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Rockville High School Class of 1919

 "Remembrance Book"

    (Book of Remembrance owned by Louise Davis)  

 (Thanks to Carter Elliott  for saving this precious item at a flea market and getting it back in the Rockville area!)

Dearest Louise:

    My thoughts on this occasion may be appropriately alluded to as "the infinity of silence."  It was with gratitude and pleasure when I first became acquainted with you and that has only been a short time ago, but that doesn't make any difference, if it was only yesterday, I was glad that it came my way.  There is a saying that "out of a full heart the mouth speaketh" but I find it about as difficult to write on this occasion when my heart is full of love for you as when the breath is short.  When I leave you, I hope to find friends as true companions as pleasant as you, whom I shall leave behind.  Louise, there are many things I wish and hope you will enjoy when you have pursued your life's course and one is -- may we always part with regret and meet with pleasure another is -- may you always look about you with pleasure and above with gratitude.  Wishing you a heavy purse and a light heart throughout your entire life I am...your classmate, ALBERTA MARSHALL

Dear Louise,    May 13, 1919

    The class of nineteen nineteen will soon be past history.  All that will be left of them at R.H.S. will be a new picture on the wall in the hall upstairs.  In fact, the only time the class will  ever be together again will be in a picture.  This seems bad but it is true. However as long as you have this book in your possession you will have a fair picture of the members of the class.  I hope that someday when you find this old book hidden away among a collection of  old keepsakes that you remember me as a classmate and friend.  I wish you good health, prosperity and happiness.  HUBERT O'HAVER

Dear Louise,       May 13, 1919

    It is with pleasure that I write in this book, because of the fact that I be "one" of your memories and not because school is nearly out.  For that really makes one feel sad.  Of course our high school days, etc. can never be forgotten, I hope your future life shall be a happy one, and that our days spent in high school together shall not be the last.  Please remember me "sometimes"  Bee -- BEATRICE JOHNS

Friend of R.H.S. Times:

    The 19 class will soon declare themselves to know to much to go any longer at R.H.S. and when it does leave Rockville will look to this class as unequaled it has won many good titles for R.H.S.  There are no parts played any better than yours.  You must always remember how we would rise to the point of order in our P.S.  class.  How Tumman would rise to the point of personal privelage all these minor things that happened is the cause of our remembrance of R.H.S.  Ra! Ra! Ra! for R.H.S. CHARLES  HENDRICKSON

Dear Louise,     R.H.S. Assembly  May 6, 1919

    Well, Louise, can you realize that we have but a few more days which we may call "Our Dear Old High School Days/"  Time seems long, but yet it's very short.  And I am hoping that when these few days are over you may on your life's journey meet with good luck and prosperity.  We have been classmates but a few weeks but I feel that you are a true and honest friends.  We may never, in future years, be classmates again, but I shall think of you as a friend and hope that you return the friendship.  Yours affectionetly, HASHEL HARTMAN

-- This beautiful April morning "Scott" has asked me to write in this.  So, I will begin by "dedicating" this page to her:  My dear Louise, please in the years to come don't forget me, will you not?  I have always loved you very very much, Scottie dear. I admire you more than any girl friend I have ever had.  If you keep as you are now, and I am sure you will, you will be very successful in life, I know.  I shall always love you as I do now and love me a little in return, won't you? REVA HOOKER    alias "Peevey"

Dear Louise:      April 30, 1919

    It is certainly a pleasure for me to write in your memory book for I have known you for so long and always thought of you as a friend and I want to still be remembered by you in the future.  I shall never forget the kindness you showed me when we were preparing for the Junior-Senior reception.  Say, we sure have had some fine times at the L.T.'s.  I suppose you will never forget the time we went down to Beatrice John's.  I certainly will not.  Well, Louise, we are about to say good-bye to old R.H.S. but as we do, we not only say goodbye to RHS but also to our classmates.  It is sad to think our class of 19 will half to be separated, some going in one direction and some in another but as we do may we think back and say it was happy days when the Class of '19 was together.  I wish you much success and happiness in the future.  Please, "Scott" always remember me as a friend and classmate.  JEWEL COLLINGS

