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Extracts of Parke County Will Book One  

( For information about obtaining copies of these wills contact the County Clerk's Office)


Page 01   Morrison, Enoch    Dated Mar 23, 1833    Probated May 16, 1833    Heirs: wife, Mary; children: Eli, William, and Catharine    Executor: brother, James; brother-in -law, John Newlin    Witnesses: Jeremiah H Siler, Sarah McVey    Duncan Newlin appointed guardian of minor children, Aug 10, 1835 Parke County Fee Book, Pages21-22  


Pages 02-03   Barnes, Jehu    Dated Mar 22, 1833    Probated May 25, 1834    Heirs wife, Susanah; children: Michael, Nineoy? Jehue, George, John, Edward, Diannah, Sally, Hanna; children or daughter Rachel    Executor: son, James    Witnesses: George Dodd, Moses Swaim, and Tobias Kingery    


Pages 03-04   Crooks, James    Dated Jan 22, 1832    Probated Jul 31, 1833    Heirs: wife, Nancy; children: Abraham, Hamilton, Samuel, William, Thomas, James, Jacob, Sally Risley, Mary Ball, Elizabeth Cornelius?, Nancy Martin; heirs of daughter Margaret Forbes   Executors: son, Thomas; son -in -law, Abel Ball    Witnesses: Joseph Wilkinson, George Hansel    


Page 05   Wood, John    Dated Apr , 1833    Probated Sep 4, 1833    Heirs: wife, Elizabeth C    Executors: James Tyler, Charles Duncan    Witnesses: Samuel Pavey, Luke Mead    


Pages 05-08   Darroch, Duncan    Dated Nov 14, 1833    Probated Dec 17, 1833    Heirs: brother, Malcolm, and his children; sisters, Effie and Sally; children or deceased brother, Neil; nephews and niece': William, Duncan, John, Samuel, Abram, and Sarah Darroch, children or Daniel, deceased    Executors: Tyler T Baldin, Tilghman A Howard    Witnesses: Arthur Patterson, Enos Lowe    


Pages 08-09   Sugart, Rachael    Dated Jan 12,1833    Probated Jan 23,1834    Heirs: brothers, Zachariah, William, Nathan, Isaac Sugart; niece, Hannah Harvey; William Harvey, son or nephew Isaac Harvey, ",my large Bible"    Executors: nephew, Isaac, Philip Siler    Witnesses: Ezekiel and Jane Rubottom    


Pages 09-10   Kelly, Daniel    Dated May 2, 1834    Probated May 27, 1834    Heirs: wife (name not given); sons, Daniel and Nathaniel B~, and others; Son, Nathaniel B, and son-in-law, Lawrence Cox, guardians of son Daniel    Executors: Nathaniel B Kelly, Lawrence Cox    Witnesses: Tobias Miller, Nathaniel B Kelly, and Lawrence Cox    


Pages 10-11   Osborn, Jonathan   Dated Apr 24, 1831    Probated Jul 17, 1834    Heirs: children, John, Caleb C, Mary Jackman, Silas Osborn, Jane Alkire, Katharine Gray, Rebekah Denton, Stephen Osborn, Rachel Benson    Executors: Andrew B Denton, Caleb C Osborn    Witnesses: Mark Roman, Luke Davis    (lived in Putnam Co )  


Pages 11-12   Willson, Gabriel    Dated May 22, 1834    Probated Aug 9, 1834    Heirs: wife, Hannah; minor children (names not given)    Executor: Caleb Willson, William Maris    Witnesses: John McDaniel, Jabez Hunt    


Pages 12-14   Hansel, David    Dated Oct 8, 1833    Probated Aug 11, 1834    Heirs; wife Catherine and after her death to her heirs, namely, Susannah Kelly, Dianah, Sally, & Sarah Gordon, William & Samuel Smith; brother Christopher Hansels four sons, namely, John, William, David, Frederick; nephew, George Hansel; granddaughter, Lovina Glidewell, when she comes or age    Executors: Robert Mitchell, Catharine Hansel    Witnesses: Robert Mitchell, Henry & William Beacham    


Pages 14-15   Briant, Gabriel    Dated Apr 14, 1834    Probated Aug 19, 1834    Heirs: wife, Pheby; daughters, Liddy Loughlin, Lucinda & Nancy A Briant; sons, Gabriel, David, James    Executor: John Shanks and wife, Pheby    Witnesses: James Montgomery, Thomas K Russell    


Pages 15-17   Kennedy, Martin    Dated Jul 28, 1834    Probated Aug 25, 1834    Heirs: wife, Charity; 6 minor children (names not given)    Executors: brothers, George & William    Witnesses: Mark Grimes, Isaac W Pickard    George Kennedy appointed guardian or children, Feb 10,1835 Parke County Fee Book, Pages 12 -13  


Pages 17-18   Morrow, Archable E    Dated Sep 19,1834    Probated Sep 27,1834    Heirs: wife, Martha; half sisters, Elizabeth Walker, Nancy Milton (or Nelson), Polly and Jane Morrow; Mary Watters (no relationship given); brother, John Morrow    Executor not listed   Witnesses: Thomas Gilkerson, James Watters, and Jacob Neet  


Pages 18-19   Taylor, Richard    Not Dated    Probated Jan 30, 1835    Heirs: wife, Clarissa and minor children (names not given)    Executor: wife    Witnesses: Lydia Brockway, Mary Brockway (Mary Hussey when will was proved), William N Kennedy    


Pages 19-20   Osborn, Jesse    Dated Aug 23, 1835    Probated Sep 2 1835    Heirs: wife, Nancy, and minor children (names not given)    Executor: Isaac Hobson, Jr.    Witnesses: James Woody, William Brown    Joel Green appointed guardian or children, Aug 14, 1837 Parke County Fee Book, Pages 40 -41  


Pages 21-22   Potts, Rosanna    Dated Mar 26,1836    Probated Apr 19,1836    Heirs: husband, Joseph Mentions money due her from estate or former husband, James Conner, deceased   Executor: Joseph Potts    Witnesses: James & John McKinny    


Pages 22-25   Hill, Samuel, Jr.   Dated Apr 20,1836    Probated May 11, 1836    Heirs: father, Samuel Hill; wife, Minerva; children: Martha, William F; brother-in-law, Joseph M Hayes Owned stores in Montezuma, IN, & Hills Grove, IL; ferry on Wabash; real estate in Parke Co & in Ill    Executors: Joseph M Hayes, Jonathan Rough    Witnesses: William Moore, John 0 Wishard, Mary Ann Lyons, Christia Leatherman    (lived in Edgar Co., IL, "now on board SS Shakespeare, in Mississippi River "   )


