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Ratcliff, Susan & family

I have a photo postcard that was mailed in Kingman, July 3, 1907. This appears to be of part of Thomas "Uncle Tommy" Ratcliff's family. It is a photo of some of them. I have been trying to figure out who all the people are. His daughter Susan sent the post card to her brother Zack's (also seen as Zach, Zacharith, and Zacceus based on obits and other records) wife addressed to Yeddo, Ind. Someone later wrote on it with "Mary Ratcliffe Sanders Susan Sowers family". She only says this: July 3, Taken out (assume this meant either at or outside) home the 3rd Sun. July. Ry? didn't feel able to go to Osborn Prairie so we are not going. Susan. I am not sure what date she meant since she mailed it on July 3rd. Possibly, she really meant June or some other month but accidently put July. Unfortunately, Susan didn't list names of everyone. So, I assume she figured her brother's family would know who they are. I have not figured out who 'Ry" could be. I have figured out that Thomas Ratcliff was married twice. I know he is in the picture because I have a newspaper photo of him put in a article in January 1911 and then later when he died in April of 1911. The elderly lady next to him is probably his second wife Elizabeth Jane Little. I doubt if any of the people were from his first wife, Anna Retta Bradford, based on how old the people look in the photo. Silas was in Kansas at this time, so none are probably his family. Ellen and David J. would probably have been older. Emely or Emily Bond could possibly be in the photo, but she too would probably have looked older. I suspect two of the women are Serepta and Ida Ratcliff from the second marriage and sister of Susan. They were not married and still living with their parents. One of the men probably is Edmond "Eddie" Ratcliff since he was living there. Susan is probably in the photo since she mailed it along with her husband Ira Elmer Sowers and their daughter Ruth M. Ruth was born about 1899. Their next child wasn't born until 1912. The question I have is who are the others. Edmond was married to Mary D. s. in 1906 There is one more woman in the photo. They didn't have a child until Based on someone writing her name as Mary Ratcliff Sanders (who was her second husband in 1918, Edmond died in 1911), I suspect she may be the woman. ut if so, it leaves a puzzle as to the other man, two older boys, and another girl. My first guess would be that this is Anderson Ratcliff, his two sons and daughter. His other 2 children would have been young in 1907, but there are no babies or young children in the photo. Possibly they were left out. Also, if Mary is in the photo, where is Anderson's wife? If it is them, Edward "Eddie Thomas Ratcliff, Marion Marshall Ratcliff, and Neomi (Naomi) Ratcliff would be the other young people. Neomi would have been about 7, Eddie would have been about 14, and Marshall would have been about 10. But the young people look older than that. It would make since that they would be Andersons family. However, I found some newspaper articles that say Anderson was sent to the Assylum in Indianapolis in 1905 and again in 1906 and he later died in February 29,1907 there. So, if this was actually taken in June of 1907, he couldn't be in the photo. So, I don't know who the other man is. I found the picture of Edward Thomas Ratcliff who died in WWI. He does look like he could be a older version of one of the young boys, but I don't know for sure. The bigger question is when was the photo taken. She say the 3rd Sun. July, but it is postmarked 3 July 1907. If it really was taken at that time, it would have been from a previous year, such as 1906. In that case it is possible Anderson could be in the photo since he apparently could have came and went back to the hospital since he did it before. If it was taken in 1907, then it is possible that the other man is another Ratcliff. I don't think it would be Zachariah though since he would probably have looked older, plus all of his family would have been older by this time. Three women definitely look like sisters. I can't tell about the forth woman who appears to be a bit younger. One is definitely a son of Thomas, because he just looks like a younger version. The man I am not sure about also looks like he could be a son. The man in the back probably is Ira Elmer Sowers because he doesn't look like the others. Anyway, I was wondering if I could send a copy of the postcard, the newspaper photo of Thomas, and the photo of Edward Thomas and little bio from the Gold Star book, to see if anyone who is related can recognize them. I can give a list of who I think the people might be in the postcard. Thanks Kathy Snow
RATCLIFF - photo speculation