Dear "Scoot":         RHS Assembly   April 7, 1919

        It will not be long till you will leave RHS far behind.  And as you stop and look back over the many good times you had here, I hope you will remember the good times we had at the L.T.'s, the poetry we wrote and the times we went serenading.  You are in public speaking now but I am in condensed thinking for in this tiny page, I cannot begin to unfold the great love and admiration of my heart for you.  Scott, I shall never forget the good times and fun we've had together and if I get my millionare, I'll never forget to sail to New Mexico and take you for a ride in my "airoplane."  Yours forever, NELLIE TESTING    RHS 1919   

Dear Scott:       Rockville, Indiana, Rockville High School, April 11, 1919

    It is with gladness and sorrow that I take up this pen to write these few words of remembrance.  In whatever course my life may lead me, I will always remember you as a true friend to all.  You were kind and loving to all with whom you came in contact and I am sure I am not the only one that will remember you in this way and never be able to forget you. It is true that you have a winning way all your own, that makes you liked alike by all.  As long as I live I will never forget one who was a loyal and boosting member of our class.  Neither can I ever forget the good times we have had together.  I only hope that in your future life you will be as successful as you have been in High school and that will be enough to make you indeed a leader.  Hoping you the best luck and health in the future, I reamain, forever, Your Friend, JAMES BOWEN

Dearest Scoot:   Rockville, Indiana April 7, 1919

    I'm sitting here at Esther's, thinking over "old times" and all the fun we have had together in the trusty old "Hup" or something else; of the time we went swimming at Mansfield, the nite we were serenaded to the tune of a tin tub and a dishpan, plus a broomstick, of the glorious frolics of the L.T.'s, the fun we had practicing the class play.  Oh, Heavens!  I could rattle on forever, but as you recall these you will think of those times I didn't mention.  But, Scott, dear, please don't go away off to Mexico as the others have said just stay here and be "good" and I'll love you forever.  You know amo ti now.  Here's wishing you much happiness.  TOPSY ROSS!

Dear Classmate:         R.H.S. Assembly, May 6,1 919

    It is with great pleasure that I am trying to write in your book and all that I hope is that I make as much of a success of it as I wish to.  Before long we shall be parted and separated by the ending of our schooldays, but I hope that we shall not be forced to part in whatever other days we our (sic) to spend.  Of course I have never been very intimate with you nor anyone else enough to talk about, but I wish very much to be a friend for the remainder of my life if that is not to long.  Hoping and wishing you the best of health and happiness, I close at least as your classmate, ARTHUR SQUIRE

Dear Scoot:        RHS Assembly, April 8, 1919

    In a few weeks, your days in RHS will be over, and as you go, in your path of life, and I in mine, I hope you will carry with you, the memory of one who has been, and always will be, "your friend."  Our paths in life may be as widely separated as they have been in school, but wherever I go, or whatever I become, I shall remember the good times which we of '19 had together.  I wish you the best of health, and remember me as one of your best friends.  GORDON McCOY

Dear Louise,

    I am sure delighted Scoot, to write in your book of memories.  However, I know my life will leave no impression on your life that is worth while yet I hope you will always remember me as just plain old Ina.  I have always tried to be a true friend to all my classmates of '19.  how well I have succeeded is not for me to say.  If you go to Mexico for your future home as several others of your classmates have prophecied, try to think of RHS once in awhile and of the class of '19.  I always mean to be your true friend and will expect the same of you.  Your friend and classmate, INA SWAIM

Dear Scoot:

    It is only about seven weeks until our "High School Days" will be a thing of the past and the wide, wide world will be before us.  Altho the experience can be had only once in a  life time I am sure the memories will long be a source of pleasure.  When I in the future think back to the class of '19 I will always be able to form a mental picture of THE girl who was admired by all.  Scott you sure area a "frick."  (might be brick).   There is no chance  of you being an old maid because you have a way of making people like you which can not be resisted when you remember me please think of me as a real friend because I'm not so bad after all.  I will long remember the good times which started after a certain basketball game.  In the years to come I wish you success and happiness.  FRED "TIM" HALL

