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Parke County Obituaries


This index was compiled by the Rockville Public Library staff

Copies of the obituaries listed, are available for $1.00 each. 

With your payment, send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

Rockville Public Library

106 N. Market Street

Rockville, Indiana 47872

along with a list of individual names as they appear on the index.

 ( Be sure to thank them for their tireless efforts.)

Last Name First Name Date  Paper Page
Abel Marilyn S. 11 Sept. 2013 Sentinel 12
Adams Lloyd G. "Moose" 30 Oct. 2013 Sentinel 12
Alexander Harriet J. 11 Sept. 2013 Sentinel 12
Andrew Michael 27 Feb. 2013 Sentinel 10
Baird John L. 13 Feb. 2013 Sentinel 12
Baird John L. 20 Feb. 2013 Sentinel 12
Baker Catherine H. 17-Apr-13 Sentinel 10
Barker Norma 9 Jan. 2013 Sentinel 10
Barker Robert L. 14 Aug. 2013 Sentinel 14
Bartlow Dennis 22-May-13 Sentinel 12
Bates Tammy 17 Apr. 2013 Sentinel 10
Bays Kathryn A. 19-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Beard-Garrigus Helen I. 8-May-13 Sentinel 14
Beck Linda C. 9 Jan. 2013 Sentinel 10
Bennett James M. 2 Jan. 2013 Sentinel 10
Bennett Ralph H. Jr. "Rowdy" 7 Aug. 2013 Sentinel 16
Berry Floyd F. 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
Berry William J. 11 Sept. 2013 Sentinel 12
Bierly Jack L. 7 Aug. 2013 Sentinel 16
Blacketer Joyce M. 18 Sept. 2013 Sentinel 12
Blackwood Manelle 19-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Bonomo Ron 1-May-13 Sentinel 10
Booe E. Louise 19-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Boswell Naomi L. 26-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Bowling Todd A. 18 Dec. 2013 Sentinel 12
Bradshaw John  H. 25 Sept. 2013 Sentinel 10
Brandenburg Ronnie S. 16 Oct. 2013 Sentinel 12
Brant Billy G. 18 Dec. 2013 Sentinel 12
Brattain Jodi 18 Sept. 2013 Sentinel 12
Bredeweg Herbert L. 20-Feb-13 Sentinel 12
Bruner Bradley G. 18 Sept. 2013 Sentinel 12
Bruner Max V. II 18 Sept. 2013 Sentinel 12
Bruner Sabrina 18 Sept. 2013 Sentinel 12
Buker Charles C. 3 Apr. 2013 Sentinel 12
Buress Judith A. 14 Aug. 2013 Sentinel 14
Burks Margaret A. 17-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
Burroughs Eleanor 9 Jan. 2013 Sentinel 10
Busenbark Gary L. 28 Aug. 2013 Sentinel 16
Bush Patricia L. 24-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Butcher Betty J. 10-Jul-13 Sentinel 14
Butler Alberta J. 24-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Canfield Nora M. 5-Jun-13 Sentinel 16
Carrithers William J. 20-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Chaplain Norma R. 9-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Chiles Doyle K. 27-Nov-13 Sentinel 12
Christiansen Darrell B. Jr. 17-Apr-13 Sentinel 10
Clark Flora L. 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
Clary William M. Jr. 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
Clodfelter Malcolm E. 20-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Clouse Wayne E. 18-Sep-13 Sentinel 12
Cloyd Lora J. 7-Aug-13 Sentinel 16
Cole Beverly J. 26-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Conrad Mary C. 11-Dec-13 Sentinel 10
Coonce Larry G. 31-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
Cottrell Charles D. 4-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Cox Dale L. Sr. 16-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Cox Martha C. 16-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Cox Robert J. 19-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Cranston Donald M. 24-Apr-13 Sentinel 14
Crooks Warren 11-Dec-13 Sentinel 10
Crowder Ralph D. 23-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Cruse Wilma M. 15-May-13 Sentinel 14
Cummings Larry G. 6-Feb-13 Sentinel 16
Davidson Jean 27-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Davis Gordon L. 6-Feb-13 Sentinel 16
Deakins Clara M. 11-Dec-13 Sentinel 10
Decker Eddie J. 30-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Decker Jane L. 8-May-13 Sentinel 14
Dellacca Ruth L. 30-Jan-13 Sentinel 8
Delp Patricia A. 28-Aug-13 Sentinel 16
Deplanty Marvin D. 26-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Dill Patty J. 20-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Dinkel James F. 10-Jul-13 Sentinel 14
Dixon Hobart E. 27-Nov-13 Sentinel 12
Doan Homer E. 30-Jan-13 Sentinel 8
Dodson Louise A. 18-Dec-13 Sentinel 12
Doty Hugh W. Sr. 2-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Doughty Geneva 4-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Dugdale Richard 30-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Elder Chester T. 7-Aug-13 Sentinel 16
Espinoza Nastasha M. 25-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Esral Carmen L. 4-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Estes John E. 19-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Everett Colita "Kay" 31-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
Fagg Marie 13-Feb-13 Sentinel 12
Fink Robert E. 24-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Fisher Robert S. 12-Jun-13 Sentinel 12
Fleschner Albert D. 10-Jul-13 Sentinel 14
Flock Dorothy J. 6-Feb-13 Sentinel 16
