Parke County, Indiana
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Rocky Fork Baptist Church

Parke County, Indiana

Rocky Fork Baptist Church was Constituted in 1836 and Disbanded in 1863.  

This list was created from the church records donated by Paul Mitchell to the Clay County Historical Society.


Member Received by: Left by:
Branson Anna Experience November 1837 Dismissed
Branson Elizabeth Experience September 1838 Dismissed
Branson George  Letter July 1836 Released June 1837
Branson Jane Letter August 1836 Dismissed
Branson Johnathan  Experience October 1836 Dismissed November 1853
Branson Lavina  Experience August 1836 Dismissed
Branson Lemuel  Letter August 1838
Branson Mary Experience July 1861
Branson Mathew  Experience October 1848
Branson Melinda Experience September 1836 Dismissed November 1853
Branson Rachel Experience October 1848
Branson Robert A Experience February 1843 Dismissed November 1853
Branson Sarah  Experience November 1849 Excluded May 1850
Branson Susan Dismissed June 1856
Cabbage Emilia  Experience May 1853 Dismissed November 1853
Cabbage John  Experience August 1836 Dismissed November 1853
Cabbage Luvisa  Experience September 1837 Dismissed
Cabbage Nancy  Experience August 1836 Dismissed November 1853
Coleman Lemuel P  Letter July 1836 Dismissed March 1852
Coleman Rosannah  Letter July 1836 Dismissed March 1852
Coleman Telitha Experience November 1849 Dismissed February 1863
Coombs Joseph  Letter July 1836 Dismissed November 1853
Coombs Rachel  Letter July 1836
Cox Samuel  Experience September 1836 Dismissed April 1859
Cox Sarah  Experience August 1836 Dismissed April 1859
Deweese Martha Ann Dismissed January 1851
Frank John E Dismissed May 1850
Frank Sirena Dismissed May 1850
Hall Abel Letter June 1840 Excluded April 1843
Hall Dollyann Letter June 1840 Excluded April 1843
Hammock Jemima Experience April 1842 Dismissed November 1853
Hammock Martin Experience April 1842 Dismissed November 1853
Harty Ava Experience August 1843 Dismissed December 1853
Hasty Cinthia Experience December 1841
Hasty Eve Dismissed December 1853
Hasty Levi Relation April 1840 Dismissed December 1853
Hasty Lydia Letter April 1840
Hasty Sirena Letter April 1840
Herrin E1ijah  Letter August 1838 Dismissed
Herrin Sally  Letter August 1838 Dismissed
Hood Rebecca Letter June 1850 Excluded January 1859
Hunter Nancy Experience October 1848 Dismissed
Idle William Experience March 1842 Excluded
Irwin Benjamin F Letter March 1855 Dismissed February 1863
Irwin Charles M  Letter December 1849 Dismissed February 1863
Irwin Louisa  Letter May 1853 Dismissed November 1861
Irwin William P  Letter May 1853 Dismissed November 1861
Kamper Maryann Letter April 1843 Dismissed
Kemp Jehu Letter March 1853 Dismissed November 1858
Kemp Julia Letter March 1853
Lewis Sarah Experience August 1836
Loy Daniel Experience May 1840 Dismissed October 1852
Loy Maryana Experience February 1842 Dismissed October 1852
Mains Ailey Dismissed April 1852
Moore Aloes  Faith July 1836 Dismissed
Moore Amelia  Letter August 1836
Moore Elizabeth  Letter July 1836
Moore Ephriam W Experience July 1842 Dismissed July 1858
Moore Jane Dismissed August 1855
Moore Jemima  Experience October 1836
Moore Levi  Letter July 1836 Excluded August 1846
Moore Sarah  Letter August 1836
Mooreland Serena Dismissed January 1854
Morelan Benoni Dismissed December 1853
Moreland Evan Experience June 1841 Dismissed November 1853
Morelan Absalom  Experience May 1843 Dismissed September 1851
Morelan Benjamin Letter August 1843
Morelan Kisiah  Letter July 1843
Morelan Siner Experience July 1842 Dismissed December 1853
Moreland Benjamin  Letter July 1839
Moreland Catherine  Experience July 1841
Moreland Dolly  Experience July 1841 Dismissed November 1853
Moreland Jane  Experience July 1841 Dismissed November 1853
Mourland Richard  Letter July 1836 Dismissed November 1853
Pruett Martha Ann Experience October 1836 Dismissed
Pruette Elizabeth  Faith July 1836
Pruette Michael  Faith July 1836
Pruette Naomi  Experience October 1836 Dismissed October 1851
Pruette Susannah  Experience October 1836 Dismissed
Purette Elizabeth Experience October 1836 Dismissed September 1852
Smiley Hannah Experience July 1842 Dismissed November 1853
Stark Sarah Letter June 1842
Stevens Benjamin  Letter April 1839 Dismissed September 1848
Stevens Benjamin  Letter August 1843 Dismissed September 1848
Stevens Elizabeth  Letter August 1839 Excluded
Stevens Elizabeth Jane  Experience March 1842 Dismissed November 1853
Stevens Giles Experience September 1852 Dismissed November 1853
Stevens John  Letter August 1839 Excluded
Stevens Malinda  Letter April 1839 Dismissed
Stevens William A Letter April 1839
Tomison Lucretia Dismissed August 1848
Watson Jane  Experience November 1845 Dismissed November 1853
Watson Robert   Relation October 1842 Dismissed November 1853
Weeks Elijah Experience March 1842 Dismissed
Winkler Elizabeth Experience November 1856
Wright Cynthia Dismissed October 1850