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Evansville Daily Journal

Submitted by Kyla Cathey

From the Evansville Daily Journal, 5 Jan 1863 (Page 1):

A Record of Deceased Soldiers.

The following is a complete list of the deaths that have occurred in Hospital No. 1, in this city, from the time it was opened until December 1st, 1862. It is kindly furnished us by Dr. Pennington, the Surgeon in charge during that period and may be relied on as official and correct:

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Meridith P Walker, co D, 42nd Ind., January 4. 1842;
Elijah E Cotton co H, 42d Ind, January 6, 1862;
Edward Pride co G, 42d Ind, Jan. 9;
John N Lindscy co D, 42d Ind. Jan. 11;
William M McCarty, co K, 31st Ind, Jan. 14;
Jefferson Bishop, co H, 31st do, Jan. 14;
William Jullivan, co G, 42d do, Jan 15;
David Green co K, 31st do, Jan. 15;
Samuel P. Powers co K, 42d do, Jan. 23;
Marion Grant co A, 44th do, Jan. 26;
Henry Messer co E, 42d do, Jan. 27;
William Laslie co D 42d do, Jan. 27;
David Brill co K, 31st do, Jan. 30;
William Wills co A 42d do, February 3;
Joseph H Stateler co B 42d do, Feb. S;
William H Crow co I 42d do, Feb. 10;
John Mynce co C 31st do, Feb. 13;
John McDonald co E, 25th Kentucky. Feb. 16;
James Miller co I, 42d Ind, Feb. 16;
D L Ostrander co K, 31st do, Feb. 20;
Hiram W Smith co E, 44th Indiana, March 2;
Alpha Walter co I, 23d Ind., March 3;
Western W Spillman co H, 42d Indiana, March 3;
James M Campbell co K, 42d Indiana. March 8;
Frank Hogle co F, 43d Indiana, March 10;
Saml D Manahan co F, 42d Indiana, March l0;
Evan Anderson co C, 31st Indiana, March 14;
Joseph Sharpe co C, 3rd Kentucky Cavalry, March 18;
John D Collins co K, 3rd Ky. Cavalry, March 25;
Sylvester T Van Horn co A, 43d Indiana, March 26;
Wm J Denton co E, 42d Indiana, March 29;
John Blake co C, 25th Ky., April 5;
John Jarboe co D, 27th Ky., April 13;
Joshua Livingood co D, 27th Ky., April 14;
Henry Wilkins, co A, 32d Illinois, April 16;
Wm A Ledbettcr (rebel) co G, 4th Tennessee, April 10;
Ajuna Bradley co G, 44th Indiana, April 10;
Austin Miller co G, 12th Michigan, April 20;
John C Shoemaker co E, 54th Ohio, April 20;
Seymour L Craft co G, 43d Illinois, April 20;
John W Byerly co --, 31st Indiana, April 22;
Amos B Reed co F, 7th Iowa, April 23;
Nathan Crum co C, 19th Pennsylvania, April 23;
Delos H Yaughan co C, 52d Illinois, April 26;
Isaac M Hales (rebel) co C, 2nd Tennessee, April 26:
Levi Vincent co I, 44th Indiana, April 27;
Jas Finley (rebel) co G, 3rd Ky., April 29;
Levi O Stafford co B, 9th Michigan, April 30;
Paul Roberts co H, 9th Illinois, April 30;
William H Knapp company B, 13th Iowa, April 30;
John Allerton, co F, 47th Indiana, May 2;
Nathaniel Isler, McAllister's (Illinois) Battery, May 3;
Hiram Gaff, co F, 44th Indiana, May 3;
William Devore, co C, 27th Kentucky, May 5;
James Stevens, co G, 52d Indiana, May 6;
Isaac Levisee, E, 18th Wisconsin, May 9;
Franklin V. Niles, co B, 42d Indiana, May 9;
Thomas Brown, co I, 9th Indiana. May 9;
Reuben Edminster, co E, 18th Wisconsin, May 10;
William O. Mann, co C, 27th Kentucky, May 10;
Lieut Jedediah Beals, co E, 61st Illinois, May 11;
John N. Tuttle, co D, 45th Illinois, May 11;
David Forney, co I, 3d Iowa, May 12;
Vincent Tipton, co B, 31st Indiana, May 15;
Capt. Philo W. Rogers, co B, 2d Michigan Cavalry, May 16;
Obed Whittaker, co A, 50th Indiana, May 19;
Henry Luke, co F, 1st Louisiana (rebel), May 19:
Benjamin F. Gvest, co 1, 27th Kentucky, May 20;
Noah Brewer, co I, 11th Indiana, May 20;
John D. Goodman, co K, 9th Kentucky, May 20;
Henry Simpson, co I, 51st Ind., May 20;
Joseph H Bodkins co M, 2d Ind. Jan. 7;
William Getty co H 51st da, Jan. 7;
Thomas Early co K 72d Ohio. January 12;
Isaac Brunbridge co I 13th Michigan, Jan. 24;
Daniel Jenkins co D 9th Kentucky, July 17;
John B Corben co K 43d Ind., July 27;
Andrew J Boyd 11th Ind. battery. August 27;
George A Schmidt 1st battery Yate's Sharpshooters, Aug. 28;
John R Bell co K 46th I Ind, Sept. 7;
William F Gaylord co C 78th Ind., Sept 8;
John S Dix co A 78th Ind., Sept. 22;
John Aenry co A 78th do, Sept 24;
John Koontz co D 41st Illinois, Sept. 27;
Thomas B Tavlor co B 38th Kentucky, Sept. 29;
John M Klein co B 78th Ohio, October 1;
Young Bowen co B 31st Ind., Oct 7;
Isaac Smith co D 5th Kentucky cavalry, Oct. 18;
Conrad Shipman CO F 52d Ohio, Nov. 3;
Christopher Blensinger co C 60th Ind., Nov. 19.

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