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Probate Box 32 - Index   

Box Decedent Date Filed Relatives of Decedent Administrator, Executor Other Information
32 Adams, John 13 Oct 1856 Widow - Mary Adams.  Heirs - Wm. C. Adams, Sam's Adams, Sarah S. Combs, Mary Yocum, George Adams (a minor) William C. Adams John W. Adams mentioned
32 Adams, Pleasant 11 Oct 1856 Son - George W. Adams William C. Adamson is George's guardian  
32 Adams, Samuel W. 1 Jan 1856 Wife - Ann Adams, also deceased.  Children - Elizabeth Adams (age 20), George W. Adams (18), William Adams (16), Emeline Adams (12), Thos. G. Adams (14), Margaret Ann Adams (10), Sam'l McNutt Adams (7) Ganville W. Anderson is children's guardian Emeline lives with Ganville W. Anderson; Thos. G & Margaret in Illinois with William L. Adams; Elizabeth & William with John C. Adams; Geo. W. & Sam'l with John C. Gilkinson
32 Ball, Hiram O. 6 Sep 1856 Widow - Mary Ball.  Minor children - Elizabeth Ball (17), Mary Ann Ball (13), Rachel Ball (11), Benjamin Franklin Ball (9).  Adult children - George Ball, Levisa Ball (died 19 Apr 1856), Hazamia Ball (died 24 Mar 1855)   Hiram died about 30 Sep 1858
32 Bloxom, William 10 Jul 1855 Widow - Margaret L. Bloxom. Minor child - Solomon Bloxom. Heirs - James Bloxom, John Bloxom, Joseph Bloxom, Ann Bloxom, Daniel B. Sharp (wife Mary), William Bloxom, Thomas K. Harvey, Margaret Bloxom (deceased) James Bloxom Thomas K. Harvey is guardian for Solomon.    The decedent probably died about May 1835.
32 Blue, Abraham 8 Jul 1856 Heir - Angeline Blue, age 14 Samuel P. Kerr is guardian Angeline lives in Vermillion Co IN with Sam'l Blue
32 Bruce, John H. 10 May 1856 Widow - Louisa W. Bruce.  Minor heirs - Wiley R. Bruce, Alberry F. Bruce, Gertrude A. Bruce, Horace H. Bruce Samuel B. Bushnel Also in box 28
32 Cahill, Joseph 28 Aug 1855 Widow - Clorinda, now married to Benjamin Jenkins.  Ten heirs : Philip Cahil, Hiram Cahil, Mary Cahill (minor), Naomi Cahill (minor), Elizabeth Cole (husband Alkame Cole), Indiana McNeal (husband Neal McNeal), David Cahill, Zabrina Cahill, John Cahil (minor), William Cahill (minor) Benjamin Jenkins is guardian of Mary & Naomi. All children except Mary & Naomi are children of Joseph's first wife, Elizabeth.                         Joseph died about 15 Dec 1854.                                  Also in box 24.
32 Calendar, Isaac J. 18 Sep 1854      
32 Camper, Harmon 2 Oct 1854      
32 Clore, Joel 12 Mar 1851 Unnamed widow.  Minor heirs - Joseph Clore (b. Apr 1860), John Clore (21 by Apr 1855), Aaron Clore, Elijah Clore (21 by Mar 1851) Connor Clore Children's guardian - Howard Clore & later Elijah Clore.  Urial Clore mentioned.                     Also in boxes 28 & 33.
32 Cloud, Phebe V. 5 Jan 1855 Minor daughter - Mary P. Cloud David Cloud, Mary's father is guardian. Also in box 30
32 Collings, John Snr. 6 Jul 1855 Widow - Sarah Collings.  8 heirs - Harrison, Isaac, Abraham, Jesse, John, William, Gray & Shelby Collings William Collings & John Collings, Jr. Spotsard Collings & Johnson Colllings also mentioned.