Pages 25-26   Hollowell, Caleb    Dated Jul 22, 1836    Probated Aug 3, 1836    Heirs: children: Joseph E, Sarah    Executor: Exum Outland    Witnesses: Thomas Woodard, Martha Overman    Zachariah Morris appointed guardian of children, Nov 15, 1836 Parke County Fee Book, Pages 32 -33  


Pages 26-28   Siler, Philip    Dated Aug 19, 1836    Probated Sep 8, 1836    Heirs: wife and children (names not given)    Executors: Jeremiah H Siler, Duncan Newlin    Witnesses: William Pickard, Duncan Newlin    


Pages 28-31   Demaree, Cornelius    Dated Feb 8, 1836    Probated Oct 22, 1836    Heirs: wife (name not given), directions for building a house; sons, Samuel, Simon, John, David; daughters, Jane, Susan, Rachel, Mary Ellen Warranty deed to be made to Isaac G Carter for land sold to him in Kentucky-    Executor: son, Samuel    Witnesses: William W Clark, William Bilbo    


Pages 31-32   Beeson, Hiram    Dated Sep 25, 1836    Probated Oct 26, 1836    Heirs: uncle, Stephen Kersey; brothers, David and Isaac; sister, Elizabeth; mother (name not given)    Executors: David Beeson and Stephen Kersey    Witnesses: John Pickett, John Woody    


Pages 32-33   Thompson, Jonathan    Dated Dec 20, 1836    Probated Mar 11, 1837    Heirs: half brothers & sisters, Elizabeth, Isabel, James, Samuel Burnes (all under the age of 21)    Executor: William Morgan    Witnesses: Eliphalet Allen, Thomas Myers    


Pages 34-36   Noble, William    Dated Sep 20, 1833    Probated Apr 25, 1837    Heirs: wife, Hannah; sons, John (eldest), Thomas, Joseph, Allen, Harrison, Clark; daughters, Marthy Ray, Sally Hines, Elizabeth Noble    Executors: sons John & Joseph    Witnesses: William B Martin, B A Martin, and Benjamin Minard    


Pages 36-37   Fenwick, Mary    Dated May 26, 1837    Probated Jul 19, 1837    Heirs: niece, Mary Ellen Jenkins (when she becomes 18); sisters, Lucy Jenkins, wife of Austin, Catharine Fenwick    Executor: Austin Jenkins    Witnesses: James McKenny, John Holstead, and Joseph Stephenson    


Pages 37-39   Rubottom, Simon    Dated May 20, 1837    Probated Aug 7, 1837    Heirs : wife, Elizabeth; sons, John, Zeno, & possibly others; daughters, Hannah Dix, wife of William Dix, & possibly others; granddaughter, Semira Had gunsmith & blacksmith tools    Executors: Mahlon Reynolds, Ezekiel Rubottom    Witnesses: Jeremiah H Siler, William Pickard    


Pages 39-41   Pickett, William    Dated Aug 16, 1837    Probated Sep- 7, 1837    Heirs: wife, Katharine; sons, John, Aaron, Nathan, George; daughters, Eunice, Mary, & possibly others    Executors: John Pickett, Alfred Hadley    Witnesses: Stephen Morrison, James Dixon    


Pages 41- 42   Nesmith, James    Dated Oct 19, 1836    Probated Nov 29, 1837    Heirs: wife, Margaret; father, James Nesmith of New Hampshire    Executors: John Wolf, John Holstead    Witnesses: Eliphalet Allen, Pheby Wolf    


Pages 43-44   Outland, Cornelius    Dated Jan 30, 1838    Probated Mar 1, 1838    Heirs: wife, Charity; brother, Exum; sisters, Elizabeth Horn, Mary Overman; uncle, Rise Price    Executors: Rise Price, Zachariah Morris    Witnesses: Thomas Woodard, Solomon Allen    


Pages 44- 45   Morrison, William    Dated Dec 21, 1837    Probated Mar 27, 1838    Heirs: wife, Mary; children, Robert, Enoch, James, Stephen, Dinah Newlin, and Edith Woody- Executo1': son James    Executor not listed   Witnesses: Jeremiah H Siler, Jacob Newlin    


Pages 73-74   Tenbrook, Conrad    Dated Mar 30, 1839    Probated Apr 17, 1840    Heirs: wife (name not given); sons,  John R, Andrew, Robert, Abram; -daughters, Frances, Rachel, Ann Campbell    Executor not listed   Witnesses: John Moulder, William Tenbrook    


Pages 74-77   Hobson, William    Dated May 17, 1840    Probated Jun 11, 1840    Heirs: wife, Ruth; sons, Milton, John, Eli (all under age of 21 ); daughters (names not given)    Executors: brother, Jesse, James Underwood    Witnesses: Aaron Pickett, David Newlin    


Pages 77- 79   Noble, William    Dated Sep 20 1833    Probated Jun 30 1840    Heirs: wife, Hannah; sons, John, Thomas, Joseph, Allen, Harrison, Clark; daughters, Marthy Ray, Sally Hines, Elizabeth Noble    Executors: John and Joseph Noble    Witnesses: William B and Bushrod A Martin, Benjamin Minard    (See earlier probate of Noble will on Apr 25, 1837   )


Pages 79- 80   Hitt, Jesse    Dated Aug 1, 1839    Probated Jul 30, 1840   Heir: wife, Margaret    Executor: Samuel Todd    Witnesses: Thomas Cashatt, William Jenkins    


Pages 80- 81   Mitchell, John    Dated Dec 10 1838    Probated Aug 17, 1840    Heir: wife, Martha    Executor: William Potts    Witnesses: Eliphalet Allen, Addison Cross    


Pages 81-82   McCorkle, Stephen    Dated Nov 5, 1840    Probated Dec 14, 1840    Heirs: wife (name not given), sons, Stephen, Robert, William C    Executors: sons, Stephen and Robert    Witnesses: Isaac Burnside, Samuel R Hamilton    


Pages 83-84   Woodrum, William    Dated Sep 29,1840    Probated Jan 11, 1841    Heirs: wife, Martha; sons, Barnet, Washington, Archibald; daughters, Rhoda Fox, Rachel Cleghorn; grandchildren, William Noel Fouts, son of daughter Rausey; Martha Jucintha and Lucinda Jane Woodrum, heirs of son James and heirs of daughter Anna Russell   Executors: son, Archibald, and John Davis    Witnesses: Abel Bell, John B Miller    


