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Livengood, Wilson Marion Family 1906

Wilson Marion Livengood and family in 1906 when they moved from Indiana to Kansas. Third from left in the back row with more hair parted down the middle is my grandfather, Claude Baird Livengood. All that beautiful hair was gone by the time I met him. Claude was not a tall person but the rest of the family were shorter than he was.
By 1917, great grandad, known as Marion, gave up trying to farm in Kansas and spent the remainder of his life scraping by in Bates, Arkansas. Grandad Claude stayed and raised his family in Kansas, but gave up in 1933, and followed to Arkansas. Blown away by the Dust Bowl.
Great Grandad did not care for machines and insisted on farming with mules that he considered more reliable.

In the Photo:
Left to Right looking at picture
Back Row: Lela; Archie; Claude; (then Clarence Smith) Jessie Livengood Smith; Perry

Middle: Archie; Wilson Marion; Emma Baird Livengood; Ethel

Front: Leland; Carl; ? (should be their son Ray Devaughn)?

Thanks to Steve Livengood via Mark Smith

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