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RICE Reunion - 1922 Directory

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Montgomery County, Indiana

1922 Rice Reunion Picture
- thanks to Lois Hepburn for this - love it !!
1922 Rice Reunion Picture Directory

(Thanks sooo very much to Judy Rice Hart Byers for the names of those in the photo - you rock, girl)

Back Row:

#1 - Glen Wallace Cecil (born 18 July 1892 Mellott, Fountain County, Indiana died 29 March 1948 buried Attica) , son of #3 Elmer Cecil and #16 Martha Anna Moore. Husband of #15.

#2 - Cecil Mortimore, son of #35 William Thomas Mortimore and #36 Elvessa ("Vessie") Rice.

#3 - Elmer "El" James Cecil (1864-1945 buried Newtown, Fountain County, Indiana) - husband of #13 Martha Anna Moore (1870-1945, daughter of Joshua William Moore and Mary Elizabeth Rice). Father of #1 Glenn and three daughters: Lena Elizabeth Cecil Feely (1888-1950), Flossie Cecil Chapman (1890--1963) and Nettie Cecil Moore (1867-1927).

#4 - Ferman (Fuzzy) Henry Rice (9-26-1907 - 9-18-1980), son of #11 Clarence Jefferson Rice and #26 Clara Wade. Brother of Ralph Emerson Rice, not pictured; # 25 Lowell Reed Rice; #55, Pearl Frances Rice; #56 Mary Evelyn Rice; #57 James Clarence Rice. Ferman was married to LaVera Edia Harris (1913-2005). They had no children as far as is known.

#5 - Lowell Reed Rice (10-30-1909 - 8-14-1984), son of #11 Clarence Jefferson Rice and #26 Clara Wade married Vivian Gilkey 10-21-1935 in Hillsboro; brother of Ralph Emerson Rice, not pictured; #4 Ferman ("Fuzzy") Henry Rice; #55 Pearl Frances Rice; #56 Mary Evelyn Rice and #57 James Clarence Rice

#6 - unsure, but may be either Mortimore family members or Ben Booth family members

#7 - see #6

#8 - see #6

#9 - see #6

#10 - see #6

#11 - Clarence Jefferson Rice (born 8-25-1885 near Devil's Backbone, Shades State Park, died 3-18-1971 Danville, IL), son of James and Florence Olivia Keyt Rice, husband of #26 Clara Alma Wade (11-26-1888 to 6-13-1971 - they are buried Waynetown Masonic Cem). Parents of Ralph Emerson Rice (not pictured 1-15-1906 died 5-3-1993 was a military career man, married Grace Conklin (1901-1977) buried Fairview Cemetery, Scotts Bluff, Nebraska). #4 Ferman Henry Rice; #5 Lowell Reed Rice; #55 Pearl Frances Rice; #56 Mary Evelyn Rice and #57 James Clarence Rice; brother of #19 Hazel Rice Riester and #32 James "Jay" Washington Rice and not pictured, Grover Edwin Rice (10-24-1888 Mellott, Indiana died 28 June 1973 buried St. Patrick Cemetery, Danville, Illinois married Helen Hart 11-6-1941); Jessie Meharry Rice 3-26-1882 Newtown, died 1959 married Hubert C. DeAth 27 Ma 1902 buried Rose Hill Cemetery); Edie Maude Rice, unmarried; Rubinette Rice (Ruby, born 10-15-1895 and died 12-12-1965 unmarried and unmarried twins, Oveta and Waneta (born 5-27-1900 in Mellott - Oveta died 9-13-1943 and Waneta died 3-29-1988 buried Newtown).

#12 - Elmer J. Rice son of #44 Nelson Rice and #45 Frances (Franty) Easley 9-11-1885 died 5-23-1957) married 12-18-1907 Mary Goldie Hardee - she died of typhoid fever 10-29-1916) - their children: #50 Evelyn Rice; Joseph LeRoy; Katherine; Robert; Elizabeth. He married Katie Tate in 1920 and their children were: Sarah Jane; Louise; Wilma; Arthur; David; Alfred; Daniel and Benjamin. Stepfather was Sanford Boraker. Elmer's brother was #14 Joseph Easley Rice.