Francis Gary S. 18-Sep-13 Sentinel 12
Frazier Terry L. 19-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Gardner Kenneth L. 21-Aug-13 Sentinel 12
Garrett Thomas M. 15-May-13 Sentinel 14
Gates Robert J. 17-Apr-13 Sentinel 10
Gifford Katherine H. 13-Feb-13 Sentinel 12
Gilfoy Jack   27-Feb-13 Sentinel 10
Gilly William E. 25-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Goda Donna R. 6-Feb-13 Sentinel 16
Gossett Straudy C. Jr. 5-Jun-13 Sentinel 16
Gray William L. 31-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
Greene Harold L. 28-Aug-13 Sentinel 16
Greene Helen M. 11-Dec-13 Sentinel 10
Gregg  Bonnie L. 24-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Gregg  Colleen A. 20-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Griffin Carol A. 16-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Griffin Timothy L. Sr. 16-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Grimes Gene C. 2-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Grindle Bernard 21-Aug-13 Sentinel 12
Grover Joy A. 13-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Hall Charles C. 4-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Hall Judith A. 9-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Harber Milford E. 30-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Harms Katherine I. 6-Feb-13 Sentinel 16
Harris Maryellen 25-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Hartman Stanley L. 12-Jun-13 Sentinel 12
Hasler Martha L. 13-Feb-13 Sentinel 12
Haughee Frank 5-Jun-13 Sentinel 16
Haughee Pauline 10-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Hawkins Mary E. 29-May-13 Sentinel 12
Hazen Allen E. 3-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Hazlett Helen L. 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
Hazlett Helen L. 20-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Hazlett James W. 14-Aug-13 Sentinel 14
Helton Bonnie L. 7-Aug-13 Sentinel 16
Hightower Cindy E. 6-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Hill Margaret L. 22-May-13 Sentinel 12
Hill Sandra K. 30-Jan-13 Sentinel 8
Hixon Norma 17-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
Holler Jimmie D. 18-Dec-13 Sentinel 12
Houk Iva M. 27-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Howard Janis L. 21-Aug-13 Sentinel 12
Huffman Patricia L. 4-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Hull Daniel H. 31-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
Humphreys Grace M. 9-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Hunt Mary M. 9-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Hurley William R. 14-Aug-13 Sentinel 14
Ingram Gary L. 10-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Isenberg Potter "Whitey" 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
Isenberg Roberta 20-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Jackman Icie C. 23-Oct-13 Sentinel 14
Jackman Rosemary F. 26-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Jackman Rosemary F. 3-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Jackson Emma J. 23-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Jackson Pearl B. 24-Apr-13 Sentinel 14
James William J. 23-Oct-13 Sentinel 14
Jarling Freda M. 28-Aug-13 Sentinel 16
Jeffries Esther 12-Jun-13 Sentinel 12
Jeffries Robert M. 2-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Jessup Robert D. 20-Feb-13 Sentinel 12
Jones Frank Jr. 16-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Jorritsma Betty I. 2-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Joslin Mildred A. 25-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Jukes Harry J. 17-Apr-13 Sentinel 10
Jumps Robert D. 24-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Kattau Ruth E. 24-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Keller Max L. 13-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Keyes Gerald L. 7-Aug-13 Sentinel 16
Kiger Amelia A. 6-Feb-13 Sentinel 16
Killion Anita L. 17-Apr-13 Sentinel 10
Koch Joseph R. 27-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Kromenacker Mary M. 16-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Lackey Kelly L. 29-May-13 Sentinel 12
Langenfeld Paul J. 22-May-13 Sentinel 12
Largent Leonard J. Sr. 1-May-13 Sentinel 10
Larrance Carol I. 13-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Lashbrook Irene M. 28-Aug-13 Sentinel 16
Laster James L. Jr. 2-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Lawson James B. "Brad" 20-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Lear Joan M. 21-Aug-13 Sentinel 12
Leatherman Loraine E. 27-Feb-13 Sentinel 10
Lester Patricia S. 8-May-13 Sentinel 14
Lewis Joanne H. 6-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Lewis  Johnny B. 6-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Lewman Lary 17-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
Lightle Richard B. 5-Jun-13 Sentinel 16
Lindley Dorothy D. 11-Sep-13 Sentinel 12
Lister Terrie L. 26-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Livingston Paul E. "Pete" 27-Nov-13 Sentinel 12
Loveall Carolyn M. 29-May-13 Sentinel 12
Lovins Ruth E. 14-Aug-13 Sentinel 14
Mallett Beth B. 11-Sep-13 Sentinel 12
