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Probate Box 42 - Index

Box Decedent Date Filed Relatives of Decedent Administrator, Executor Other Information
42 Pratt, Austin 25 Apr 1856 Widow - Mariah Pratt Adam Sellers Mentioned - James M. Pratt, John Pratt, David J. Pratt, Hiram Pratt
42 Rinehart, Andrew 16 May 1861 Father-in-law - George Higinbothum.  Widow - Mary Ann Rhinehart who died abt. Mar 1848; father - Andrew Rhinehart; son - Geroge Wayne Rhinehart - 13 in 1860 The 2 Rhinehart files were in one packet with John's name: however there is no Parke Co probate for him.  Indexer  separated the 2 into separate files. Guardian - George Higinbothum.  The 2 Georges live Dane Co WI
42 Rinehart, John 11 Nov 1856 Heirs - Jno Rhinehart, George Rhinehart (presumed deceased), Lewis Rhinehart, Andrew Rhinehart, Jacob Rhinehart, Wm. C. Rhinehart, Lydia Shuey married to John Shuey, Mary Ann McCune married to Alexander McCune, and heirs of Catharine J. Byers, married to Zach Byers Lewis and Jacob Rhinehart The documents for John concern actions to get John's legacy from Andrew, for John's son, George.  The 2 Rhinehart files were in one packet with John's name: however, there is no Parke Co probate for him.  Indexer separated the 2 into separate files. 
42 Crabb, James 2 Feb 1861 Widow - Margaret Crabb.  Minor heirs - Perry Rukes, abt 13; John R. Rukes, abt 11; Columbus Rukes, abt 9 Guardian for children - John Rukes Also in box 40                        Mentioned - Peter Crabb
42 Hickman 2 Jul 1864 A divorce between Emily Hickman and Jas. P. Hickman.  They have one female child, under age one in Jul 1864    
42 Burson, James 25 Aug 1859 (Widow - Jane [probably died before 1859]) Sons  - John Burson, William Burson,(Joseph Burson, Benjamin Burson), (Daughters - Ann Chaney, Rachel Denman, Tamor Chaney, Elizabeth Fisher).  Rachel Denman's children - Harriett Denman married to Peter Young, America N. Denman, Wm. Denman.  Margaret J. Lee, m. to John Lee also may be Rachel's dau.  Ann Chaney married to Henry Chaney.  Minor children - Celathiel, Sarah J. Mary M. & Margaret A. Chaney.  James Chaney's childen (is he the husband of Tamor Chaney: James Burson's will identifies 2 of her children as Jane and James) - James, Jane (probably married to P. Cattrell),  William, Elizabeth, Rachael & Ann Chaney.  Margaret Burson's grandchildren - Charles Grimes and Ellen & Rachael Bound.  Elizabeth Burson's children - James, John, Jane, Harriet, Mariah, Prudence, Clay, Rhoda & Oliver P. Burson.  Nancy Burson's children - John, Joseph, Isaac,  & Sarah A. Burson.  Other legatee - Benjamin William Newton John & William Burson    Later John Price appt'd Administrator de bonis non  Thomas N. Rice was guardian of all minor children. James Burson's will was recorded 30 Oct 1844.  Most of its instructions could not be carried out until his wife, Jane, died and his grandchildren were 21. (The relationship of many of the heirs to James Burson could not be determined from the probate file in box 42.  Relationships for those listed in parentheses were obtained from his will.)  James Burson's list of heirs includes lists of 3 Burson women's children.  They may be the widows of James's sons John, William & Benjamin as the file suggests that John & William died before 1859 and it does not mention Benjamin.
