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Craig, Owen Benton and wife, Ada Drollinger

(thanks so very much to Dellie Craig for sharing information on this couple :)

Biography sketch on Owen Brenton Craig and wife Ada Dora (Drollinger) Owen Brenton Craig was born April 27, 1859 south of Perrysville,Vermillion County, Indiana. He was born to Larkin Craig and Elizabeth(Rayborn). His mother died three months after his birth of consumption.After his mothers death he moved to his aunts. Mrs. Lidia (John) Lightle outside of Veedersburg,Fountain County, Indiana. He lived there till hewas old enough to work. Then his father came and took him to White County to work for him. He ran away from his father back to Fountain County. Owen talked verylittle about Larkin, but spoke often of his step mother who he evidentlyliked. Owen and Ada Dora Drollinger got married June 2, 1886 at Steam Corner, Millcreek Township, Fountain County, Indiana. They lived on the main roadwest of Wallace near a road side spring. It was in this area Samuel Larkin Craig Sr. was born. Owen was a farm hand in early life and worked for the railroad in later life. He worked on the railroad on the sectoncrew and was a gandydancer. He worked on Nickel Plate and Big Four andthe one that ran from Veedersburg to Mellott. Another thing Owen did as a gandydancer on the railroad was laying rails and driving spikes. Owen gave Ada for their first Christmas a family picture album onDecember 25, 1886. Robert Craig of Veedersburg now has it. Owen and Ada resided in Veedersburg on North College Street running northof the baseball diamond at the city park. They moved in the last house on the west side of the street. They moved from Wallace to Veedersburg in1910. Owen lived with his children after Ada died. Most people called him OB. By Charles Wesley Craig's children he wascalled Uncle Brent. Owen use to smoke a pipe. Robert remembers what hisdad (Bill) said about Owen use to "Smoke matches" is what the kidscalled it. When he had a dab of tobacco left in his pipe then he'd lightit to finish it off. According to what Robert 's dad told him Owen use to sing silly songs when Bill was little. Owen could play harmonica, juice harp, and frenchharp.Ada liked to quilt. She always had a smile and liked to laugh. Ada haddark brown hair. Owen had a mustache and was about 5'6" tall until he got older. He also had dark colored hair.

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