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FRAZIER, John and Elizabeth

John and Elizabeth FRAZIER

In 1936 a Family History of the three generations of the James and Elizabeth Cade Frazier family was written by Uncle John Frazier. It was his earnest wish that a younger hand might take up the history and carry it on through the coming years. It is an honor and a pleasure to do this and I hope that I may be able to do in a manner that would be pleasing to him.

The children of John W. Frazier and Elizabeth Purnell Frazier, Cora, Harry, Myrtle, and Flora. Cora was born July 19, 1879. She married Rudolph Jesse in Dec. 1922. Cora died May 27, 1937. Harry P. Frazier, second child of John W. and Elizabeth was born March 24, 1882. He married Vera Reed, Sept. 12, 1912. One child, Mary Elizabeth (Betty) was born March 11,1919. Myrtle Margaret, third child of John W. and Elizabeth Frazier was born on Dec.10, 1884. She married Paul Clark, March 21. 1902 One child Edwin Frazier Clark was born March 21, 1902. Edwin married Mary Ethel Arburn Feb. 4, 1933. Edwin and Mary Clark's first child was Elizabeth Ann born Dec. 29, 1933. Second child was James Edwin, born Jan. 16, 1935. Third child Mary Agnes born Sept. 22, 1936. Fourth child was John Arburn born Sept. 14, 1937. Fifth child was Flora Mae born Sept. 14, 1939. Myrtle's second marriage was to Otto T. Griggs on November 19, 1919. Mr. Griggs died October 16,1936. Flora Frazier fourth child of John W. Frazier and Elizabeth Frazier was born April 24, 1888. The children of James Franklin Frazier and Viola Hesler Frazier are Freeman and Charles. Freeman J. was first child of J. Franklin and Viola Frazier was born Jan. 25, 1879. He married Lona Livengood. Lorraine E. born April 13, 1912 and died July 1, 1928 Marion F. was born November 13, 1916. Evelyn Mae was born December 7, 19, 1918. Mary Virginia was born December 29, 1921. Freeman died May 22, 1922. Charles second child of J. Franklin and Viola Frazier was born Feb. 5, 1881. Charles married Ethel Glascock. They had 2 children Charles R. and Helen. Charles R., the first child of Charles and Ethel Frazier was born Sept. 2, 1903 He married Josephine Morrison Sept. 2, 1933. Their daughters were born, Joan Elizabeth on Oct. 16.1934 and Janice Ann was born April 1, 1937. Helen Frazier, second child of Charles and Ethel Frazier was born April 25, 1905. Helen married Henry Clay Champlin III, December 27,1930. Two daughters were born, Ann born November 5, 1931 and Caryl born July 25, 1934. The children of Olive Eveline Frazier and George Washington Hesler are Orpha, Grace, Byron, Myrtle, Fred, Ralph, Olice, and Frazier. Orpha, first child of George and Olive Hesler was born Nov.9,1874. She married Alpha Bever. Two daughters were born to Orpha and Alpha, Marjorie Ruth was born Dec. 30, 1894. She married Vora Nelson Keller, May 16, 1915. One son was born to Marjorie and Vora Keller, Rex V. was born April 10, 1917. Rex married Marian Clore on June 9, 1940. Mabel Marie second child of Orpha and Alpha Bever was born Mar. 28, 1896. She married Glenn R. Pitman on Nov.27, 1920. one daughter was born to Mabel and Glenn. Margaret Ann born April 4, 1932. Orpha died July 13, 1898. Grace the second child of George and Olive Hesler was born Sept. 22, 1877. She married James R. Booe April 5, 1896. Six children were born, Marie, Maurice, Marion, Marvin, Harold, Francis. Marie was first child born to Grace and James Booe on April 19, 1897. She married Verner Mann on April 10, 1920. Marie and Verner Mann had three children, Barbara born Dec. 27,1922, Marvin born Mar.31, 1927, and Virginia born Feb. 25, 1930. Maurice, second child of Grace and James Booe was born Oct. 4, 1898 and died Sept. 23, 1899. Marion, third child of Grace and James Booe was born July 1904. He married Mary Eslinger on Mar. 31, 1927. Marion and Mary had five childern. Gail, born Nov. 5, 1927 and Sydney Born Sept. 25, 1931. Three children died in infancy. Marvin was fourth child of Grace and James Booe was born Nov. 12, 1906 He married Dortha Weaver, July 30, 1938. Harold, fifth child of Grace and James Booe born Oct. 25, 1908. Francis, sixth child of Grace and James Booe was born on July I, 1914. He married Louise Rivers Aug. 25, 1939. Byron, third child of Olive and George Hesler was born Feb. 9, 1880. He married Mary Newlin Myers, Nov. 29, 1899. They had five children. Mona Estelle, born Oct. 29, 1900 and died July 6, 1902. Evelyn J. born Sept, 3, 1903. She married Walter Ford May 6,1924. Evelyn and Walter had one daughter, Julia Marie born Feb. 17,1925. Frances Pauline was born Aug. 28, 1906. She married William Overman, Sept. 