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WPA Supplemental Marriage Records 1882-1898

This project is just starting, so all of the letters may not be up yet.

To the left are the WPA Supplemental Marriage Records. They contain Bride or Groom,
parents' names, sex, age at marriage, book and page of original records. the WPA Indexes cover the years 1882 to 1898. They were indexed by the Indiana Works Progress Administration in 1939.

To read this index:
All information is here:
Abel, George J.; John/J. New, m, w, 31, 7/14/1892, C-2, 199
George J. Abel is the groom; John (father) / J. New (mother), male, white, 31 years old, married 7-14-1892, book C-2, page 199

Missing Both Parents' Information:
Baechle Rosa ; ---/---, F W 22-11/26/1890, 2-137
Rosa Baechle is the bride; no father's name / no mother's name, female, white, 22 years old, married 11-26-1890, Book 2 - page 137

Missing age and race:
Yoddam, Bridget.; John / Ger Dinnerling, f,-,-, 1-24-1884, 1-94
Bridget Yoddam is the bride, John is her father/ Ger Dinnerling is her mother, female, no age, no race, married 1-24-1884, book 1-page 94

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