Friend Scoot:          Rosedale, Indiana  May 1, 1919

    It is with exquisite pleasure that I jot down a few lines in the behalf of such dignified senior friends as you altho sometimes you act as if you felt rather blue, especially the day after the night before.  "eh" anyway, you will look in this book sometime and see this oration, then you will remember a certain party which stopped at a certain well to get a drink then you will remember what a good time you certainly must have had that evening -- won't you, when you go to fry t a t e r s for your beloved husband you will think of the same incident.  Now, Scott, excuse me for writing so much nonsense and above all, to thine own self be true then it must follow as the night the day thou cans't not then be false to any man.  Now, dear, Scoot if you have any objections to me saying this in this particular way, speak now, if not forever hold your peace.  AMEN.  DICK

Dearest Little Scott:  (NOTE:  this was in poetic form, but to save room, I'll just type as if it were prose)

    Our days of yore are nearly o'er and we may part to a different shore .  But our love must never more fool, as they did in the RHSchool.  We must make our way across the bay, and earn the money our dads did pay.  Think back to the days at the old gym, and the hours you used to wait for him.  I know he's just one grade behind, but some love for him you must always find.  Remember the ocean is wide and you can't step it, he and all the rest loves you and you can't help it.  When you are lonely, just think of the class that numbered two and twenty seven and you will be glad again for you know we will meet in heaven.  Now dearest Scoot, I write these words with tears in my eyes, but I am cheered again to know that classmates love never dies.  TRUMAN BOLEN (Peanut)

Dear Louise:        Rosedale, Indiana RRA  May 6, 1919

    It gives me greatest of pleasure to have the opportunity of writing in your graduate book.  Althou I have known you but a few weeks you always seem to me as a friend ready to lend a helping hand to one in need.  And I hope Louise, that in years to come the same feeling will remain with you.  I will not forget the good time at your home the night of Senior club and as we soon must part I only hope that we may meet again and .. "When rocks and hills divide us, and you know (sic) more I see,  just take your pen or pencil and drop a line to me."  IRENE WAGONER

Scoot Dear,

    Only a few weeks left to whisper and pass notes and plan good times together!  I'm sure that no girls have ever had better times and been better chums than we.  don't you remember the BB games, the car rides and the midnite benches?  (could be lunches)  And don't ever forget our little talks, all by our lonesome,  about this, that and the other -- usually about the "other."  Let us hope that we may never be parted for long in the future-- and may all your hopes and dreams come true --         CLOTILDE

Dear Louise,     RHS Assem  April 30

    Just three more weeks (can you realize it) and then we leave old RHS for good.  Of course we can return and visit but we will feel like outsiders.  But even then we have the memories of our HS, which will forever remain with us.  Remember the L.T.'s  That time we went to Beatrice's and you had so much trouble and that time at your house.  Louise, I never really knew you until this year and I must say I find you a very sweet girl.  You always have that cheerful smile and you have also done a great work for the Hoosier.  I hope you may make as great a success in life as you have in your school work.  And I hope you may "sometime think of me."  Your classmate, IRENE OVERPECK

Dearest Friend             April 10, 1919

    In a few more weeks our happy days in dear old RHS will be over and then we must plan another course.  I'm sure we will never forget the good times we have had together.  Remember that party at your house, which was for one of members of class, oh! what a great time, and also remember the L.T.'s.  I have always thought you were one of my sweetest friends and I have loved you from the depth of my heart.  I'm sure I've tried to be your friend and I hope you will remember me as a true friend in future.  I shall always remember you as editor of our paper, and "mighty" sweet girl of class of '19.  FARRIS BRADFIELD      "Kid"

Student friend and classmate:   RHS ASSEMBLY   MAY 20, 1919

     It is with greatest pleasure that I write in your memory book.  I am very absent minded when thinking what to write.  I have been here in old RHS only a short time, although I have made many acquaintances and have many more friends than I had before hand.  When I first came here to school I thot (sic) I would rather be in noman's land but those thots (sic) are far away and now ones have taken their places, which say Rockville high school is the place for friends, good teachers and a place of learning.  Our school days together in old RHS will soon be over, but I hope when you are reading what has been written in your book, you will remember me as a classmate and friend.  I will close hoping you a happy and prosperous future.  EWING MARTIN

Dear Scoot,

    I am very glad to think that you want me as one of your memories in the years to come.  For although I have only known you for a few weeks I have learned to admire you greatly.  For you have always been a friend to me I shall never forget the first day I came to school at RHS.  For the moment I saw you I knew you would be a very good friend now that we have only a few more weeks to be together before we start out into the world I hope you shall always remember me as your friends and classmate and remember me in the future, please, ELLA LAWSON. 

