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Revolutionary Soldiers

of Parke County, Indiana

Some information for this page was extracted from Roster Soldiers & Patriots of the American Revolution buried in Indiana, a 3-volume set published by the Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution by Karen Zach.  If you can contribute or correct any data on this page, please contact James D. VanDerMark.

ALLEN, Isaac      born  March 15, 1755 Scott Co, VA , died  Dec 15, 1831, Fountain Co., buried Wolf Creek, Sugar Creek Twp, Parke Co.  Stone.        m. (1) Frances Pettitt.   

Children:      See descendants of Isaac Allen  furnished by Kyle VanHook

Service: Private George Rogers Clark - 16 months, 18 days. Rec'd 33 pounds and 4 shillings. Enlisted again May 30, 1780 served until Nov 30, 1781 under Capt. Richard Brasheas, John Montgomery. 

BLUE, David    -        Service:  See Pension Data for David Blue furnished by Darryn Lickliter

BURNSIDE, John    born  Sept 10, 1752 Lancaster Co, Pa, died Feb 17, 1838 - bur. Portland Mills Cemetery, Parke Co., IN, married  Mary DENTON   Children: John (lived Greencastle 1871); William b. Sept 6, 1801 d Aug 13, 1881; Samuel b.  June 11, 1812 d. April 24, 1888; Thomas and Isaac

         Service:  Orange Co., PA.  Private in Co. commanded by Capt. Farmer of Regt. by Col. Ramsay NC Line - r months, 24 days -- infantry 2 months.  PROOF:  Pension S 16333  

DAVIS, William     born Jan 12, 1761 Worcester Co, MD, died  Last payment of pension made Sept 13, 1834 - had a son living in Parke Co. at this time            m.  unknown          Children:  unknown

        Service: While residing in Worcester Co, Md. he enlisted March 1780 served 3 years as private under Captains. John Stewart and Bartley Townsend, Col. Samuel Handy's Md. regiment Served as a ranger guarding the shores of the rivers and protecting the inhabitants of Worcester and adjoining counties from the Tories.  Pension S 32202. 

DUNCAN, Jesse    born   about 1754 NC, died  Feb 10, 1848 - buried Rockville Cemetery, Parke Co., IN, married unknown,   Children: Hannah

        Service: Enlisted Caswell Co NC 1778; 11 months as a private Capt. William Lytle's Co. in Col. Thackston's NC Regt. Battles of Brier Creek & Stono.  Capt. Robert Moore's Co, Col. Archibald Lytle's and James Sander's NC Regt. -- Pension  S16774 - moved to Parke Co In 1840 - lived with a daughter. 

Thanks to Janice Burgan for the information below

Janice writes "My grandmother let me copy this tribute to Jesse Duncan from a newspaper (sorry I don't know which one) many years ago.  I hope this can be of information to the section on Indiana Revolutionary War soldiers."

A tribute to a Revolutionary soldier.
    Jesse Duncan, the Revolutionary soldier buried in the Rockville cemetery, was the great-grandfather of Theodore Whitted.  He was a Virginian, the father of "Aunt Hannah" Green, known to all of the people of Rockville in the old days.
    Her husband, William Green, is buried in the same lot with Jesse Duncan.  William Green, who died in 1853, has a headstone with the date of his birth, 1779, and his death.  Although his grave was not decorated on last Memorial day his wife -- "Aunt Hannah" -- drew a pension based on his service in one of the Indian wars of the early days of the Republic.  The cemetery record shows that Jesse Duncan was buried on the 10th of February, 1848, and that he was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Rockville Republican March 3, 1915


"John W. Michael recalls two Revolutionary soldiers who formerly lived in this county, one of them in Rockville. The first was "Granddaddy" Duncan, as everyone called him. Mr. Michael recalls him as a white haired man good old man and saw him 68 years ago. At the time he lived a mile and a half northeast of town. He wore his hair long, hanging down over his shoulders and also had a patriarchal long beard flowing over his bosom. He was a relative of old William Greene whom a few of our older citizens can remember. The men were related by marriage. Granddaddy Duncan lived in a log cabin. Food, usually corn bread, hog meat and, in the season, mustard greens, was cooked in the old-fashioned fire place as the people of those days had no cook stoves. He died over 60 years ago and was buried in the Rockville Cemetery.

