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Parke County Probate Records

Index Books 1 - 5

shared by Nicole LaRue and her team of volunteers including Roberta Wysong, Alberta Butler and Sharon Mills

Box 1 Box  2 Box  3 Box  4 Box  5

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Box Name of Decedent Date Filed Executor/Admin. Name of family member Relationship  to decedent
1 Arnett, William  Feb 1833 John Arnett    
        Betsey Nugent Sister
        Samuel Arnett Father
        Thomas Arnett Brother
        Samuel Arnett Nephew, son of Thomas
1 Barnes, John * Aug. 1838 James Barnes   Son
        Michael Barnes  
        Eadith Barnes  
        Edward T. Barnes  
        George Barnes  
 information in box 2
1 Bloxom, William  Nov. 1835   Margaret L. Bloxom Widow
 information found in box 3 and 5
1 Brownlee, William  Aug 1835 Demsey Seybold    
1 Davis, Robert  1834-1835 Edmund Manly*     
      Susannah Davis   Widow
      *Edmund is also shown to have been executor for the estate of a John P. Manly in 1834  
1 Hayworth, Zebulon  Oct 1833 Solomon Hayworth    
        Barnabus Haworth  
        Solomon Hayworth  
        James Haworth  
        John Hayworth  
1 Franklin, Luther  1833 James Barnes    
 information found in box 3
1 Jones, William 1832-1835 Charles Nugent    
        Thomas Jones* Son
        *Thomas Jones is shown to have died in 1835  
        Frances Jones (later Boswell,Thomas Boswell her husband) Widow
        Elizabeth Jones Daughter
1 Kelly, Samuel 1833-1835 William T. Noel    
1 Kennedy, Martin 1834-1835 William Kennedy    
      George Kennedy    
        Joseph Kennedy  
1 Philips, Alston 12 Nov 1832      
        Martha widow
 information found in box 5
1 Laverty, Alexander 1831-1833 Samuel Laverty    
        John M. Laverty  
1 Mitchell, Wm Mason F eb. 1834 Susan Mitchell Rice*  
        [N?]orton Mitchel  
        William McCarty Son-in-law
        Lear Mitchel McCarty daughter
        Benjamin Mitchel  
        Wist[b?]y Mitchel  
        Fisher Mitchel  
        John Christler Son-in-law
        Malinda Mitchel Christler  daughter
        Alfred Mitchel  
        Joel Mitchel  
        Frederick Wineland Son-in-law
        Betsy Mitchel Wineland daughter
        James Vanclever Son-in-law
        Polly Mitchel Vanclever daughter
      * Jonathan Rice her husband in May 1835  
 information found in box 3]