32 Connelly, Jesse 25 Jul 1855 Widow - Sarah who may have died about Apr 1855 before Jesse died about May 1855.              Final report says 9 heirs & names 8: Jemiah Ruble, John D. Connelly, Susan D. Ware, Daniel Connelly (likely really David), Elizabeth Reddish, Thadius Connelly, Simeon Connelly, Marcus Boswell (executor James Connelly likely the 9th but not stated anywhere).  Legatee receipts for the following: John D. Connelly, Susannah D. Ware, Elizabeth Reddish, T. W. Connelly, Simeon Connelly, David Connelly, Susan Mary Phillips & Charles S. Ruble (minors signed for by Charles B. Ruble), Jacob H. Ruble, William H & Sarah A. Darland, George H., Louisa & Susan E. Boswell (signed for by William Boswell), William Thaddeus & Marius Mothershead (signed for by James Mothershead), Mary Ann Musgrove James Connelly, Executor The listed legatees beginning with Susan Mary Phillips and ending with Mary Ann Musgrove are probably grandchildren or great-grandchildren of Jesse Connelly and probably heirs of Jemiah Ruble and the unnamed wife of Marcus Boswell as the total amounts they received equal 2 shares of the estate.  (See Jesse Connelly's will for verification.)
32 Cross 14 Mar 1850 Heir - Eliza Cross, under 14 in age. Thomas R. Harvey is Eliza's guardian. File consists of a one sentence entry on the one page file of David McCormack.
32 Cross, George W. 8 Jul 1854 Widow - Elizabeth Cross.  Minor heirs - Joseph Cross, Emeline Cross, Elizabeth Cross, Martha Cross, Mary Ann Cross   Not clear that George is deceased.  He left for California Apr 1852 & had not returned by Jul 1854.
32 Danalson, Edward G. 22 Mar 1855 Heirs - William Broughton, Lucy Broughton, Mary Broughton, Miranda Broughton Walter C. Danalson, guardian of heirs Edward G. Danalson died 1852.  
32 Fisher, John 12 Jul 1856 Daughter - Hannah Fisher, married to Adam Wittenmeyer.  Son - Robert Fisher (both under 21) Children's guardian is Guy Cornthwaite. Outside of file says "Adam Wittenmyer & wife vs. Guy Cornthwaite"                   Robert Fisher mentioned.                     Also in box 24
32 Gasaway, Louis 16 Jan 1856 Minor child - Henry Gasaway, age 6 Peter Gasaway is Henry's father & legal guardian Louis Gasaway is Henry's mother
32 Glass, Pleasant 16 Jan 1856 Siblings - James Glass, William Glass, John Glass, George W. Glass, Nancy Hatfield, Phebe Redpath, Mary Jacobs.  Half-siblings - Isaac J. Glass (age 5), Robert Glass (age 4), Rachael Glass (3) Sam'l Davis  
32 Hartman, John 14 Mar 1856 Widow - Hannah Hartman.  Minor children - Elizah J. Hartman, Sarah A. Hartman, Hannah E. Hartman & Benjamin F. Hartman.  Other heirs - William H. Hartman, John K. Hartman, Maria Webster, formerly Hartman (husband James Webster), Catharine Case, formerly Hartman (husband Horace Case) Hannah Hartman is guardian of minor children.  
32 Helms, Charles 31 Jan 1855 Heir - John Helms, about age 4 Arthur Horner John lives with grandfather in Illinois.
32 Holliday, Abraham 11 Jul 1856 Widow - Elizabeth Holliday.  Children - Duncan Holliday, Abraham Holliday, Mahlon Holliday, Thomas Holliday, Jane Holliday, Samuel Holliday, Asa Holliday & Asenath Holliday (Her mother got her share in 1854) Silas H. Woodard is children's guardian.  Later, mother appointed guardian  
32 Kelly, John 4 Oct 1855 Minor heirs - John Kelly (age 18), Daniel Kelly (10), James Kelly (7).  Adult heir - William Kelly Cornelius Kelly is guardian of minor children. Also in box 28
32 Kersey, Enoch 8 Oct 1856 Widow - Sarah Kersey.  Heir - Thomas Kersey Stephen Kersey George Curl is Thomas Kersey's guardian.  Enoch probably died by 1839
32 Laney, Joseph 16 Jan 1856 Widow - Jerusha Laney.  Minor heirs - John Laney (18), Sophia Laney (16), Louisa Laney (14).  Land division document suggests that there were also 5 adult children. Hector Smith is guardian of minor children.  
