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D Business

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Other Owners/Workers were:
Charlie Bryant (late 40s-50s)
Arista McGinnis (50s)
Current Owner, Nick Ellingwood
Photo contributed by: Dana Harvey (thanks sooo much)

DORN's DRUG STORE  - Hi Karen -- Phil, Diana and I have all looked at this photo and we are pretty certain is it Covington. The reason being the sidewalk being above the street level -- Covington still has quite a few steps up to the sidewalk from the street along that side. It could have been taken from near the north east corner of the Court House square. On the left side of the photo is now the 'new' Fountain Trust bank, the small stucture at the middle of the photo was the Covington City Clerk's building at one time -- still there we think but not sure what it is used for now. The structure (without awning) on the right on the photo in the 50's was the site of the Fountain Trust bank, now the second floor is an abstract office but we don't know what the main floor is used for now. Surely this old building was torn down, as the bank building was a good looking solid structure in 50's and yet now. Wondering who sent you this photo. Hope this helps. Betty (Dotson) -- THANKS P, D & BD :)

DWIGGINS & Sons - Dead Animal Removal

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