#13 - James Newton Rice husband of #48 (born 5-20-1884 Montgomery County - Father: Robert M. Rice; Mother: Eliza Newton Brooking. Married 12-9-1889 in Montgomery County to Henrietta Smith - their children: Russell F; Howard E; Elan Vivian and Margaret Louise. Had one sister Treva and one brother, Leo C - Henrietta has Elan "Vivian" on her lap #49).

1st Row from Back:

#14 - Joseph Easley Rice - son of #44 Nelson J. and #45 Lucinda Frances (Franty) Easley Rice. Joseph born 7-18-1889 New Market, Indiana died 4-18-1975. Married Eith Estella Canine (11-4-1890 - 8-4 1967) on 7-15-1914 - had at least one child, Charles Nelson Rice; brother of #12 Elmer J. Rice.

#15 - Jessie Cook Cecil (7-23-1896 died 1-24-1987 buried Newtown, IN) wife of Glen Cecil #1 - they had no children as far as can be found. She was the daughter of Jess Gilman and Mary Frances Anderson Cook and was married after Glen passed to Layton Minnick.

#16 - Martha Anna Moore Cecil - wife of #3 Elmer Cecil. mother of #1 Glen Wallace Cecil. Martha and Elmer also had three daughters, Lena, Flossie and Nettie.

#17 - Homer Riester - husband of #19 Hazel Louisa Rice; father of #18 Marjorie Lavera Riester. (1-8-1889 Mellott son of John and Della Carpenter Riester died 4-12-1971 buried Hillsboro, Fountain County IN Cemetery)

#18 - Marjorie LaVera Riester daughter of Homer #17 & #19 in Fountain County on 1-17-1920. She may have passed away young as she is not in the 1930 census with Glen and Jessie in the 1930 Danville, Illinois census.

#19 - Hazel Louisa Rice Riester (2-10-1891 Newtown IN died 9-5-1978 Lafayette, buried Hillsboro IN) - daughter of James and Florence Olivia Keyt Rice. Wife of #17 Homer Riester (married 2-28-1909). Sister of #11 Clarence Jefferson Rice; #32 James (Jay) Washington Rice and not pictured, Grover Cleveland Rice; Jessie Meharry Rice; Eddis Maude Rice; unmarried Ruby Rice, unmarried twins, Oveta and Waneta Rice (see #11 for more information).

#20 - Viola (Ola) McCollum Moore - widow of Jacob W. Moore; daughter-in-law of #39 Mary E (Polly) Rice Moore; mother of #23 Fleta Moore Pogue.

#21 - Unknown; possibly relation to Ben Booth

#22 - See #21

#23 - Sarah Katherin (Kate) Easley Rice, widow of Simeon Rice (who was the son of Washingtona and Premelia Deer Rice); sister of #45 Frances (Franty) Easley Rice. Kate (1856-1941) was the daughter of Joseph Woodson Easley and Lucinda Jane VanCleave.

#24 - Fleta Moore Pogue, wife of #52 Clifford Pogue; mother of #53 Vera Ellen Pogue; daughter of Jacob W. Moore and #19 Viola (Ola) McCollum Moore. Fleta V. Moore was born in 1890; died 1951, Newtown buried Old Baptist Cemetery at Newtown, IN. They had at least one daughter, Ruth Ramona Pogue Thompson (1909-1986)

#25 - Myrtle Rice - (born 3-31-1873 Waveland died Waveland 2-11-1943 buried Freedom Baptist Cemetery, near Waveland) daughter of William Rice and Sarah Jane Davis Rice #40.

#26 - Clara Wade Rice - wife of #11 Clarence Jefferson Rice; mother of Ralph Emerson Rice (not pictured); #4 Ferman ("Fuzzy") Henry Rice; Lowell Reed Rice; #55 Pearl Frances Rice; #56 Mary Evenlyn Rice and #57 James Clarence Rice.

