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BONEBRAKE & CADE "Ghost Photo"

Source: Logansport Semi-Weekly Reporter, Friday, May 17, 1907

Charley Bonebrake, the photographer of Veedersburg, visited in the vicinity of Freedom Church Sunday and after partaking of a feast that was royal at the good home of John Zackmire, he went to the residence of John Corey and took a photograph of the remnants of the burnt piano that lay in the yard. Of course there was nothing left but a pile of ashes, twisted reeds and the iron parts that go to make such an instrument, but it would be a picture that would attract more curiosity than ever Mr. Bonebrake expected. When he developed the negative and made a print off it there appeared standing near the debris and by the side of the house a perfectly developed man dressed in a robe of white with a cap on his head and a torch in his hand, the features though plain to be seen as having the appearance of a man cannot be recognized as any person though it is but natural for some of the most imaginative persons to think they can recognize someone. It is v ery small though it is quite plain near it is a pile of carpet which was thrown off of the porch when the picture was taken and the general conclusion is that the shadow from a part of the carpet made the character as shown in the negative. Some persons who have examined the picture think it is only one of the tricks in photography and that the diminutive man was made on the negative after the picture was taken, but Mr. Bonebrake, who is an honorable gentleman tells upon his honor and with all sincerity that he did not do a thing to the negative that while the ghost like weird looking man with a torch in his hand is really a remarkable thing under the circumstances that it is simply one of the freaks of photography which often occur and for which there is no explanation. Probably the ghost in the photograph will be able to ferret out who burned the piano. -- kbz -- thanks soooo much to my photographer gurus, Sharen & Pam :) Again, from the girls --

Source: Attica Ledger 5 August 1908

A special from Veedersburg ays: A wireless dispatch from the "pocket deown"? abeout (sic) Silverwood, Ind, states that Charles M. Berry, editor of the News, of this place, came near drowning with a companion when a rowboat capsized in the river. Charley Bonebrake, a photographer formerly of Danville, Ill, but now of Veedersburg and J.F. Snyder, another expert of the lenses, made a heroic rescue. It was late at night, about the hour of 11 or later and the mosquitoes were biting like alligators. There was no use to sleep so the vitriolic editor with a companion rowed out into the river smoking black cigars and bent on catching defenseless fish with malice aforethought. In some manner the boat upset and the next instant the editor received his semi-annual bath unexpectedly. Cries for assistance brough the photographers, who had been standing guard against the mosquitoes with shotguns and after some effort the two bedraggled fishermen were rescued. Editor Berry returned home Sunday night and sat up late trying to think of vicious things to say about people who go camping.

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