The other soldier of 1776 whom Mr. Michael knew was Wm. Mitchell.  He died in 1836, 79 years ago at the age of 90 years. He was buried in the New Discovery Cemetery and Mr. Michael placed the first flag on his grave on Decoration Day several years ago." 

EPHLAND, David    born  1751 prob. NC (poss. Orange Co), died.  Last pension paid Sept 4, 1837            married unknown,   Children: ?

        Service:  Served Co. of Capt. Goodman 1st NC Regt., Col. Jackson.  Enlisted 3 years in Orange Co NC where he resided. Several short tours, length of service being 2 years 6 months. Pension Claim S32239.

EPHLAND, Jacob    - no information

ERVINS, David    - reported to have lived in Florida Township

GHORMLEY, Joseph    - died November 30, 1843 -  buried at Hixon Cemetery, Wabash Township

HAZLETT, Samuel    - died October 7, 1847 -  buried at Portland Mills/Seceder Cemetery, Greene Township

HEDGER, Stephen    born  March 25, 1747 - Somerset Co NJ, died  December 5, 1845 in Parke Co., IN Buried Adams Cemetery - Rosedale -Tombstone           married Mary Morris Stiles Lupton         Children could include: Malinda Sale; Elizabeth; Lucy Evans; Thomas, William, Joseph, Samuel, Margaret, Benjamin & Mary    

        Service:  Private Co. commanded by Capt. James Thomas, Col. Slaughter, Va. Line 6 months - Pension S 32314.  

Special thanks to Chris Pellor for the tombstone photograph.

Al Buddy Holmes is researching this Hedger line - contact him for more information.

HENDRICKS, Jacob    born Scotland,    died 1843 Parke Co. IN, married 1772 Scotland Kate Thompson d. 1846, Children: Thomas; Shelby; Jacob, Jr.; Theopolis; Adam; John; Otha; Garrett; Lucy; Polly; two other daughters and George.

Service: Pvt. Capt. Hendrick Schoonmaker's Co, Snyder's NY Regt, Ulster Co Militia - with Gen. Greene - Valley Forge.

HINES, Jacob    born Oct 28, 1752 Newcastle Co, Delaware, died  1844, married  Priscilla EVANS,         Children: ?

        Service: While resident of Chester, Kent Co., MD in April 1775  he joined the company of minutemen commanded by Capt. John Watkins and about one month after entering, he went on an expedition to a point on Chesapeake Bay about 12 miles from Chester and served 4 days.  Was called into active service, Aug 1777 by Capt.. Watkins' Md. Company and was in the battles of Paoli and Germantown and was discharged just before Christmas 1777; enlisted March 1779 2-3 months Capt. Marmaduke Tildan's Co, Col. Alex. Anderson's Md. Regt. Later served 6-8 months as assistant to John Batten, Purch. & Issuing Commissary. 

Phyllis Hill is researching the Hines family and would welcome contact from others interested in this family.  She writes:

Jacobus Hines went to Ohio (probably Ross County) after the war, and later went to Parke County, Indiana with his son Henry, and perhaps other children.  His son Henry was born in Maryland, in 1777, according to the application for DAR membership of a descendant.  That record is in the Archives, but I don't remember which county, I'd have to look it up.  Henry and his son Jacob each filed for land in Parke County and Jacob married Sarah (Sally) Noble about 1832 (about the time the court house burned). Jacob is my late husband's ancestor, Sarah Noble Hines was his mother's grandmother, she died in Llano County, Texas.  I think there was just the one big Hines family in Parke County originally.  Jacob, William, Cornelius and Rebecca (who married Samuel Call) were all born in Ohio.  Cornelius and his wife Sarah Ellis Hines went to  Jasper County, Iowa, but Cornelius came back to Parke County to marry Mrs. Mary Thompson in 1873. (This was from the Parke County List).   I have a lot more guesswork but won't bother you with that.  I just wish I could find some descendants to work with.

JUDD, John    ( 27 Jun 1761 -  April 3, 1825 ) married.  Hannah LYMAN ( 28 Nov 1775 - 26 Jun 1840) in April 1793,  Children: Lyman ( 1793-1856 ); Ariel ( 1796 - 1869); John ( 1797 - 1872); Hannah ( 1807 - 1852), married Isaiah Fairclo; George born 1810; Mary (1817-1853) married Jonathan Goble; and Levi born 1814.

