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Welcome to the newly revised Putnam County GenWeb Site.

Over a year ago, I suggested to Karen, (WebMaster) of this site that a computer/software upgrade was necessary.  So a journey began into improved technology.  And for my thoughts, I was chained down to learn the ins and outs of new software.  Since it was my idea, I began work to layout the workings of this newly redesigned site.  I selected Incomedia's Website X5 to run under Windows 10, bringing us into the modern age.  This new software is capable of helping a novice almost look good.  I have only started over many times, to obtain a better working site.  The operation will be similiar to a file cabinet, moving in and out of the various sections or projects (a set of mini-sites linked together).  To implement this, I have what we call the "Get Around Links". If you discover we need more links to facilitate, please let us know.

I have tried hard to give the Genealogists of Putnam County something to be proud of.  If you discover a problem, let Karen know.  I practiced on the Fountain County INGenWeb Site and already have a list of changes or improvements  for it. Everyday I am learning something new about this procedure. Please be patient, Thanks, Jim!

NOTE: I and many others have spent 25 years (from its inception) on this project -- PLEASE GIVE CREDIT if you use our work! I've found hundreds of obituaries FROM THIS SITE on findagrave and many personal genealogy sites - I know the obituaries etc. came from here but I don't see any credit. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT!!!! Here is the citation you should use & thanks so much in advance :)

Citation: The Indiana (INGenWeb Project), Copyright ©1996-2020 (and beyond), Putnam County GenWeb site http://www.ingenweb.org/inputnam/ - thanks soooo much - Karen Bazzani Zach

My name is Karen Bazzani Zach and I am your Coordinator for Putnam County.    My hubby is constantly helping me as well and finally joins me as one of your coordinators - thanks, Jim Z :) . Your Indiana State Coordinator is Lena Harper.  Her assistant state coordinator is: Jim Cox
What's NEW In 2024

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GOALS FOR 2024 --

At least 500 obits -- (but there'll be more :)

More War info on soldiers; units, etc (Note marking it done as we've added a lot but always use more ESPECIALLY the Korean War

Work on the schools, churches and business sections - see above note - always use more :) - DOING WELL

Add at least 20 pictures of people, places or things from the county.   BELIEVE THIS IS A FIRST & because of one super helper - Mary Lou H - she sent us lots of super photos of her family - thanks so very much - one goal accomplished in JANUARY - amazing!!

Add at least 30 News items  

Continue working on birth records


OBITUARIES __60__TOTAL obits for July 2024 -- For the  YTD 596 (500 obit goal accomplished -- YES)  -- TOTAL obituaries on the site 8,772
Added: : Names:  A - B - Baker, Isabelle; Ballard, Gilbert; Berry, Devota Potter added; Butts, Fern Sutherland; Bryan, Cora - added C - Coffman, Alexis; Jim; Nellie Porter; Crow, Robert - added D - Detro, Clara; Shelby; E - Elia, Virginia Porter (Lt. Col. WWII + photo - check her out!!; Evans Lillian Wells (added) F -Fisher, Alice Detro; Furney Margaret Cole G- ; H - Hazelette (Urania Tuttle); Heath, Vonda Priest; Hurt Amanda Ellen; Holland, Warren; Hyten,Forest; John S estateI - Irwin, George J- Jacobsen, Pauline Pollard; Jerrell, Ruth Pollard K - Kent, Mary Jane L - Long, John - added  Mc - McCammack, James H - CW; Opera; ;  M- Marshall, Lenna Priest; Meek Jethro, Ora; Maxwell Harry; Milhon, Carwin; Myers Joseph - CWN - .  O - ) P - Porter, James ; John Ora added; Wm. WWII; Pollom John Henry WWI; Priest, Clinfton "Tip"; Preston Wm. F (Rev); Price, Francis E; Priest, Ashton; Powers, Floyd; Poe, Walter; Q - R -Rollings - Henry H added; Ira; John S -Siddons, Charles; Sears, Joseph S; Stewart, John 1870; Swinford, William Henry; Summers, Pat - added T -Tilford, Olive; Tobin, Jesse; Toney, Christian U -Underwood, Goldie V -Vandever, James W - Wallacae, Elizabeth; Elsie Williams; Charles Wood; X - Y- Z

Births (WPA) Updating has started, we are slowly adding new names and corrections by checking other records so please be patient.  NUMBERS Added or Corrected =     340       (YTD = 2,852 ;  To Date = 17,074 ):  Pickens; Pickett; Pierson; Plummer; Plunkett; Plumpe; Plessinger; Plankenhorn; Plaster; Poe; Poff; Pellom; Poynter; Potter; Pollard; Porter; Powers; Price; Priest; Pritchard; Prichard; Proctor; Pritchett; Ping; Pitchford; Pitman; Pittman; Pool; Poole; Pope; Poynter; Potter; Powell; Pursell; Purcell; Pullian; Pyle; Purvis;

CEMETERIES:    1   (ytd=  2  ) ADDED> Indian Burial Ground - thanks so much to Mary Lou - great article

Photo    1   Added: ytd = 32 = Added:  Lt. Col. Virginia Porter Elia
PHOTOGRAPHERS     Added  - (ytd=  )

TOWNS       -  116  to date    Added: two new towns

Biographies     9_ Added (YTD =56=  total = 1,376 to date):  Names: Athey, James; Arnold, Charles J; Coleman, John; Meek, John; Pence, Charles; Plummer, Jacob C; Thomas, Wm; Torr, Joseph; Weik, Louis - added; Williamson Wm H added

Businesses   items   Added (YTD = 65 ):  

Census ___  added -

Churches     items __ -- (YTD = 67 )>

DEATH RECORDS:          Added (YTD=1 ):

News     4  Added (YTD =44):  Tilley, Oscar and Bert Kelly both bastardy cases - Put history added - thanks Mary Lou (she finds the neatest things to send --- NOTE: finished our goal on this for the year - we had 30 so did well and sure there'll be more :)

Marriages  __10__ Added (YTD =22   - TD = 867): Names:  Apple/Hutcheson; Hyten/Sewell; Price/Winslow; Case/Waln; Sexton/Detro - couple of these just had additional articles added

Divorces       (YTD= 7):  Added:  
Military        Added ( )
  • Revolutionary War =____Added two lists of those buried here
  • War of 1812 =____
  • Mexican War ___  __
  • Civil War =_2_ =YTD  9 - Joseph Myers; ; James McCammack
  • WW I =  _1__ -YTD - 10 - John Henry Pollom
  • WW II = _2_ YTD - 12 - Lt. Col. Virginia Porter Elia; William Porter
    Korea ___ - YTD - 13==

LAND     =  
LINKS       Added (YTD= ):   

Schools ___ ( YTD =  12 ):   Added:

Land Transfers

Will, Abstracts, Estates:      Added (YTD = ) =

Feel free to use the site search engine, the nice people at FreeFind have graciously indexed our website for free for several years now, and it indexes about 85% of all words (some it skips because they may be common, or the engine runs out of time to index us).  Overall, however, it is one heck of a great search engine :) THANKS

If you have not found the menu link, it is located in a listing along the top BAR or an ICON of 3 BARS at the right edge of the top BAR.  This section is the MAIN HOME PAGE and only a few items are found here, a list appears below.  They are also available in the pull down menu.

Recollection of the Early Settlement of Putnam County  =  Part I of Pioneer Reminescence by Dr. A.C. Stevenson

Towns - This list is ever growing as we are finding new listings!

Links of Interest  - Just that, will probably take you away from this site, or open a new Browser TAB

Land Transfers - just found this "Sampling" in some old files

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