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FB-Allen Family Bible

Allen Family

My grandmother has this Bible now, it is given to her by Nellie Wyhde. The story Nellie told her was that this Bible made the trip to America with Thomas or Isaac Allen. I have photgraphs of it and the pages are worn well.

This is the transcript that I made while attempting to read the worn pages.

My grandmother is a Wilson, and I believe the family line goes back to Isaac Allen the Revolutionary War Veteran. I am still checking sources. Note that I converted the dates into date month year, and they were written in month date year.

Josh Allen -- Mrs Nellie Whyde - Family Bible of 1795

James Poplett was born 3 Feb 1821

Elizabeth Poplett was born 5 May 1821

James Allen 15 Jan 1810

Isaac Allen was born 21 Sep 1820

Isaac A Allen was born 21 Sep 1820

William Allen was born 24 Mar 1794

Isam Allen was born 15 May 1793 In the year of our Lord one thousand and seven??? 94

Thompson Poplett was born 15 Jan 1799

Thompson Poplett was married 12 Aug 1819

Penny Poplett ---- James Allen was born Jan 1810

David Allen was born 1 Nov 1802 Scott County State of Virginia to ??? James Allen ??? hand and Pen 1821

Thomas Allen was born 13 June 1790

Isam Allen was born 15 May 1793

Frances ???ret was born August ??64

Thomas Allen was born 13 June 1790

???? Allen was born 6 Jan 1792 (Note from Karen Zach - this is Anna M. Allen)

Isam Allen was born 15 May 1793

William Allen was born 28 Mar 1794

Iscak Allen was born 8 Oct 1797

Jane Allen was born 23 Feb 1800

David Allen was born 1 Nov 1802

John Allen was born 7 Mar 18?? (Note from Karen Zach - 1803)

James Allen was born 15 Jan 18?? (Note from Karen Zach -- 1810)

Elizabeth Allen was born 29 Jan ??? (Note from Karen Zach -- 1807)

Mary Allen was born 20 May ??? (Note from Karen Zach -- I did not have her in this family - anyone know what happened to her? Karen Zach

Peggy Allen was born in 1814 (Note from Karen Zach - I believe this is Margaret who married Jonathan Cunningham - she was born 16 Jan 1817)

File Created: Dec 04, 2007
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