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CLOUSER Family Photos

CLOUSER Family Pictures

Thanks so VERY much to Mary Jo Barton for these - GREATLY appreciated :)

Alfred Clouser Home (love to see that dress in color :)

Anna Clouser  (with what looks like a school project - a model home - it's quite nifty :)

Boyd Clouser (love that nifty 'ol bicycle - bet it was quite the bomb of the time :)

Clouser Band (11 men with instruments in front of them and great uniforms -- I can almost hear 'em now :)

David Henry Clouser (what a neat barn/horse)

Elizabeth Clouser (LOVE that hat)

Henry F. Clouser (This was neat as I know his son Tom but did not know this man but immediately upon looking at the picture, I KNEW he was Tom's dad -- look exactly alike -- kz)

Henry & Elizabeth Clouser (STILL quite the handsome one :)

Henry & Martin Clouser (by old car and love that hair)

Isora Hooper Clouser (wife of Elijah)

Joe, Tiny, Dad & Lou (Dad, KZ believes, is Henry Francis above)


Margaret Abigail Clouser (think this is the SAME picture marked Louise above - kz)

Margaret Louise Clouser (hmmm, this might answer my question - perhaps it is Margaret Louise Clouser or there are twins Margaret and louise but where's the Abigail come in ..... hmmm)

Maria Clouser (see also Alfred & Marie)

Martha Anne Clouser  (a six photo album)

Philip Clouser and his mother, Jean -- Villars Clouser; his Dad was Eugene Alfred Clouser (sorry it's small)

Ellen Clouser LEATHERMAN -- what a cute little lady

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