        Service:  Conn. Regt. commanded by Elisha Sheldon of Light Dragoons in 4th Co. under Capt. Halbert afterward 6th Co., under Capt. Staunton & Lt. Bull.  Discharged June 1783.  Pension W 26707.   He was awarded a pension of $8.00 per month, commencing on 19 June 1818. Certificate of Pension was issued on 27 Nov 1919.    Mike Stephenson (a direct descendant) provided Pension data.

LANE, Larkin    born  Feb 22, 1762 Spotsylvania Co., VA , died  about 1847. buried on his farm Greene Twp, stone, married  Sarah Price 1763-1837.           Children:  Alexander; Lucinda 1793-1854 m. Floyd Burks.

        Service:  July 1781 enlisted Spotsylvania Co., VA served 3 mos. Capt. Frank Colman's Co, Col. Thomas Merriwether's Va. Regt; enlisted Nov 1781 3 months 7 days as Pvt. Capt. John Legg's Co, Col. Merriwether's VA Regiment  Pension S 16442.

MATER, George    - reported to be buried at Blake Cemetery, Union Township

MARTIN, John    born Jan 20, 1766 Spartanburg, SC, died  April 13, 1827 bur. Martin Cemetery, (Union Twp) Parke Co.  Stone , married  Margaret FARIS (1776-1855)            Children:  John (b. 1803) ; Elizabeth (b. 28 Sept. 1804 m. William BAGWELL;) ; William Blackstone (b. 15 Dec 1805 m. Harriet KALLEY); Ithiel (b. 16June 1807) m. Sarah CARMICHEL; Bushrod (b. 8 Feb 1809 m. Sarah SHAW); Rufus (b. 11 Sept 1810 m. Mary COOPER) ; Omega (b. 29 Apr. 1812); Euphony (b. 29 Nov 1813 m. John M. HARNEY); Robert L (H)? b. 27 Nov 1815 m. Nancy HARNEY; Sallie (b. 10 Feb 1818); James Hillhouse b. Aug 2, 1820, m. Matilda GARD.  

        Service:  Substitute for his father; at the siege of Yorktown; Beckwith's History of Parke & Vigo Counties, Page 205; DAR No. 496658.

        Other information:   Entered Section 33 Union Twp, Parke Co IN

From descendant, Debbie Barker Rawlings  

H.W. Beckwith History of Vigo & Parke Counties Page 191 -- 

In a state of nature was the country which now constitutes Union Township when John Martin purchased at the Terre Haute Land Office in 1820, 1/2 of Sec. 33 and such he left it, but to return the following year, 1821 with his family.  It is true that companies of hunters and fishers had before penetrated these forest depths and camped on the banks of the Big Raccoon but they came not as settlers.  Mr. Martin came with his wife and family of 11 children.  The Martins migrated from SC in a four-horse wagon and a two-horse wagon, a distance of 600 miles, and were over 6 weeks on the way.  They camped out and slept in their wagons.  The ways were often so densely covered with timber that the axe was obliged to be brought into frequent use.  Arriving with their possessions they built them the log hut of those times.  Here they labored, monarchs of all around them for miles in extent.  Their log house stood on the hill near the present dwelling of Wm. B.  At the foot of the hill a spring furnished them cold water.  The Indian trail from Terre Haute through Mansfield along the Big Raccoon to Cornstalk passed close by.  This trail crossed and recrossed the creek several times, and it is said is still visible on the BA Martin place.  The elder Martin was a blacksmith, but more especially a gunsmith, as well as farmer and kept a shop on his farm.  Here he did repairs for those calling for his labor.  The Indians passed up and down their trail and frequently camped on the Martin land near the creek.  These consisting of Delawares and Miamis, furnished the gunsmith with considerable work in repairing their fowling-pieces.  For this work they generally paid cash.  Mrs. Martin made clothes for the children out of buckskin, while they also had plenty of venison for the table.  Wm. B. relates that the Indians would occasionally drink heavily, all becoming beastly drunk except one.  One always remained sober to care for the rest.  They would often quarrel severely among themselves, but never molested the whites and always paid for what they got from settlers.  There are said to be two or three Indian graves on the Martin farm, but they buried their dead mostly at Cornstalk.  Many implements such as arrow heads, pieces of peculiarly wrought stone, stone axes and other curiosities, have been picked up along the creek and on the farms adjacent.  As other whites moved in the red men moved out.  The elder Martin continued his business till 1827, when he d. and was buried on the farm.  He had served at the age of 16 as a substitute for his father under Washington in the revolution; had experienced the hardships of war, so was well fitted for pioneer life.  The family began to separate and divide the farm, and move and buy and raise families of their own, until now they are many more than they who entered Parke Co. in the spring of 1821.  See also Union Township Biographies on sons Robert and William B