32 Manwaring, Robert 20 Mar 1855   Robert Manwaring  
32 McCormack, David 14 Mar 1850 Minor heirs - Edmond McCormack and Mary Jane McCormack.  Mary Jane is deceased and her mother is Mary Ann Carman. Isaac Carman is guardian of Edmond & Mary Jane. File consists of one page.
32 McElrath, Wm.     Jesse Falls  
32 McGaughey, E. W.  24 Jan 1854   Wm. M. C. Blake, Executor  
32 Moody, Allen 25 Dec 1854 Widow - Elizabeth Moody.  Unnamed children. Allen Cox Jackson Allen is children's guardian.  Isaac Moody & Mary Moody mentioned in file
32 Moody, Allen 25 Dec 1854 Widow - Elizabeth Moody.  Children - Silas (about 13), Samuel (about 11), James (about 7) Allen Cox  
32 Morris, William 12 Mar 1851 Wife - Pearcy Morris who died Oct 1854.  Heirs per will according to one document - Jeremiah Morris, Peggy Lewis, Polly Jordan, Betty (?) Lewis, James E. Morris, Willim (?) C. Morris, Zachariah Morris, Mary Hurst, Pearcy Bryant & Robert Morris.  Other heirs named in file - Percy Morris, Mordecai Morris, Robert Morris, Elizabeth Ann Inge, Mary Susan Earhart (Vincent Inge is father of Elizabeth Ann & Mary Susan), and Thomas Morris, an insane person. Guardians: Zachariah Morris for Percy Morris; William Lewis for Mordecai & Thomas Morris; Samuel S. Jordan for Robert Morris; Vincent Inge for Elizabeth Inge & Mary Susan Earhart. Outside of file says Zachariah Morris.           The decedent lived in Mercer Co KY and had a will dated 5 Apr 1850.
32 Noel, Lewis 12 Jul 1856 Minor heirs - Joseph Burton, Sarah E. Burton, Lucretia C. Burton Heirs' father and guardian is Wiley C. Burton. Mentioned - William M. Noel.  Documents suggest 9 heirs of estate.  Burtons probably lived Des Moines, Iowa.
32 Orvis, L. D.  5 Sep 1855 Widow - Sarah Orvis.  Children - Nancy J. Orvis (about 16), Joseph Orvis (about 14), William Orvis (about 12), Sarah H. Orvis (about 10), Hurmin J. Orvis (about 6) James M. T. Bright  
32 Osborn, Jesse 12 Jun 1857 Heirs - Ransom Osborn (probably 21 by Jan 1854) and John Osborn (probably 21 by Oct 1856)   John Frazier is guardian.  Earlier guardian was Warner Davis
32 Penteney, Joseph     Henry F. Keith Joseph died 24 Jan 1852, aged 54y, 3m, 14 d.       Aquilla Puntenney mentioned.
32 Plunkett, Nathan 29 Mar 1855 Widow - Nancy Plunkett.  Deceased daughter - Melinda Hoosier.  Melinda's children - James W., Nancy, Mary & John Hoosier (all minors). Daughters - Frances Ann Culver (husband William Culver), Emily Davis (husband Ira Davis)    
32 Poteet, Allran 3 Oct 1854 Widow - Martha Poteet.  Children - Ann Ribble, about 20 (husband George Ribble), George Poteet (about 14), Mark Poteet (about 8), Adolphus Poteet (about 2) Geo. H. Ribble.  Later, J. G. Crain Also in boxes 27,29,30   Allran owned land in Jasper Co IN
32 Pulliam, Spotswood 19 Feb 1855 Widow - Leah L. Pulliam.  No issue Leah L. Pulliam Case involves Harman A. Pulliam, who was being cared for by Spotswood.