#27 - Martha Evelyn (Young Mat) Rice - unmarried, daughter of William and Sarah Jane Rice #40; sister to #25. Daughter of William and Sarah Jane Davis Rice; half sister to Nelson #44 and Josiah Wilson (not pictured) ; sister of Charlie #35; William Otis #54; Hubert (not pictured); Amelia Rice Etter #28; Myrtle #25; Stella F. Rice (11-19-1886 Montgomery County died 7-22-1955, Waveland, Montgomery County - buried Freedom Cemetery, near Waveland) and Nannie Rice Myers DeBarr (2-10-1891 Montgomery County died 7-14-1944 Chicago, Cook County, Il buried Freedom Cemetery - stones of the sisters match). Nannie married #1 Warren E. Myers and they were divorced. She married #2 26 Sept 1929 in Cass County, Indiana to Edgar P. DeBarr. She died 14 July 1944 and is buried in Chicago at Acacia Park (Norwood Park Twp, Cook County).

#28 - Amelia Rice Etter (5-31-1875 died 1-24-1951 buried Masonic Cemetery, Crawfordsville, now called Oak Hill Grant Avenue) married Lawrence Bert Etter (11-14-1874 died 9-19-1946). See brothers and sisters above. Mother of: Loyd G. (1898-1965) and Leroy Earl (1900-1967).

#29 - Marjorie Rice, daughter of Hubert LeRoy Rice (born 5 April 1884 died 23 April 1953) who was son of William and Sarah Jane Davis Rice#40 and Clara E. Johnson (1-1-1884 died 10-29-1967) - they are buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Logansport, Indiana. Marjorie had a brother, Gerald and sister Orleva. Hubert was a railroad conductor and lived in Logansport for many years.

#30 - Katie Tate Boraker Rice wife of #12, Elmer J. Rice; mother of Sanford Boraker; #46 Sarah Jane Rice; Louise Rice; Wilma Rice; Arthur Rice; David Rice; Alfred Rice; Daniel Rice and Benjamin Rice; stepmother of #50 Evelyn Rice; Joseph Rice; Katherin Rice; Robert Rice and Elizabeth Rice.

#31 - Ruth McAlister Rice (1-25-1898 Fountain County died 5-29-1956 daughter of Frank Wallace and Nancy A. Lyon McAlister), wife of #32 James ("Jay") Washington Rice (2-15-1898 Mellott died 5-18-1944) and mother of #33 James Richard Rice. Their other children were: Harold "Monk" Rice; Margaret Ann Rice Martin; Lowell Rice, all born after this 1922 picture

#32 - James "Jay" Washington Rice - see above for dates - son of James Washington Rice and Florence Olivia Keyt. WWI veteran, Railroad man, meat cutter, he died at age 46 in Danville, Illinois with complications of asthma and heart troubles. See #31 for children.

#33 - James Richard Rice - son of #31 and #32.

Second Row from bottom:

#34 - Albert Allen Rice (Feb 1869 - died 12-6-1947 buried Ladoga Cemetery), son of Johnathan Rice (who was the son of Washington and Permelia Deer Rice) and Mary Glenn; husband of Sarah Viola "Toadie" Stilwell (5-19-1869 died 29 Jan 1940 daughter of Jeremiah Wilson Stilwell and America E. Davis); father of Thomas H. and brother of Thomas W. Rice.

#35 - William Thomas Mortimore (born 1863 died 1930) husband of #36 Elvessa Rice (Vessie); father of #2 Cecil Mortimore; other children of William and Vessie were: Charles Leslie; Della Cleo (married Charles S. Brimbury) and above William "Cecil" Mortimore. Buried Old Baptist Cemetery, Newtown, Fountain County, Indiana

#36 - Elvessa "Vessie" Rice (born 3-9-1866 Newtown, Fountain County died 2-21-1927 Newtown) - daughter of Jonathan Napoleon Bonaparte Rice (1823 Henry County, KY died 2-11-1877 Newtown, Fountain County, Indiana) and Narcissa Ann McCollum (1825 KY died 26 Dec 1883 Hillsboro, IN - married 7 March 1844 Bk 2, Fountain County Indiana). mother of three: Charles Leslie; Della Cleo and William Cecil. Also another child died as infant in 1902. Buried Old Baptist Cemetery with William.