28, 1929. Eleanor Lee, born Nov. 14, 1915 and died Dec. 10, 1916. James Byron, born Jan. 7, 1921. Myrtle fourth child of Olive and George Hesler, born Aug. 9, 1882. She married Thomas J. Booe on Feb. 9, 1902. One son Harold Hesler Booe was born April 12, 1904 and died Sept. 13, 1904. Fred fifth child of olive and George Hesler was born Oct. 24, 1885. He married Leola Elizabeth Coats on Dec. 7, 1905. They had five children. An infant boy born died April 8, 1909. Elmer Loran, born April 23, 1913. Berle Gale, born May 12, 1918. He married Opal Waneta Felton on Nov. 25, 1939. George Thomas, born Aug. 16,1919. Mary Olive, born March 13, 1923. Leola, wife of Fred died Dec. 10, 1932. Ralph, sixth child of Olive and George Hesler born Sept. 14, 1887.. He married Fern Williams, Oct.18, 1918. Ralph and Fern had one daugh¬ter Eileen, born July 31, 1921. Fern died Nov. 21, 1922. Ralph second married was to Della Myers Feb. 20, 1926. They had one son Harold Lee born Feb. 3, 1927. Olcie, seventh child of Olive and George Hesler was born Mar. 15, 1890. She married Timothy I. Colwell, May 26, 1917. They had one son, Robert H., born Sept. 18, 1918. Frazier, eighth child of Olive and George Hesler was born Nov. 23, 1896. He married Mayme G. Routh, Jan. 14, 1920. They had two children Olive Gertrude born Nov. 7, 1920. Olive G. married Warren Richardson July 18, 1939. they have one child, Betty June, born Feb. 15, 1940. Charles Frazier, second child Frazier and Mayme, born June 9, 1923. The children of Mary Frazier and Richard Bible, are Pearl, James, Arthur, Fred, and Mayme. Pearl first child of Mary and Richard Bible was born Aug.4, 1878 She married John G. Utterback Dec. 27, 1899. James F. second child of Mary and Richard Bible was born Aug. 11, 1880. He married Gretchen Kincaid Oct. 10, 1906 They had three daughters. Thelma born Sept. 2, 1907. She married Samuel N. Howard, Sept. 8, 1932 They had two daughters Vivian M. born June 21, 1933. Geneve A. born Nov. 5, 1934. Samuel was killed in a railroad accident Nov. 5, 1938. Second daughter of James and Gretchen was Vivian Ruth born July 1, 1912 and died Sept. 9, 1914. Third daughter of James and Gretchen Bible was Christine Mae was born June 25, 1918. Arthur third child of Mary and Richard Bible was born Aug. 23, 1882. He married Marie Rawlings June 3, 1908. They had one daughter Mary Virginia born June 15 1910. She married M. Bruce Provast Sept. 29, 1934. They have a son born Charles B. born Dec. 17, 1936. Fred E, fourth child of Mary and Richard Bible was born Dec. 30, 1885. He married Mable Vincent Sept. 7, 1911. Fred and Mable had two children. Kathleen born Jan. 6, 1915. She married Meridith B. Flanigan on March 1, 1936. Richard E. son of Fred and Mable born June 21, 1918 He married Martha Mason Sept. 2, 1939. Mayme fifth child of Mary and Richard Bible was born Mar. 26, 1891. She married Clyde Thomas Feb.23, 1913. They had one son, Maurice born Sept. 5, 1914 and died Aug. 11, 1932. Children of Byron F. Frazier and Sally Kerr are Homer B., Mary and Ethel. Homer was born Dec. 8, 1883. he married Mary Ellen Lee. They had three daughter, Mary Lee, Helen Mildred, and Elizabeth Ruth. Mary Lee was born Aug. 13, 1917. She married Donald P. Tinkner on Nov. 12, 1938 Helen Mildred second child of Homer and Mary Ellen born July 3, 1920 and Elizabeth Ruth was born Nov. 14, 1922. Mary, second child of Byron F. and Sally Frazier was born Jan. 31, 1886. She married Warren M. Graves Aug. 24, 1904. they had two daughters, Mabel and Marie. Mabel was born July 24, 1905. She married James D. Warren, Oct. 6, 1923. Mabel and James had one son James Gerald born April 8, 1925 and died April 23, 1925. Marie second daughter of Mary and Warren Graves born Mar. 28, 1910 and died June 7, 1934. Ethel, third child of Byron F. and Sally Frazier was born Jan. 22, 1895. She married Walter L. Foxworthy Aug. 20, 1913. They had one daughter Mary Louise born July 14, 1914. She married Hugh J. Webster Jan. 1, 1935. They have two children Sally Lee born Oct. 12, 1935 and died Oct.13,1935. James Leroy, born Mar. 4, 1939. The past few pages of family history have been written to the best of my ability. A record of the births, deaths, and marriages, which shall occur in the family in the future will be recorded in the yearly secre¬tary report of the Frazier Family Reunions. I wish to extend to my cousins and their children a hearty wish for happiness and success in the coming years and may we prove to the would that we have been a worthy family.

(Signed) (Ethel Frazier Foxworthy ) June 5, 1940

Transcribed by: Tom Hesler
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