Dear Classmate:       April 8, 1919

    I find myself in a quandry as to what to say and what not to say.  However for once in my life, may I not be punished too severely for doing.  I will step from the high pedestal as "Guardian of the Flock" and permit my freer self to ramble -- I hope that meets with your approval.  I fear I am getting old, when I had just decided to be young, because just now in reading the salutation of some other friend, I thought it said "Dear Cootie," what a mistake!  Of course, I am getting blind.  Louise, I might begin and give you pages of advice, but then read Shakespeare and you will find it.  I only hope that I may always know you as you are -- a sweet girlish girl.  My only request is that when you have crossed life's meridian, you may think of me as what I aspired to be and missed the mark.  Above all, BE HAPPY -- DAVID alias JOE BLANKENSHIP DISHER  President of '19 Class.

Dear Classmate         RHS April 13, 1919

    It is certainly a pleasure to write in this book for I have the satisfaction of knowing that in future years, it will be referred  to by one who will always be remembered as a live unit of RHS in the years '15-19 by one who found time for certain "dry" tasks which were necessary for the reputation of RHS by one who made the Hoosier a success and by one who was always of the most cheerful and pleasing disposition.  It is likely we will be widely separated in this wide, wide world but memory is able to cover unlimited space and I am sure I will certainly remember you and hope that the "vice versa" will be true.  I can look forward and see you enjoying happiness that which everyone should enjoy.  My wish is that you will remember me as one who attempted to be a typical RHSer and Senior of the class of '19.  This above all enjoy life and happiness.  I salute you in the name of CARROLL COOK Treasurer Class '19.

Dearest Friend,       RHS April 7, 1919

    It certainly makes me happy "Scootie" dear to write in this, your book of memories.  What a pleasure these pages will be in the days to come what memories they hold dear.  I can see you now, sitting in a cushioned chair, "in the evening by the moonlight," pouring over these poor lines and wondering about all your chums.  Scoot, you know that I am no flatterer.  Personally, I adore you from the top of your stunning little hat to the toes of your jolly little (?) slippers.  I have tried so often to be what I should be in the eyes of my friends. Whether or not I have failed, is not for me to say.  What I wish to say here cannot be said for I never excelled in reading dictionaries.  But my great wish for you is the greatest of happiness throughout all your life.  I shall never forget the good times spent with you.  Whew, in the future you glance thru this book, won't you pause a moment in your reflections and remember .... MARIE RANDOLPH, Sec. of class of '19.

Dearest Louise,            RHS  Assem  April 7, 1919

    Doesn't it give you a queer little feeling around your heart to think that you are almost ready to leave RHS for good?   That in years to come these same seats which we call our own will be occupied by strange students?  We are always looking forward eager for each day to be ours so that we may know what the next one will bring.  Scoot, dear, I am sure you will never forget the good times we have had together in good old RHS.  Remember that crazy Sunday afternoon when four of us went riding and picked out the houses where we would like to live?  When you are out in New Mexico sometime in the future, and your thoughts are wandering back to HS days, remember me as a friend who loved you truly.  Amore, ESTHER ROACH, VP Class of '19


Dear Louise:                 The RHS  May 21, 1919

    I wouldn't undertake to tell you how much you have meant to me, as a pupil and as a friend.  You, however, must know just how much you have given RHS -- of your time, of your unusual ability - of your energy.  Your frank sincerity, you winning smile, your general worth have compelled admiration from us all.  I'm sure you will always be happy because you will always be found contributing to the happiness of your friends -- everybody.  The years will be very full for you on the present doesn't prophecy truly.  Your friend, J. LINEBARGER.  Compliments on your "Hoosiers."  Big as THAT work is -- it isn't nearly as big as the thing you've done through high school.  Live right JAL.   s)


    It has been mighty pleasant to notice during these past years while associated as a teacher and friend in this school that you could smile even when everything seemed to be going wrong.  When you smiled it has always seemed that it was of the soul.  This has made it very pleasant for a certain teacher -- "Whack" to remember.  As I once told you "There's a long, long trail a winding" and "Dear Old Pal of Mine," are both wonderful songs.  Better still if that "Long Long Trail" leads you to "Old pal of Mine."  To the girl with a smile worthwhile from ----whack WENDELL W. WRIGHT

