Parke County, Indiana
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Parke County Poor Farm Residents    

1850 - 1930

Thanks to Carol Ealey for extracting these residents from the census.


1850 Superintendent - Nathan Cole
Bibb Edward 58 M W VA Crippled
Bibb Mary 66 F W VA Old Age
Coleman Abigail 46 F W Unknown Insane
Collins Solomon 50 M W KY Idiot
Hit Margaret 76 F W VA Old Age
Mitchel Harry 2 M W IN
Mitchel Nancy 40 F W NC Crippled
Shanklin Easter 19 F W IN
Tobin James 48 M W Ireland Farmer
Vancamp John 15 F W IN In School
Vancamp Mary A. 11 F W IN In School
Vancamp Nancy 14 F W IN In School
Vancamp Susan 17 F W IN In School
Wymore Caroline 22 F W IN Idiotic
1860 Superintendent - Thomas Donaldson
Egbert Caroline 30 F W NY Insane
Gregg Charity 10 F W IN Pauper
Hit Margaret 85 F W KY Pauper
Hopper George 18 M W IN Idiotic
Pratt Abram 20 M W IN Idiotic
Robbins Eunice 31 F W IN Idiotic
Young Syrene 25 F W IN Idiotic
1870 Superintendent - Peter Allen
Archer Rebecca 37 F W IN
Broils Michael 30 M W IN
Curns William 60 M W PA
Dice Henry A. 13 M W IL
Egbert Caroline 40 F W IN Insane
Fisher Mary 10 F W IN
Foley Mary 28 F W Ireland Insane
Harper George 23 M W IN Insane
McBride Mary 70 F W SC
Meacham Melinda 30 F W IN
Osborn Albert 2 M W IN
Osborn Betsey 40 F W IN
Reynolds Maruins 37 F W NC Insane
Robbins Eunice 32 F W IN
Sands Daniel 70 M W Ireland
Young Lorena 40 F W IN Insane
1880 Superintendent - Samuel W. Smith
Archer Rebecca 56 F W OH
Camper Frederick 7 M W IN
Cramar Andrew 34 M W IN
Egbert Caroline 52 F W NY
Goodwin Elizabeth 80 F W KY
Green Elizabeth 60 F W KY
Green Mary 27 F W IN
Green William J. 7 M W IN
Harris Mary H. 30 F B IN
Hines Elizabeth 37 F W IN
Jordan Kellie 36 F W IN
Locke Julia 63 F W VA
McBride Mary 80 F W NC
McClaine Elizabeth 55 F W Ireland
McMillen Alexander 3 M W IN
McMillen Robert 8 M W IN
McMillen William 7 M W IN
Mulligan John 68 M W Ireland
Osborn Albert 12 M W IN
Osborn Elizabeth 48 F W IN
Osborn James F. 7 M W IN
Price Cora 6 F W IN
Price Diadama 40 F W OH
Reynolds Marian 55 F W NC
Spurgion Rolla 72 M W KY
Teague Joseph H. 15 M W IN
White Willie 13 F W IN
Woodland Richard 76 M W England
1900 Superintendent - Charles Tenbrook
Allen Elijah 54 M W IN
Archer James 69 M W IN
Burns Jane 24 F W IN
Carrill Elmer 22 M W IL
Carter William 30 M W IN
Caslin Henry 56 M W IN
Ciara Corlin 30 F W IN
Cochron Jane 30 F W England
Cox Andy 57 M W IN
Cramer Andrew M W IN
Day Hannah 55 F W VA
Dublin John 73 M W Ireland
Gerard Richard 47 M W OH
Goosey Sidney 55 M W MS
Green Mary 53 F W IN
Hartley Susan 60 F W IN
Landers Rebecca 82 F W IN
Malloy William 67 M W Ireland
McKenzie Peter 74 M W England
Me? Hugh 79 M W Ireland
Meekles George 56 M W Scotland