1 Morrison, Enoch 12 Aug 1833 James Morrison    
      John Newlin    
        William Morrison  
        Mary Morrison  
        Eli Morrison  
        Catharine Morrison  
1 Norman, Lemuel Apr 1833 Isaac Norman    
1 Oard, William Oct 1833 Augustus Oard    
1 Rowe, William Sept 1830 Moses Hendry    
        Susannah Row  
 information found in box 4
1 Ward, Nelson 1834-1835 James Ward    
        Thompson Ward  
        Greenberry Ward  
1 Williams, Joseph R. 1830 James Williams    
      John Romaine    
1  Morrow, Archibald E.* 15 Aug 1838 John C. Gilkerson    
        Martha Morrow  
 information in box 2 and box 4
1 Hansel, David* 16 Nov 1833      
        Katharine Hansel  
        George Hansel  
        William Hansel  
        John Hansel  
        Hannah Hansel  
 information found in box 2 and 5
1 Osburn, Jonathan Sept 1834 C.C. (Caleb) Osburn    
      A.B. (Andrew) Denton    
        Silas Osborn  
        Stephen Osburn  
        George Osburn  
        C.C. Osborn  
1 Hart, John        
    12 Feb 1834 Moses R. Dooley    
      Pleasant Hart    
        Willis Hart  
        Martha (Patsy) Hart Widow
        William Hart son
        Abigail Hart daughter
        Ezekial Hart son
        Mary Margaret Hart daughter
        John Hart son
        Jane Hart mother
 information found in box 3
1 Kesler, John S. 13 Feb 1833 Caleb Roberts    
        Chawntzenbach Kessler  
 information found in boxes 4 and 5
1 Barnes, Isaac 12 May 1835      
        Ruth Barnes Hiatt*  Widow
        *husband Asa Hiatt  
 information found in box 5
1 Chestnut, James Mar 1833 Joseph Potts    
 information found in box 4 and 5
1 Compton, Gilbert        
    3 May 1834 James Allen    
        Sary [?] Compton  
1 Adkins, Ephraim 27 May 1835      
      Daniel Underwood    
        Mary Adkins Widow
1 Cooper, Alexander 20 Feb 1835      
        Ellen Cooper Widow
1 Dennis, Walter C. 17 Dec 1829 Anthony Dennis    
 information found in box 4
1 Drake, Jesse        
    27 Aug 1833 John Marts    
1 Dickson, Samuel        
    11 Nov 1834   Eliza Dickson Widow
        John Dickson son
        Mary Jane Dickson daughter
        Emily Dickson daughter
1 Gilkeson, Thomas E.        
    19 Nov 1832 Henry Anderson    
      Jennett Gilkeson    
        Robert  M. Gilkeson  
        Thomas E. Gilkeson  
        John C. Gilkeson  
        Matthew M. Gilkeson  
        Jane Gilkeson  
1 McDonald, George        
    10 Sept 1833 Lewis Cammack    
      Solomon Shepard    
1 Noel, Bernard        
    21 May 1833* Matthew Noel    
        Rachel Noel Widow
        Samuel Noel  
        Scott Noel  
        Lewis Noel  
 information found in box 4
      *sale bill from 1821    
1 Camingore, David        
    13 Feb 1834   Hugh Camingore son
        Sally Camingore daughter
        David Camingore son
        Henry Camingore son
1 Nicholas [Nichols], Thomas        
    Mar 1832 J. Garrigus    
1 Nelson, Thomas        
    15 Aug 1834 Joel Hendricks    
      Charity Nelson    
      widow and children are mentioned but no names are given  
1 Pulliam, John A.* 5 Apr 1854      
      Parmelia Pulliam   widow
      Sam'l R. Hamilton    
        Elizabeth Jane Pulliam daughter
        Mary Ann Pulliam daughter
 information in box 2
      * No file photos    
1 Broyles, Michael* 1853- 1854      
      Samuel Musgrave    
        Nancy Broyles  
 information in box 2
      *No file photos     
1 Mitchell, Robert 16 May 1838      
1 Rubottom, William 16 May 1838 Benjamin McFarland    
    9 Jan 1854 James Underwood    
      Calvin Newlin    
      William Hadley-Guardian to minor heirs  
        Caroline Rubottom minor heir
1 Robinson, Robert*     Indiana Rubottom minor heir
      *also includes guardianship papers for William Findley  
    20 Aug 1831 Tobias Miller    
        Mary Robison  
        Martha Buchannan-husband is George   
        Margaret Miller  