Pages 85- 86   Spurgin, Jeremiah    Dated Jan 31, 1841    Probated Mar 9, 1841    Heirs: sons, Moses, decd, Amos, John, French, Elias, Samuel; daughters, Rebecca Spurgin, late Rebecca Martin; Selinda Spurgin, late Selinda Esshan; Mary Spurgin, late Mary Kelley; Lunerah Spurgin, late Lunerah Adkison (perhaps these were daughters-in-law)    Executor: son, Samuel    Witnesses: William Clark, James Spurgin, Caleb C Osborn    


Pages 86- 88   Newlin, John    Dated Mar 6, 1841    Probated Mar 26, 1841    Heirs: wife, Ruth, and children (names not given)    Executors: brother-in -law, Henry Pickard, brother, Jacob Newlin    Witnesses: John Stout, Nathaniel Newlin, Alfred Hadley    


Pages 88- 89   McCord, Robert    Dated Aug 16, 1839    Probated Feb 22, 1841    Heirs: wife, Pamelia; sons, Ebenezer, Samuel H, David, William, Elam; daughters, Sarah C, Naomi Roseborough, Rebecca Garrison "Old Black Woman" to be taken care of    Executors: sons, Samuel H and William    Witnesses: Isaac J Silliman, Andrew Chew, James C Anderson    


Pages 89-90   Morrison, Mary, Sr.    Dated May 29, 1841   Probated Jun 5, 1841    Heirs: sons, Robert, James, Stephen; daughter, Elizabeth Woody; grandchildren, heirs of son Enoch and daughter Dinah Newlin   Executor: son, Stephen    Witnesses: Stephen Kersey, Thomas Rubottom    


Pages 90- 92   Lindley, Hiram    Dated May 27, 1841    Probated Aug 3, 1841    Heirs: wife, Sarah; son, George; father, Jonathan; George Towel (relationship not given)    Executors: brother, George, and father-in-law, George Maris    Witnesses: Lot and Thomas Lindley    


Pages 92-93   Minter, Edward    Dated May 19, 1841    Probated Aug 20, 1841    Heir: wife, Sarah    Executor: wife    Witnesses: Tyler S Baldwin, David W Stark    


Pages 93-95   Brookbank, Mary    Dated Apr 24,1839    Probated Sep 17, 1841    Heirs: daughter, Elizabeth, and her son, Lorenzo Dow; Sally Strange, and her children, Mary T & Hester Ann Cook; sons, James and Thomas A    Executor: son, Thomas A    Witnesses: Solomon P Garrigus, Thomas Gilkeson    


Pages 95- 96   Sellars, Christian    Dated Oct 2,1841    Probated Oct 28,1841    Heirs: wife (name not given); sons, Adam, Charles; sons-in-law, David & James H Jack    Executor: son, Adam    Witnesses: Samuel Burnside S R Hamilton    


Pages 96-97   Pratt, Abraham W    Dated Jan 26 1841    Probated Nov 27,1841    Heirs: wife, Cynthia Ann, and children (names not given)    Executor: wife    Witnesses: Samuel Butler, Joseph C Smith    


Pages 97-98   Pratt, Hannah    Dated Nov 5,1841    Probated Nov 27, 1841    Heirs: grandchildren, Alansin & Emily Pratt, children of Abraham W & Cynthia; children (names not given)    Executor: James Pratt    Witnesses: Samuel Butler, Jacob Parker    


Pages 98-100   Todd, John    Dated Jul 21, 1841    Probated Dec 2,1841    Heirs: wife (name not given); children, Joseph Addison, John Milton, William Shakespeare, David Hume, Squire Shelby, Henry Franklin, Melvin Hut ton, Sarah Elizabeth, Samuel Everett Todd, Emily Mandeville Craven, and Nancy Lawson Barnes    Executor: wife    Witnesses: John Abbot, Eli L Clark, and James B & John Darland    


Pages 100-101   Cord, Philip D    Dated Oat 5, 1841    Probated Dec 30, 1841    Heir: wife, Nancy    Executor: William W Crooks    Witnesses: James Merrick, Hugh Groves    


Pages 45-46   Runyan, Asa    Dated Mar 7, 1838    Probated Mar 31, 1838    Heirs: grandchildren, Asa, William, & Mary Ellen McManaman; daughter, Mary Ann Garner; half brother, James Reily; Asa & Michael Hess (relationship not given)    Executor: Benjamin Garner He is also to be guardian of McManaman children    Witnesses: Abraham W Pratt, Rebecca Foster    


Pages 47-48   McGinnis, Edmund    Dated Jan 13, 1838    Probated Apr 9, 1838    Heirs: wife, Sarah; 3 youngest children, Ira, Edmund, Nancy; older children, John, Allen, Anislea? Ferguson, Betsey Toney, have already their share; Margaret VanHorn "the girl I raised"; brother, James McGinnis   Executors: son John & Jesse Toney    Witnesses: Thomas James, Robert Brinton, and John Coy    (Owned land in Cabell Co, Virginia )  


Pages 49-50   Buchanan, James    Dated Mar 22, 1838    Probated Apr 21, 1838    Heirs: sons, George, Robert, Alexander; daughter, Margaret, & her daughter, Fanny; Samuel Walker Adams, grandson of my wife, when he comes of age    Executor not listed   Witnesses: Samuel M Logan, John Smock, George Buchanan, and Dugald McIntyre    


Pages 50-51   McConnell, John    Dated Aug 17, 1838    Probated Sep 18, 1838    Heirs: wife, Abigail; daughters, Sarah and Nancy Biggs, Mary Ann Harris; sons, Jonathan, John C, Thomas, James    Executor: son -in - law, Miller Biggs    Witnesses: William Kennedy, Thomas K Harvey    


Pages 52-53   Branson, Lemuel   Dated Jun 10,1835    Probated Oct 16, 1838    Heirs: wife and children (names not given)    Executor: wife    Witnesses: J L Moore, George Branson     (lived in Jackson Township    )


Pages 53- 56   Hill, Samuel, Sr.    Dated Jul 15,1837    Probated Nov 22, 1838    Heirs: grandchildren, James C, William Seymour, & Samuel D Hill, sons of deceased son, James C Hill; William Fulton & Martha Hill, children of deceased son, Samuel Hill; daughter, Sarah Hayes, widow of Joseph, M Hayes; daughters -in law Margaret Hill, widow of James; Minerva Hill, widow of Samuel    Executor: John R Tenbrook    Witnesses: Joseph A Wright, Eliphalet Allen, and Philip Wolf    


