Mr. Samuel D. Riggs

Samuel D. Riggs was born in Livingston County, New Yorkon December 2, 1818 and died Thursday, October 22, 1896. He was brought by his parents to Dearborn County, Indiana when he was but four years of age, from thence he moved to Decatur, Shelby, and Johnson counties. In the fall of 1850 he came to Pulaski county and resided here until his death.

On April 11, 1847 he married Grace Greenwood and to this union were born eight children, two of which survived to adulthood. Joseph and Emma Survived him. Six children and the mother died of small pox, which was contracted when Samuel gave a ride to a soldier traveling back from serving in the Civil War.

Sometime after the death of his first wife, he married Esther Baughman of Pulaski County. To this union were born six children, Ina, Byron, Carrie, Katie, Myrtle, and Charles. For forty-six years he lived on the farm upon which he died and saw what was a wilderness when he settled there blossom as a rose and become a prosperous farming community.

He was buried on Koster Cemetery in Jefferson Township with eight children, Grace Greenwood Riggs, and Esther Baughman Riggs.

The pictures are of Samuel and his second wife Esther.

Thank you to Edith Depoy for submitting the article and the pictures.



Baughman, Esther.