Portrait & Biographical Record of  Montgomery, Parke & Vigo Counties 

"James H. Martin -- among the honest pioneers and leading farmers of Parke Co, no one is held in higher respect than is the gentleman of whom we write who owns a well-improved farm on Sec. ? Union Twp.  He was born in Spartanburg, SC Aug 2, 1820.  His father, John Martin was born in 1766.  He removed to Parke Co., IN in 1821, locating in Union Township where he erected a log house, which was his home during the remainder of his life for he died in 1827.  Our subject's grandfather, David Martin was a farmer in SC.  The wife of John Martin whose maiden name was Margaret FARRIS was born in 1802 in SC.  Of this marriage were born 12 children:  9 sons and three daughters, who all grew to manhood and womanhood and were reared in the wilderness of Parke County.  Of this large family most have passed away our subject and his sister, Euphemia, widow of John HARNEY being the only survivors.  James H. Martin was the youngest child in his father's family and was only an infant when his parents removed to this county.  His school privileges were of the most meager description, being those of the frontier log schoolhouse type.  His father having died when he was only a child of 7 years, he was necessarily obliged to work in his tender years.  He remained with his mother until he was married, and she in turn made her home with him until she was called to her ......

MATER, George    born  ?, died ?, buried Blake Cemetery, Bellmore, IN            m.  ?

        Service:  Pa service under Capt. Philip Fedlerhoff. Proof Pa. Archives Volume 8 Series 6, p 961.

McGILVERY, John     -     reported to be buried at Mt. Moriah, Greene Township - - per Pam Adams he was born in Scotland on 12 May 1755 and died 18 Nov 1840 and is buried in Old Mount Moriah Cemetery.  He was an early settler in Union Township having arrived in the county with his son, John S McGilvrey and family sometime before 1830 from Butler County, Ohio.

MITCHELL, William    born  Oct 20, 1746, Essex Co VA, died  1836 buried in New Discovery Cemetery. Marked by GAR , married  Chloe NANCE (1755-1842)            Children:  Olivia; William; Giles; James; Frederick; Ann; Robert (acc. to History & Families Parke CO IN 1821-1989 p 266)

        Service: Amelia Co., VA Private VA. Troops - in May 1778, 9 weeks in Capt. Rowland Ward's Co; Col. Rowland Ward's Sr. Regt.  In Aug 1778 9 weeks in Capt. John Dennis' Co., Col. Abraham Green's Regt. Oct 1778 9 weeks in Capt. John Knight's Co, Col. Haw's Regt.

Burial in New Discovery Cemetery - see article under Jesse Duncan.

MUSGROVE, Samuel    born 1747 Lancaster Co., PA , died  Sept 2, 1834,  buried Davis Cemetery, NW of Yankeetown. Stone, married  Elizabeth?  1767,   Children: Hulda (1768); Moses (1770); Mary (1771); Samuel Davis b. 1775; David b. 1776; James b. 1779; Elizabeth b. 1781; Sarah b. 1783; Jane b. 1785; William 1788; Ann 1790.

        Service: Enlisted July1 776 in "Cannonkachick" Settlement, Cumberland Co, Pa. 3 months as Private Capt. Geo. Crawford's Co, Col. Irvine's Pa Regt was at battle of Brandywine.    In 1782 served 12 mos. as Indian Spy under Lt Robert Ritchie Pa. Troops.  Pension W9211.  

