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Cates Family Photos

Cates 4- Generation - click on Cates 4- Generation to see picture

The photo "Cates 4 gen 1939" was taken the year before their death and all parties except the child [me] are deceased; they are Alfred Cates [with hat & cane] holding me, his grandson Marion Leonard Sloan 1902-1984, his daughter Gusta Fern Cates Sloan Rennick 1886-1967, and in front is Sarah E Hollowell Cates his wife of 65 years.

Bert Cates - click on name to see Bert's picture

Anyone know how he fits into the Cates' family - contact GSL

Clate Eva Opha Hardy -- 1957 --

Picture was taken Aug 1957 in Deming Park, Terre Haute, Indiana of Clayton Lemuel Cates 1877-1972 & wife Eva F Herndon and Opha Allen & husband Francis Hardy Cates 1880-1969

Hardy & Opha

Hardy and Opha - picture was taken in 1930's ?? of Francis Hardy and Opha Allen Cates. Nice car! Nifty pic!!

Clate's Family Group

Clates group - Believe this picture was taken in the 1920's or early 30's of Clayton & Eva Herndon Cates family. The only persons I am certain of are Clayton's parents, Alfred and Sarah Hollowell Cates in the center. Clayton and Eva had 9 children--Wildus, Edith, Hardy B, Lenamae, Clifton M, Raymond, Clayton Jr, and Robert D over a 23 year span from 1903 to 1926.

Sarah Hollowell Cates Family

Sarah Hollowell Cates - taken about 1907 of the Alfred & Sarah Cates family. Sarah is standing with son Clayton & his baby and daughter Gusta. Seated on the steps are Gusta's husband E K Sloan, an unknown grandchild, and Alfred Cates, seated behind them are son Hardy Cates and Clayton's wife Eva Herndon ??

Thanks sooooooooo much to Gay Sloan Luders Fort Myers, FL for these pictures - :)

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