My problem really is the two boys who look in their teens, the other girl, and the man in the right side middle of the photo. They don't seem to fit any of the Ratcliffs if this was taken circa 1906 / 1907. Here is what the family looked like. Thomas J. "Uncle Tommy" Ratcliff, born Highland Co. Ohio on January 22, 1819, died Tuesday, April 4th, 1911. (note, some lived in Kansas and Illinois then returned to Indiana) He married Anna Retta Bradford in Parke County, Indiana on October 17, 1839. Children: One son died in infancy Ellen Jane (married Edmund Lindley on Dec 5, 1858, living in Bloomingdale, Indiana in 1911, born 1840 and died April 20, 1916) Children: Burton, Gulia? E., Ira, Wilson, Cyrus T. (born 1863 and died 1934), Hattie Louella (born 1871 and died 1936), Martha C. David J. (married Sallie Marshall, living in Kingman, Indiana, in 1911, born December 8, 1843 and died 1922). He married Mrs. Hannah A. Hepner in 1920. Children: Flora L. (born 1869 and died 1951, married John Ratcliff per one of David's obits she is referred to Mrs. John Ratcliffe, I could not find the marriage record although I did find a Flora L. Ratcliff marriage to a J.S. Ratcliffe Oct 12 1915 in a different county. This might be them. I think she is the Flora L. Ratcliff buried in the same cemetery as David and Sallie), Clara E. (married Miles Hunter 1891 and married Henry Zackmire 1911, she was born 1866 and died 1948) In 1910 census, David is living with his two daughters. The all have the name Ratcliff. Flora is 40 and Clara is 43. Clara's line says "d" for divorced. Flora's line says "S" for single. Zachariah T. (also seen middle initial as J and E, married Arminda (also seen as Amanda) Bonebrake Dec 5, 1878 (note his name for this record was Zacharith), living in Kingman, Indiana in 1911, born Oct 29, 1843 and died Feb 8, 1916) His obituary does not list any children. In 1880 and the 1900 census there are no children in their HH. In 1910, I found a Zachariah who is probably him. He has Frances A. Ratcliff with him (is this Arminda, she is approximately the right age?) and Blanch M. Miller a servant. Someone put on find a grave that they had a child Lawrence W. Ratcliff (1881-1885). They put up the stone and he is listed on it with them. I suspect this is their only child. Silas L. "Sy" *** (born Dec 12, 1845, married Johannah Byer and living in Troy, Kansas in 1911, Died Nov 28,1931) Maybe what I see on the postcard "Ry" actually meant "Sy", but he was in Kansas by this time. He was living in Kansas as early as 1880. I think he married her in Kansas, but I haven't found the record. Children: Martha born 1883, Gussa born 1884, Nellie born 1891, Ada Indiana (born 1889 and died Mar 30 1959 in Nodaway Co. MO) , Bertha, Emma, Ralph, Walter, Anna, Clarence, Paul, Verda, and Laura Josephine (not sure about her) Born 1873, Thomas H born 1893. *note some of the names may be middle names or nicknames of same children, such as, Gussa, Nellie, and Bertha. Emely C. (also seen as Emily, married Mahlon Bond 21 Nov 1872 in Parke Co. IN, living in Colomo, Indiana in 1911, born Oct 18, 1847 and died June 9, 1913) Children: Lillie E. (born 1874, married J.H. Bradford, Mar 19, 1898), William P. (died in infancy), John J. (born 1879) and Rosa J. (born 1883) Thomas Ratcliff's second wife: Married Elizabeth Jane Little, December 2, 1860, she was born May 8, 1836 and died Feb 22, 1926. Children: Anderson (born 1861, died Feb. 1907 at the Insane Asylum, Central Hospital in Indianapolis, wife Alevessia L. Caldwell, married Jan 18, 1893, note the marriage record has her name as Vernie, I have seen her name as Alonsa too.) Children: Edward Thomas (born Dec 31, 1894, died July 18, 1918 at Near Soisonns, France WWI), Marion Marshall (born 1896), Naomi /Naoma/Neoma J. (born 1899, m. a Thornton), Belle S (unknown some have her born 1902, Caldwell Anderson or Anderson Caldwell (born abt 1906), Donald (born abt 1914) In 1910, Alvesie Ratcliff is listed widows. Children in HH, Eddie T age 15, Marion M, age 13, Naomi J, age 10, Bell S, age 8, and Caldwell A, age 4. There are several newspaper articles on Anderson. He apparently was sent to the Insane Asylum, returned. According to the Covington Republican dated Sept 22, 1905, he was found wandering around is serious condition and taken into custody. An inquest was held on Saturday evening and the necessary papers forwarded to Indianapolis, upon their return the necessary arrangements were made and Sheriff Hardesty took him to the Central Hospital on Thursday. But he must have been released and came back because the Covington Republican, dated Friday February 16, 1906 says he was admitted last Saturday to the Central Hospital. Covington Friend dated February 23, 1906 states basically the same thing but says "Anderson is in poor health, having broken rapidly during his confinement." According to the Kingman Star dated February 22, 1907, Anderson died at the Insanse Asylum in Indianapolis on Sunday. However, so far I have not been able to figure out if he was there the entire time or if he returned again. I think it makes since that he is in the postcard photo, but this timeframe could cause an issue. I need to make a trip to the State Archives to read the records to see if he was released again. If he