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Thomas Linthicum of Monroe County


Thomas S Linthicum (28 June 1784 MD -18 Sept 1862 Monroe Co., IN)[1]


I feel this line begins in America with Thomas Linscomb (ca 1640 British Isles – 1701 MD) who came to Maryland before June 1658.  The line continues: Hezekiah (1670 -1722 MD), Thomas Francis Linthicum (1716 – ca 1791 MD) and then Richard detailed below.  I believe the above Thomas S. to be my 4th great grand uncle, being the brother of my 4th great grandfather, Daniel Linthicum (ca 1771 MD –Oct 1849 Guilford Co., NC). Published family histories and existing records leave some doubt as to their parents but assembling the information available leads me to believe that they are likely Richard Linthicum (1746 MD – 1819 Guilford Co., NC) and Mary Sherwood (ca 1753 MD –UNK).  Thomas and Daniel appear to have had 3 sisters all of whom married in NC. 

Perhaps the strongest clue we have to the lineage of Thomas S. is the 1790 Anne Arundel Co., MD will (probated 1807) of Thomas Francis Linthicum[2].  The will provides that if “grandson Thomas” returns to Maryland from “Carolina” before a specified time he shall receive £ 50.  I believe this is the same Thomas found in Guilford and Randolph Co., NC from 1810 thru 1829[3] in census and land records and appears in Monroe Co., IN land records and census records from 1832 through his death.  He is found on some Indiana documents as Thomas Stephen Linthicum.  We assume that Elijah, Mary, Jane and Hester found in many Monroe Co. records are the children of Thomas[4].  I have never found a hint of a marriage record for Thomas or his brother, Daniel, in years of searching in many possible locations.  It appears that Jane and Hester did not marry so the many descendants in the immediate area come through Mary who married James Fairley in 1834 and Elijah who married Amanda Conder in 1853.[5] 

Using the many resources available, I have managed to piece together a fair sketch of many of these descendants –primarily following the Linthicum surname.  Information from obituaries and now the 1940 Census bring the information about as far as a distant relative should go.  The Linthicum Cemetery which I have visited and the Linthicum Church, which I have just learned of and the many descendants still living in the area give me some hope that there has been family history and tradition passed down which would benefit my research

I would be most pleased to share/compare Linthicum family information with anyone interested in the ancestors and descendants of Thomas Linthicum and, just perhaps, there would be some vestiges of Linthicum family history and tradition that have passed down in the family of the area that could bring new light to some of the puzzles left by the family as they moved from Maryland to North Carolina and beyond.

I should mention that my 2nd great grandfather, William A. Linthicum (ca 1824 NC–1872 IN), who appears in OH and KY before serving in the Civil War, settled in English in Crawford Co., IN after the war and died there in 1872.  I suspect he never had a clue that he had relatives so close by.

Terry L. Linthicum

5 W Placita Hopkins

Green Valley, AZ 85614



[1] Information from tombstone, Linthicum Cemetery, Monroe Co., IN and Census data

[2] Thomas Francis Linthicum and Elizabeth Williams are shown in Anne Co., MD church records and deeds to be the parents of Richard Linthicum b 1746.  No children are mentioned in the will and the limited estate is left to Rezin and Hezekiah Linthicum Weekly, minors of indeterminate relationship.  The date of the opening of probate of the will gives some clue as to the age of the heirs.  Both sold the land left to them within a few years.

[3] Given the age of Thomas, we would not expect to find him in records before the 1800’s.  Richard is first found in NC in 1789.

[4] Elijah and Mary are witnesses to Randolph Co., NC deeds by Thomas S Linthicum; Elijah is a witness in 1831 and 1832 with Mary joining him on the 1832 deed.  There is no reference to a wife on the deeds giving rise to the possibility that Thomas was not married or widowed at this time. An Elizabeth (MNU) appears on some Monroe Co. records with Thomas and may be the mother of some or all the 4 likely children of Thomas.

[5] One exception to this statement would be a cousin of Thomas, Jesse F Linthicum who appears in Monroe Co in 1860 and later in Greene Co., also producing descendants in the area.  There also “cousins”, Ezekiel and Daniel, who came to the area but seemingly, produced no offspring.