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Shade, Garfield & Mary Gray

Shade, Garfield & Mary Gray - wedding day with family members - neat idea/neat pic - thanks, muches David :) --This I believe is my GreatGrandparents Garfield & Mary Gray Shade's wedding day picture with her side of the family the Gray's & Fouts ( same ones you have in other pictures) .My Aunt was able to put together a key , Back row ;Garfield Shade,Maggie Fouts?, James Gray,Charlie Smith,Cora Cord-Fouts,Jimmy Fouts(son of Joe Fouts,stpsn of Cora) Middle Row; Mary Gray Shade(Daughter of James & Ellie),John Fouts,Ellie Fouts Gray( child Walter Gray),Mother of Ellie Gray& Cora Smith Fouts,Smith Child,Cora Fouts Smith(Sis of Ellie),Joe Fouts(brother of Ellie & Cora,Cecile Gray(sis of Mary,Nellie& Walter) Front Row ;child of John Fouts,Child of John Fouts,Nellie Gray,Icie Smith,Edith Smith,Ilah Fouts,Charles FoutsClaud & Roscoe Fouts up front.
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