PAYNE, Augustus (Augustine)    born  Dec 11, 1761, Fauquier Co, VA, died   Sept 3, 1844, Raccoon Township, Parke Co., IN     maried * see below -- Catherine ?  Jan 1787,     Children:  John (b. Feb 14, 1790)  Lewis  (b. May 7, 1792); Sally (b. Dec 4, 1794); Delilah (b. April 16, 1796); James (b. July 9, 1799); Benjamin (b. Oct 9, 1801); Harrison (b. Oct 23, 1803); William (b. Jan 10, 1806); Willis (b. Jan 31, 1808); Lucinda (b. Aug 3, 1809); Joseph (b. Sept 18, 1814); Augustus (b. 1815)

Jody sends the following about A. Payne

"Augustine Payne began his military service in November 1780, marking to Williamsburg, then Richmond, where his company joined Lafayette's army.  During his service, he was wounded in the foot, but continued with his company until it was discharged.  His company was commanded by Capt. O'Bannon under Col. Armistead Churchill.  He was drafted in the Fall of 1781, but was judged unfit for service on account of the foot injury.  Augustine Payne ended military service May 31, 1782 at Williamsburg, Va.  He married Catherine Young, daughter of Herman and Catherine Young Jan 14, 1789 at Culpepper or Fauquier, Va.  Augustine Payne emigrated in 1835, with his family, from Va. to Parke Co., Indiana "to procure more land for his children."  He died March 16, 1844 at his residence in Bridgeton, Parke Co., Indiana at age 82."  He is said to be buried in Clear Run Cemetery.  

SHAW, James    born  1761 VA , died   after 1850 (appears 1850 Parke Co census as age 89) , married   Elizabeth ?,       Children: James; Thomas; Joseph; Rachel

            Service:  Enlisted Greenbrier Co VA 1780; Private Capt. Benj. Brigg's Co, Col. Gibson's 9th Regt.  In engagement near Ft. McIntosh in Ohio and discharged Jan 1782 having served 18 months. Served under Sam. Brady, Capt.   Pension S 36757.

SHELTON, Wilson    born 1747 Charles Co, MD , died   unknown, married ?,        Children:  Margaret (probably more)

        Service: Enlisted Aug 1780, Stafford Co VA Capt. Charles Rolls, Col. Samuel Payton.  Pension # S31955; Va. Pension applied 1833 age 86 Henry Co., Ky.  On March 26, 1838 asks for transfer to Parke Co., IN.   Came here to live with daughter Margaret Harding.  Transfer made July 31, 1838.

STRINGHAM, Daniel    born  1764 Wallkill, NY, died   Aug. 6, 1841, buried on farm.  Stone, married  Abigail Horton d. 1842,         Children:

        Service: While residing in Wallkill NY he volunteered Oct 1777 and served 1 month; the next year he served 2 months; in 1779 he served 3 months all of his service was rendered as a Pvt. in Capt. Samuel Watkins' Co; Col. Moses Phillips NY Regt and he was out against the Indians who were burning towns & committing depredations against the inhabitants.  Pension S 32536.

TUCKER, John     born 1751 Gloucester, RI            d.  ?            m.  ?

        Service:   Enlisted as Minute Man under Capt. Stephen Winsor and served 4 months, 18 days 1776;  3 months 9 days 1777;  2 months 1778; 40 days 1779.  This service under Capt. Aaron Arnold, Capt May & Col. Chad Brown RI Troops.  Pension claim # S 17739. Pension allowed 1832 while living Liberty Township, Parke Co., IN

VanSANT, John    born May 1762 Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY  ?, died   ?, married  ?

        Service:  Private in Co. commanded by Capt. Wright, Col. Courtland's NY Regt - served 12 months 5 days. Pension S 17172. 

WAGGONER, Samuel    - reportedly buried in Moore Cemetery, Jackson Township

WATTS, Charles    born April 14, 1761 Albemarle Co., VA, died   ?, married  ?

Service:  Drafted Oct 1778, Alb. Co VA served under Capt. Robert Sharp, Ensign Harry Qualls one month when 16.  July 1779 enl. under Col. Reuben Lindsay - tour of 13 weeks.  -- PROOF:  Pens R 11215 Va.  Apply for pension Feb 22, 1836 Washington Township, Parke Co., IN age 75.  Did not serve 6 months.

WILKINS, George    born  March 6, 1758 Philadelphia Co., PA, died   ?, married  ?,  Children: at least 6, one of which was James.

        Service: Orange Co., NC vol. about Christmas 1782; served Pvt. Capt. Clement Hall's NC Co. in Cols Lytle's & Dixon's NC Regiments and was discharged by Col. John Armstrong having served more than 1 years.  Pension Claim S32605.