Market Terri L. 13-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Marshall Gene P. 5-Jun-13 Sentinel 16
Martin Charity M. 23-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Martin Elmer L. 25-Dec-13 Sentinel 10
Martin Fannie F. 30-Jan-13 Sentinel 8
Martin Fannie F. 27-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Martin Jackie N. 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
Martin Max E. 3-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Martin Mina R. 8-May-13 Sentinel 14
Martin Noble L. 30-Jan-13 Sentinel 8
Martin Timothy S. 13-Feb-13 Sentinel 12
Mash William S. 24-Apr-13 Sentinel 14
Matherly-Zellers Charlotte E. 20-Nov-13 Sentinel 14
Mayer Hazel A. 22-May-13 Sentinel 12
Mayes June C. 9-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
McCampbell Robert C. 13-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
McClara Eleanor R. 10-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
McDaniel Judith A. 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
McDaniel Larry W. 18-Dec-13 Sentinel 12
McFarland John W. 6-Feb-13 Sentinel 16
McGill Ellen D. 15-May-13 Sentinel 14
McVey Eric T. 10-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Michael George C. 20-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Miller Geraldine M. 17-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
Millikan Garland E. 20-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Moore Martha E. 5-Jun-13 Sentinel 16
Morehouse Roland M. 4-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Morgan Phyllis A. 30-Jan-13 Sentinel 8
Morrison Betty J. 11-Dec-13 Sentinel 10
Moyer George A. 3-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Moyer Shirley M. 6-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Murdock Helen E. 6-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Murrell Peggy A. 20-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Myers Mary J. 2-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Myers Ronald E. 5-Jun-13 Sentinel 16
Myers Sara E. 3-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Natalie Linda C. 9-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Neier Martha J. 4-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Neier Martha J. 2-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Nelson Verona E. 29-May-13 Sentinel 12
Nevins Mickenzie L. 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
Newlin Mary F. 9-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Newnum Elenor J. 23-Oct-13 Sentinel 14
Nickels Kenneth   30-Jan-13 Sentinel 8
Noggle-Cardin Margaret M. 25-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Nolan Ricky S. 4-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
O'Neal Teresa A. 30-Jan-13 Sentinel 8
Orman Clifford L. 17-Apr-13 Sentinel 10
Overpeck Robert L. 10-Jul-13 Sentinel 14
Owens Roy "Eddie" 27-Feb-13 Sentinel 10
Paitson Rick G. 9-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Parker George A. 30-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Parker James A. 20-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Parker Thomas D. Sr. 16-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Patton Dennis R. 22-May-13 Sentinel 12
Paul Kelly K. 27-Feb-13 Sentinel 10
Payton Barbara A. 8-May-13 Sentinel 14
Pearson John J. 16-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Perry James F. 1-May-13 Sentinel 10
Peterson James A. 1-May-13 Sentinel 10
Peterson James A. 8-May-13 Sentinel 14
Philpott Richard 4-Sep Sentinel 10
Phipps Donnie K. 30-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Pierson James Jr. 18-Dec-13 Sentinel 12
Ping Darrel W. Jr. 26-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Poling Mary J.  20-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Porter Charles R. 15-May-13 Sentinel 14
Porter Marguerite G. 2-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Powell Charles W. 2-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Presnell William F. III 18-Dec-13 Sentinel 12
Pribble Roscoe A. 2-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Price Alberta F. 25-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Pruner Judy R. 26-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Pruner Stanley T. 23-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Purple William C. 2-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Pyle Herman C. 23-Oct-13 Sentinel 14
Pyle Ruth E. 9-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Ramsay Kenneth L. 30-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Ray Mary A. 1-May-13 Sentinel 10
Rayburn Michael C. 8-May-13 Sentinel 14
Rector Annetta J. 25-Dec-13 Sentinel 10
Rector Mary V. 29-May-13 Sentinel 12
Reid Joe A. 11-Dec-13 Sentinel 10
Richardson Doyle E. 3-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Richardson Jeanne 9-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Richardson Jerry W. 21-Aug-13 Sentinel 12
Robinson Richard 17-Apr-13 Sentinel 10
Rogers Brenda J. 20-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Rooksberry Ralph V. 2-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Rosch Francesca J. 27-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Rukes Maurine 17-Apr-13 Sentinel 10
