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Crawfordsville Journal-Review 1897 Reunion -- see above :) Wish I knew who they were

C'ville Fire - St. Charles Church; Indiana Printing .... 1952 ... View 2 -- thanks to Jeff McKinney for the pics :) Love this community - always helping make this site better :)
Thanks to Ron Addler for this article -- In looking for more information about this fire I found the following article on the Indianapolis Fire Department site, Titled "We’re going where?" This story should give new meaning to the expressions, “That was a long run”, and “You won’t believe who we ran-in with”. And it also may have been the start of “Give me a repeat on that address”. February 2nd, 1952 was a typical Saturday until Engine’s 7 and 13 were dispatched to assist on a building fire. What wasn’t typical was the address. Crawfordsville Indiana had three buildings on fire and asked for help. After a double take or two, the 7’s and 13’s pointed their Buffalo’s to the west. Heavy fog conditions were present for the entire trip, and the Chauffeurs had their hands full. Arriving in Crawfordsville, they were met by IFD Chief Hancock, who put them to work. Engine 7 laid a line on one side of the building, using over 900 foot of their 2 ½ inch. On the other side, Engine 13 worked a line that was pumped into by an Engine from Danville Illinois! (Talk about Mutual Aid) Both Companies worked handlines for over 2 hours, helping to bring the blaze under control. Other Departments that sent equipment and men to Crawfordsville were Brownsburg, Veedersburg, Linden, Covington, New Market, Advance, Lafayette, and the above mentioned Danville Illinois. Although it’s just a guess, this was probably the first time that we got together with a Company from Illinois since 1872 when Chicago had its big burn, and several IFD Companies went north. As things wound down, the Indianapolis crews were treated to a meal at the Crawfordsville Fire Headquarters before heading back home. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been part of the conversation at the kitchen table the next morning? “You guys do anything yesterday”?

This is added information -- William Herrmann -- It was the same fire. The church wasn't destroyed just smoke damage some damage to the school. Totally destroyed my dads warehouse and the coat/shirt factory, in the same building, and Indiana printing. The offices of Indiana printing were saved but the plant was totaled.

Larry Barragree I had forgotten the Ward's warehouse was also heavily damaged. You just jogged my memory, Bill. Unlike · Reply · 1 · October 21 at 1:15pm William Herrmann William Herrmann That building sat between the school and Indiana Printing and was totally destroyed. That actually is where the fire started. The janitor had pulled the hot ashes out of the boiler and they got against one of the wood columns and away it went. Unlike · Reply · 1 · October 21 at 1:59pm William Herrmann William Herrmann I can remember standing on the corner by Meadow Gold, with my mom, watching it burn and hearing the drums and cans of paint and tar exploding. Every time one exploded there would be a big spike in the fire.

County Fair - 1909  ( 2 pictures)

GAR 1909 Parade/Gathering in Crawfordsville - thanks sooo very much to Marty McLoed for these
-- There 4 Pictures --

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