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Smith-Morgan Family

-- Smith- Morgan Family Photo Album --
Webmaster Karen's Family

Albert & Bill Culver (1st cousins to my grandfather, Carl Smith -- their mother, Anna Smith 1842-1863 mother Michael Culver)
Allie Lang Smith and her sister-in-law, Lou Maddox Lang (or possible her sister, Sarah Maddox Lang - both married to Allie's brother, Frank)

Bert Smith - fairly sure this is Uncle Bert in his younger years, my grandather Carl's brother = Albertus (Bert) Smith was born 30 July 1880 in Parke County, grew-up at Deers' Mill in Montgomery County and died 19 Dec 1964 in Boise, Idaho - he never married

Byron School - my mother, Kate Smith Bazzani is the 4th from left on second row from bottom - boyish haircut little ribbon at neck of dress - many of these kids came to high school in Waveland as mom did

Carl Smith (dressed snappy in WWI outfit)

Carl Smith -- (copy of pic in his wife's locket worn for almost 50 years) For fun, this is the locket pic before anything was done to it :) -- Note: We were totally unknowledgeable ab out how to redo this pic plus ancient equipment but certainly, there is a BIG improvement :)

Carl - another pose

Carl -- doing what most of our family does best - reading :) Also, I have the little table beside him but am glad I don't have that couch :(

Faye Quigg (daughter of Marion Crisp and Emma "Pearl" Smith sister to my grandfather, Leland "Carl" Smith - this is about 1920 - Faye married Curtis Quigg and had five of the sweetest kids, EVER)

Hazel Morgan Smith (wife of Leland "Carl" Smith - daughter of Joe and Amanda Barker Morgan)

Hazel Morgan Smith (my grandmother rarely had her picture taken because she was so big, so I was elated to find this one :)

Sarah "Hazel" Morgan Smith- in her younger years - think this one or one below is the picture my grandfather carried in his billfold for decades - I had never seen it but my great and wonderful cousin, Jerry Lou N sent it - thanks so much, sweetie !! Greatly appreciated!

Sarah "Hazel" Morgan Smith -- another taken same day (and again, sent by my great cousin Jerry :) I REALLY love this one of my grandmother

House - where Kate Smith Bazzani was born - some of you may recognize it as the little house on the Turkey Run Golf Course that was there for years but I think now in 2011 is gone :(

Hulda and Kate Smith (in wagon probably not long before they moved into Waveland from Byron, Indiana)

Joe & Amanda Barker Morgan and their four boys -- Homer, Cecil in front - Courtney with Joe's hand on his shoulder and baby Stanley -- about 1887 -- this is before my grandmother came along - kbz

Joseph Monroe Smith (father of Carl Smith above)

Joe & Allie Lang Smith (I have a cousin working on this one to clean it up - if she gets it done, I'll put the good one up :) Here's cousin Marjorie's redo

Kate Smith Bazzani (Mother of Karen Bazzani Zach, Web site coordinator)

Mark Smith (cousin - great worker for Delphi Canal) - Mark's grandfather (Clarence "Sig") Smith and my grandfather, Leland "Carl" Smith were brothers. Mark & I are 2nd cousins.

Morgan family -- Back: Homer "Jack" Morgan; Stanley Morgan; Cecil (short one in back) Morgan- Front: Amanda Barker Morgan; Joe Morgan; Sarah "Hazel" Morgan Smith; Courtney Morgan -- thanks muches to cousin Jerry Lou for this one !!

Pearl & Ora Smith (sisters to my grandfather, Leland "Carl" Smith)

Smith Brothers/Sisters (I'm guessing here on some of them but I know my grandfather, Carl is in back without the hat and think he is behind his sister, Ora Smith Myers next to her in the middle is definitely Pearl Smith Crisp and the one on the left facing the picture is maybe Dessie Smith Thompson who would be a 1st cousin but not sure. Dessie's father was William Smith, the oldest son of Reuben and Mary Helms Smith -- brother to my great grandfather, Joseph Monroe Smith. I am fairly sure she has at least a sister too but her relationship to us has always been a little unknown. I was at her home with my gpa' several times (Lafayette not far from the new Lafayette Jeff). In the back left is probably Claude Smith and next to him Clarence "Sig" Smith). Love to know where this was taken.

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