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Hillsboro State Bank

Source: Lafayette Journal and Courier 1 Jan 2011 Sat p 16
Hillsboro  - Betty S. Stuart Young, 85, formerly of Hillsboro died Wednesday Dec 29, 2010 at her residence in Cincinnati, Ind. Born in Dexter, Mo, on May 10, 1925 she was the daughter of the late Leslie Stuart and Frona Francis Stuart Morrow. She graduated from Dexter HS in 1943.  On July 31, 1949, she married John William “Bill” Young in Dexter. He preceded her in death on Jan 10, 1989.  In 1949, she moved to a farm south of Hillsboro. Betty worked as a bookkeeper at Hillsboro State Bank from 1968-1976.  She later moved to Zionsville and then Cincinnati.  Betty was active as a volunteer and was recognized for service at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis. She also had volunteered for the American Heart Association. Betty was a former member of New Liberty Christian Church of Hillsboro and was presently a member of Zionsville Christian Church. Surviving are three daughters, Margaret Ann “Margie” Alexander (husband: Steve) of Cortland, Ohio; Susan Elizabeth Brogden (husband: Dave) of Harrison, Ohio and Mary Caryl Young (husband: Michael Webb) of Santa Fe, NM; and a sister, Maxine Daniel of Dexter. Services will be held in Hillsboro. www.mausfuneralhome.com.

Source: Lafayette Journal-Courier Tue 21 April 1981 p 4

Kingman - A new branch of the Hillsboro State Bank should be ready for customers in mid-May, according to Carolyn Kempf, a bank spokeman. The new branch, a two-story modified A-frame building, is located near the corner of First and State Streets in Kingman. The building includes the ground-floro service area, a lobby and an office. Ross Hankins has been named branch maanger and loan officer.  Kempf is assistant cashier and Debbie Goodman is the teller. The Hillsboro bank received FDIC approval for the branch late last winter and construction has been under way since that time. The Kingman branch will be the second for Hillsboro State Bank.  Another branch is located in Covington.  

Source: Indianapolis News, 12 Sept 1980 p 1

An incident involving Hillsboro's only doctor has thrown this Western Indiana community of 500 persons into turmoil. The controversy has been marked by a partial boycott of the Hillsboro State Bank, a threatenind phone call and feaers the town may lose the services of the physician.  Last April, a 21-year-old loan officer of the bank, Jay Allen and his wife, Lisa took their 6-month old son to see the physician, Dr. Jack Furr.  The couple's family doctor, whose office is at nearby Attica, was out of town at the time. Allen said he and his wife had waited about 30 minutes past their appointment time when his wife remarked to him that she wished they had waited until their regular doctor was available. Dr. Furr heard the comment, stepped into the waiting room where the Allens were sitting and told them to leave.  When Mrs. Allen said, "Fine," the doctor allegedly struck her, also hitting the baby, whom Mrs. Allen was holding.  Mrs. Allen filed criminal charges against the doctor. Dr. Furr pleaded guilty of battery - for striking Mrs. Allen and was found guilty of a second count of battery - striking the baby - at a trial in Attica City Court. The doctor was fined $356.  The State Medical Licensing Board subsequently informed Dr. Furr it would conduct a hearing Oct 16 on the incident. Dr. Furr who said he was taking care of another patient while the ALlens waited their turn, claimed Mrs. Allen was "huffing and puffing" in the waiting room, causing discomfort to the patient he was treating. When he asked them to leave, Dr. Furr said, Mrs. Allen made an obscene gesture and "I lost my cool and slapped her."  Dr. Furr said he believes Don Hesler, president of Hillsboro State Bank has been "pushing" the case all along, contending Hesler has a "grudge against me for putting a stop to his efforts to literallyh wreck the emergency ambulance service in the county."  
"This has blossomed into something that is unbelievalbe, the doctor said. Some Hillsboro residents, who ... sorry, continued on next page but newspapers.com wouldn't let me go to it :(  

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