Pages 56-58   Shugart, Isaac    Dated Nov 22,1838    Probated Jan 18,1839    Heirs: wife, Rhoda; daughter, Hannah Harvey, and her children, John, Asahel, Nathan, Isaac S, Rhoda, Asenath, Elizabeth, William, & Elisha Harvey    Executors: son -in -law, Isaac Harvey, William Rees, John Newlin of North Carolina    Witnesses: Duncan & James Newlin    


Pages 59-60   Helmns, Jacob    Not Dated    Probated Jan 31, 1839    Heirs: wife, Margaret; sons, William & John; daughters, Catherine & Rose Ann Helmns; grandson, Denny Cook    Executors: son John, Jesse R Youmans    Witnesses: Charles Pomeroy, Jesse R Youmans    


Pages 60- 61   Kiger, Jacob   Dated Mar 17, 1839   Probated Apr 9, 1839    Heirs: wife, Esther; daughter, Malinda; brothers, Benjamin & John Kiger; Matilda White (relationship not given)    Executor: wife    Witnesses: Charles Wilson, John Holstead, Harte Gleason, Rufus K Harris    (lived in Armiesburgh)    


Pages 61-62   Barnes, Benjamin N    Dated Sep 5, 1838   Probated Jul 20, 1839   Heirs: wife, Harriet Newel and her unborn child    Executor: Joseph A Wright (he relinquished office Nov 20, 1838, and administration granted to Samuel C Williams)    Witnesses: P H Patterson, George Holmes, and John M Fisher    (Joseph A Wright relinquished Nov 20, 1838, and administration granted to Samuel C Williams)


Pages 62-64   Martin, Samuel S   Dated Nov 11, 1829    Probated Jul 27, 1839   Heirs: mother, Mary Martin; sister, Rachel Dooley, widow of Reuben; Rachel's sons, Martin, Silas, Samuel Owned land in Terre Haute land district    Executors: Silas Dooley, William Castor    Witnesses: George Dooley, Thomas and Reuben D Bloomfield    (lived in Preble Co. ,OH,  Probated in Preble Co at March term, 1830)  


Pages 64-65   Overpeck, Jacob    Dated Nov 22, 1839    Probated Jan 1, 1840    Heirs: wife, Mary; sons, Isaac, George, Jacob, Andrew; daughters, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, Martha; son-in -law, George Harmless, husband of Elizabeth, who absconded, $100; grandchildren, Mary Harmless; Jeremiah, Malinda, Isaac, and Jacob Allen, children of Susanna    Executors: sons Isaac and George    Witnesses: Tobias Miller, Joseph Strain, Alex Kirkpatrick    


Page 66   Grim, David    Dated Oct 24, 1839    Probated Jan 13, 1840    Heirs: wife, Susan; sons, Jacob and John    Executor not listed   Witnesses: John Stepp, Jesse R Youmans    


Page 67   Kearby, Giles H    Dated Feb 18, 1840    Probated Feb 29, 1840    Heir: wife, Mary    Executor not listed   Witnesses: Samuel M Logan, Elijah Harper    


Pages 67-68   Ward, James    Dated Sep 25,1837    Probated Mar 6, 1840   Heirs: wife, Elizabeth; sons, Greenberry, Thompson, James; grandson, James Miner Ward, son of Nelson, deceased    Executor not listed   Witnesses: Zachariah and Mahala Morris    


Pages 68-70   Derr, Boston    Dated Aug 21, 1835    Probated Mar 23, 1840    Heirs: Mercy Bradbury (relationship not indicated); children, William, Martha, Isabel, John, Polly, Boston, Samuel (Martha Derr, John Den, Polly Derr, Boston Derr are children of Mercy Bradbury) Had interest in his father's estate in Kentucky    Executor: Thomas Lakey    Witnesses: Samuel N Baker, David McKee, and William T Noel    


Pages 70-72   Hunt, Zimri    Dated Mar 14, 1840    Probated Mar 31, 1840    Heirs: wife, Mary; children, Nathan, William, Zimri, Abigail Maris Elizabeth Kelly, Anna Maris, Melinda Finney, Rebecca, Hannah, and Mary Hunt    Executors: Allen Cox, Thomas Stafford    Witnesses: Elias Trueblood, Alfred Hadley  


Pages 72- 73   Bristow, Gideon   Dated Mar 4, 1836    Probated Apr 16,1840    Heirs: wife, Mary; children, Nathaniel, Peggy Tilly, Sally Davis, George; grandson, James C    Executor not listed   Witnesses: Henry Slavens, Enos Lowe    (age 77)  


Pages 101-103   Bowsher, Jacob    Dated Jan, 1, 1842    Probated Mar 11, 1842    Heirs: wife (name not given); sons, Joseph, John Jacob, Peter; son-in-law, John Heath Owned a mill    Executors: sons John and Joseph    Witnesses: David Rardin, James Bloxom    


Pages 103-105   White, John   Dated Sep 15, 1841    Probated Mar 19, 1842    Heirs: daughters, Susan T McFarland, Batty T Broaddus; son-in-law, Robert S Broaddus; granddaughter, Mary H Thomas; nephew, Robert White; Daniel Thomas (probably grandson) Betty Broaddus to pay to James S Steele, only Son of Mary Ann Steele, decd, $100 when he comes of age Land ~given for cemetery and school reserved from above bequests    Executor not listed   Witnesses: Samuel Duree, Leonard Williamson, and Thomas Ratcliff    (age 76   )


Pages 105-106   Shook, John    Dated Mar 20 1841    Probated Apr 6, 1842    Heirs: wife, Ruth; children, Jane, Martha Matilda Carline Laura Ann John    Executor: wife    Witnesses: Squire A Gardner, Abraham W 'Gillespie, Isaiah Swain, John Fairbank    


Pages 106-108   Hobson, Isaac    Dated Aug 22, 1841    Probated Apr 9, 1842    Heirs: sons, Isaac, Jesse, Aaron, Charles, William; daughters, Elizabeth, Sarah; grandchildren, Peninah and Lydia (daughters of Charles), children of son William (names not given)    Executors: sons Isaac and Aaron    Witnesses: Lot Lindley, David Hadley    