Osborne Elizabeth 80 F W
Padgen Patrick 48 M W Ireland
Remington Albert 42 M W IN
Reynolds Rosswell 62 M W NC
Skelton Levi 80 M W OH
Spurgeon Moses 84 M W KY
Steffy James R. 35 M W IN
Towell Jesse 69 M W IN
Valentino Palse 57 M W Italy
Vantona Martin 67 M W IN
Vanzant Stephen 48 M W IN
1910 Superintendent - Charles Tenbrook
Barnett Ann 57 F W NY
Bartley Jesse 80 M W VA
Bradford Robert 64 M W IN
Carlin Clara 39 F W IN
Carter William 41 M W IN
Cramer Andy 76 M W IN
Eckman Andrew 50 M W Sweden
Ensley Mary L. 41 F W IN
Green Mary 63 F W IN
Hadley Susan 71 F W IN
Irwin John 54 M W IN
Johnson Daniel 81 M B NC
Leek Jacob 65 M W OH
McGinnis Huie 91 M W Ireland
McMahan Louis 76 M W IN
Raley Mary O. 55 F W IN
Remington Albert 57 M W IN
Shaw Calib 21 M W IN
Snow James 58 M W IN
Towell Jesse 77 M W IN
Wesley John 68 M W Bohemia
Zoliskie Paul 69 M W Hungary
1920 Superintendent - B. E. Swaim
Bradford Robert 73 M W IN
Burnside Hazel 1 F W IN
Burnside Lena May 3 F W IN
Burnside Opal Maude 5 F W AR
Burnside Stella 22 F W AR
Carlin Clara 49 F W IN
Ensley Mary 50 F W IN
Fulwider Sarah 73 F W VA
Gossett Kenny 35 M W IN
Green Francis 60 F W IN
Green William P. 68 M W IN
Green John 78 M W IN
Grey Robert 68 M W IN
Hadley Susanna 101 F W IN
Hollowell Levi 66 M W IL
Leet Jacob 74 M W IN
Lewis James 70 M W IN
Manley William 83 M W OH
Moss Daniel 51 M W IN
Painter John 82 M W OH
Remington Albert 66 M W IN
Sawyers George 64 M W IN
Snow James W. 66 M W IN
Steadman Elizabeth 50 F W IN
Sullivan Tim 70 M W IN
Thompson Benjamin 57 M W KY
Walton Hobart 21 M B IN
Weis Jean 51 M W IN
White Earl 42 M W IN
Woods Mary Ann 81 F W Russia
Wright Nettie 72 M W IN
Zinpko Mary 72 F W Austria
1930 Superintendent Grant Knight
Albright Frank 65 M W WD KY
Bennett Robert 72 M W M IN
Bennitt Lela 64 F W M IN
Berry Malissia 73 F W WD IN
Bratton Claude 48 M W S MS
Brock Belle 77 F W WD IN
Carlin Billy 64 M W S IN
Carlin Clara 70 F W S IN
Chasteen Otis 47 M W S IN
Collins Tom 68 M W WD IN
Cowell Jemes 54 M W S IN
Cox George 79 M W WD KY
Dishey Mike 80 M W S Austria
Easley Alonzo 32 M W M MS
Gilbert Charley 69 M W S IN
Gosset Kernnie X M W S IN
Gregg Robert 79 M W WD KY
Harlan Nooton 74 M W WD KY
Harrington Ben 79 M W WD KY
Hobson Dan 72 M W WD IN
Howell Levi 77 M W WD IL
Jones Tom 78 M W WD IN
Kiger Joe 70 M W WD IN
Lamb Lula 87 F W WD IN
Mattex Bud 48 M W WD IN
Miller Dan 68 M W WD IN
Mitchell Pauline D. 73 F W WD IN
Mullis Dan 67 M W S IN
Osborn Barbary 87 F W S IN
Philips Bud 66 M W WD IN
Philips James 79 M W WD IN
Remington Albert 74 M W S IN
Shannon Florence 28 F W S IN
Stedman Elizabeth 60 F W S IN
Thompson Ben 68 M W S IN
Weise Jean 63 M W S IN
Williams Grant 63 M W M IN
Williams Ida 47 F W M US
Wilson Sarah 71 F W WD IN