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What's New in 2019


PUTNAM Total items added for 2019
Biographies 57
Businesses 22
Churches 2
Cemeteries 1 news article
Death Records 2
Marriage Announcements 158
Military 68 items – main 1812 & Rev. War – working on those
News Items 113
Obituaries 1,030
Photos 12 (sure would love more – people, places, things, schools, businesses …)
School News  items 92
Towns added 17 this year with 98 to date (anyone know more - love to break 100)


OBITUARIES: 81   Added: (YTD = 685 over 3,881 to date):  Names include: Aegeter; Allen; Beck; Bridges; Blue; Bracken; Brannan; Brewer; Caldwell; Catherwood; Calbert; Clark; Cooper; Davis; Delaney; DeMoss; DeLisle; Denny; Edwards; Elliott; Grimes; Goodley; Hamilton; Hawkins; Higgins; Hupe; Hunter; Irwin; Johnson; Jones; Kay; Kamerer; Kennedy; Kessler; Knauer; Lakin; Layton; Lewallen; Lieske; Mann; Martin; Mandrell; Moore; McGaughey; Obenchain; Nelson; Newton; Penfield; Perry; Ross; Rowe; Rhaum; Risk; Richards; Scott; Shelton; Shillings; South; Snyder; Smith; Stuart; Sutherlin; Stanton; Spencer; Tevis; Thomas; Thompson; Todd; Vaughn; Wells; Weather; WRight;

Photo  _3_ Added:  ytd = 12  = Added: see Churches and News

TOWNS 4   - 98 to date   Added: Maple Grove - new - added information on Blakesburg; Belle Union an Reelsville

Biographies  5   Added (YTD = 57 this year = 1,101 to date):  Added:  Allee; Bybee; Jackson; Martin; Spencer

Businesses _3_ Added: articles on Kissner Music Store; Russellville Bank; When Clothing Store

Churches _3___ -- Belle Union; Robert's Chapel; Portland Mills (+ 2 photos)

News 15     Added (YTD = 113): Added the following items: Railroad accidents & camps; 60th Fosher Anniv (+ photo); Harris assaults Rev. Mason; Women Jurors; Allen Thomas kills Riley; West Point 1884 Cadets - Mann wins; Fires; Darnall Reunion; Poor Farm info

Marriages   (announcements)  20   Added (YTD = 158): (Complete until we find missing information) =  Names: Allgood; Carington; Dreher; Day; Grimstead; Frazier; Sellers; Shinn; Smith; McFarland; McGaughey; McCullough; McCoy; Rabourn; Rockwell; O'Hair; Mark; Skeen   

Divorce   1_ Subtracted (YTD= 30):  Added: Daggy

Military  54    Added (YTD = 68):
                  Revolutionary War = added to Brown; added Miller (2); Ogle; Paris and Perkins
                War of 1812 =Added 48 names - 68 soldiers to date - probably more

                       WW I =  Jones, James  KIA;

                        WW II =

Schools __2__ Bainbridge; Belle Union


OBITUARIES: 101   Added: (YTD = 604 over 3,800 to date):  Names include: allen; Baird; Belles; Beauchamp; Bowers; Bridges; Bradshaw; Cheek; Chiles; Cole; Coleman; Dickerson; Darnall; Daggy; DeVore; Donelson; Dickerson; Eggers, Evans; Firestone; Foran; Gardner; Goodley; Goff; Graham; Hathaway; Hill; Hutton;  Hill; Haines; Handy; Kessler; Kriel; Kendall; Leucus; James; Hazlett; James; Johhnson; Kendall; McKee; McGlothlin; McFerran; Manuel; Marstellar; Milholland; Moore; Manson; Macy; Miller; McClure; Nelson; Neaman; Nutgrass; Riley; Rudy; Oliver; Plummer; Parker; Priest; Ratcliff; Rivers; Roberts; Scobee; Stroker; Spencer; Sowders; Thomas; Tingley; Thornton; VanHook; Wilson; Watson; Wampler; Wallace; Whitlock; Wilson; Youngerman.