42 Blasdel, Enoch 16 Jan 1861 Legatees - Ruth Ann Tansett (?), Jonathan Ewbank, Jacob Ewbank, Enoch B. Ewbank Lancelot Ewbank - guardian for Ruth Ann Tansett  
42 Ewbank, Lancelot Jan 1861                             See below James Russell Mentioned - Sarah Ewbank, Jonathan Ewbank
42 Ensworth, John Jan 1861 Heirs - Elizabeth C., Viola, Mary Jane, Lucy Ann, Allice, and Oliver John Ensworth Oliver P. Brown & Henry Linton Also in box 43
42 Overman, Alex 23 Jan 1861 Widow - Lydia Overman Calvin Newlin Alex had a will
42 Overpeck, Valentine 28 Dec 1858 Widow - Martha Overpeck                                Legatees - Eizabeth Collis, Thomas Overpeck, Martha J. Overpeck Executors - George W. Overpeck & John Collis G. W. Overpeck is guardian of Martha J. Overpeck
42 Jessup, Smith 16 Jan 1856 6 heirs - Stephen Jessup, John Jessup, Jacob Jessup, Andrew J. Jessup, Ruth/Jerutha Jessup and Lydia Carrens Executor - Sam'l Davis Had a will.  Specific legacies to Joseph, Aaron & Sidney Jessup (relationship not given)
42 Spencer, Philemon 15 Jan 1861 Minor heirs - Thomas C. Spencer & Santford Spencer.  Legatees (perhaps adult children) - John W. Spencer, James Spencer & Cythan Crutchfield married to Nicholas Crutchfield Executor - Wesley Spencer Mentioned - Eleanor Spencer, who might be the widow
42 Ingelsbe, Ruel 16 Jan 1861 Ruel never married and had no children.  9 siblings, 6 of whom are deceased  Living sibs - Joel, Olive and John Inglesby. Deceased slblings - Cynthia Dayton (her heirs - Sylva Homes & Alenam (?) Moltby); Lucy Luzells (her heirs - Cloe Chester, Lucy Ann Jewel,  Polly A. & Cyntha Cayselle); Eber Inglesby (his heirs - Maynard, Morris J., Abel (?), Daniel, Warren, Eber & Mary Inglesbe); Louisa Henderson (her heirs - Sally Ann Blodget and James M., Hazell, Harrit,Jeramy, Axdora, & Ruel Henderson and Henrietta Warner); Polly Meigs (her heirs - Lucina, Martin, Johnson, Eliza & Livinia Meigs); Betsey Thomas (her heirs Wesley, Martha, John, Cynthia, Abraham & Stephen Thomas)    
42 Howk, Calvin 15 Jan 1861 Widow - Harriet Howke Martin H. Cleadle Mentioned - Thomas Howke, Legrand Howke
42 Wright, Wm. E. 16 Oct 1861 Widow - Mary A. Wright, now married to Wm. Marshall.  Only child - Innes Wright Josephus Wright.  Later - Peter Benago                                Innes' guardian - Alex Susbaugh     Mentioned - A. M. & Jacob Wright
42 Adams, William C. 14 Mar 1861 Widow - Mary Adams.   Heirs - Malona Brown, Harvey M. Adams, Harriet Ann Adams Seybold, Reuben Adams, Sarah Jane Adams, Albert Adams, Wm. D. Adams William Brown  
42 Chezem, Elizabeth 15 Jan 1861 Deceased husband - Samuel Chezem.  Heirs - Jane Blunk married to Amos D. Blunk, Samuel Chezem, Caroline Walker married to S?m? Walker, Dilema Pixley married to Isaac Pizley; Milo G. Chezem a minor, Dililah Smith married to Harvey Smith, Henry Chezem, Eliza Walker married to John Walker, Lydia Green, Mary Ann Porter married to Joseph Porter, James Chezem James B. Naylor           Guardian (of Milo?) - W. H. Wilson. Also in box 37
42 Chezem, Samuel 13 Jul 1858 Widow - Elizabeth Chezem.  Heirs - Eliza Walker married to John Walker, Mary A. Porter married to Joseph Porter, Caroline Walker married to Samuel Walker, Dilemma Picksler married to Isaac Picksler, Lydia Green married to Eliza Green, Milo Chezem a minor, James Chezem, Henry Chezem, Samuel Chezem, Jane Chezem, Dililah Smith married to Henry Smith.   Samuel Chezem documents are in Elizabeth Chezem's file.            Samuel also in box 37
42 Collings, John Jan 1861 Children - Gray Collings, Isaac Collings Guardian - Isaac Collings Mentioned - John Collings, William Collings
42 Ewbank, Lancelot 17 Jan 1861 Heirs - Jonathan Ewbank, Susan Ewbank Ratcliff, David Ewbank, Jacob Ewbank, Ruth Ann Ewbank Fausett, Lancelot C. Ewbank, Mary Catherine Ewbank Ratcliff, Amelia Ewbank Livingston James H. Russell                                                                                                                                 Miles and William Ratcliff are spouses of Susan & Mary Catharine Ewbank.                      Enoch Blazedell is grandfather (of named heirs?)
42 Falls, Jesse 17 Jan 1861 Widow - Margaret Falls.  Six heirs - Mary Ellen, Thomas, John, Sarah, Alwilore, and unnamed Falls Hector Smith                              Samuel Hixon - guardian for 3 minor heirs Mentioned - George W. Falls
42 Emsworth, John 27 Feb 1860   receipt moved to earlier file  
42 Burson, James 21 May 1861 Receipt moved to earlier file John Price  
42 Foote, Andrew 15 Jan 1861 Widow - Jane Foote.                 Heirs - Samuel P. Foote, Joseph A. Foote, Caroline Allen Executor - Samuel P. Foote  
42 DeWitt, Silas 24 Mar 1860 Widow - Mariah A. DeWitt Carpenter    
42 Emsworth, John 15 Sep 1863 Heir - Infant Viola E. Emsworth Move to above  
42 Hickman 5 Jul 1864 Same divorce case as above    
42 Kirkpatrick, David 2 May 1861   R. B. McEwen Also in box 43
42 Shuey, Henry 49 Apr 1864   Robert B. McEwen File mentions Matthew Noel, deceased and his heirs - Johnson P. Noel, Arthur P. Noel, & Elizabeth Bushong
42 Noel, Matthew   Heirs - Johnson P. Noel, Arthur P. Noel, & Elizabeth Bushont   This information is in Henry Shuey's file in box 42