#37 -- Charles E. Rice (7-15-1870 Catlin, Illinois) died Sept 1927; he was a veterinarian in Rockville, IN and married Anna M. James (d/o Peter and Susan Conner James born 1870 died March 1918). Children?

#38 - Martha (Aunt Mat) Rice - unmarried daughter of Washington and Permelia Deer Rice; sister of Johnathan Rice; William Rice; Simeon Rice; James Rice and #39 Mary E (Polly) Rice Moore. Her parents are buried at Newtown as are some of her brothers/sisters but she does not seem to have a stone.

#39 - Mary Elizabeth (Polly) Rice (21 Oct 1844; died 30 April 1926)- daughter of Washington and Permelia Deer Rice; widow of Joshua William Moore (4-22-1843 Fleming County, KY died Mellott 2-16-1894 - he was a Druggist and Postmaster in Mellott); mother of Johnathan L. Moore; Stephen Albert Moore; Jacob Washington Moore; Charles Thomas Moore (died when messing with guns with other area boys); #16 Martha Anna Moore Cecil; Mary Ella Moore; sister of Johnathan Rice; William Rice; Simeon Rice; James Rice and #38 Martha Rice; mother-in-law of #19 Viola McCollum Moore. Polly & Joshua were married 3-21-1861, and are buried in the Old Baptist Cemetery at Newtown, Fountain County.

#40 - Sarah Jane Davis Rice (1844-1930, wife of William Rice (1840-1909) - stepmother of Nelson; mother of Charles; William; Amelia; Myrtle; Martha E.; Stella; Otis; Hubert and Nanny.

#41 - Benjamin Franklin (Ben) Booth (4 July 1832 Connecticut died 1 Jan 1926 husband of #42, Barbara "Ann" Deere). Ben was in the Civil War, Company D, Indiana 15th Infantry for 3 years. He and Ann were married 9 April 1866 in Montgomery County (Bk 6 p 446). They had 9 children: Adelia; Charles H; Schuyler C; Cynthia L; Simeon; Demarius; Atheolia; John F. and James W. At age 88, he and Barbara (81) and daughter, Demarius lived in Titusville, Brevard County, Florida but they are buried in Boswell, Indiana. Demarius (2-5-1874 died 3-27-1956) is buried there, too.

#42 -- Barbara Ann Deere (25 July 1837 - died 31 Dec 1935) was the daughter of Simeon and Mary E. Clore Deere. See above for information.

#43 -- Evalina Hamelin Glenn (Ev - born 27 September 1847 Montgomery County, Indiana near Waveland died Knoxville, Tenn 30 Nov 1927) wife of Daniel Woodson Easley and sister of Mary Rice, #47. They are the daughters of Thomas William and Martha Winifred Hanna Glenn. She and Dan had at least 3 children: Grace; Emma Blanche; Walter Franklin. Believe she was stepmother to Charles Woodson and James B. Easley.

#44 - Nelson J. Rice (9 Nov 1861 died 14 April 1938) was the son of William Rice and Elizabeth Davis. On Christmas day in 1884, he married Lucinda Frances Easley (1866-1940 daughter of Joseph Woodson and Lucinda Jane VanCleave Easley) and they were parents of two sons, Elmer J. Rice and Joseph Easley Rice. He was a farmer in the New Market area and they are buried at Indian Creek on Highway 47.

#45 -- Frances (Frantie) Easley Rice -- see #44. She is holding #46 - Sarah Jane Rice.

#46 - Sarah Jane Rice (1921-2005), daughter of #12 Elmer J. Rice and #30 Katie Tate Boarker Rice; half sister of Sanford Boarker; #50 Evelyn Rice; Joseph Rice; Katherine RIce; Robert Rice; Elizabeth Rice; sister of Louise Rice; Wilma Rice; Arthur Rice; Dave Rice; Alfred RIce; Dan Rice and Benjamin Rice. She married Elmer Lee Wilbur (1918-1991) - children?