Page 108   Noel, Bernard   Dated Feb 4, 1842    Probated May 26, 1842    Heirs: wife, Nancy; children, Woodford, Eli~, Greenville (if he should return home); William, Martha Parks, Polina Perret, Mahala Hill (last four have already received their share   Executor: wife    Witnesses: Jonathan Cox, Robert Robison, And James N McClintick    


Pages 109-110   Overman, Aaron    Dated Mar 13, 1842    Probated Jun 6,1842    Heirs: wife (name not given); sons, Henry, Robert; daughters, Peggy M , Mehetabell D , Penninah E , Mary Jane Overman    Executors: Solomon Allen, William M Woodard    Witnesses: Jonathan Cox, Stephen Morlan    


Pages 110-111   Bullington, John, Sr.    Dated Feb 3, 1842    Probated Jul 13, 1842    Heirs: wife (name not given); sons, John and William    Executors, sons    Witnesses: James C Anderson, Samuel W Adams    


Pages 112-113   Loree, David D    Dated Nov 10, 1841    Probated Jul 23, 1842    Heirs: wife (name not given); daughters, Minerva C Brown, Lucinda Rockwell, Albina Lorey; brothers, William and Joshua Lorey; nephew, David Lorey, son of William; sister, Eave Wilson; Polly Lorey (relationship not given), "$50 per year as long as my wife lives"    Executor: Thomas I Neal    Witnesses: Hector Smith, Jonathan Rockwell, Jacob Merricle    


Pages 114-115   Overman, John, Sr.    Dated Aug 27, 1836    Probated Aug 1, 1842    Heirs: wife, Anne; daughter, Judith Outland; sons, Charles, John; granddaughters, Charity Frances and Agatha Caroline Overman    Executors: sons    Witnesses: Thomas and Sarah Woodard    


Pages 115-117   Chapman, George    Dated Jul 31,1842    Probated Aug 18, 1842    Heirs: wife, Elizabeth; sons, George B, John W, William (if he should return home); daughters, Agnes Woody, Isabella Henderson, Sarah Ann, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary    Executors: John Stout, Samuel Davis    Witnesses: Alfred Hadley, James Nelson    


Pages 117-119   Green, James    Dated Jan 29, 1842    Probated Sep 7, 1842    Heirs: wife, Catherine; children, Martin and Mary Ann    Executor not listed   Witnesses: John Moulder, M McClure    


Pages 113-121   Campbell, Harvey    Dated Oct 24, 1842    Probated Nov 4, 1842    Heirs: wife (name not given); sons, Luther P, Harvy R, John W, Andrew J, Alfred J, Jonah; daughters, Mary, Fidella, names not given for others; Owned ferry in Vermillion Co    Executor: brother, Josiah    Witnesses: Jonah and Jonas Campbell, David Merriwether    


Pages 121-122   Hess, Jacob   Dated Nov 12, 1842    Not Probated in Parke County   Heirs: wife, Anna; daughters, Susanna Croud, Mary Seeds, Elizabeth, Catharine Robison, deceased; son, John    Executor: John Hess    Witnesses: Thomas K Harvey, John Bloxom    (lived in Liberty Township., Recorded Jan 21, 1843 at request of testator)  


Pages 123-125   Maris, Aaron, Sr.,    Dated Sep 21, 1842    Probated Mar 9, 1843   Heirs: sons, Jonathan, Samuel, George, William, Aaron, Abram, John; grandchildren, John, Enoch, Charles, Sarah Jane, Keziah (?), children of daughter Eleanor Millis, deceased    Executors: sons George and William    Witnesses: John Pickett, John Moulder    


Pages 125-128   Fauchier, John B   Dated Apr 1, 1840    Probated Apr 11, 1843    Heirs: wife, Martha; son, John B; daughters, Lucy Oldham, Frances T Erwin    Executor not listed   Witnesses: Daniel and Asa W Bruin, John Carter, Jr. , George W Maris, Jr., and John Maris   (lived in Greene Township., Codicil added April 1,1841, having sold his land in meantime)    


Pages 128-129   Jenkins, William    Dated Dec 21, 1838    Probated May 11, 1843    Heirs: wife, Abigail, and after her death estate to be divided between her nieces and nephews and his nieces and nephews    Executor: Thomas Cashatt    Witnesses: James Pringle, John Cashatt    


Pages 129-130   English, William    Dated Apr 26, 1843    Probated May 15, 1843    Heirs: daughters, Margery, Eleanor, wife of Alexander Wilson; sons, Francis, James (in Kentucky); grandson, James W English    Executor: Eli Budd    Witnesses: Robert N Lester, William English 2d    


Pages 130-133   Shuey, Henry   Dated May 4,1840    Probated Aug 31,1843    Heirs: wife, Catharine; children, Polly, wife of John Crist; Lydia, wife of David Bailor; Sally, wife of Jackson Rusher; Frederick; Catharine, wife of Coleman Noel; Elizabeth; Susannah, wife of John Ott    Executors: James McMean, Robert McEwen    Witnesses~ John Sunderland, Walter C Donaldson, Charles Grant    (born May 17,1781)  


Pages 133-135   Fisher, John    Dated Aug 11,1835    Probated Oct 17,1843    Heirs: wife, Nancy; sons, Daniel, Carey, Alfred, John, all under age of 21; names not given of older sons; daughters, Sarah, Polly    Executors: Jacob and James Fisher    Witnesses: R H Gatewood, Alexander McPheron    


Pages 135-136    Huxford, William    Dated Oct 7, 1835    Probated Nov 13, 1843    Heirs: wife, Elizabeth; son, Charles    Executor: wife    Witnesses: Eliphalet and Elizabeth Allen    


Pages 137-139   Driver, James    Dated Mar 26, 1842    Probated Jun 25,1844    Heirs: wife, Elizabeth; children, John, Michael, Polly, Catharine, Amanda, Samuel, James    Executor: wife    Witnesses: Eliphalet Allen, Samuel Wilkins    


Pages 139-141   Williams, James    Dated Sep 9, 1844    Probated Sep 21, 1844    Heirs: wife (name not given); children, Patsey Kilburn, Sally Busey, Hezekiah and Coleman Williams, Arthusa Owens    Executor: Alexander Wright    Witnesses: William Parker, William Boatman, Jr.    