was in the hospital the whole time, he probably is not in the photo. It appears that Anderson started having some mental issues as early as 1903. I think his three older children and he are in the photo, but this throws it off. I had thought his wife wasn't in the photo because she was with the smaller children and they weren't in the photo for some reason. Some of the problem is some of his family is missing and the ages are off for what they appear to be in the photo. Naomi would be about 7 and the other girl looks older, so do the boys. So maybe it is part of another Ratcliff family. Synthia S. (or Cynthia, middle name Sattie or Saddie), married Theodore Romine, born 1863 and died before Jan 15 1907 because he remarried. I found a reference that she died in May 3, 1901. As far as I can tell, they had one child named Rex who was born June 3, 1890. His name looks like it was Leon Rex Romine. The family lived in Mooresville. He received a degree from Purdue in 1914. Serepta A. (never married, born 1864 and died 1925, still living in parents HH in 1910) Ida Belle (never married or married late in life, living with parents in 1910, born 1866 and died in 1958) Edmond "Eddie" Baxer (born Aug 16, 1867 and died Nov 17, 1911, married Mary D. Ephlin Aug 12, 1906, he was still living on the family farm in 1911) Children: Ross Ephilin (born Feb 7, 1907 and died 1993), Ralph Anderson (born Mar 17, 1910, died June 7, 2001), Doris Devaughn (born Jul 5 1911) Susan Etta (she is the youngest child of Thomas. She married Ira Elmer Sowers April 20, 1895, born 1872 and died 1964) Children: Ruth M. (born 1899, married William W. Bowsher Sep 29, 1920), Eula? (born 1912) *only Ruth is listed in 1900 and 1910 Census records NOTE: There may have been children who died or are missing for the above families. I may have missed some. I suspect the photo are all part of the second family of Thomas Ratcliff. The person who wrote on the back side wrote Mary Ratcliff Sanders (which means this was after she remarried in 1918). I would assume that they saw her in the photo. The other writing states Susan Ratcliff Sander's family. In an obit of one of her brother it refers to his family, but doesn't list anyone from the first marriage. I am thinking that this particular photo was taken as a family photo of Thomas and Elizabeth Jane Little Ratcliff's family which is why the person referred to it as being Susan Ratcliff Sander's family. If I am correct, I think the people in the photo are: Thomas Ratcliff Wife Elizabeth Jane next to him The young man behind them may be Edward Thomas Ratcliff (son of Anderson). He has the same facial structure as Edward's photo from WWI. However, the other boy could be him too. I am not good at judging ages. The three women who look like sisters are probably Serepta, Ida, and Susan Ratciff Sowers. The young girl with long hair in front of them is probably Susan's daughter Ruth. The man standing to the right in back is probably her husband Ira Elmer Sowers. He doesn't really look like the rest of the men and he sort of looks (facial structure) similar to some Sowers families that I looked at. The other young man could be Anderson's other son Marion Marshal, but it could also be Edward. The other young girl in front could be Anderson's daughter Naomi. She looks sort of like the two boys. I think the man to the right and the woman far right beside him (front ) could be Edmond and his wife Mary. If this photo was taken in 1906 or 1907, they would have only one child who was an infant or no child at all. The man seated behind the man I think could be Edmond and in front of the man I think could be Ira is a puzzle. Logically he could be Anderson if he was around. He looks like the father and the man in front of him. However, I do not know if he was in the Insane asylum at the time of the photo or not. Also, if (lets say I am right about everyone although probably not) where is Anderson's wife and other children? If it is not Anderson, and I am wrong about some of the others, none of the young people really fit any family line except for Susan's daughter Ruth. Silas would have been in Kansas or MO at this time, unless he came back for a visit. Synthia died before Jan 15 1907. Her remarried on this date. I haven't found her burial information yet. I found a reference that she died in 1901 though. I doubt Zachariah was in the photo since it was sent to them. Plus, no one looks old enough (other than the parents) to be from the first family line. All were born in the 1840s which would have put them in or very close to their 60s at the timeframe of the photo except for possibly Emily who would have been in her late 50s. None of the other adults look that old. None of the families above seem to fit the two boys, the other girl and the other man, unless it really is part of Anderson's family or maybe Silas did bring part of his family to Indiana for a visit. I don't know a lot of about them or their possible ages.
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