#47 - Mary Frances Glenn (Christmas Day, 1844 died 8 Dec 1925) wife of Jonathan Rice (8-1-1842 Waveland 12-1-1904 Waveland) - they are buried at Freedom Church Cemetery. They were parents of two children: Albert Allen Rice (1869-1947) and Thoms Washington RIce (1875-1962). She was the daughter of Thomas William Glenn (1799-1869) and Martha Winifred Hanna (1805-1880)

#48 - Henrietta Smith (9 Dec 1886 - 4 March 1959 daughter of Howard Smith and Anna Swearingen), wife of #13 Jim Rice - their children: Russell F; Howard E; Elan Vivian and Margaret Louise. Had one sister Treva and one brother, Leo C - Henrietta has Elan "Vivian" on her lap #49).

#49 - Elah Vivian Rice (10 Feb 1920 Montgomery County, Indiana - 26 Jan 2004 Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois) married John L. Mentzer (5-31-1913 died 2-13-1997) in Cook County, Illinois on Valentine's Day 1942. Buried St. Joseph's Cemetery, Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois. Children: John; Richard; Thomas; Pamela; Nancy; Joanne; Catherine.

1st Row (Bottom):

#50 - Evelyn Rice, daughter of #12 Elmer J. Rice and Goldie Hardee; sister of Joseph Rice; Katherine Rice; Robert Rice and Elizabeth Rice; half sister of #46, Sarah Jane Rice; Louise Rice; Wilma Rice; Arthur Rice; David Rice; Alfred Rice; Dan Rice and Benjamin Rice; step sister of Sanford Boraker.

#51 - Dorothy Stamper - granddaughter of #3 Elmer (El) Cecil and #16 Martha Anna Moore Cecil.

#52 - Clifford E. Pogue (9-2-1886 son of Frank and Emma Holmes Pogue died 12-27-1968) husband of #23 Fleta Moore; father of #53 Vera Ellen Pogue

#53 - Vera Ellen Pogue (8 December 1919 Newtown died May 1996)daughter of #23 Fleta Moore and #52 Clifford Pogue. She became the wife of Harley J. Fisher and had at least one child, Herb.

#54 - Otis Rice, son of William and Sarah Jane Davis Rice. (Alvin Otis born 6 August 1882 Montgomery County died in Greencastle 17 Oct 1944 buried Freedom Cemetery, near Waveland). He was Post Master at New Market during WWII years.

#55 - Pearl Frances Rice (23 Feb 1913 died 26 Feb 1975 buried Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky) - daughter of #11 Clarence Jefferson Rice and #26 Clara Wade Rice; sister of Ralph Emerson Rice (not pictured). She married Forrest Murdock and had at least two children, Marjorie and Raymond.

#56 - Mary Evelyn Rice - daughter of #11 Clarence Jefferson and #26 Clara Wade Rice.

#57 - James Clarence Rice - son of #11 Clarence Jefferson and #26 Clara Wade Rice; brother of Ralph Emerson Rice (not pictured) #4 Ferman Henry RIce #5 Lowell Reed Rice; #55 Pearl Frances Rice and #56 Mary Evelyn RIce

#58 - (Norman) Paul Myers -

#59 - Katherine Rice -

#60 - (Mary) Imogene Myers daughter of Nannie Rice Myers DeBarr -- (Nannie Belle Rice daughter of William and Sarah Jane Davis Rice), married #1 Warren E. Myers 10-20-1910 and they were divorced. Nannie born 10 Feb 1891 Montgomery County died 14 July 1944 in Chicago. She married Edgar Percy Debarr - son of Daniel and Mary Rush Debarr was born 17 Jan 1882 in Wisconsin - when they married, he was a widow and was an electrician for years - he died 12 June 1952). Imogene married ? Snyder and was divorced by the 1940 census where she lived with her mother and Edgar Debarr with her daughter, Nancy Snyder. Imogene ran a beauty shop in their home at 4438 Kimball Avenue, Chicago in 1940.

#61 - Eddis Myers married ? Stewart and had one son, Philip. With Debarr's family in 1940.

#62 -- ?
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