Pages 141-144   Howard, Tilghman A    Dated Feb 4,1844    Probated Oct 28, 1844    Heirs: wife, Martha Ann; son, Tilghman A, Jr.; daughter, Margaret M; son -in -law, William R Noffsinger, husband of Nancy Eveline; he also to be guardian of Elizabeth and Martha (neither mentioned earlier); wife to be guardian of her own children    Executors: William R Noffsinger, Samuel F Maxwell    Witnesses: William P Bryant, Persius E Harris    


Pages 144-148   Burson James    Dated Feb 18, 1843    Probated Oct 30, 1844    Heirs: wife, Jane; sons, William, John, Joseph, Benjamin; daughters, Ann and Tamor Chaney, Rachel Denman; grandchildren, Jane Burson, daughter of John; Jane & James Chaney, children of Tamor; James Burson, son of Joseph Daughter, Elizabeth Fisher, has received her share    Executors: sons John and William    Witnesses: Thomas J Neal, J R Rockwell, Jesse R Youmans    


Pages 148-152   Siler, Jeremiah H    Dated Mar 20,1844    Probated Dec 17, 1844    Heirs: wife, Rebecca; daughters, Serene, Violet D (Mrs. Robert) Kelley; sons, Enos C, Alfred E Owned steam mill    Executor: son Enos    Witnesses: James Newlin, Green Mote   (Codicil added Oct 13, 1844, witnessed by Jesse Kemp, William Pickard)  


Pages 152-155   Strain, James, Sr.    Dated May 7, 1844    Probated Dec 25, 1844    Heirs: wife, Ann; sons, Joseph, James, Archibald, Josiah, Wesley; daughters, Jane Fiddler, Minerva Puett; grandchildren, James Henry Anderson, Ann Charles Tuley Strain, Julia Thomas Tuley Strain    Executors: Joseph Potts, Josiah Strain    Witnesses: James L Allen, Aaron Hart, and Ezra N Marvin    


Pages 155-158   Ramsay, David, Sr.    Dated Jan 16, 1844    Probated Dec 30, 1844    Heirs: sons, Samuel W, David, Alexander~, Andrew; daughters, Patsey Reynolds, Polly Spencer    Executor not listed   Witnesses: James Dickson, Samuel R Hamilton    


Pages158-160   Crooks, Jacob    Dated Jan 9, 1845    Probated Jan 20, 1845    Heirs: wife, Nancy; daughters, Lucinda Ann and Mary Clementine; son, John Emmett Bound boy, Washington Blake, to be paid sum stipulated in bond of indenture    Executors: brother, Hamilton Crooks, and wife    Witnesses: Robert Clark, Thomas Crooks, John Vincent    


Pages 161-163   Newlin, Jacob    Dated Feb 17, 1845    Probated Mar 1, 1845    Heirs: wife, Sarah; children (names not given)    Executors': brother, James Newlin; brother-in -law, James Siler    Witnesses: Eli Newlin, Joseph & Alfred Hadley    


Pages 164-167   Hobson, Aaron    Dated Dec 7, 1844    Probated Apr 10, 1845    Heirs: wife, Polly; children: Newton, Matilda, Joshua, Ira, Achsa, Isaac, Newlin, David    Executor: George Maris, ,David Hadley    Witnesses: George Madden, Harlan and Jehu Harvey    


Pages 167-169   Conover, Thomas M    Dated Apr 21, ,1845    Probated Jul 8, 1845    Heirs: wife, Temperance G; children (names not given)    Executor: Joseph Potts    Witnesses: Robert M Gilkeson, Francis Miller, And D C Wallace  


Pages 169-171   Cashatt, Jesse K     Dated Mar 1, 1844    Probated Jul 30, 1845    Heirs: wife, Dorcas; ,father (name not given); children, Marianna and John    Executor not listed   Witnesses: William Simpson, Daniel McPherson, and John  Cashatt    


Pages 171-74   Stout, John    Dated Jul 16, 1845    Probated Aug 21, 1845    Heirs: wife, Mahala; children (names not given)    Executor: Zeno Rubottom   Witnesses: Alfred Hadley, Dixon Rubottom    


Pages 174-176   Green, Gravener    Dated Jul 6, 1840    Probated Aug 25,1845    Heirs: wife, Ruth; sons, Joel, John, Jesse    Executors: Jeremiah II Siler, Joel Green    Witnesses: Jackson Rusher, Nathan Davis, and Thomas Pitman    


Pages 176-178   Ballard, Jonathan    Dated Sep 8, 1845    Probated Oct 29, 1845    Heirs: wife, Jemima; adopted daughter, Harriet; brother, William, "$25 for taking care of me in sickness"    Executors: William Harvey, Lot Lindley, And Sr.    Witnesses: William J and James Shearer   (lived in Randolph County)    


Pages 178-180   English, Asa    Dated Sep 6 1845    Probated Nov 8, 1845    Heirs: wife, Emily; son, Burton Green bury    Executor: William W Crooks    Witnesses: Reason Jarvis, Greenberry McDuffie    


Pages 180-183   Dudney, Abraham    Dated Mar 17, 1846    Probated Apr 4, 1846    Heirs: wife, Elizabeth; sons, , Arthur, Abraham; son -in -law, Axariah Hopper (Maxwell McAnts, Cooper B Carder); grandson, Abraham  McAnts; children of deceased daughters, Hannah Marler and Mary Holeman; William J Dudney (relationship not given)    Executors: Azariah Hopper, Arthur Dudney    Witnesses: John C Gilkeson, Lewis Stone, ~ James S Webster    


Pages 184-186   Harris, Samuel    Dated Mar 3, 1840    Probated Apr 27, 1846    Heirs: wife, Lydia; children, Mary Gould Jones, Elvira Berry, John P and Persus? E Harris    Executor: wife    Witnesses: Dr James L Allen, Martin Geiger, Isaac J Silliman    


Pages 186-187   Smack, David    Dated May 18, 1846    Probated May 28,1846    Heirs: wife, Dorcas    Executor not listed   Witnesses: Samuel Davis, Levi Merkert    


Pages 188-189   Barnes, Leonard    Dated Dec 9, 1845    Probated Jun 3, 1846    Heirs: wife, Nancy L; father, brothers, ~sisters, $100  each    Executor not listed   Witnesses: John Oldshue, William Barnes    


Pages 190-191   Allen, Jackson    Dated May 5, 1846    Probated Jul 14, 1846    Heirs: wife, Sarah; children, Edward, Joseph, Solomon, Westley, Mary Moody, Rebecca Woolman, Sarah Critz, Anna Laird, Harmony Bates, Alice Sanders    Executors: Solomon Allen, Thomas Woodard    Witnesses: Zachariah Morris, Thomas Woodard    


