Parke County, Indiana
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Parke County Marriage Applications

I've been working on this project for quite some time.  The records I have available are very poor 3rd generation copies - so with over 5000 entries I have probably made a mistake  or two.    I was going to wait and post this after I had a chance to double check them against the original records but that may be some time in the future - so I thought I'd go ahead and post them - hoping they might provide someone with a clue they've been hoping to find.   Please use these entries only as a guide to lead you to the original records.   This database contains the name, birth date and parent names of the individual and starts in 1902 with Book 11.5.   Copies of these records are available through the County Clerk 


Please email me (James D. VanDerMark) with any corrections you can provide.   Thanks.

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  • 1795 -1816 Divorces were first authorized by legislation in the Northwest Territory to be granted through the General Court or Circuit Court. Courts having civil jurisdiction also heard divorce cases. The territorial General Assembly also had power to grant divorces

  • 1817 to 1852 the Circuit Court in each county had jurisdiction over divorces, and the Indiana General Assembly could also grant divorces, through special legislation. These divorces have been abstracted:  - Newland, M. E. E. Divorces Granted by the Indiana General Assembly Prior to 1852. Harlan, Ind.: the author, 1981.

  • 1853 to 1873 -The Court of Common Pleas in each county could grant divorces concurrently with its Circuit Court from 1853 to 1873. As Superior courts were established in various counties, they have had concurrent jurisdiction with the Circuit Court. Divorces were entered in the appropriate courtís Order Book.