Photo  _4_ Added:  ytd = 9 = Added: McCullough, Levina Myers; Johnson, William Jasper; Reissller, Nancy Irwin; Wm. Dunlavy (obit)

TOWNS 2  - 97 to date   Added: Portland Mills; Day

Biographies 8    Added (YTD = 52 this year = 1,096 to date):  Added: Ayler; Bowman; Gordon; Hargrave; Lewis; Moore; Smythe

DEATH RECORDS:   2   Added (YTD=0): (in obits - Nelson;

News 3    Added (YTD = 98): Added the following items: 3 Images from the 1947 Brick Chapel Telephone Company Directory;

Military  12    Added (YTD = 14):
                  Revolutionary War = New soldiers found from our original listing: Albion; Burnside; Ford; Mills; Haslett; Highnote; O'Hair; Talbott - added information for Ford; Whitehead; Stobaugh & Walden


OBITUARIES: 140   Added: (YTD = 504 over 3,700 to date):  Names include: Aker; Akers; Albin; Anderson; Arnold; Athey; Blake; Bridges; Bain; Burnett; Bryan; Carpenter; Carrington; Chenoweth; Cooper; Collins; Combs; Cox; Craft; Cunningham; Daggy; Devore; Dorsett; Douglass; Durham; Edwards; Evans; Flint; Fellows; Fall; Farrow; Ford; Gardner; Garner; Giles; Gilmore; Glidewell; Grigsby; Graphell; Hazelett; Hathway; Higert; Hurst; Hutcheson; Hunt; Ingle; Isaac; Johnson; Jones; Keller; Kerney; King; Lane; Lee; Low; Lynch; McAnary; Marsh; Marshall; Mason; Mitchell; Moody; Parker; Payne; Petty; Phillips; Priest; Rahm; Res; Sears; Sherrell; Shuee; Signler; Sellers; Smith; Sublett; Stanley; Sutton'; Steele; Stewart; Thomas; Talbott; Taylor; Thompson; Trout; Twigg; Tolin; Underwood; Vail; Vancleave; VanHook; Vanlandingham; Vice; Vinzant; Vestal; Voss; Waln; Walsh; Wells; Walden; Walsh; Wampler; Whitecotton; Williams; Wilker; Wright; Wheeler; Winsor; Woodall; Woods; Young; York;

TOWNS 10 new towns; 4 other items added   - 98 to date   Added: Blakesburrg; Broadpark; Hathaway Mills; Eberle; Carpentersburg; Crooked Creek; Cross Creek; Deer Creek; Deweese Bridge; Fern Station; Doe Creek; Hebron;  Mill creek

Biographies 8    Added (YTD = 44 this year = 1,088 to date):  Blake; Harris; PIercy; Raub; Shoptaugh; Wampler x

News 22    Added (YTD = 95): Added the following items:Wysong; Moriarity; Branneman; Langdon; Landes; Kimble; Jones; Hannah & Block; Scott; Mangun; O'Hair; Louis; Railroad Camps; James Murphy gun to head; Voting places; Greencastle History; telephones; roads; Poor Farm information x; Asher, Eli - insane

Marriages (announcements)  38   Added (YTD = 138): (Complete until we find missing information) =   Broadstreet; Bowen; Crow; Davis; Carver; Buis; Dicks; Dix; DeMotte; Dorsett; Field; Green; Glidewell; Howlett; Ireland; Johnson; Johnston; Moore; Morris; Ruark; Smith; Scott; Post; Stringer; Stoner; Thurrell; Wise; Wilkerson; Young; Zaring

Divorce  11_ Subtracted (YTD= 29):  Added: Broadstreet; Butler; Creek; Green; Greenlee; Lynch; Mace; Martin; Stanton; Smythe; Williams

Schools __84__ Brick Chapel; School Milk; Hathaway Mills School;  80 scans of the 1981 Greencastle Junior High School annual;