Pages 191-193   Brockway, Edmund    Dated Mar 28, 1846    Probated Aug 17, 1846    Heirs: wife, Lydia; children, names not given except Caroline Burton    Executor: wife    Witnesses: George Tillinghast, Penny Bacon    


Pages 194-195   Henry, William B    Dated Sep 15, 1846    Probated Sep 21, 1846    Heirs: wife, Susan f\1 C; children by former marriage (names not given) Brother Thomas to be guardian of children    Executor: Thomas Woolverton    Witnesses: Samuel Davis, John McGilvrey    


Pages 196-197   Calhoun, Vilot    Dated Mar 18,1845    Probated Sep 26, 1846    Heirs: daughter, Mary Stroud; son, John Gaw; grandchildren, Ellen Roland, Margaret Riley, Belinda Archibald    Executor: John Gaw    Witnesses: Samuel Butler, Jackson Gaw    


Pages 197-198   Call, Joseph, Jr.    Dated Sep 22, 1846    Probated Oct 9, 1846    Heirs: wife, Arrilla; father, Joseph    Executor not listed   Witnesses: James Miller, William Wise    


Pages 199-201   Pellett, Francis   Dated Jul 20, 1845    Probated Oct 19,1846    Heirs: wife; sons, Lorenzo D, Abel J, Joseph Ellenor Kennedy's heirs; Mary Kennady, Elizabeth Horne, Ann Boram, Rachel Hendricks, Matilda Pellett   Executors: son in -law George Kennady, Lorenzo D Pellett    Witnesses: Nathaniel Steele, David Adams    (age 80 or more)    


Pages 201-203   Maticks, Posey    Dated May 2,1846    Probated Oct 23,1846    Heirs: wife, Mahala; sons, Jessee, Pleasant, Alexander R; daughters, Mahala and 8 others    Executor not listed   Witnesses: David Johnson, William Shalley, John Collings    


Pages 204-205   Weatherford, Archibald   Dated Dec 21, 1845    Probated Oct 31,1846    Heirs: mother, Martha    Executor not listed   Witnesses: James L Allen, James H White, Hugh S Hutton   (lived in Washington Township.)


Pages 205-207   Cox, Jonathan    Dated Oct 24, 1846    Probated Nov 16, 1846    Heirs: wife, Margaret; children of first wife, living in Pa, Elvina Lynda and Lydia Ann Cox; children of 2nd marriage, John M and Mary Ann    Executor: wife    Witnesses: Hugh Mills, Martha Athey    


Pages 207-208   Wilson, Nathaniel   Dated Nov 26, 1845    Probated Dec 8, 1846    Heirs: father, William Wilson    Executors: Erastus M Benson, George W Cross    Witnesses: Thomas Myers, John Baird    (lived in Reserve Township)    


Pages 209-211   Walker, Joseph   Dated Sep 4, 1843   Not Probated in Parke County   Heirs: Mary Stewart, housekeeper, and her children, Francis Marion, Solemny Jane, Joseph Walker Stewart sons, Samuel and Jesse, to have land in Parke Co daughters, Elizabeth Boatman, Mary Lanea son -in -law, Daniel Boatman    Executors: John Rodney, Mary Stewart    Witnesses: William Means    (lived in Scott Co., MO, no record of probate in Parke Co., IN - Recorded in Scott Co, Missouri, July 29, 1844)    


Pages 211-213   Anderson, Henry   Dated May 2,1846    Probated Jan 15,1847    Heirs: wife, Elizabeth Rae; children, Washington, James C, Margaret Cleatherwood, Henry II, Granville W, William W, John r1, Eliza A Calvin (relationship not given)    Executors: oldest sons, James C and Henry H    Witnesses: Walker Adams, Lewis Miller     (lived in Adams Township)    


Pages 214-215   Lester, Elizabeth   Dated Dec 11, 1846    Probated Apr 5, 1847    Heirs daughter, Sarasada? Laverty; sons, Joseph E & wife Mary J , Addison P & wife Leodicea?, Nelson R , Charles; N, Abraham C Mentioned deceased sons, John F and William I ~   Executor: Hector Smith Witnesses: Thomas Newell, Jr., John W and George Smith    Witnesses: Thomas Newell, Jr., John W and George Smith     (lived in Florida Township)    


Pages 216-217   Lester, Robert Nelson   Dated Mar 2, 1847    Probated May 8,1847    Heir: wife, Mary    Executor: wife    Witnesses: Hector Smith, Alexander Conner    (lived in Florida Township)    


Pages 217-221   Linebarger, John    Dated Oct 11,1845    Probated May 19, 1847   Heirs: wife, Mary; sons, Andrew, John, Lewis, George; daughters, Lavina Duncan, Nancy Cook, Polly Holden; children of son Henry; nephew, John Duncan; ~Elizabeth Cully, "a bound ~girl "    Executors: sons Andrew & John    Witnesses: R Q Roache, Joseph B Cornelius, John G Davis  


Pages 222-224   Thompson, Ann   Dated May 4, 1847   Probated May 15, 1847   Heirs: Clinton, John, Seth Thompson Mary Ann Root, Emily Spencer, Julia Thomas, Sarah Hiccon?), William James {relationship not given)    Executor: Ralph R Robbins    Witnesses: Thomas J Neal, Jacob Busey, and Richard Rouse Presented for probate by  Egbert Spencer     (lived in Florida Township)    


Pages 224-226   Coute, William    Dated Oct 24, 1846    Probated Oct 14, 1847    Heirs: wife, ~Elizabeth; daughter, Jane Rubottom, Mary Kelly, Sally Woodard; son, David; ~grandsons, Hiram and William Coute    Executors: sons -in -law, Samuel Kelly, ~Ezekiel Rubottom    Witnesses: Scott Noel, Elisha Adamson        


Pages 226-227   Earhart, Andrew    Dated Jun 15,1847    Probated Jan 17,1848    Heirs: wife (name not given); Sons, John 11 find Andrew Jackson    Executor: Moses Strickler    Witnesses: Moses and Daniel Strickler        


Pages 228-229   Smock, John   Dated Aug 18, 1846    Probated Jan 22, 1848    Heirs: wife, Ann; sons William, Samuel G; daughters (names not given)    Executor: son Samuel    Witnesses: Daniel Bruin, Eli L Clark, John Oldshue    , (lived in Green Township)    


Pages 230-231   Davis, William    Dated Feb 6, 1848    Probated Mar 30, 1848    Heirs: mother, Katharine Davis; brother, John 11    Executor: stepfather, Eli Davis, Sr.    Witnesses: John Spencer, James Warrick, and William W Crooks    


Pages 231-234   Phillips, William    Dated May 27,1846    Probated May 15,1848    Heirs: wife (name not given); oldest children, James, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, Lewis (have received t   Heir share); younger children, Silas, David, Samuel, Nancy, Isaac    Witnesses: J Moore, James and William Maris, Jr.    


