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H Business

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HEFFNER & Hayes, drugs and medicines, Hillsboro

HEGEL HOUSE HOTEL - Covington - circa 1855 - way too cool :)

HEGLERS, William - Maytag Service and Skelgas

HENRY LUMBER CO. - Sold - 1915

HILLSBORO GAS STATION - probably the first there - about 1920-22 or so ?! - This is my FAV of the ones Larry sent :)

HILLSBORO Flour Mill - 1824 thru 1947

HILLSBORO Grain, Inc.  Thanks to Jeff Bossaer  and Hillsboro Facebook Page

HILLSBORO - KOOL MOTORS -CITIES SERVICE - wish we knew who the guys were - love this pic :)

HILLSBORO POST OFFICE - 1920s? 30? s- anywhere know their names? Would LOVE to identify these two! - kbz - Thanks Larry B

Hoosier Machine Shop   SOURCE: People's Friend, Volume 20, Number 51, Covington, Fountain County, 1 October 1862

HOWELL, Alice - Women's High Class Wearing Apparel (Victor Ladies Tailoring Co) - Advertisement in "OLD KINGMAN COOKBOOK" -- circa 1914-1926, Thanks so much to the Minnicks for providing.  We would like to find out more information about this cookbook, contact Site-Master.

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