OBITUARIES: 107   Added: (YTD = 364 over 3,500 to date):  Names cinclude:Allen; Alley; Ainsworth; Albright; Brand; Blake; Boswell; Buis; Burk; Burnett; Branham; Brickin; Brown; Chittenden; Carver; Carnes; Chancy; Clodfelter; Coverdill; Craft; Coleman; Cole (plus photo of Ralph Goldsmith Cole); Crane; Cunningham; Cox; Culver; Crosby; Clark; Danaugh; Danbury; Dean; Dix; Duncan; Ellis; Evans; Ferrell; Foster (Fosher?); Foxworthy; Frank; Gilmore; Glidewell; Grimes; Gifford; Goodwin; Guilliarms; Harris; Haspel; Hanks; Hall; Hathaway; Hazlett; Hammond; Hawkins; Herbert; Howard; Hubbard; Heany; Hinkle; Henkle; Houghland; Horn; Jennings; Kelley; Kee; Kelsey; Lavelle; Lank; Lee; Leatherman; Long; Lookabill; Merryweather; Mills; McCarty; McElroy; McKamey; McIntire; McGaughey; McVay; O'Connor; Osborn; Pitchlynn; Pickens; Ratliff; Renfro; Richie; Rockaway; Roberts; Russell; Ryan

Photo  1__ Added:  ytd = 6 = Added: Ralph Goldsmith Cole photo on his obit

Biographies 10    Added (YTD = 36 this year = 1,080 to date):  Allen; Bailey; Coffin; Hart; Martin; Pierce; Priest; Talbott;

Businesses _15_ Added: Adams; Albaugh; Allen; Brattin; Burke; Burnett; Corwin; Darnall; Gillespy; Howe; Isaac; Marquis; Neff; Shipley; Talburt

Census _ 1__ 1880 tallies for some of county  

Churches __ 2__ two short articles about the College Avenue ME Church

News 25    Added (YTD = 73): Added the following items: Tincher - odd weighing; Marquis - Timms bicycle; Buis - sells property; Donnohue - 60th anniversary; Stanley - injured; Downs - Vandalia; Allen - Gentlemens Literary Club; Over the teacup club; Poor House; Riley - attempts suicide; Sellers - accused of killing child; Clara Brady - Insane; Riley Springer - 5 articles about his large estate; Russellville State Bank; O'Hair Reunion; Weik's Grocery; Asa Beck's 50th Anniv; Wm. McGinnis (LONG name - funny) Smythe, Terry & Co; Springer, Riley (more estate news)

Marriages (announcements)  52   Added (YTD = 100): (Complete until we find missing information) = Anderson; Abrams; Allen; Bence;  Clearwaters; Cox; Durham; Black; Abrams; Edwards; Farmer; Farrow; Jordan; Cooper; Hart; Hartley; Hays; Houck; Jones; McCray; Millirnes; Murphy; Nelson; O'Hair; Overstreet; Pickel; Renick; Runyan; Roundtree; Shinn; Short; Woodall; Wane; Weik; Welch; Thomas; Walls; Woodward

Divorce  2_ Subtracted (YTD= 18):  Added Grimstead; Lewis

Military      Added (YTD = 1):
                  Revolution War = article with listing of Rev. Soldiers in 1895 - need to compare lists
Schools __ 6__ Clinton Twp #1; Madison #3; Oakalla; Washington Twp; Washington School (Marion Twp) Snow