32 Rubottom, William 18 Aug 1855 Heirs - Elizabeth Newlin (husband Enos Newlin), Indiana Rubottom, Lem (?) Rubottom, John M. Rubottom, Hiram Rubottom, Caroline L. Rubottom Washington Hadley Washington Hadley guardian for Indiana & John M. Rubottom for Hiram.                                  Milton, Zeno & Thomas Rubottom mentioned.
32 Russell, Hugh 9 Apr 1855   John Bright, Jr.  
32 Saxton, George 20 Nov 1851 Heirs - John Saxton, Ashford Saxton, Morris Saxton, Catharine Free (husband Samuel Free), Charlotte Saunders (husb. Elijah Saunders), Mary Green (husb. Samuel D. Green), Rebecca Morehead.  Also children of Benjamin Saxton, deceased: Martha Ann Brown (husb. Reed Brown),  and minors John Saxton, Mary Saxton, Catharine Saxton, George Saxton & Benjamin Saxton.  Also children of Gershom Saxton, deceased: Wesley Saxton, Silas Saxton, Evaline Saxton, Matilda Saxton, Gershom Saxton, Jr. , all minors. George W. Cross.  Later, Levi Sidwell. Also in boxes 26 & 28       John Saxton, Morris Saxton & Mary Green live Illinois.                                  Rebecca Saxton is mentioned.
32 Stott, Geo. 2 Jan 1855   Sam'l Magill Eliizabeth McFadden received $150 that Geo. Stott had rec'd from his father.
32 Sutton, Wm. 9 Jun 1856 Minor heirs - Margaret Sutton (insane), Mann Sutton, Susan E. Sutton (husband William P. Mikels/Michaels), Sarah Isabell Sutton, Lavina Catharine Sutton, Nancy Clarissa Sutton, Malissa Martha Sutton, Hannah Angeline Sutton  Guardians: Wm. Aydelotte for Margaret & Susan; Albert L. Thomas for Mary Ann; Mary (probably their mother) for the last 5 named children  
32 Varner, Isaac 11 Apr 1856 Widow - Ruth Varner.  Children - Sarah Varner, Seneca Varner, Elizabeth Varner, Deannah Varner, John Varner, Isaac Varner Ruth Varner is guardian of the children. Also in box 30
32 Wasson, Alexander 9 Jan 1856 Heirs - Arman Jane Wasson, Harriet Amanda Wasson,  Robert Alexander Monroe, Elizabeth Ann Monroe Children's guardian is Chas. Vandaver.  Later Nathan H. Blake for Robert & Elizabeth Monroe Also in box 29
32 Wasson, Alexander 30 Oct 1851 Arma Jane Wasson and Harriet Amanda Wasson   Outside says Charles Vandavar oath
32 Wilkinson, Jos. 16 Jul 1856 Minor heirs - Cornelia Wilkinson (21 by Jul 1856), Mary A. Wilkinson, Clarissa Wilkinson, Olinda E. Wilkinson, Mariah E. Wilkinson Guardians: Wm. Aydelotte for Cornelia; James G. Burt for Mary A. & Clarissa; Joseph McFarland for Olinda & Mariah. All heirs except Mariah at least age 14 .
32 Williams, Sam'l Jan 1855   Michael W. Ephlin File is a summons for Gideon Boston, William Williams, Tilman Williams & Emaline Williams re title to land.
32 Wilson, John 28 Aug 1855 Widow - Jane Wilson.  Heirs - John Wilson, Sara A. Wilson, Martha Shelton (husband John Shelton), Jane Corkin (husb. Cornelius C. Corkin), Mary Shields (husb. Joseph Shields), Eliza Evans (husb. Harvey Evans), Nancy Burton (husb. Thomas Burton), Susan Hedges (husb. Isaac B. Hedges)   The Shields and Burtons live outside Indiana.  The Evans live Vigo Co IN.  The Hedges live Vermillion Co IN.
32 Wilson, William 17 Aug 1854      
32 Wimmer, Jacob 17 Jan 1856 Minor heirs: Jane McGilvray, late Jane Wimmer; Nancy A. Wimmer; Henry Clay Wimmer Samuel Davis, guardian of minor heirs Also in boxes 20 & 28