Pages 234-235   Martin, Mary    Dated Sep 20, 1841    Probated Jun 17, 1848    Heirs: daughter, Rachael Dooley    Executor: Rachael Dooley    Witnesses: John M McCampbell, William D Cond ?    


Pages 235-37,243-244   Siler, Adam    Dated Jul 20, 1844    Probated Aug 29, 1848    Heirs: wife, Sarah; son, James; grandchildren: Enos C, Violet D Kelley, Alfred E and Serena (children of Jeremiah Ho Siler); Pamela Mote, Narcissa, Emily, Elias Siler (children of Philip Siler, deceased); Sarah, Jane, John, Katharine, Pamelia, Philip Pickard (children of Mary Pickard); Eliza E, Ellwood C , Martha, Mary Siler (children of James Siler)    Executors: James Siler, Jesse Kemp    Witnesses: Stephen Kersey, Jesse Kemp    (Codicil added Dec 15, 1847, witnessed by Green Mote and Jesse Cook)    


Pages 239-241   Dagenet, Christmas   Dated Jan 24, 1848    Not Probated in Parke County   Heirs: wife, Mary Ann; children, Eliza, Noel, Hyacinth, Edwin R, Emily, Lucinda    Executors: wife and Rufus K Harris    Witnesses: George Dickson, Alex Conoway    (lived in VanBuren Co., MO, Probated in Missouri, April 10, 1848 Recorded in Parke Co, Sep 15, 1848)    


Pages 241-242   Barnes, Zachariah    Dated Dec 4, 1843    Probated Nov 8, 1848    Heirs: wife, Mary; children by 1st and 2nd marriages, including Leonard, Elias, James Luis    Executor: wife    Witnesses: William Boswell, George Sharp, Asa Button, Reuben Miller    


Pages 244-246   Patterson, Arthur    Dated Jun 8, 1839    Probated Dec 5, 1848    Heirs: wife, Margaret; sons, James and Chambers; daughters, Mary, Sarah C, Margaret A Was partner in firm of Patterson & Silliman at Armiesburgh consisting of mill, distillery, and store    Executors: wife, and 2 daughters, Sarah C and Margaret A    Witnesses: John G Davis, Joseph Potts    


Pages 247-248   Ware, William   Dated Mar 6, 1845    Probated Dec 30, 1848    Heirs: children, James, Charles, Thomas, William, John, Sarah Nutgrass, Lucy Diks, Mary Donalds, Catharine Tinsley, Lucky Conly, Elizabeth Ware; grandson, George Ware , son of Elizabeth    Executors: William S and James Ware   Witnesses: Arthur C G Davis, William Sutton    (lived in Green Township)    


Pages 248-250   Sims, William   Dated Dec 18, 1848    Probated Jan 24, 1849    Heirs: wife, Mary; John Putnam, William, Jane Mariah, Nathan Horton, Perry, Margaret, Harriet, James, Joseph, Jesse Newland Sims (probably his children); grandson, Syrus Cochran, son of William and Elmyra; Jacob Watkins  Sims; Mary Dowdell, formerly Mary Sims (relationship not given)    Executor: wife    Witnesses: James W Beadle, Isaac Shirk    (lived in Liberty Township)    


Pages 250-252   Fisher, William    Dated Dec 29, 1843    Probated Feb 19,1849    Heirs: wife, Cinthia; granddaughter, Cinthia Ann McMillin; son, George C; Robert D McMillin (probably son -in -law); other children, Miranda Draper, David P, Livona K Wishard, Wilson H; grandson, James II, son of \Wilson    Executors: David P and George C Fisher    Witnesses: James S Rogers, Cyrus K Leavitt, and Daniel M Morris        


Pages252-254   Moore, Edward    Dated Dec 23, 1839    Probated Apr 2, 1849    Heirs: wife, Pharaba; daughters, Martha Silv?, -Leonard, Mary Wells, Elisabeth Taylor; sons, John, Edward, William, Reuben, Thomas    Executor: son, Thomas    Witnesses: Thomas H McNeel, George Wittenmyer, and William S Strong        


Pages 254-256   Knutt, William   Dated Jan 30, 1847    Probated Apr 3, 1849   Heirs: wife, Susannah; grandson, Joseph    Executor: John Reitzel and William Hanna of Montgomery Co    Witnesses Samuel Hutton, Thomas C Sage    (lived in Sugar Creek Township)    


Pages 256-258   Woolverton, Thomas   Dated Oct 9, 1846    Probated Aug 3, 1849    Heirs: wife, Rebecca; children, Mary, Ann, John, Isabella Jane, Ellenor, William, James, Thomas Jefferson Woolverton    Executor: wife    Witnesses: Samuel Davis, John Miller, Jr.    (lived in Union Township)    


Pages 258-259   Bright, James   Dated Aug 11, 1849    Probated Sep 3, 1849    Heirs: wife, Elizabeth; son, James Mathew Turner Bright    Executor: wife    Witnesses: James W Beadle, Samuel Pavey    (lived in Liberty Township)    


Pages 259-261   Carter, John   Dated Jun 11, 1845    Probated Sep 18, 1849    Heirs wife (name not given); sons, John and Joshua; other children (names not given)    Executors: Ron Thomas, Thomas Woody    Witnesses: Nathan McDaniel, David R Walton    (lived in Sugar Creek Township)    


Pages 262-264   Weaver, William J    Dated Aug 27, 1849    Probated Oct 27, 1819    Heirs: wife, Elizabeth; son, George A Jones, Zanesvillle, Ohio, to be guardian of son    Executor: Isaac J Silliman    Witnesses: Samuel F Maxwell, Daniel A Jones        


Pages 264-265   Algood, Frederick   Dated Nov 3, 1849    Probated Dec 1, 1849    Heirs: wife Jane    Executor: John Wigham    Witnesses: Samuel Conner, Samuel and Jacob B Lough     (lived in Sugar Creek Township)