AUGUST 2019 **

OBITUARIES: 101   Added: (YTD = 328 over 3,500 to date):  Names cinclude: Albin; Alexander; Armstrong; Baker; Ballard; Bashaw; Berryman; Berry; Burris; Brown; Baker; Burks; Carrington; Chambewrlain; Clodfelter; Cowgill; Crowder; Cunningham; Curran; Deardorff;  Darnell;  Dickson; Downs; Dooley; Dunsmore; Evans;  Evens; Farrow; Fordice; Gooch; Gray; Hall, Halstead; Housh; Hoke; Hart; Howard; Hurst; Hedrick, Houghteling, Harris, Hanna, Hanley; Hargrave; Hartwell; Hayden; Hinkle; Jones; Keely; Keith; Logan; McCall; McCammack; McCoy; McDOnald; McMurry; McCoy; McDonald; Muir; Neff; O'Hair; Oliver; Overall; Patterson; Parker; Peffley; Paris; Phillips; Pratt; Priest; Porter; Potter; Rice; Riley; Ridpath; Rambo; Reed; Sanders; Sare; Sigler; Stockwell; Stevens; Slider; Steel; Stierwalt; ; Taylor; Tevis; Vermilion; Walker; Wallace; Williams; Woodward; Wynant; Whitehead; Wright

Photo  5__ Added:  ytd = 1 = Added: Abraham Preston; Lawrence Downs (added on obit); Davis - Harlan (both couples) anniversary - photo of Elizabeth Bowers Hargrave on her obituary added above

TOWNS 4 items added   - 88 to date   Added: Thanks to Mary Lou we added Hanna's Crossing (duh I should have remembered that one myself but a jog of memory is sometimes important) and added information aobut Canby, Farrowtown and Samuelsburg.  

Biographies  24   Added (YTD = 26 = 1,070 to date):  Allen; Brown; Darnell; Deal; Ellis; Evens; Hudson; Humphrey; Hurst; Hunter; LaFollette; Maxwell; McKee; Preston + Photo); Sare; Smith; Standeford; Thomas; Timmins; Weik; Wedlake; Yates

Businesses _4_ Salmon & Salmon; Kroger (get this - in 1928); Commercial and Grant Hotels and Hedge's Grocery

News  28  Added (YTD = 54): Added the following items + two photos -- 1894 Crazy revival; Anniversaries: Petty; Jenkins; Craig; Davis; Harlan; Ferguson; Branham; Wilson; Hardy; Other items added about Frederick Berger; AD Gilmore; Walter Cox; Sheriff Sutherlin big troubles; News Items on these towns: Putnamville; Morton; Russellville; Portland Mills; Reelsville; JW Farrow falsley accused and 1840 letters of the Lockridge family - articles on miscellaneous school items and Washington and Monroe Township school constructions

Marriages  2   Added (YTD = 56): (Complete until we find missing information) = Beck; Walker

Divorce  4_ Subtracted (YTD= 16):  Same couple - Bascom and Blanche O'Hair but 4 articles - wow what a wild divorce

Military   1   Added (YTD = 1):
                  Revolution War = Article about a monument (different from one there)
              LINKS     Added (YTD= 0):


OBITUARIES: 152   Added: (YTD = 271 over 3,374 to date):  Ader; Allen; Angell; Arnold; Asher; Grant; Bryan; Black; Buis; Bridges; Burns; Broadstreet; Blake; Brooks; Ballard; Ballow; Brattain; Brown; Bence; Bowen; Burgess; Chew; Coombs; Caviness; Collins; Call; Crawler; Dale; Darnall; Darraugh; Day; Dunbar; Dobson; Evans; Elmore; Elliott; Finchum; Fulton; Ford; Fry; Grigsby; Graves; Hall; Hanna; Ham; Hamaker; Hamrick; Harris; Haskell; Hendig; Howard; Hood; Hill; Hurst; Hendricks; Hoover; Jackson; Keiser; Keller; Kercheval; Kauaer; King; Long; Lawrence; landes; Lee; Martin; Mayhall; Mills; Miller; Morgan; McCoy ; McGrew; McNutt; McVey; Nelson'; Nance; Nicholson; O'Hair; Parker; Pell; Priest; Pounds; Purcell; Rariden; Reeves; Rich; Roach; Shaw; Scofield; Shoroer; Shuey; Skelton; Sackett; Spauling; Sutton; Shannon; Sears; Siddens; Smith; Spurgin; Stoops; Siddens; Sutton; Sutherlin; Swift; Swinford; Thomas; Taylor; Vilas; Walker; Ward; Wells; Wixson; Wood; Wright;

