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PAINTER, Charley  wanted for murder!  

PATTON, Fern - Westfall - unlawful sale of liquor

PETTIT Murder trial (much in the newspaper - just didn't type it all)  

PHILLIPS - shoots neighbor's cow and shocks John Coffee
PRATT, Willie - Source: Crawfordsville Review 6 Sept 1890 - p1 -- "Willie Pratt, the Waveland boy, who has been in jail charged with stealing $2 from his stepmother, was brought into court yesterday morning and pled guilty. Being over 17 years of age the Judge sentenced him to one year in the penitentiary but recommended a petition be presented to the Governor asking that the sentence be commuted to one year in the reform school.
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 12 July 1890 – p1
Tuesday evening a Waveland constable arrived in the city with a youth named Wm. F. Pratt and place him in the county jail.  Pratt is a small boy who gives his age as 17 and looks about 12 was arrested in Waveland Tuesday at the instigation of his step-foster-mother, Mrs. HA Pratt who accused him of stealing about $2 from her. Mr. Pratt had vien the boy hints of what was coming and warned him to skip but he failed to do so. He is also suspected of taking a small amount of Mr. Pratt himself. After a preliminary hearing before Justice Goslin he was sent to jail under a $200 bond. The boy confessed his guilt when first accused and was at once arrested and bound over to the Sept term of court.  
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