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Dunn Cemetery Deed

Transcribed & Shared by Connie Shotts

Recorded November 9, 1857

Deed Book R, page 222



In order to secure and perpetuate to the descendants of Eleanor Dunn, Nancy Alexander, and Jane Irwin who be buried within the plat of ground hereinafter described and to those with whom they may intermarry forever a place of private burial where they shall repose together as one family in the long night of death and rise up together as from one bed at the last day, I, George G. Dunn, being the owner of the lands hereinafter described, do give, grant, and confirm unto the descendants, and to those with whom they shall intermarry, of the said Eleanor, Nancy, and Jane as a perpetual dedication for the sole and exclusive purpose and use of a private burial ground, and the erection of all desirable monuments, and improvements, and ornaments suitable to such a place, the following described plat of ground.  Situated within and being a part of the south east quarter of section thirty-three in Township nine north in range one west, in Monroe county, Indiana and beginning at a stone marked G.Y.C. No. 1.  Situated about fifty-one chains and eight links west from the east line of said quarter section of land and about fifty-nine poles and six links north from the south line thereof and running thence south 68 degrees west eight poles to a stone marked G.Y.C. No. 2, thence north 41 degrees west five poles and twelve links to a stone marked G.Y.C.  No. 3, thence north 6 degrees west two poles to a stone marked G.Y.C. No. 4, thence north 41 degrees east five poles and twelve links to a stone marked G.Y.C. No. 5, thence south 68 degrees east eight poles to a stone marked G.Y.C. No. 6, thence south 6 degrees east four poles to the beginning at the stone marked G.Y.C. No. 1.  To have and to hold to the said grantees forever for said purposes and they shall at all reasonable times have the right forever for any said purposes to enter upon and pass over said quarter section land along the ordinary ways through the same or elsewhere, doing no unnecessary harm or damage thereto and it is further provided that no graves shall ever be placed hereinafter west of a line cutting the corner stones above named No. 2 and No. 5 that part being designed for walks, ornamental trees and a dead house if one should ever be desired.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 21st day of November A. D. 1855.


                                                [signed]            George G. Dunn    {seal}


                                                Notarized by Newton F. Malott

                                                November 21, 1855