Photo  1 Added:  James O'Hair (see News 90th birthday)

TOWNS  4 + 1 info - 87 to date   Added: 4 new towns - Billtown; Cricket Ridge; Sycamore Grove; Trotter's Mill and information on Pleasant Garden

News 10   Added (YTD = 31): Fires: Roachdale 1894; Wilson; Knoll; Shuee Bastard case; Juanita Steel Mill; Juries 1894; 90th b-day - James O'Hair; Stockwell injured; Insanity - Lucas; Abe Long - fined, jailed

Marriages  42   Added (YTD = 12): (Complete until we find missing information) = Brooks; Branden;  Bettis; Case; Cromwell; Cross; Harris; Dorsett; Dalton; Donnohue; Duncan; Evans; Gilkey; Goodman; Hunt; Johnson; Leverton; Lister; Lloyd; McGaughey; Merrill; Marshall; Masterson; Maxwell; Nelson; Newhouse; Ogden; Perkins; Priest; Price; Randel; Reeves; Sutherlin; Spurrier; Woods; Winslow;

Divorce  12_ Subtracted (YTD= 12):  Byrd; Brown; Hearnes; Homan; Linder; Leatherman; McMillen; Winkler


OBITUARIES: 67   Added: (YTD = 271 over 3,337 to date):  Aker; Alexander; Anderson; Allen; Alspaugh; Bidgood; Bowen; Bowers; Breeden; Brown; Buis; Burton; Cohn Family; Davidson; Detro; Dodd; Fontaine; Frank; Gibbs; Harris; Jones; Keyt; Lancaster; Lewis; Liptrap; McClure; Middleton; Minter; Moody; Norman; Overstreet; Rariden; Ross; Rissler; Reeves; Rogers; Robinson; Schablaki; Scott; Suiters; Sandy; Senter; Sinclair; Suiter; Stump; Smith (Raymond); Snowden; Stevenson; Stewart (Dustin); Spencer; Tharp; Warbrittan; Wamsley; Williams (Bert); Wilson; Whelan; Werneke; Woodruff

TOWNS 1 Added: Somerset

News 20 Added (YTD = 1): Alex Sears - injured by bull; Juaniata Mill; Poor Farm (11); Burkett, DeMotte, Vancleave Reunions; John & Mary Millman 44th anniversary; Forest Hill Cemetery articles; Crawley-Detro accident

Marriages  22   Added (YTD = 0): (Complete until we find missing information) =  Allen; Cawley; Crodian; Detro; Fergerson; Gainor; Larkins; Mechler; Mitchell; Morrison; Newkirk; Rhoads; Obenchain; Somerville; Suiter; Wynn

Because of a change in our Server Host, we did not add anything during these months.