42 Finnell, E. R. 18 Apr 1864   James B. Naylor  E. R. Finnell is Elizabeth R. Finnell
42 McMullen, Rachael 27 Apr 1861   Wm. Norman  
42 Dawson, M. C. 20 Feb 1864     M. C. Dawson is Marcus C. Dawson
42 Hadley, Sidney 17 Nov 1863      
42 Bright, John Jr. Sep 1864 Heirs - Ann, Charles, Elizabeth and Ewin C. Bright    
42 Webster, Sanford 31 Dec 1860      
42 Staggs, John 17 Mar 1864      
42 Melvin, Joshua 21 Jan 1864      
42 Burns, Owen Jul 1860   James Weldon  
42 Quinn, Thomas 2 Aug 1856      
42 Phipps, Hiram 14 Apr 1864      
42 Pauley, Andrew 2 Apr 1864     Mentioned - Robinson Bryant, deceased.
42 Hale, Justin 2 Apr 1862 Widow - Anna W. Hale                                Heirs - Lucinda E., Palace (?) M., and Mary E. Hale James W. Beadle  
42 Moreland, James 20 May 1862   Joseph Moreland  
42 Carman, Dorothy 20 May 1862   Martin G. Brown  
42 Bright, John Sr. 20 May 1862   James W. Beadle  
42 Ball, James 20 May 1862   Abel Ball  
42 Ball, Abel Sr. 20 May 1862   Walker Adams  
42 Linton, Henry L. 24 Sep 1861   Ellzabeth Linton  
42 McKey, Elias 24 Sep 1861   R. H. W. McKey and D. W. McKey  
42 Vincent, John 24 Sep 1861                                See above William Burnside  
42 Chapman, Thos. 14 Jan 1862   Executors - George Chapman & Alfred Headley Mentioned - William Chapman
42 Chezem, Elizabeth 26 Aug 1859                                See above    
42 Curl, George 6 Dec 1861   Executors - William Curl & Robert Atkinson  
42 Dawson, Marcus C. 13 Jan 1862                                See above Alexander Surbaugh  
42 Davis, James 24 Sep 1861   Jesse R. Youmans  
42 Duvall, Thompson 13 Jan 1862   F. F. Keith  
42 Dykes, James W. 13 Jan 1862   Henry Dykes  
42 Finney, Rob't 24 Sep 1861   Elijah C. Finney  
42 Lewis, Madison 13 Jan 1862   Ralph Holbert  
42 Moody, Sarah 13 Jan 1862   Wm. M. Woodard  
42 Mulhallen, Wm. P.  13 Jan 1862   Thomas Newton Rice  
42 Oldshue, John 13 Jan 1862   Jacob Oldshue  
42 Shup, Martin 13 Jan 1862   Joseph Bowsher  
42 Stryker, Wilbur F. 13 Jan 1862   Jacob W. Stryker  
42 Suart, Mary A. 24 Sep 1861   James Stuart  
42 Wolf, Philip 13 Jan 1862   Fleury K. Keith Mentioned - David Wolf
42 Wright, Wm. E. 24 Sep 1861                                 See above Josephus Wright.    
42 Myers, Daniel 5 Jun 1861   Guardian (apparently for heir(s) - Mitchell Cunningham  
42 Barton, William 6 Jun 1861   Guardian for heirs - John Briggs, Jr.  Guardian for heir - Calvin Pruett This file is in a file with Daniel Myers on the outside
42 Ensworth, John 10 Aug 1861                                 See above Guardian: Elizabeth C. Ensworth  
42 Adams, Elliott 15 Aug 1861   Guardian (apparently for heir(s) - Cornelius M. Barnes Mentioned - Thomas A. Barnes  This file is in a file with Daniel Myers on the outside
42 Vincent, John 10 Sep 1861                                 See above Guardian for heirs - Alsolem S. Doggett  
42 Depew, James 25 Feb 1861 Minor heirs - Sarah and Mary Depew Guardian - Pembroke S. Cornelius On a sheet of paper whose outside says Clk's Report of letters of Guardianship
42 Reeder, David 15 Mar 1861 Heirs - Silas, George, Jospeh, Charles, Eliza June, and Margary Reeder Guardian - Margary Reeder On a sheet of paper whose outside says Clk's Report of letters of Guardianship
42 Burke, Robert 4 May 1861 Heirs - Mary S., Indiana J., Caroline, and Isabella Burke Guardian - John Lowry On a sheet of paper whose outside says Clk's Report of letters of Guardianship
42 Shipley, John 9 May 1861 Minor heirs - James A. and John Shipley Guardian - Wm. Batman On a sheet of paper whose outside says Clk's Report of letters of Guardianship
42 Linkwiler, James Jan 1861 Widow - Mary Linkwiler   James died in 1859
42 Brown, ? 3 Oct 1859 Possible heirs - Oliver P. Brown, Mary Ann Shirk married to Joseph Shirk, Elvina Atherton married to Benjamin F. Atherton, William Brown