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1874 Parke County Atlas

Please be sure to thank Carole Gardner who donated the Atlas for me to photograph and use on this website.

Note:  I'll list the photos in page order.  Some pages were blank because they are the back of the maps...

Atlas Cover

Page 001    -    Atlas Title Page

Page 008    -    Parke County Map

Page 009    -    History of county

Page 010    -    James N. Miller residence

Page 011    -    John R. Miller residence

Page 012    -    History continued

Page 013    -    History continued

Page 014    -    Residences of W. D. Thomas, Jno. J. Walker, Businesses of Overman & McMurtry Dry Goods, McMillin, Stark & Dooley Dealership

Page 015    -    Parke Banking Co., H. C. Hanna & Co. Livery, Shackelford & Rice Cos. Block

Page 016    -    History Continued

Page 017    -    Subscribers

Page 018    -    G. K. Steele residence, Jas. A. Allen residence

Page 019    -    Residences of Wm. H. Davis, Francis M. Stipp, Alpheus Warner, and Silas Taylor

Page 020    -    Subscribers continued

Page 021    -    Subscribers continued

Page 022    -    Union Township Map

Page 023    -    Residences of A. L. Thomas, John M. Turner, George W. Aydelott & G. J. Collings

Page 024    -    Subscribers continued

Page 025    -    Subscribers continued

Page 026    -    Jackson Township Map

Page 027    -    Greene Township Map

Page 028    -    Old Settlers Biographies (George Kirkpatrick Steele, D. H. Pennewill, John Bernard Dowd)

Page 029    -    Old Settlers Biographies continued (James Ward Beadle, O. J. Innis, John T. Campbell, Samuel T. Ensey, John F. D. Hunt)

Page 030    -    Howard Township Map (with Plat Maps of Parkeville & Bridgeton)

Page 031    -    Sugar Creek Township Map

Page 032    -    Old Settlers Biographies continued ( W. W. McCune, O. P. Brown, James Allen, Charles W. Stryker, John T. Price, James Glass, Greenberry Ward, N. W. Cummings)

Page 033    -    Old Settlers Biographies continued ( Andrew D. Tomlinson, Perly Mitchell, J. W. Russell, W. O. Stone, Jacob Fisher, Minor T. Davis, J. W. Russell, James N. Morlan, James T. Johnston, Jarvis Davis, Samuel D. Hill)

Page 034    -    Washington Township Map

Page 035    -    Residences of R. C. McWilliams & John D. Collings

Page 036    -    Old Settlers Biographies continued (James P. Tucker, E. D. Seaman, James M. Toppas, George B. Chapman, Edward Barnes, J. A. Goldsberry, Thomas Griffith, Geo. A. Buchanan, F. M. Gates, Silas Elwood Hunt, John M. Woody, David Strouse, Clinton Murphy)

Page 037    -    Old Settlers Biographies continued (Walter C. Danaldson, James Jacobs, Wm. F. Craft, John D. Huey, Alexander Buchanan, John H. Tate, Henry Burford, ,William D. Harrison, Aquilla Justus, James Patterson, Oliver Norman, Samuel Davies, Jr., William Morgan, Sr., Joseph Burns)

Page 038    -    Plat Maps of Hollandsburg, Armiesburg, Lena, Bellmore/Northhampton, Mansfield

Page 039    -    Adams Township Map

Page 040    -    Old Settlers Continued ( John W. Chapman, E. M. Benson, Tobias Miller, John Miller, Casper Budd, Reuben Jacks, Thomas J. Hanna, James Crooks, James Kerr, Andrew Tenbrook, Howard Clore)

Page 041    -    Subscribers continued

Page 042    -    Residences of Harvey Adams & John Ott

Page 043    -    Residences of Daniel McMullin & James Garrigus

Page 046    -    Rockville Plat Map

Page 047    -    Rockville Public School & First National Bank

Page 050    -    Residences of David Elder, R. K. Thompson, Elizabeth A. Harrison, Samuel Strouse, J. T. Price & Jas. F. Clark

Page 051    -    Residences of Jacob Mull, J. L. Boyd, Greenberry Ward & Wm. J. Ott

Page 054    -    Residences of Isaac G. Coffin, F. R. Whipple, Mary Tenbrook and John A. Blake, Business of J. D. Hunt

Page 055    -    James Crooks business and residence, J. W. P. Seller residence & Sprague & Phelon Mill

Page 058    -    Rockville Planning Mills-Wm Ten Brook & Co., O. J. Innis Block -

Page 059    -    Residences of Wm. Carmichael, Charles L. Blake, B. A. Martin & Cyrus Goss

Page 062    -    Raccoon Township Map

Page 063    -    Residences of John B. Shippen, J. M. Crooks,  & George Mater, Residence and Mill of Rapp & Brown

Page 066    -    Plat Maps of Catlin, Numa, Nyesville, Roseville, and Rosedale

Page 067    -    Florida Township Map

Page 071    -    Residences of Elizabeth Walker & Jesse Draper

Page 074    -    Reserve Township Map

Page 075    -    Residence of O. P. Brown

Page 078    -    Plat Map of Montezuma

Page 079    -    Residences of Abel Ball, A. Justus, D. J. Miller, & Wm. O. Phillips

Page 082    -    Penn Township Map

Page 083    -    Bloomingdale Tile Factory (Haworth & Bro.), Residences of Wm. T. Craft & Kersey Newlin

Page 084    -    Friends Church of Bloomingdale & Residences of John W. Chapman, John H. Ott and Isaac Lindley

Page 085    -    Plat Maps of Annapolis, Bloomingdale, Judson & Coloma

Page 086    -    Residences of Jacob Brewer & Silverwood Farm

Page 087    -    Residences of Oliver LaTourette, R. C. Talbot, Jonathan Hadley and Miles Ratcliff

Page 090    -    Howard, Westport, Sylvania & Portland Mills Plat Map

Page 091    -    Liberty Township Map, Waterman/Lodi Plat Map