OBITUARIES: 93   Added: (YTD = 238 over 2,958 to date): Williams, Robert; Wilson, Blanche;Ragsdale, John (2); Ragsdale, Joseph (2); Ragsdale, William; Ragsdale Edmund; Reddish, Mary; Reed, Opal Davis; Rivers, Audrey Kelly; Rivers, Elizabeth Hunt; Rivers, Henry Walter; Rivers, Otto C.; Reeder, Floyd; Tobertson, Dorothy Sutherlin; Poynter, Walter; Powers, Marvin; Parker, Rose Pulliam (corrected Surname); Porter, Rufus; Parks, Jesse C (Civil War Vet); Paxton, George (WW II Vet); Peck, William "Bill"; Peffley, Kenneth; Perkins, Walter M.; Pickett, Amanda Eancleave; Pitts, Frank; Pickle, Jonas; Obenchain, Eva Grider; O'Hair, Elizabeth Tribby (2 plus 2 photos); Klebusch, Milton; Kendall, John A.; Kelley, Amos (added 1); Irwin, Glenn; Jones, Louis William; Griffin, Angeline Todd; Guilliams, John Leroy (added 1); Grimes, Virgil; Gilman, Helen Carrico; Chaltey, Donald; Crawley, Dorothy; Crawley, Charles C. (added 1); Chaney, Dent; Courtney, Bertha; Baldwin, Richard G.; Berry, L.W.; Baugh, Evelyn Branneman; Boyd, Mable Allen; Brown, G. C.; Blanchard, Hattie Godwin (2); Branham, Albert; Ash, Edward;Bennett, Kenneth; Cutler, John; Cassada, S. W.; Denmar, William L.; Early, Daniel; Edington, Will; Eker, Charles; Fry, Ruth; Grantham, John Henry (added 1); Givens, Judson; Grimes, Margaret; Hutcheson, Phillip-Jr.; Hazlett, Lida Brannon; Harmless, Floyd W.; Hodshire, Cora; Hanna, Andrew B (added 1); Hixon, Fred;Hepler, Marion Johnson; Henkle, Maron; Inman, Austin; Kendall, Fred (added 1); Mallicoat, John; Moran, John (added 1); Martin, Lee; Manhart, Florence; Slavens, Robert; Stafford, Virgil; Smith, Izola (obit & Death Record); Scott, Archelaus; Scott, Fred; Sewell, Charles Price; Seybold, Maurice White; Sharp, Perry; Shearer, Audrey; Shillings, Donald; Sidener, Lida McKnight; Spencer, Nancy Alexander (added 1);  Stover, Daniel C.;Tunnell, Jannie Ragan; Tucker, Cassell; Young, Leonard; York, Anise; York, Diana; Ziegelman, May Harltn;

CEMETERIES:   1 (ytd=  1  ) ADDED> Union Chapel (article about Incorporation of Cemetery);

News 1 Added (YTD = 1): Methodist Orphange added article on Opening;

** ADDED THIS MONTH -- February 2019 **

OBITUARIES: 107   Added: (YTD = 0): Woodall, Arthur; Wilson, Tipton; Whitted, Neva; Whitted, William G.; Whitted, Bertha Terry; Whittedd, Laura Jamieson; Schellings, Donald; Scott, Omer; Scarbo, Connie; Scarbo, Harold; Rayfield, Mary J.; Rayfield, William B. "Ira"; Purcell, Charles Anderson; Pickel, Ruth Byrd; Haulk, Mary; Hughes, William; Gerholdt, Doris Dueker; Goodwin, Rachel; Greggory, Emma; Forhan, John; Fry, Alice Knox; Dickens, Irving; Detrick, Rome B. (added 1); Cornett, Bradley (added 1); Birch, James (added 1); Burk, Phebe; Bryan, Pearl (added 3 plus photo); Colebeth, Joe;Cloer, Wannettia;Heath, Mary Walker;Leonard, John; Keever, Virginia Gordon;Machledt, Hazel Hendricks; Maloney, Mary Mahoney (2); Milligan, Grace Blatchley; Mills, W. Morton (added 1); Moore, Bessie Spaulding; Moore, Beulah; Moore, William T.; Morrison, Gilbert; Mount, Ida Burkett; Muck, Mary Avritt (3); Myers, Howard B.;Miller, Daniel H.;Moffett, Paul D.; Moody, Bessie; McBride, Walter; McClain, Artie; McClain, Della Smiley; McClain, Ethel Thomas; McClain, Frank M.; McClain, Jacob; McClain, James B.; McClain, Lucinda McMains; McClain, Mary Alexander (Mrs. Alex); McClain, Nancy Alexander (Mrs. Jacob); McCormick, Harry; McGinnis, Frances Haase; McKee, Mel; Phillips, Clara Flint; Pence, Elsie McCloud; Ridegeway, Diana; Stewart, Moses; Spencer, Harold S.; Terry, Luella (added 2); Trautman, Wilhelmina; Ader, M. W. ; Allen, Lee; Allee, Elizabeth; Allee, Melvin; Allee, Sarah Hedge; Allee, Cordora Denny; Allee, Alpha Wallace (added 1); Allen, Ethel Steele; Allen, Margaret; Birdsong, Donnie; Berry, Louella May (added 1); Couch, Jean; Culley, Nora; Darnall, Nannie Colliver; Davis, Helen Ford; Dorsett, Pauline; Edwards, Harold J.; Edwards, Hubert W.; Elliott, John; Evans, Dwight; Fleenor, Audrid; Flint, Lewis; Heavin, Albert; Hoffman, Mary; Kidder, Alice;  Kinnard, Marie; Lawson, James E.; Mitchell, Mary; Mullinix, Violet; Pratt, Samuel; Price, Orpha Miller; Purcell, Donald; McFarland, Goldie; McGaughey, Nellie Thompson; McLaughlin, John M.; Scott, Mary - d1917; Smith, Earl; Thomas, Russell Wayne; Trout, William; Whitaker, Edith;