Rutledge Alice J. 10-Jul-13 Sentinel 14
Rutledge Marie E. 14-Aug-13 Sentinel 14
Sanders Grace M. 10-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Schell Terry E. "Turk" 6-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Scott Doyle 18-Sep-13 Sentinel 12
Selz Thomas A. Jr. 14-Aug-13 Sentinel 14
Shaw Betty J. 27-Feb-13 Sentinel 10
Shaw Tammy L. 20-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Shepherd Dorothy 11-Dec-13 Sentinel 10
Shinn Eileen 3-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Shoemaker Ray B. 21-Aug-13 Sentinel 12
Sibbitt Rita D. 27-Feb-13 Sentinel 10
Sickles Jeffery W. 11-Sep-13 Sentinel 12
Siddens Norma M. 8-May-13 Sentinel 14
Sigler Elsie P. 28-Aug-13 Sentinel 16
Simpson Dena J. 1-May-13 Sentinel 10
Sister Michael T. 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
Skorich Angeline 16-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Slavin Francis M. 27-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Smith Michael L. 23-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Smith Nancy J. 2-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Smith Norma J. 9-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Smith Stanley W. 30-Jan-13 Sentinel 8
Sollars Debra J. 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
Sollars Sharon L. 7-Aug-13 Sentinel 16
Southard Mary F. 31-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
Spencer Margaret 9-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Stabler Barbara L. 13-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Stanfield Ronald E. 16-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Stoltzfus Henry S. 15-May-13 Sentinel 14
Strunk Tricia K. 24-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Stryker John W. 30-Jan-13 Sentinel 8
Stucker Darlene 4-Dec-13 Sentinel 12
Swaim Gerry D. 11-Sep-13 Sentinel 12
Swaim Robert D. 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
Tarter Doris 23-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Tarter Doris 6-Feb-13 Sentinel 16
Taylor Robert E. Sr. 13-Feb-13 Sentinel 12
Thomas Curtis E. 11-Sep-13 Sentinel 12
Thomas David G. 27-Feb-13 Sentinel 10
Thomas  Grace E. 3-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Thomas  Mary L. 12-Jun-13 Sentinel 12
Thompson Donald C. 8-May-13 Sentinel 14
Thompson Nora M. 10-Jul-13 Sentinel 14
Tidewell Barbara S. 3-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Tielking Verna 23-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Timmons Betty F. 23-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Trainor Roger S. Sr. 23-Oct-13 Sentinel 14
Tresner Carl W. Jr. 11-Dec-13 Sentinel 10
Trinkle Lonnie D. 7-Aug-13 Sentinel 16
Trotter Hobart "Jack" 10-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Troxell Donna B. 24-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Tubbs Melissa A. 16-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Tyron Clayton S.E. 20-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Van Huss Phyllis W. 17-Jul-13 Sentinel 14
Van Huss Robert E. 8-May-13 Sentinel 12
Van Huss Robert E. 17-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
Vance Phyllis 10-Jul-13 Sentinel 14
Vanzo Thomas Jr. 26-Jun-13 Sentinel 10
Vicars Judith A. 2-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Vicars Roger L. 30-Jan-13 Sentinel 8
Virostko Harriet   25-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Wallace Janice M. 31-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
Wallace Randi L. 6-Mar-13 Sentinel 16
Walls Iva M. 27-Nov-13 Sentinel 12
Walters Harry T. 25-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Walters Ralph E. 13-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Walters Sharon   27-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Walters Sharon 3-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Warren Raymond L. "Bus" 1-May-13 Sentinel 12
Watts Anna L. 10-Jul-13 Sentinel 14
Weaver Anthony W. 9-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Weller Lilian L. 20-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Weller Lilian L. 27-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
West Kyle T. 22-May-13 Sentinel 12
Wetnight Harold "Bill" 3-Jul-13 Sentinel 10
Wey Gail A.E. 23-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
White Mary A. 2-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Whittington Janet 2-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Wilburn Jack D. 29-May-13 Sentinel 12
Williams Judith L. 1-May-13 Sentinel 10
Williams Mary A. 27-Mar-13 Sentinel 12
Williams Ralph F. 3-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Williams Richard D. 2-Jan-13 Sentinel 10
Wilson Rose   13-Nov-13 Sentinel 10
Wimsett Alberta M. 3-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Wood Dale E. 4-Sep-13 Sentinel 10
Woody Dorothy 30-Oct-13 Sentinel 12
Woody Milton 10-Jul-13 Sentinel 14
Worley Janet S. 10-Jul-13 Sentinel 14
Wright Maurleen S. 25-Dec-13 Sentinel 10
Yensco Iona S. 31-Jul-13 Sentinel 12
York William E. 3-Apr-13 Sentinel 12
Zanotti Catherine L. 27-Feb-13 Sentinel 10