Dear Louise             May 11, 1919

    I believe in agreed one Saturday morning that we were both "women of few words," as I feel sure you will appreciate my remarks just as much if they are brief.  Everyone seems to have turned his or her letter into a bouquet for you and I want to add my little nosegay.  It has been a real pleasure!  Knowing you Louise, and always a pleasure we have "fit and bled together" several times over the "Hoosier" but thank goodness, we have never "fit" each other.  I can only hope that your remembrance of me will be one third as pleasant as mine will always be of yours.  Sincerely your friend, MARGARET LOUTHAM

Dearest Louise:

    When your high school days are of the past, also the woories which made you aghast, the Hoosier you censored and the Art you took, the chemistry you didn't and the Virgil you forsook, may your tasks be at end and joy reign supreme.  As you reflect these Senior days and how good they did seem, but never shall I forget your bright shining smile which will stay with me always and make life worthwhile.  Ever your friend, TRESS JEFFRIES.

My dear Louise:           April 27,1 919

    It makes me very happy to think that I am allowed to be one of your memories.  It is worth a great deal to be only a memory to a girl like you.  As you read over your school-mate's thought for you, it surely must give you a thrill to know that you have made yourself an "ideal" to them.  yes, that is what it is, Louise, an ideal of girlhood for the whole class, an honor which all are so willing to give to you.  And they are right for your good cheer and happy disposition are very sweet to those who are fortunate enough to be your friends.  I hope you will always remember those hours with those yards and yards of lace and me, as happy ones as they shall always be as to ... your friends, always, RUTH GLASSCO.

My Dear Louise:            April13, 1919

Some day in years and years to come, you will accidentally come across this book back in some hidden corner of your attic.  And after wiping off the dust of years, you will open it.  It will bring back to you these sweet, beautiful days of youth and girlhood, the good old high school days.  And when you come to this page, may your memory be not one of a good proverbial pedagogue but one of a girl who was a true friend and pal.  In years to come, Louise, my memory of you will be a picture of ideal girlhood -- of a girl who enjoyed life to the fullest and who was always ready to give her share in return.  But there is one attribute of yours, Louise, that I will always think of first and that is sincerity.  It is expressed in everything you do or say.  I think that is the reason I like you so well (teacher's pet) -- because you are just exactly what you are -- no camouflage.  Please forget all the tearing of hair and waving of batons and think of me always as .... your true friend, HELEN MARTIN

Dear Louise:

    Of course, I shall never hear of the word, "Hoosier" in future years, without associating with that word the name of Louise Davis.  Being on the "inside" as I was, and working with you, I learned that you were a most capable, dependable girl.  I am, indeed, happy to think I shall carry with me such pleasant memories of you; and I sincerely hope our friendship will not end with your departure from RHS.  Then ... here's to you, wishing you abundant happiness...and a realization of all your ambitions.  Ever your friend, HELEN HENDRICKS  ... May 20, 1919

HERE IS A CLASS PROPHECY which is cute but lengthy, thus I opted not to include it  -- if anyone is interested, you may contact the Rockville Library for it. 

Under Miscellaneous:::::::

Dearest "Scoot"    RHS Assembly  April 29, 1919

    It is a great pleasure for me to write in your book, even if I am miscellaneous.  Scoot, you are going to leave in a few weeks but your spirit will not leave.  Next year, I hope the person that sits there will be as sweet as you.  Do you remember the Sunday I stayed at your house? And in the afternoon, I played "Put your loving arms around me" 'n everything.   MEMORIES!  Memories.  Oh, such times.  Well, Scoot in years to come you won't forget me -- will you?  Try not.  I wish you good luck old girl.  Love LORENE  "Alias " SLIM