Photo 1 Added:  Burk, Phebe; Bryan, Pearl (added to Obit);

TOWNS 2  Added: Malta (added information);  Maplewood (NEW);

Biographies  1   Added (YTD = 0): Matson, Cortland (added to his existing);

Marriages  10   Added (YTD = 0): (Complete until we find missing information) =  Davis, Senia; McKee, Joseph; Davis, Amanda; Pritdhard; Sargent, Leonard; Reese, Maude; Little, Edward; Miller, Nellie; Hymer, James; Nelson, Emma;

Military   4   Added (YTD = 0): Matson, Cortlan (links to Bio);
                  Revolution War =McPheeters, Andrew (added Info to record);

                  War of 1812 = Harris, Simpson (added obit to information);

                        WW I =  Ford, Dwight (added to Obit-KIA);

** ADDED THIS MONTH -- January 2019 **

OBITUARIES: 82   Added: (YTD = 0): Hodgkin, Hugh; Hultz, Elizabeth McGaughey; Howard, Perminda Leatherman King (2); Hutchison, Walter (2); Inge, Laura Crodian; Jackson, Louis F.; Johnson, Henry Franklin; Kelsey, Margie Ruth McVay; Kennedy, William H.; Lane, Higggins; Huffman, Henry; Howard, John; Hazlett, Cora Thompson; Hazlett, Jessie O'Haver; Hazlett, William; Hazlett, George (added 1); Hazlett, Hallie; Harnell, James H. (WW II- KIA); Gruenholz, Jack; Farmer, Frederick H.; Ford, William; Eggers, William 9-1886; Eggers, Jesse; Eggers, William d-1889; Eggers, Joseph; Danahey, Nelle O'Leary; Calhoun, Mary; Cohn, Lambert; Craddick, Gilbert; Cooper, Charles; Custis, Betty; Crooks, Ruby Shillings; Burk, Josephine Nutgrass; Boswell, Imogene; Browder, Arthur Paul; Bridges, Mary Park; Boyd, Romulus (6 added); Brown, Thomas; Branneman, John; Allen, Rural; Allen, Nancy; Jones, Roland; Kreigh, Williams A.; Kuhns, Ernest; Lane, Theodore; Lawarence, Betty; Mahan, David; Mahan, Eva Armstrong; Masten, child of Everett; Martin, Florence Roach; Marksbury, Mararetta; Mandleco, Mildred Lawler; Modesitt, Sally; McCullough, Flossie; McCammack, Viola Vaughn; McCullough, Mary; McCullough, Sophia;Nichols, Luvella; Nicholson, Elizabeth Moffat; Newgent, Edward; Priest, Edwin; Pruitt, Estol; Reising, Gertrude Knoll; Riddle, Frank; Sellers, John L.; Simpson, Jason; Stoner, John W.; Smith, Harvey W.; Stilwell, Della Todd; Taylor, Albert Harrison; Vandamaent, David; Watson, Catherine Fosher; Whitehead, infant of Jackson; Webster, Charles E.; Denman, Jamima Lee;

Biographies  1   Added (YTD = 0): Morrison, Jacob (plus photo);

News 1 Added (YTD = 0): VanCleave, Jonathan;


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