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DUNBAR Family Pictures

Index to Dunbar Family Pictures

(thanks, muches to Mary Jo Dunbar, a sweet gal for the majority of these AWESOME photos :) KZ

Barton, Mary Jo Dunbar & daughter, Jeanne

Barton, Scott

Blacker, Jake & his wife, Mary Dunbar (wedding with brother, Simon Dunbar)

Bowers, Abner 1811-1888 (below) - thanks to Dan Dunbar :)

Bowers, Elizabeth Dunbar (Elizabeth Dunbar, born about 1843, died after 1930, married to Martin Bowers, born 4/9/1837, on 9/15/1859 in Montgomery County...sound like maybe someone in your family? :) I have this photo with the following inscription on the back: Age 87 - Nov. 4 - 30 Elizbeth Bowers Taken Nov 4. 1930 Aged 87 yrs)

Clouser, Charles Wilbur - Home (Highway 47 about 3 mile East of Darlington, IN)  --  Thanks to Mary Jo Dunbar BARTON -- she's been sooo generous with these GREAT pictures :)

Clouser, Charles, home & cool car :) Thanks, Mary Jo -- you rock & I simply ADORE THIS PICTURE

Clouser, Marion  FAMILY  8 members    Thanks to Mary Jo Dunbar BARTON

Clouser, Marvin, Dick & Judy Dunbar - Thanks again to Mary Jo Dunbar Barton for this super-dee-duper picture :)

Dunbar boys (Robert, Simon, Silas taken Franklinville, NY

Dunbar, Dick (portyraying J.W. Dunbar b Montgomery Co -- cem is Plainview in Colfax, IN)

Dunbar, Dick - at Clan Games -- bottom row, left -brother to Mary Jo, Judy and Regina

Dunbar, Elias Peter - Emma Coe Parker Dunbar & family. Probably about 1915 for their 25th anniversary - Dan Dunbar from the Dunbar Family Group FB page

Dunbar Girls (Mary Jo, Julia & Regina)

Dunbar Home (anyone recognize this?) - Thanks to Mary Jo Dunbar Barton :)  (Unknown) DUNBAR HOME IN CHAIN FRAME -- cool pic - anyone know where this is? If anyone knows where this is please contact me, Karen Z or Mary Jo

Dunbar, Irma Dykes   thanks to Martha Flaningan

Dunbar, J.W. about 1948 with Mary Jo on left and Reggie on right about age 4.   Thanks to Mary Jo Dunbar Barton

Dunbar, Silas Daughters:  Ollie, Zola (grandchild?), Nellie

(1 July 2022)
Dunbar, Simon & Rebecca's  wedding anniversary 30 May 1927.  Thanks to Mary Jo Dunbar Barton.

Dunbar, Willard Family - Irma; Willard Jr; Peter; Jean Claire; Samuel; Willard Sr - 1949

(22 February 2022)
Dunbar, William T. -  thanks to Mary Jo Dunbar

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