom
Walker's Chapel   Indian Creek
Walker, Stokes    Bean Blossom
Wampler   Bean Blossom
Wampler   Richland
Waterford   Indian Creek
Waugh   Perry
Welch-Denny No known listing Washington
White   Bloomington


Williams   Bean Blossom
Williams   Bloomington
Wright No known listing Indian Creek
Young, Abraham    Benton
Young-Peterson    Benton