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Monroe County Births Indexed

1882  - 1920

Surname "Z"

Information provided within parentheses ( ) is from other sources and may not appear on the actual record..

Surname Child Given Name   Father Given Name Mother Given Name Maiden Name Sex Color   Day Month Year   Book Page
Zahner (Joseph)   Eli A Mary Bartlett M W   3 Dec 1909   H-5 53
Zahner Mary M   Eli A (Mary) L Bartlett F W   12 Jun 1908   H-5 20
Zellis Not Listed   Not Listed Rebecca Zellis F W   22 Apr 1883   CH-24 14
Zentmyre Kathleen E   James W (Daisy) Albertson F W   16 Nov 1916   CH-26 699
Zike (Louis Edmund)   Joseph Mattie Litz M W   6 Feb 1911   H-5 87
Zike Absolum   Samuel Docie Wooden M W   16 Mar 1909   H-5 36
Zike Beaula   Samuel Docia Wooden F W   23 Jan 1914   H-7 699
Zike John A   Joseph A Mattie E Litz M W   27 May 1916   H-8 358
Zike Leslie P   Clarence B Sylvester M W   28 May 1910   H-5 64
Zike Lizzie E   Joseph Mattie Litz * F W   9 Aug 1906   H-4 36
Zike Lonie E   William Della Simpson M W   27 Dec 1907   H-5 5
Zike Luther   (William) Luther (Roxie Ona) Stevenson M W   4 Aug 1898   H-3 46
Zike Pauline   William Della Simpson F W   11 Sep 1911   H-5 105
Zike Rolley   Samuel H Theodocla Wooden M W   30 Oct 1911   H-6 98
Zike Viola M   Samuel Roxie (Scott) F W   10 Oct 1919   H-10 923
Zink  Louise M   Harry (Ruth) Gillispie F W   21 Feb 1914   H-11 7
Zink  Maxine L   Harry (Ruth) Gillispie F W   21 Feb 1914   H-7 698
Zinkam Not Listed   Thomas E V G Butcher F W   25 Sep 1918   H-8 862
Zolezzie John W   George Vada V Milton M W   19 Jun 1910   H-5 66
Zuillen Howard W   William C Maude M Harmon M W   2 May 1916   H-8 357
Zwillinger Not Listed   Henry E M Berry F W   23 Jan 1887   CH-24 68
Zwillinger Not Listed   Henry E M Berry F W   23 Jan 1887   H-1 311

* SMITHVILLE ITEMS-Miss Mattie Litz and Mr. Joe Zikes were married at the M E.Church last Sunday evening. Rev. Stackhouse performed the ceremony. Bloomington World, 17 May 1894