        Joseph P. Robison and Mary  
1 Ready, John 23 Feb 1828      
      Tobias Miller    
        Mrs. Ready bought 2 items at sale
 information found in box 4
1 Puett, Coleman        
    31 Dec 1833 Alexander Puett    
        Judith Puett widow
        Elisha Puett heir
        A.M. Puett heir
1 Smith, Frederick B. 12 Sept 1834 Joseph Cahill    
1 Sampson, Philip J.  Sept 1832 Jonathan Houghan    
        Mary Sampson widow and guardian to infant heirs
        James Sampson infant heir
        Hiram Sampson infant heir
        Mary Sampson infant heir
        George Sampson infant heir
        Philip J. Sampson infant heir
        Joseph Sampson infant heir
1 Givens, Joel 10 Oct 1833 Mary Givens    
        Elisha Givens  
      Benjamin Givens   Guardian to John Matison Givens
        John Matison Givens heir
1 Hart, Ezekiel Aug 1830 William Floyd    
        John Hart  
        Willis Hart  
 information found in box 4
1 Grubb, John A. Dec. 1831 John Briggs    
        Nancy Grubb  
1 Pugh, William Nov 1833 Lucy Pugh    
2 Baker, David 1846 Guardianship to heirs of James C. Bennett  
2 Barnes, John 7 April 1855 Jesse Falls    
    22 Aug 1834 Wm. Barnes James Barnes  
        John Barnes  
        Abarilla [?] Barnes  
        Henry Barnes  
        Mary [May?] Barnes  
        William Barnes  
        Jincy Ann [Jane Ann?] Barnes widow
 information found in box 1
2 Brookbank, Mary        
    10 Feb 1846 Thomas A Brookbank    
2 Taylor, William Shep…     Elizabeth Brookbank  
2 Wilson, John Sr 12 Nov 1845      
    Oct 1855 Cornelius C. Corkins    
      Jesse Youmans    
        Jane Wilson Widow
        John Wilson  
        Sarah Wilson  
2 Couchman, Andrew        
    6 July 1853 Samuel A Evans    
        Margaret E Couchman Widow
2 Robinson, Allen*        
    2 July 1855 Jno. Spender    
        Sibbat Ann Robinson Clark* Widow
        * remarried to Andrew Jackson Clark  
        31 Dec 1833  
        Margaret Robinson Bilbow  
        Martha Robinson  
        William Robinson  
        Elizabeth Robinson Hylton  
      possibly more in box 2-same name  
2 Brockway, Edmond        
    July 1855   Lydia Brockaway Widow
2 Brookbank, Lorenzo        
    14 Feb 1846 John Gilkerson    
      Mary Ann Brookbank (later Webster*)   Widow
      *married James S Webster    
 information found elsewhere in box
2 Bennett, James C        
    17 May 1845   Charles Bennett  
        Temperance Meeker*  
        *wife of Jacob Meeker  
        John Briggs Guardian to heirs
2 Laney, Daniel Sr        
    25 Oct 1854 A W Laney    
        Joseph Laney  
        Abraham W. Laney  
        Zacharaiah Laney  
        Asa Laney  
2 Harvey, William   Habeas Corpus    
      **additional info found scattered in box  
2 Dowdall, Moses   Habeas Corpus    
2 Forbes, Lawson   Insolvency    
2 Dixon, Solomon   Insolvency    
2 Fisher, Peter   Insolvency    
2 Fairelo, Isaiah   Habeas Corpus    
2 Griffith, Samuel   Habeas Corpus    
2 Huffman, Abraham   Habeas Corpus    
2 Hindman [Hineman?], James   insolvency    
2 Bryant, John Feb 1845      
      Edmund Bryant    
        Hannah Bryant  
        Frances Bryant  
        Sarah Bryant  
        Peter Bryant  
        John D. Bryant  
        Daniel Bryant  
        Isaac E. Bryant  
        Thomas Bryant  
        William Bryant  
        Jackson Bryant  
2 Helms, William June 1835 insolvency    
2 Broyles, Michael Dec 1853      
      Samuel Musgrove    
 information in box 1
2 Payne, William        
    14 Apr 1856 William Norman    
      Jesse Osborn    
        Duvice Payne  
        Isabel E. Payne  
2 Osburn, Jesse        
    9 May 1837 Isaac Hobson Nancy Osborn widow
        Joel Green guardian of minor heirs
        Elizabeth Wimmer Widow
        Isaac W [H?] Wimmer  
        William Wimmer  
        Mary [May] Wimmer  
        Angeline Wimmer  
        Henry C. Wimmer  
