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Jefferies Family Photos

Jefferies Family Photos

Thanks so much to Sandra for these photos --
they belonged to **Viola Compton, d/o John H & Sarah Jane Compton.
** Note: see below for a short biography of her

Ira & Judith Compton  ---  Regarding Ira & Judith Compton -- from Sandra
Karen this is my g.g. grandparents & they are buried in the Alamo cemetery Bunker Hill? I have never seen their graves but I know they have markers. Judith was first married to William Stonebraker & had several children & he died & she married Ira & had Martha ( my great Gma Lee), Newton, Hampton & Leah Compton, the Stonebrakers were Salome (pronounced SAL-O-May) & James & maybe another son or two.  I will send you a picture of the four siblings as adults & one of a cute little boy that is named but I don't know who he is or how he fit into Viola's life. Sandra

Sandra writes: they were labeled by cousin Viola Compton in her album. This lady was something else. She was born in 1860's & LOVED geneaology! She left a wonderful amount of literature & pictures too. She was the daughter of John H. Compton & his last wife Sarah Jane Compton. Viola never married, inherited her fathers estate in Alamo & attended college in Chicago, became a missionary in the Applachian Mts of Tennesse where she founded a school, orphanage & church. She was born before her time! She traveled extensively on the railroads & visited sites to complete her family history. I loved her. She died in rural Alabama in 1948 or 49. Sandra

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