Dear Scoot ----      RHS Assembly, April 29, 1919

    Doesn't it give you a sort of queer feeling to think of leaving RHS?  There is a great deal of consolation, though, in the thought that you'll be back here often.  It certainly will seem funny to come back next year without you and funnier still to think that I will be in your place.  "Scoot," I will certainly try my best to accomplish what you have accomplished. When I think of you I will always think of that sweet, jolly, lovable, most popular girl of RHS.  That is certainly a lovely memory.  Will you ever forget the good times we have had?  THAT Sunday I was at your house 'n ever-thing?  And how we went to the train to meet your friend?  Such memories!  Scoot, please don't ever forget me.  I know I will always remember you.  While you are at college and don't have anything else to do just pick up a pencil and paper and drop a few lines to...HELEN A. SWAIM (Poor House)

Dear Louise,

    Since everyone has told you of what a queer feeling you must have and how you are both glad and sorry that you are leaving DEAR old RHS there isn't much for a little girl like me to say.  We have never had so awful many good times together but those we have had especially a few, I will never, never forget and I hope there are a few more in store for us.  Well, scoot, when you go to that wonderful school, De Pau (sic) don't forget your old silly friend,  NICK

Dearest Louise:        April 30, 1919

    As you may possibly have found, writing is a thing I detest,  and can't do.  This is especially true in a book of this type.   However, I have always been willing to try the impossible, so here goes.  The other "geezers" who have had the honour of writing in these pages have told you how soon you would have to leave and all that, and this fact leaves me but very little to say.  Scoot, you can never imagine just the true regard I have had for the class of '19.  it is wonderful, but not as good as the class of '20 by any means.  I am sure that sweet memories of your class will be forever present in the good old halls.  I am sure I shall always remember the good times the ??? have had together, especially four of us.  Also, "Look, what I'm doing," and various other utterances.   You will always be remembered by me as a true friend and the most "popular of the popular," and I wish you to remember me for what I am and what I have hopes of being.  May success bless you and you attain your ambitions.  Please remember me as and by ROMANO BROWN ???

Dearest Scoot         May 1, 1919

    Only 30 days! Then, you will be a regular "woman of the world." You know from past experience I suppose that I cannot write just what I want to say but YOU know everything that I mean.  I sure will hate to come back next year a senior and have you gone.  It will be terrible.  You don't know (or perhaps you have been told) how much everyone will miss you and your 'Bright smiling face".  Wishing you the best luck in the world just think once in awhile of ??? MARY OTT '20

Dearest Scott        RHS Assembly    April 20, 1919   "All the luck in the world, Scoot!"

    Everyone else in this whole book seems to have remembered all the good times you have had, so what is there for me to say?  Scoot, I have just finished writing "What the Freshmen think of the Seniors" for the "Hoosier."  and really, I meant all I said.  When you graduate from RHS please do remember it and some of the people in it.  And please remember me when you in DePaw (sic) for you know how badly I'd feel if you forgot me!  MARTHA J. McFADDIN

Dearest Scoot,             RHS  Assembly      May 1, 1919

    I was not expecting the privilege of writing in anyone's book, but since I have I will do my best to say things that will please you and make you happy.  Although I haven't been one of your friends very long to go with you and help each other to have a good time. I love you just the same.  Dear scoot, just think it won't be long before you'll be a green freshie again but in college this time and that makes a difference don't you think?  Well if ever i see you in later life,  I hope you'll not forget me or any of your other friends or RHS.  With oodles and oodles of love  FLORA SHERRILL

Dear Louise:       RHS Math Room     May 16, 1919

Next year you will not sit in the third row from door of Assembly and have for one of your neighbors, either in front or behind you a certain simple "grinny" girl possessing a name similar to your own.  Everyone who has written in this book before me has stated their splendid opinion of you and your attitude toward school life -- if they were all added together then multiplied by the largest numer in existence it would not equal mine -- I have heard of many girls active in school life -- good in certain things but never before seen anyone who excelled in every thing as you have.  Sincerely, MARY DAVIS.

Dearest Scoot         RHS English Room  May 23, 1919

    Your school days in RHS are ended and I am sure that the school next year will seem very different without your "smiling" face.  We will not only miss you but will miss the good "pep" and school spirit which you always kept up.  Most everything has already been said to you in this book so there is very little left for me to say but I hope in years to come when you see this book you will remember me a wee little bit.  I am sure I will never forget you and remember the class of '19.  Your friend, LaMARR TAPP RHS '21.


THUS CONCLUDES THE "GIRL GRADUATE : HER OWN BOOK"  owned by Louise, "Scoot" Davis.  Hope you enjoyed!!