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Berryman and Nancy (Lopp) Smith Bible

Thanks to Beth Johnston for this great bible entry :)

This was among my grandmother's possessions when she died. Brackets indicate where I've inserted a word for clarity; otherwise, weird spellings and all, this is typed as written. There are two pages to it. Somewhat confusing is that there are three Berryman Smiths who either were born or lived in Fountain County. Berryman 1 was born in Virginia but moved to Fountain County and died there. He is not mentioned in this bible account, but because his son (Berryman II) and grandson (Berryman III) are listed that way for my record-keeping purposes I thought I'd mention him.

Berryman and Nancy's first child, James Smith, was my 2ggrandfather.

Page 1, Side 1 Berryman [II] Smith was born January 16th in the year of [our] lord one thousand eight hundred and one

--Nancy [Lopp] Smith was born October 8th in the year of [our] lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve

James Smith was born August 13th AD., 1828.

Elisabeth Smith was born Dec 29th 1829

Eliza Smith was born January the 11th AD 1831

Lewis Smith was born August the 4th AD 1832 born June the 3d

Andrew Hamelton Smith was AD 1834 AD 1835,

Catharine Smith was born December 29th Nancy Ann Smith was born August the 24th AD 1837

Sarah Jane Smith was born January 21th AD 1839

Milton Smith was born July the 7th AD 1840

Page 1, Side 2

Berryman [III] Smith was born March 31th 1842

Samantha C Smith was born November 18th 1843

David R Newton Smith was born August 18th 1845 Josephine Smith was born July 11th 1848


Page 2, Side 1

Berryman [II] Smith died February 13 AD 1849 Aged forty eight yers and 28 days

Nancy Smith Died July 16th

Lewis Smith Died July 20th aged twelve years 13th Oct 1845

Nancy Ann Smith died 18th 1842 aged four years ten months 27 days

Page 2, Side 2

Berryman [II] Smith died February 13th 1849 Aged forty eight years and 28 days

Nancy Smith died July 16th 1858 Aged forty Eight years 9 months and 8 days

Lewis Smith died July 10th 1845 twelve years eleven month and 13 days

Nancy Ann Smith died July 18 1842 aged Four years ten months 27 days

File Created: 6 Feb 2010
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