2 Wimmer, Jacob Jan 1851      
      Owen Wimmer    
        Isaac Wimmer  
        Elizabeth Wimmer  
        John Wimmer  
2 Sowers, Philip W.        
    Feb 1840 Daniel Mater    
        Mary Sowers Widow
        Lydia Margaret Sowers  
        Sarah Jane Sowers  
        Elizabeth Ann Sowers  
        David Lane Sowers  
        Addison Roache guardian of heirs
2 Pulliam, John A.*        
    Apr 1854 Samuel Hamilton    
      Permelia Pulliam   guardian of heirs
        Mary Ann Pulliam minor heir
        Elizabeth Jane Pulliam minor heir
 information in box 1
2 White, Thos  July 1841 insolvency    
2 Nugent, James Nov 1839 John Underwood    
2 Thompson, Elijah May 1854      
        William Thompson  
        Olive Thompson  
        David Thompson infant
 information found in box 5
2 Warrick, Eliza July 1855 insanity and guardianship    
2 Bush, Andrew Jan 1833 insolvency    
2 Morrison, Mary Oct 1841      
      Stephen Morrison   son
        Robert Morrison son
        Enoch Morrison deceased son
        James Morrison son
        Dinah Newlin deceased daughter
        Edith Woody daughter
2 Newlin, John Jan 1846      
        Isaac Newlin guardian of heirs
        Sarah Newlin minor heirs
        Enoch Newlin heir
        Kersey Newlim heir
2 Smith, Asa Dec 1833 insolvency    
2 Williams, James Dec 1854 Michael Ephlin    
        William Williams  
        Tilghman Williams  
        Emeline Williams  
2 Basford, Jonathan Jan 1841 insolvency    
2 Baker, Henry Jun 1840 insolvency    
2 Armstrong, Silas May 1839 insolvency    
2 Daggett, Eleazer Jan 1839 insolvency    
2 Davis, Jarvis H. July 1835 insolvency    
2 Lee, Darius Aug 1840 insolvency    
2 Kennedy, John Dec 1832 insolvency    
2 Read, Burrel Jan 1833 insolvency    
2 Stephenson, Joseph Nov 1845 John Holstead    
2 Cunningham, Matthew July 1840 insolvency    
2 Fisher, Peter Dec 1832 insolvency    
      **pages from this file are scattered within the box  
2 Crim, Jason Jan 1839 insolvency    
2 Darland, Abraham Apr 1856 William H Darland    
        Feb 1840  
        Catharine N [?] Taylor  
        Joseph Barnes Jr  
        Mary J Barnes  
        John Darland  
        Lambert Darland  
        Martha Darland  
2 Depew, James Mar 1852 James W. Beadle    
        Sidwell Depew  
2 Cox, William M Feb 1855 Mahlon Cox    
      Thomas Vestal    
        Allen Cox  
        Catharine Cox  
        Vincent Cox  
        Elkanah Cox  
        John Cox  
        Daniel Cox  
        David Cox  
        Marinda Cox  
2 Canady, John Apr 1853      
      Philip Wolf (guardian of John's estate)    
        Ann Canady John was Ann's heir
2 Melvin, Thomas Nov 1842 Cynthi Ann Fisher    guardian of daughter, Mary Ann Melvin
        Mary Ann Melvin heir
        Joshua Fisher husband of Cynthi Fisher
 information found in box 4
2 Snodgrass, Joseph Oct 1834 insolvency    
2 Fisher, Peter Jan 1833 insolvency    
      **pages from this file are scattered within the box  
2 Woody, James May 1845 John Woody    
 information found in box 5
Eliz. Woody  
        Malinda Woody daughter
        Jesse Moon Legatee of estate
        Nancy Moon wife of Jesse Moon
        Dr. Henry Pickard guardian of minor heirs
2 Cahill, Joseph Jan 1855 Robert Catlin    
        Clarina [Clarind? Clarence?]Cahill  
        Philip Cahill  
2 Lamb, Moses V May 1841 insolvency    
2 Cornelius, Joseph B Apr 1834 P.S. Cornelius    
        M.M. Cornelius widow
        Mary M. Cornelius guardian for Alice E Cornelius
        Alice E Cornelius minor heir
2 Fisher, Peter Nov 1832 insolvency    
      **pages from this file are scattered within the box  
2 Reeder, Daniel May 1834 insolvency    
2 Mitchell, Andrew June 1834 insolvency    
2 Ming, Morris Nov 1832 insolvency    
2 Miller, Jacob Nov 1839 insolvency    
2 Medley, John Feb 1839 insolvency    
2 Lyon, John Dec 1832 insolvency